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  1. Morons. I'll ignore this one till I see the European one back in action. Thanks so much for not letting me see how City progress. **** wads.
  2. @Cheez3yI'm not gonna follow this story anymore if you don't show English updates, because I want to know what is happening there!
  3. Shrewsbury is technically inside England.
  4. @deltablue Could we see how the 2014-2030 World Cups went?
  5. Any notable sides higher up in the Football League? Except for Bromyard Town and Brimscombe & Thrupp.
  6. Considering Bromyard Town play in West Midlands League Division One... That's surprising.
  7. Yikes, Bristol City coming closer to the Premier League, but when you managed them, you went up champions of the Championship (If I'm correct)
  8. Regarding the Club World Cup, did they actually get in? Also Jurgen Klopp is actually the current Liverpool, but former B. Dortmund manager.
  9. Is Bristol City a confirmed participant of the FIFA World Club Cup 2033? Also, I'm waiting for any news regarding said stadium.
  10. Way to go. Participation should be confirmed in the FIFA Club World Cup. About the other English leagues, will you post them next time?
  11. Noticed Senegal jumped to the quarter finals, but it's always interesting to see England winning another World Cup 60 years on.
  12. I wasn't told how the World Cup went, 2022, 2026 and 2030 WC's weren't mentioned. Could you display them next time?
  14. Looking good. Note Bristol City's rivals Bristol Rovers surviving relegation to L2. Would this be done every season to let the audience know how English football is going?
  15. Loving that time where Atletico Madrid and Villarreal not qualifying for europe... Could I see the EPL - VNS tables? Just message me & send it.
  16. Just wondering, who was in Bristol City's UCL group? Newcastle is in the same league as Bristol City so honestly...
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