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  1. So could you help me with a walk-through? I want clubs to be divided geographically into the 9 regions of England. And what about the Champions League and Europa League qualification?
  2. Berwick is supposed to play in England, not Scotland and Gretna is very close to the English-Scottish Border. TNS also is near the English-Welsh border but Newport Merthyr and Colwyn bay move to the WPL. Is there a file for this?
  3. I am looking to put teams into the 9 regions of England with the top 2 of the regional premier divisions qualifying for the final league stage. How do I do so? I haven't got any confirmations and no replies to my comment
  4. How can I change the league system into each region like South West, South East, etc? I want the top 2 teams to go through to the final League GS...
  5. Is there an file for alternate UCL and UEL? I want the 4 team group format with 16 groups for UCL same with the UEL
  6. I already messaged you @nine_iron you are free to share with me as my email is in the message I sent to you
  7. So step by step please to make sure the nation perfectly works without the other clubs that join the new nation, can you do it in private DM's?
  8. But how would you make sure that Spain is working without Catalan teams?
  9. So how can I add the new nation to any international qualifiers and continental qualifiers but I don't want the other country they get independence from not to work
  10. You created this thread in the wrong one and it is the downloads of course - go to Editors Hideaway for example
  11. Atleast I now can edit a continent of any nation!
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