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  1. Hi, I need a database update for FM19 ( FM 20 is not playable...) I don't need a transfer update but a database update with all the new players etc Thanks
  2. I'm trying to ignore this issue, but unfortunately I can't. My problem is it's making defensive so easy, when you just can play with high defence line and nothong will happen ( and if you may lose from time to time, it's still worth it in the long run ) . My biggest issue is wingers are not smart enough to provide a cross or a pass and still take the low % kicks which is definately and problem with decision making. About strikers, it seems rediculos that striker can't round the keeper easliy or lob or whatever and atill decide to take shot which the keeper takes easly.
  3. Hi i'm playing with the light skin and there is no under 23 and under 18 side bar. The only way I can enter them is by filtering from the squad which is very uncomfortable. how can I fix it? Thanks
  4. Oh actually I did downloaded fixing name patch ( as in every FM ) . You really think this could be the reason?
  5. Never touched the editor or downloaded some datebase. I'm playing with the original data.
  6. I'm running my save at 2033, and there is a ponstponed game ( postponed because one of the teams reached the league cup final ) that was never played or scheduled to be played. The season already ended and two teams in the premier league are currently with 37 games and the next season can't start. Im now in august of the next season with no fixtures!!! What do I do? The save is lost?
  7. Hello, There is any patch preventing Brexit in FM19? Thanks
  8. So at the age of 19 should I loan my talent or let him play in my reserve team? Both ways he'll get experienced ...
  9. Hey, Is there any difference if a youth player is getting his game time at the reserve team or at loan spell in league one or league two? If he is playing the same amount of time, of course
  10. Too many shots taken despite contradictory instructions and shots accuracy going hand to hand for me. If shots were dangerous as previous FM and RL , I would not say nothing if my player decided to shoot even tough he asked not to. But since they are so bad and not threatening the opponent GK as RL , it's even more disturbing and a massive issue. If they were good as a world class players shoots in RL from good positions, i'll happily instructmy players to shoot more ot at least won't complain if they'll do so.
  11. @haffaz77 Fully support your videos and your overall thinking. I already gave up about players shooting out of tactics instructions regulary, but come on - the shots are just wierd and ridiculous. Nothing can prevent this. Shooting to corner flags / advert signs too often, while in RL these things are rare as hell, especially in top leagues.
  12. There is an open thread in bug's forum regarding long shots, please submit your pkms. I have just upload few. and my advice to SI - just run a season in La-Liga, Seria A or Premier league, You'll see. meanwhile, that's the kind of shots I'm seeing too regularly [ In RL you could see those in the national League, and even that's not sure] :
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