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  1. The argument that somehow choosing a lower league team will be more challenging than a top team is not a viable option. The reason is : that in the lower leagues there is not much difference in quality from top to bottom so in reality it just makes the game even more easy. I’ve seen this proposal through the years and it simply is a false narrative. The suggestion that gamers should no longer scout players and leave it to the DoF is a real head scratcher for me. In all seriousness, where’s the fun in that. I think the people who suggested this will be surprised how many gamers enjo
  2. Personally the poll should have been choices between: 1 too easy 2 somewhat easy 3 normal 4 somewhat hard 5 too hard
  3. - rifle ball into team-mates back - attempts to back-pass the ball out for opposition corner kick often - falls over the ball instead of making a simple pass - looks to hit the bar rather than score - attempts long-range field goals - encourages back line to all jump for same ball - dives often - almost gets lucky whenever possible - hold up on ball in own penalty area - likes to run into offside positions
  4. Strange issue with the graphics. Before the last hotfix on FM 2018 I had no problems running the game... at all... Then after the last update something changed drastically and I couldn't get past the first loading page. One solution was to have it in minimum windowed mode which was recommended in the Bugs forum. I have only downloaded the Demo so far, but this problem insists on sticking around. So, naturally being a person who wants to get to the bottom of things I started going through all the options (again) - but this time I tried to disable the Nvidia Geforce 970m card and just go with th
  5. My first thought was I hope we aren't forced into choosing a certain style of play from the get-go --- what about just starting out simple like 'normal' or 'mixed' and work from there?
  6. I wasn't really sure if I should post onwards because my assessment of the situation maybe would result in me coming across quite harsh depending on which side of the fence you have positioned yourself on... Of course, in the last week I have gone through the works and I am convinced that there is a major, if not critical, flaw/bug in the ME that needs immediate attention. No doubt that you and probably others have looked into the matter over a longer periode of time than little old me has done. But here is a little look into the matter from my perspective: first of all, I looked i
  7. So, to kind of get a better picture of what you are saying here, in layman terms, is that as long as you can counter the tactic on the ME gameboard - then you figure that SI are totally content with the ME in it's current state? So, to further that then the only option is that the AI has to get better (much better) at making tactical decisions & maybe some (more) of the instructions will be removed from the User's finger-tips... The thing that kind of lingers in the air, though, are a few of the concerns that some of the others mentioned about how players (on both sides) react
  8. I didn't just use one, that's kind of the point. You want to use one of the tactics that implement Attacking strategy - I am sure a user like @knap will be able to tell you which of his very well thought out 5-2-3 formations that can do the trick (don't know if he wants to get involved or not). In regards to using the Assistant then it doesn't really make a difference if you use him or not. You can tick the two boxes (use tactic & use these players) in holiday mode - or you can decide to do slightly better and take @Svenc's advice and go through the games where you manually pick the team b
  9. I personally use the ones with Attacking strategy because that kind of ensures that you keep pushing forward even if the AI decides to retreat due to your team's very good result form. In the situation between two human users is one that I haven't had time to go into, but I am sure there are plenty of people who have tried it and have a better knowledge of how that works. Would be interested to hear any observations of course - more minds are better than one as always... And I would also kindly ask people not to jump on each other's back about the situation because I am certain tha
  10. And the pattern persists in other leagues, like in Switzerland with poorest squad there (Lausanne): The star striker (iirc) went out for months and they probably would have done better because they were really bossing the league until the injury occurred - but it didn't stop them... How about the lowest rep team in Austria, Polten rated bottom: In this squad I used two wingers up front due to the lack of strikers and it didn't effect anything either, one winger I used as a striker was on loan and wen
  11. The situation surrounding Swansea is a little bit like a "trick question" because they start without an Assistant and they only have 4 center backs, but 1 of them is out for at least half a year - so without transfers you might struggle if you get a few injuries there. But regardless, it is easy to get Swansea into Champions league with absolute no transfers: Squad: The reason I think a couple of these tactics are in fact in the same realm as the Diablo is that if you go to the other leagues, you even walk those leagues with a near 100% rate. Just to
  12. I am not sure why Swansea has to be the only team to make you believe anything...? What do you have against, for example, Barnsley? They are predicted to end 23rd in the league: Or, how about a double whammy...?
  13. Yes, but this one seems pretty major - especially if we are going by @Rashidi's standard because in terms of 'boundaries' that boundary is clearly breached. Now, it would be interesting to know where SI stands in terms of their 'boundaries' where some flaw/bug would warrant immediate action - because with the evidence that I have seen, I am wondering if we haven't surpassed those boundaries as well...
  14. Counterstrike can be played in single player and online.... guess what, FM can be played in single player and online. Now if that is what some people would consider to be "apple and oranges" and others consider that to be in the "same ball park" then it can be down to how the individual interprets the case - you're right, why should someone else's interpretation be more accurate than the other person. It's semantics at best... Like the screenshot I showed above (an untouched 16th predicted team), if that doesn't kind of fall into line of how you interpret when it can be d
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