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  1. Hey, Please watch this video. look at my two DC and MC while a dangerous cross is being taken - just going nowhere urgently leaving him to score easy goal. Such a dumb bug . come on FM ... COME ON!!!! this game against MAN UTD is the most important game in my save, and it's completely ruined my season!!! Lost a direct battle over the championship. Defence being so bad / unintelligent in this FM is completely disappointing.
  2. The match engine will be the same as before the update?
  3. Fully fully fully agree! One of the dumbest things un FM for several years.
  4. So at the age of 19 should I loan my talent or let him play in my reserve team? Both ways he'll get experienced ...
  5. Hey, Is there any difference if a youth player is getting his game time at the reserve team or at loan spell in league one or league two? If he is playing the same amount of time, of course
  6. No, he is not. me and a lot of other users agree with his views.
  7. I agree. as a huge fan of the series since 01-02, bought every year's version since and enjoyed thousands of hours playing. this year I just gave up. almost a month now without playing FM and every time I'm starting a season I just quit after the first game. Next year - I won't put my money into it. not before I'll make sure the ME is way better and a lot of the bugs addressed . I do appreciate every work the SI team had put into it, but in my opinion the resources are not focused on the burning issues. The ME, which is the most important thing in the game took a big decline IMO.
  8. Naor5563

    1v1 or reflex

    Players tend to miss a lot of 1 on 1 chances no matter which GK they facing. So for me, reflex is more important.
  9. One more thing which need urgent fix is the DC's lunching through balls without meaning to. when playing with two strikers up, DC is just hoof the ball up the field [while trying to defend ] and your striker seems to fully understand the ball direction and start chasing him while the opposite DC just clueless and have no idea what to do [ ''Oh, Look! there is a ball! What is it? What should I do...?'' ]. My DC's are not ball playing, they don't have high passing/vision and I'm not playing on counter attack and still it happen so much and so easily and I have no clue why [ happening for me and against me without any seen reason ]. Players just seem to have no intelligence at all. Like zombies. mostly defensive oriented players. How the hell FM18 could produce such a downgraded ME like that, I just don't get it. like seriously. Why it took such a huge decline?
  10. Why would I play this tactics only when needing a goal, instead of start with this tactic and probably win cleanly? If you ST's are fast, it's almost impossible to AI deal with them. In RL there in no magic solutions like this one. Bottom of line, FM18 is just easy as I stated few times. Attacking FB's and 3 ST's staying up just win easily.
  11. IMO, the whole ME does not seems right. It's starts with shots which been poor, terrible defensive position ( full backs which allowing a lot of easy crosses and defenders who can't defend these crosses or provide normal defensive positioning ) , midfielders allowing too much spaces and not defending well and strikers missing a lot of 1 on 1 chances, physical attributes absolutly overpowered in the ME , etc etc... I'm not optimistic about this year FM, and actually came back to FM17 which seems a lot better and balanced. As one of the forum members stated, the blanket is too short unfortunately and I don't see the developers able to fix all this issues up to March. My mistake is me blindly buying FM every year without checking the demo or read the reviews. Next I'll do a lot of research before I'll put my money into it.
  12. Just wanted to say I completely agree. I truely hope SI investigate this issue.
  13. Any idea how to make the best out of him? Playing him as an advanced playmer AMC, with high creative freedom. He contribute just nothing. My team doing great, top of the PL mainly because Alexis. Ozil just useless for me. Any idea?
  14. Too many shots taken despite contradictory instructions and shots accuracy going hand to hand for me. If shots were dangerous as previous FM and RL , I would not say nothing if my player decided to shoot even tough he asked not to. But since they are so bad and not threatening the opponent GK as RL , it's even more disturbing and a massive issue. If they were good as a world class players shoots in RL from good positions, i'll happily instructmy players to shoot more ot at least won't complain if they'll do so.