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  1. To be honest I think you are just making things too complicated for yourself. You say you've read a lot of articles but making a 4-3-3 with an attacking fullback on the same side of the pitch as a box to box midfielder isn't even getting the basics right in my opinion. If you picture your players attacking and losing the ball on the edge of the opponents box, you can imagine that midfielder and that full back both high up the field. The opposition will have a field day counter-attacking you. As others have said you then don't have much penetration from central midfield. If I was playing against you I would just sit back and probably soak up the attacks pretty easily and be able to hit you pretty hard on the counter. There are a lot of very advanced things to learn about this game but you can be very successful just getting the basics right.
  2. Team instructions for those of us not on PC version please. Thanks
  3. 3 or 4 people have asked for the team instructions to be posted. Can someone please do that? For those of us playing on iPad we can't download tactics. Thank you someone!!!
  4. Same problem here. Super choppy/laggy on iPad Air 2 during a game. Very hard to enjoy the game like this.
  5. FMT 2017 slow on iPad air 2

    I am having the same problem on iPad Air (2?). Super-choppy graphics. Very hard to enjoy the game like this. What's going on, SI???
  6. FM16 vs. FM15 - Tactics

    I honestly feel the tactics just become more and more realistic as time goes on. People just get so bogged down in the fine details. Got to learn to walk before you can run. I think the way FM is now, people who watch a lot of football and have a decent understanding of what’s going on on the pitch, have a better chance of succeeding in FM. You often see a newby completely swamped in problems asking for all kinds of help and the first response is often “How do you want your team to play?”. If you don’t know much about football, how do you know how you want your team to play? Yes FM has become more complicated, but you can do well with a very simple system with very few instructions – as long as you approach it in a logical balanced way. So much of it is just thinking through the simple stuff. When my team has the ball, who will move up the field and who will stay back? Where will the space be? Do I have too many players trying to attack the same area of the field? Will I leave big gaps when I attack that will give me problems when I lose possession? If people just slowed down and thought all these things through and read the excellent descriptions of the different player roles etc, I think people would be much more successful. Similarly people make it too complicated when they’re watching a game. “What do I look for? I don’t know all the things Rashidi knows so how am I supposed to know what’s going on?” But again, if you just slow down and watch one or two things only in a game and then change something and watch to see only how that change affects things. And like Cleon always says, make ONE change and watch the game. If you are new and you just made 10 changes, how can you keep track of them all and know what made a difference? I feel like all these things become more & more important with every release. People CAN figure this stuff out for themselves if they have the patience. Just gotta start simple and work up from there. And people say “plug and play no longer works in 2016”. Silly. If you find a good logical system, it can be successful forever. Yes you may do even better by continually tweaking it, but it’s not necessary to be successful.
  7. No-one's really going to be interested in downloading a tactic from this part of the site. Put it in the downloads section or if you want to leave it here, post screenshots and an analysis of what you're trying to do and what's happening and what you'd like help with and I'm sure someone will help you.
  8. players constantly shooting from byline

    I think this has been a problem in FM for a while. It's one of those FM issues (the game still has MANY recurring problems that still aren't fixed after all these years) that SI & the mods here will try to tell you is your fault because the player is an IF or is selfish or it's something you are doing wrong somehow in your instructions etc etc. The fact is it happens all the time, regardless of who you play with. They are often shooting from angles that it is basically impossible to score from and often there are numerous open players that they just ignore. It happens way too much and is just silly and unrealistic. You might be able to do some things so reduce the frequency, but it'll keep happening until SI finally change it in the game.
  9. FMT PC / tablet

    I'd be interested to know this too. Can we choose more than 3 leagues on either version? Sounds like no graphics can be added to the ipad version but what about PC? Are the premier league logos still missing? Can we watch a game in full on either version or are we still restricted to highlights only? So far I'm not seeing much difference between FMC15 and FMT16 on ipad.
  10. Player Weight Is Decreasing

    Suarez eats people. When you do that it makes your weight fluctuate. I'd say you created the perfect clone!
  11. More drama please

    LOL you must not follow real football. 4 years is a LONG time with one club these days. People like Fergie & Wenger are the exception, not the rule.
  12. Gotchya. Thanks very much for the response. Loving the game so far by the way. Just some of the graphics stuff is weird. If the vast majority of faces aren't in there and you can't add them, I'm not sure what the point of having tons of blacked out pictures is. Or where the stadium would be we can't put them and we just have pictures of some seats. Seems like it would be better to just leave out all that stuff. Anyway, as I said, other than that stuff and the generic PL logos I'm loving it so far. Never thought I'd see such an amazing version of FM on tablet. Thank you!!!
  13. But there are many downloads around for the Handheld version on iPad (faces, logos etc). So why would it be different for FMC?
  14. Really? You can on the "handheld" version. Why would it be different for classic?
  15. I just got the (amazing) FMC 2015 on iPad. I'm so far not seeing any graphics for download for this version. I know these things take time but anyone know if there's any kicking around anywhere?