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  1. You're going to need to ask much more specific questions. What do you need help with?
  2. No-one can really just tell you some system that will work for you. I would recommend heading over to the tactics forum and explaining what you need help with. Although if you got Colchester to the premier league you probably don't need much help!
  3. For the life of me I can't get the skins to show up in game. iPad Pro & desktop PC. I believe I've done everything correctly. Can someone just confirm exactly what the path should be for the skins folder. I have tried various different ways and can't get it to work. And yes I have deleted & reinstalled game and swiped and file shared and then re-started the game. I would think it should look like this: Skins - fmt19ios_patch4graphics_v0.1 - the 10 skins (fmc dark tablet 1, etc etc) But if you just extract to the skins folder you get: Skins - fmt19ios_patch4graphics_v0.1 - fmt19ios_patch4graphics_v0.1 - skins - the 10 skins (fmc dark tablet 1, etc etc) I have also tried: Skins - the 10 skins (fmc dark tablet 1, etc etc). I am also understanding that I should be deleting the entire _MACOSX folder as I have a PC and not a Mac. Please someone tell me what I'm missing as I'd love to get these graphics in-game.
  4. I don't do unrealistic things in my game whether they work or not but each to their own
  5. I think if you could just expand it to 4 or 5 that would be amazing. In Europe there are really the big 5 leagues these days and it's a bummer not to be able to have them all. That and finding a way to get modded graphics onto FMT iOS (or finally getting Premier League & La Liga licensing) would complete the game.
  6. FM has ALWAYS been like this and I'm sure always will. You pretty much have to win the champions league to be considered half decent in the football world.
  7. I don't have this issue. Are you playing the same way away to Juve as you are at home to Cardiff? If so, that's the problem!
  8. No but I bought board override to get my club to expand the stadium and while it initially said it was being built/planned, when it came to it they said they couldn't afford it. As there was an option to request again, I paid for another override and they again said they would expand but the planning time has now run out and nothing has happened so it's just a big fat RIPOFF.
  9. OP, it just sounds like you've reached a point where you're way over-analyzing everything. Every year I don't consider buying FM in the month or two after release because it has issues every year. Just download the game every Dec/Jan and play to enjoy. I'm not worried about what it's trying to be or any of that stuff you mention. It's a fun game that is close enough to real life to make it immersive. If it's not, just go play something else.
  10. General question. If SI release an update which includes changes to the match engine, do I need to start a new save to get the changes? Obviously you're not going to get roster changes without starting a new save, but what about other game improvements like the ME?
  11. OP, just to put things in perspective. In real life Udinese's first game of the 2017/2018 season was at home to Chievo, which they lost 2-1. 2nd game was away to SPAL which they also lost. They lost 5 of their first 6 games in a season where they finished 14th in Serie A. You have made things hard for yourself by picking a team that's basically expected to finish in the bottom third of the league. I'm guessing they also had almost no transfer budget. Now of course you can pick who you like, but this is a tough game and you're choosing to make it even tougher. I myself would never pick a team like that because even though I think I have a decent knowledge of the game, I don't think I have enough knowledge to be successful with Udinese. I think you expect a top 6 finish or something, which would be an incredible season for a club like that. Football management at a club like Udinese is HARD and most weeks you're facing a team that's better than you. Just think about that for a bit.
  12. Any chance you can share that tactic? Really trying to get a 4-3-3 going with Chelsea and having major consistency problems.
  13. If I was Real Madrid I wouldn't consider buying either of those 2. You are Real Madrid. You can bring in much better players than that, though as others have said, I don't think you need to. But if you have a rule against buying from rivals it seems you've already answered your own question.
  14. Just discovered this thread also and totally love it! We are encouraged to stop using our imagination when we become adults. Well done for bucking the trend. It would be nothing like this but I keep thinking of restructuring the leagues in Europe to different regions with multiple divisions. I feel like if you can do this, I can definitely do that! You've almost inspired me to start...
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