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  1. Thank you for your thoughts on 4-3-3. I am a veteran of this game and play it all the time but still struggle with fully understanding roles and how to make my players do what I want them to do. Posting your logical 4-3-3 gives a lot of us some insights we otherwise wouldn’t have. I still don’t really get why you don’t just get attacked like crazy down the side you are overloading on when you lose the ball However the more I think of that the more I realize that is likely just a lack of knowledge on my part re overloads vs an FM issue and I could probably understand more by just reading up on
  2. You’re trying to sell a player on August 7th. By that time many teams have spent their transfer budget and have no money left. You’d likely be much more successful trying to sell players in June & July.
  3. There you go. Glad you got it. A lot of people are too negative. Enjoy! And let me know if you’re interested in adding graphics and more leagues.
  4. Just out of interest are you guys playing on PC? Because I play Touch on iOS and have never had this problem.
  5. Correct. I am managing Newcastle and can move players from A to B team with no issues at all.
  6. I’ve never seen any crazy stats or goals or anything like what you’re describing. I play on iOS and currently the only issue with the game I see is that manager history isn’t working. I’m sure this will be fixed soon. I hardly ever look at that anyway so don’t care. Some are unable to move players between a & b team. Works fine for me. Game is great. UI was really buggy at release but much better now.
  7. True. These people would probably give up being managers IRL when heir teams started going through a rough patch.
  8. I never buy a player who’s not happy in big matches for this reason.
  9. In my opinion, selling players has ALWAYS been like pulling teeth ever since the first CM. We’re reduced to do this weird offer the player thing and often teams just aren’t interested but then go back and offer for a tiny but less and suddenly all this interest. if you reload and offer different amounts the AI behavior is so odd. im not sure exactly how players are sold IRL but I bet it’s nothing like this. So tired of overpaying for players I want and not even getting the value of the players I sell.
  10. Oh well. Maybe next year SI will come up with a game that doesn’t have tons of bugs that scare people away. You reading this stuff, SI???
  11. If you have the PC version as well then you can just create the game in there, rename it, and then copy over to iPad using iTunes. Pretty easy though not officially supported.
  12. You’ll probably not find many people that play FMM and FMT so may be hard to answer your question as to how they compare. FMT is basically just as hard as the main game. No real difference in difficulty as they’re basically the same game with one being a bit more streamlined.
  13. It’s totally worth buying. Amazing game. Has some UI issues which are being fixed. There’s also ways around the 3 league limit on iPad if you’re into that.
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