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  1. After an inconsistent start of the season due to changes in my team I've finally gone more consistently and cemented myself into the top 4: This is using the slightly adjusted version I've shown earlier.
  2. Not exactly true, as i had Todd Cantwell and Viktor Fischer before for the left WP role, both right footed.
  3. I don't notice much difference on the defensive side with this adjustment, in fact most goals i conceede are from set pieces. You can also see from the barcelona stats how ineffective their whole front line was, which consists of all world class players. My AML is currently a left-footed inside forward. Not ideal, but he is too good of a player to not use in this position. I'll look out for a left footed AF, but as of now Osimhen seems to do the job well. He became top scorer of the premier league before when i was still using an ML WP in the same role. I'm still testing out this setup, but results so far are promising on the attacking side, while not being overly exposed on the defensive side. I'll let you know how it unfolds over a whole season as my team is currently a bit in transition after selling €300m worth of first team players.
  4. I've been using this tactic for a bit. I eventually made adjustments to the wide playmaker as he wasnt really effective for me, and moved him up into a inside forward role. This has made the tactic much better for me with beautiful passing and lots of chances.
  5. Playing FM16 for a bit today was a breath of fresh air compared to FM20. It's a 100% more enjoyable without all the fancy pointless additions and a decently functioning ME.
  6. is it though? Based on the current dev responses, it seems like a true fix can only be expected in the march update, which is actually 5 months after release.
  7. And I thought the 7-4 game was wild.... This game is super trash at the moment with all the balls over the defense.
  8. I just had 5 penalties as Ajax vs. Heracles. All 5 penalties were due to "fouls" from 1 player (Czyborra), and I think that many of them would be cancelled with VAR. Ajax v Heracles Almelo 210120.pkm
  9. Wide or Extremely Wide. Thing is, the opponent's defenders never ever cover the wings. So it stays congested in the middle and the Wingbacks always have acres of space. Risky passes through middle are also never attempted, even if I see the movements from the strikers. It's always the same easy passes to the wingbacks
  10. Does the middle of the pitch even exist in a possession style tactic, or can they only pass to the wingbacks?
  11. Happens mostly in new saves and in lowerish leagues i think.
  12. Because the bug was reported almost a week before release. Considering the scale of this bug you'd assume it to either be fixed at release, or to not release a broken game.
  13. The fact that you don't notice it doesn't mean no one should notice it. People have been reporting weird results with a trillion penalties and cards being given. And it has a massive effect on players like me who like to develop talent. It's pretty ignorant to assume everyone should treat this issue like you do.
  14. You could check through the scout/player report whether they mention a weakness regarding these attributes.
  15. For Haaland and Foden, the concern isn't determination, but the hidden stats (important matches, consistency and versatility).
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