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  1. Not quite a wonderkid (due to age), but still an FM legend:
  2. I remember an (I believe) Norwegian player who was fairly young in some edition and could play in nearly all positions with well balanced player attributes. Can't quite remember his name though.
  3. As an Ajax supporter some feedback regarding your suggestions: Ajax doesn't buy back players for the bench. In recent years they bought Blind and Klaassen back which were both bought for the first team. Klaassen is only a bench player now due to circumstances (injury and Berghuis being good). I don't see them buying Veltman back as he does not meet the requirements for the level they seek at this moment I also don't see them buying young Danish players from Serie A clubs, mainly due to the hefty transfer fees they probably require (current transfermarkt.com value is €20m). They rather scout in Denmark itself. Same as Brazilian/Argentinian players in their national leagues.
  4. Possibly my biggest win ever in any FM editions, considering the opposition quality. Outscored the xG by so much too..
  5. Could always tackle that by introducing two development curves. One faster with more emphasis on the young years for rapid development and one a bit more balanced for long term games.
  6. I agree that young players develop too fast and old players develop too slowly. It's insane that many of the good youngsters will have reached 100% of their potential by the age of 23. This does not make sense to me at all.
  7. Jairo Vélez Great creative AM who can also play as a CM and on the wings. Good in set pieces as well. Signed him for €210k in season 2.
  8. Finally managed to win La Liga in season 2025/2026 after having finished top 3 for several seasons in a row. Convincingly too! This is the squad that did it:
  9. A friendly, but still... This was in the champions league though!
  10. I've done something like that as Valencia. Here are some Spanish players I bought and used that are bargains: Javier Montero Benfica paid about €3.5m for him, so that should be possible early in the game. Solid centreback. Martin Caldéron Decent midfielder with good technique, passing and vision. Bought for €50k from R. Madrid. He is a backup for me currently. Brahim Díaz Good inside forward with great dribbling, flair and decent physicals. Shouldn't be too expensive as R. Madrid will not use him. Óscar My favourite player in the game, and reminds me a bit of Riquelme in older games as he has really great technical skills but lacking a bit in physicals. If used well he can be amazing. Saved my ass so many times with direct free kicks, long shots and assists. Has been nuts for me in the shadow striker role in past 2 seasons. Bryan Gil Speedy winger with good technical attributes. Got him for free in 3rd season so shouldn't be too expensive before that. Bit inconsistent, but still decent for me in backup role. Has been injured a lot this current season.
  11. Here is Arezo, who I've had at Valencia before selling him to Man City.
  12. That's nuts for a first season, good job. Glad you are liking it. What's your tactic like?
  13. I'm playing as Valencia and currently preparing for season 2025/2026. Have yet to win La Liga, but have won the Champions League in my previous season. Valencia is fun to play, as you start with hardly any money, but there is quite a lot of good talent at the club.
  14. I'd use him in central defense while focusing on positioning. He'd be a beast there. He lacks the technical ability to play in midfield imo.
  15. Season 2024/2025 End This was a crazy season where we were leading La Liga for a large part of the season. Unfortunately we had a bit of a rough patch in the 2nd half of the season with many injuries due to the demanding schedule where we drew quite a few games in a row. We did win all other tournaments though, including the Champions League! Crazy final game where I was sure I would be getting someone sent off. Fortunately it only happened in the 85th minute when I was already up 2-0. Squad View I'm very happy with the current squad, of which 8 are currently selected for the Spanish national team. Weakest position currently is definitely the GK position, but I haven't been able to find a quality Spanish GK yet that is truly world-class and affordable. Player of the season for me has been Óscar, who was immense with both goals and assists. Andrés Garcia also stepped up immensely in the 2nd half of the season. Formation I currently use a gegenpress system as this looks to be working really well for me. In previous season I played a more patient possession game, which did really well but was often too passive for my liking.
  16. Stringing good results together seems to work, but I'm not sure if it actually triggered cause of development by the players or good results in general..
  17. Nice dude! Jesus Vazquez looks really good in your game. Brenner looks great too. Should score some goals for you.
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