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  1. There isn't the <--Continent--> in the nation ui.xml and I did place the new comp editor file in the temp folder because I couldn't find a way to get into %appdata%
  2. Sometime ago, my Resource archiver froze and I couldn't close it....
  3. I don't have a format file in my FM 2019 Editor file
  4. I'm willing to create regional English leagues for example South-West, South-East, etc. It should be above National League North and South because I want them to go into those type of leagues. Do you have something that would help me?
  5. And this is not working!?/!?!/!/1 I did download the nation xml file and put it into the database folder and I opened the editor, it didn't work. I can't change the continent.....
  6. And what about this: Can you give me the xml file so that I can add a new nation?
  7. I want to really edit the continent of a defunct country and even a new nation...
  8. Umm? There's no <boolean id="is_client_field" value="true"/> !?!??!?!?!
  9. But what should I do in order to do that
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