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  1. Viktor Fischer fits this criteria:
  2. Unfortunately I don't think I have one before the year-end review, although I'm not 100% sure when it was. I 've uploaded my oldest version of the game, so hopefully that would work for you. Uploaded files Valencia (v03).fm
  3. Small bug, but still wanted to mention it. In the year-end review the text seems counter-intuitive. Worldwide to continental should be a decrease I assume.
  4. Valencia has been fun so far. No money to spend, but good youth prospects to build a nice team going forward.
  5. Manuel Ugarte: Wonderkid for me at Valencia. Bought for €1.3m from Fénix (Uruguay)
  6. Sounds good on paper, but I'll believe it when I see it.
  7. Looks like I'm skipping this year's edition. the ME in 2020 is atrocious and looks the same this year.
  8. After an inconsistent start of the season due to changes in my team I've finally gone more consistently and cemented myself into the top 4: This is using the slightly adjusted version I've shown earlier.
  9. Not exactly true, as i had Todd Cantwell and Viktor Fischer before for the left WP role, both right footed.
  10. I don't notice much difference on the defensive side with this adjustment, in fact most goals i conceede are from set pieces. You can also see from the barcelona stats how ineffective their whole front line was, which consists of all world class players. My AML is currently a left-footed inside forward. Not ideal, but he is too good of a player to not use in this position. I'll look out for a left footed AF, but as of now Osimhen seems to do the job well. He became top scorer of the premier league before when i was still using an ML WP in the same role. I'm still t
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