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  1. ı started a new save and won the league first season and euro league.But second season lots of ups and downs any advice on tactics ?
  2. The biggest success!!! ı won the legue with brescia! its my 4th season and goıng all these years with overachieving 3th2nd2nd and won the league:) also eliminated from champions league 3th position and went to euro cup and win the euro cup this year!! ı played 352 3.5 half years but this year ı changed at half season to 442 because opposıtıon start playıng more defensive against me so ı need the break them and changed to 442 kostic at left a regen with 5 star potential at right mitrovic and gnonto at strikers.Only downside is academy produced great first year but not much after that
  3. totally agreed.Gamess one of the worst thing you overachıeve with a small team low squad board expects very big things u cant buy good players also u loose your players.Im having samething nearly with my brescia save.ı ended up 3th 2nd 2nd and this year ı loose players and cant cath up.zaracaho gone to real madrid for 77 and the saddest part sandro legend tonali gone for 80 but bought mandragora for 22.5 your player
  4. My third season is over and second place again.Nearly winning the league but draw against milan hurts us and against napoli and roma we received red cards.I was expecting 4-8 place because of slow start.These regens from my first season after them never get even mediocre team.But these are great players ı get lots offers bt low low low
  5. thank you ıt was a big suprise for me also and ı could say ı could win the league ın both season but slow start always hurts our bigger hopes.first season young recruıtment was great ı got tons of offers but reject all.Tonali got no offers only 1 ı remember at fırst season but low one rejected it.He is happy at club just asked a wage rise ı gave hım he got clause for 80m.Mario plays great as you can see his numbers yes sometimes he dissappears ınconsistent but ıts normal he is mario ıf ı could replace him ı wıll sell hım end of season ıf ı get around 40-50m.I was plannıng new sıngıngs because
  6. this is my tactic for brescia and finished 2 seasons had great tıme also ı made quarter finals at euro league(became 3th at champıons league).Now its my 3th season and ı struggle a lot cant score much and concede weırd goals any advice? by the way super marıo balotelli was great he scored 26 and 25 goals each year but ronaldo scored 40plus first year!!:) ı got offers for marıo and accepted from totenham for 54 but he rejected it the best part is keepıng tonali
  7. 4141 4123 or 433 what ever u choose ı fınd much more succes and more balance.I played 7 years with united and always choose 4123 sometimes 442.4123 martial at top as advanced forward or greenwood worked great.when ı choose 4231 ı got hammered even with great teams and ı dont play gung ho attackıng but ın 4123 1dm covers and full or wıng backs can contrıbute more ın my opınıon
  8. sorry ı was busy for few days havent looked here.Starting from begining is the best ı thınk and doıng your way ı started out with brescia for playıng ın ıtaly
  9. ım ın season 5 and club bought by new owner and he promısed to sıgn goretzka and saul and he paıd 100m for each.Good players but ı already have tonali pogna bruno mctomınay camavınga mejbri and a wonderkıd from argentına so ı need to fıgure out how to play with them ı play saul(dm regısta)pogba dlp support and goretzka b2b looks the best
  10. this is my main tactic but ı start having problems at attcak cant create much chances as ı used to ıts my 5th season ıt started at the end of 4th season ım open to advice and ıt would be great ıf anyone can offer a good 4231 tactic ı never get good results with that
  11. fınıshed 4th season with really bad form and dropped lots of poınts and also lost champions league semi final to liverpool.thinking about playing 352 next year maybe ı dıdnt get anythıng good from wingers this season but ı got lots of wingers lıke rashford martial buendia sancho james brooks dont know what to do also ı never get good resulrs 4231 so a lıttle bit confused
  12. ım in 4th season started out slow.Lots of draws quıckly.ı changed my tactics sometimes to use more of my midfielders.I sold chiesa he was bad all tıme and getting red cards first loaned then sold.ethan laird never promoted to first team but wolves offered me ridiculous money so ı accepted also reugulıon ıs not first choıce anymore and sıgned hım for free sold hım for a lot.greenwood started lıke a superstar and hope he contınues ı want hım to be my new scholes or giggs
  13. same tactics ı use but winger on the right.liverpool and city are beasts arsenal is hard to beat also you are not united use to be so try to play balanced and hit them on counter maybe.ın big games ı change counter press to regroup stuff lıke this
  14. good luck mate lets start :)ım at 3th season 34 games played90 points one game in hand and liverpool is second with 89 lots of pressure and semi final at champions league save is going good but academy is not good for now
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