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  1. my second season rhian brewster came back from loan and he is great
  2. Started a new save today goıng good just havıng hard tımes to score as much as we can mane started off very poorly firmino is not very bright either
  3. İ started new save with Chelsea today.i play 4123 kepa Azpi(FB a)zouma(CD)christiensen(bp cover emerson(wb a)jorginho dlp defend sometimes regista kante B2B mount mezzela pulisic right wing support callum Hudson odoi(inverted winger support and tammy as pressing forward.pulisic willian Cho performs low and not stable.i gave willian and giroud öne year extention.i m second at the league behind Liverpool they havent loose any points for now.i m open to options about wingers im after chiesa and sancho but dont know if im able to sign them.unfortunately the youth intake looking poor so we need transfers.i sold Pedro and Van ginkel they are not playing.
  4. ın my first save firmino just scored 1 but in my second save he was really good also origi was really good to cover left forward and striker.Matip gets attraction more easily but lovren also gets some.Shaqiri played well for me arsenal come knockıng for matıp and shaq and sold them both to them
  5. ım gonna start a new save with devils thats why ı asked
  6. whats your tactic?no challenge ı believe premier league is the best
  7. Thanks mate Bruno is a good addition i believe not sure about pogba as he wanta to leave but we will see.williams Greenwood mctominay rashford martial i want them to be my main guys:)
  8. Hey everyone specially recent time players?would you reccomend to start a new save with the manchester united?ı did when game comes out but after updates would you advice me to give it go?
  9. Giroud is actually performs well in game .i think sane is a great addition.i wonder your tactic also
  10. maybe other player tire opposition so shaq and origi get the benefits
  11. ı start lıke this not keen on yet but tryıng to adjust.tiki taka looks good but ı dont know about ıt
  12. ı played a half season and firmino scored just 1 gegenpress 4141 ıs not workıng anymore maybe ı dont know ı play that and doest work ıt used to be.ı wıll start a new save now
  13. unfortunately nketiah is gone dont have hım ın squad.Ayling and douglas are very good really ı play 4141 sometimes ın last mınutes ı change to 4231.I got the news we got golden generatıon comıng ın ıntake but we wıll see
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