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  1. Starting game in offline Mode.

    I just tried and didn't have the problem, but I remember I did have a problem a while back where the steam client didn't fully update due to a really slow connection which resulted in me having a similar problem as you are encountering when I tried to go offline and play... I am no expert, but maybe the steam client has to go through a minor update before you can access the game. Things like this was one of the reasons I got into a heated debate a while back because it is incredible annoying using 3rd party software to access your game - still against it by the way... Maybe try to go back online and see if it recognizes that it can't and wait til it asks if you want to try in offline mode... Not many options left other than maybe contacting Steam Support (which is going to be a huge drag) if it doesn't work out... Good luck anyway
  2. Starting game in offline Mode.

    Have you tried to go to offline mode, restart steam or restart computer and then try?
  3. ME loophole

    I wasn't really sure if I should post onwards because my assessment of the situation maybe would result in me coming across quite harsh depending on which side of the fence you have positioned yourself on... Of course, in the last week I have gone through the works and I am convinced that there is a major, if not critical, flaw/bug in the ME that needs immediate attention. No doubt that you and probably others have looked into the matter over a longer periode of time than little old me has done. But here is a little look into the matter from my perspective: first of all, I looked into what formations do better than worse from the AI's standpoint - looking at the fixtures and how they line up kind of gives you at least some ideas... especially what really doesn't work = So, apparently the 4-2-3-1 formation really struggles against the 5-2-3 WB and in that season - Bournemouth regularly knocked 6-7 goals past that formation. Bournemouth went on to score 125 league goals with absolute no adjustments - but that is besides the point. The point is to find out why... I naturally tried all the different formations in various scenarios to see what matches up by trying some of the AI formations that actually did well result-wise against the formation. In the human vrs human scenario it's virtually impossible to cope with the two side forwards - especially with the running wide instructions implemented. I went on to the bottom heavy formation - the notorious 5-4-1 Diamond that was incredibly hard to beat back in the day - but results/match stats didn't really make any difference after extensive tests... Then you kind of go onto "let's try conventional wisdom" which I think a lot of people playing the game will probably use to deal with issues during games. There are not that many options, so it's not going to be rocket science. You can man mark specific players, tight mark them, hard tackle - and that's basically it, so there are not going to be huge complex scenarios to test out. This is where things become really dire, because putting 5 men at the back and using "conventional thinking" turned out to be even more hazardous result-wise where loses really got close to going into double digits. I played the real life game as well, and sometimes if the opponent had a really strong player the coach would instruct one of our defensively strong players to try and mark him out of the game - it worked a lot of times as I remember it. When looking at the situation with Bournemouth then you would hardly expect that their front three are incredibly talented if you compare them to many other players in the game, so by using a vastly superior team with much higher quality center backs to mark their front three would (in a purely logical sense) be able to cope with them. As mentioned, it turned out to have the opposite effect and the Bournemouth trio ran riot - it was a lot better to actually give them no instructions at all, so in that sense, "conventional wisdom" went straight out the window. You are going to have a lot of people playing the game that simply wont understand that at all... Now, I have played enough games that I did zoom into what works better against the 3 man attack - when I say better, I mean in terms of general match stats: But here is the reality, most of the games I lost anyway where the opponent using the 5-2-3 would score at least three goals regardless - so the trick is to kind of out score them because keeping the narrow wide strikers under wraps cannot be done consistently. A 4 man defense where the full backs stay back and sit narrow seems to have the best effect in dealing with them, but that is until you get that 'artificial' unstoppable goal against you where it basically comes out of the blue. I can't even count how many 3+ goal loses I encountered where "they strike lucky" - that is a huge red flag in my book... Yeah, you can argue that it can be dealt with - using bottom teams will usually result in around 6-9 defeats per season while using the 5-2-3 WB formation. That translates to around 20% of the time they will lose and I have got to the point where I can win against that 'super-tactic' at around that rate - which is the best I have been able to do with 'conventional tactics/formations'... But here is the problem with that, this is with the vastly superior team... There is no doubt in my mind, that this should be categorized as a critical flaw and requires SI towers to really address the problem pronto...
  4. ME loophole

    So, to kind of get a better picture of what you are saying here, in layman terms, is that as long as you can counter the tactic on the ME gameboard - then you figure that SI are totally content with the ME in it's current state? So, to further that then the only option is that the AI has to get better (much better) at making tactical decisions & maybe some (more) of the instructions will be removed from the User's finger-tips... The thing that kind of lingers in the air, though, are a few of the concerns that some of the others mentioned about how players (on both sides) react in certain areas - not picking up players or covering zones or a two man situation bossing a midfield dominated numerically by the opposition. If the AI can't cope with that with the standard formations and instructions, then I can't really see how we are going to be able to do that. Maybe you can get around it by placing a whole bunch of players strategically to counter it, but having to do that as the better opponent is kind of magooo... Before I was going to have my beauty sleep I was thinking about taking a little stab at it and created a savegame where I thought I could take over two teams and create a friendly between them. Although there is plenty of time for both teams to have that friendly - it keeps rejecting the option. I can make friendlies against other teams, but the game won't let me create a friendly between the two human teams...
  5. ME loophole

    I didn't just use one, that's kind of the point. You want to use one of the tactics that implement Attacking strategy - I am sure a user like @knap will be able to tell you which of his very well thought out 5-2-3 formations that can do the trick (don't know if he wants to get involved or not). In regards to using the Assistant then it doesn't really make a difference if you use him or not. You can tick the two boxes (use tactic & use these players) in holiday mode - or you can decide to do slightly better and take @Svenc's advice and go through the games where you manually pick the team before the match and run it through on full commentary speed...
  6. ME loophole

    I personally use the ones with Attacking strategy because that kind of ensures that you keep pushing forward even if the AI decides to retreat due to your team's very good result form. In the situation between two human users is one that I haven't had time to go into, but I am sure there are plenty of people who have tried it and have a better knowledge of how that works. Would be interested to hear any observations of course - more minds are better than one as always... And I would also kindly ask people not to jump on each other's back about the situation because I am certain that a guy like Rashidi is just as interested in having these things fixed (if they need to be) as the rest of us... Thanks in advance...
  7. ME loophole

    And the pattern persists in other leagues, like in Switzerland with poorest squad there (Lausanne): The star striker (iirc) went out for months and they probably would have done better because they were really bossing the league until the injury occurred - but it didn't stop them... How about the lowest rep team in Austria, Polten rated bottom: In this squad I used two wingers up front due to the lack of strikers and it didn't effect anything either, one winger I used as a striker was on loan and went home for some reason before the screenshot... But there is a clear pattern...
  8. ME loophole

    The situation surrounding Swansea is a little bit like a "trick question" because they start without an Assistant and they only have 4 center backs, but 1 of them is out for at least half a year - so without transfers you might struggle if you get a few injuries there. But regardless, it is easy to get Swansea into Champions league with absolute no transfers: Squad: The reason I think a couple of these tactics are in fact in the same realm as the Diablo is that if you go to the other leagues, you even walk those leagues with a near 100% rate. Just to show the situation: Eupen is one of the lowest rep teams in Belgium and this was the outcome: So, where do you kind of go from here? Only way is to find an even more poor team than that one - which is the most lowest one, Mouscron:
  9. ME loophole

    I am not sure why Swansea has to be the only team to make you believe anything...? What do you have against, for example, Barnsley? They are predicted to end 23rd in the league: Or, how about a double whammy...?
  10. ME loophole

    Yes, but this one seems pretty major - especially if we are going by @Rashidi's standard because in terms of 'boundaries' that boundary is clearly breached. Now, it would be interesting to know where SI stands in terms of their 'boundaries' where some flaw/bug would warrant immediate action - because with the evidence that I have seen, I am wondering if we haven't surpassed those boundaries as well...
  11. ME loophole

    Counterstrike can be played in single player and online.... guess what, FM can be played in single player and online. Now if that is what some people would consider to be "apple and oranges" and others consider that to be in the "same ball park" then it can be down to how the individual interprets the case - you're right, why should someone else's interpretation be more accurate than the other person. It's semantics at best... Like the screenshot I showed above (an untouched 16th predicted team), if that doesn't kind of fall into line of how you interpret when it can be determined to be a flaw - then may I ask what will it take? What scenario would you personally characterize where it falls into the category of being a, and I quote you, major ME bug/flaw that warrants action?
  12. ME loophole

    @Svenc: I don't know where you draw the line where the severity determines when it can be warranted to be classified as a Diablo tactic. But one thing I did see is that this screenshot below was total common place throughout multiple saves: This is, as mentioned, with absolutely no adjustments at all rendering everything in the game basically obsolete, and that reality has to be hooked to @Rashidistatement that "If you can take the exploit tactics and make them work all or nearly all the time with the assman in charge, without you even bringing any players in, then I feel its a major me bug." - I mean, seriously, this is exactly where we are at... Now, I am kind of wondering what would happen if we, for example, take a game like Counter Strike and for the online gamers they were in a situation where their opponents were constantly using a major and relatively easy exploit that made them basically unstoppable - well, unless you started to use the same exploit of course just to be in the game...?
  13. ME loophole

    Okay, looking down at my feet I can clearly see that the shoe is on the other foot. There was that brief look last night where I was trying to paint a picture, and due to some of the explanations from some of the people in this thread, I did go a little further into the matter at hand. Initially, there were a few mixed bag of results where it seemed that things varied causing a 'mixed bag' of results where sometimes I would even get fired or oppositely did very well - but that was only until you start to zoom in on the core elements of what a lot of you with concerns are expressing. Running through the workings of the 'super tactics' started to give me an idea of which of the tactical structures really damage the ME - and then I started using these 'super tactics' over a really broad base where I used multiple leagues and multiple teams and the conclusion is pretty clear... I think it is time that the people expressing their concerns can grab that sat-com and call Houston... These 'super tactics' is tied to a (simple) formation - like the one @shirajzl showed in his screenshot of the CL final - and added extreme PI's. The ME can't cope with it playing in real time game (watching matches on full) or even on 'holiday' mode - the results turn pretty similar. The strike forces did at no point score under 75 goals and had some trios up over 115 goals between them (all tests no transfers no training regimes no nothing - just place the tactic, place the current players and then holiday mode). Watford beating Spurs 7-2, Gunners 6-1, City 6-0 and this happened at alarming frequencies. and not only in that part of the save, but simple all across the board. Burton and Barnsley (predicted 24th and 23rd) ran away from the league with absolute no adjustments. I used a good 24 teams from across Europe and multiple times, iirc I did around 13 seasons (all first season of course and then retried creating a whole new save) just to see how it varied - mainly I used two different versions of the same formation - and there is a clear and undisputed pattern all across the board, we are facing a 'super tactic' reality in lines of that game breaking Diablo tactic from 2005 or 2006 (I don't remember anymore). I also went around and contacted people that are playing online games, and as @Svenc kind of mentioned, this is where it gets really unfortunate. That online reality seems to have been heavily effected, again - this is mentioned in this thread, and I can see why voices are coming up and they should be heard. My voice is going to also back up the voices that say "why on earth wasn't this picked up on?" - someone had to have known, why are we on the 3rd patch and this reality hasn't been addressed? Yeah, you can argue that the game isn't broken unless you decide to break it but who is fooling who here? The most unfortunate part of this is that you have people who do a lot of work in trying to help people understand the game and something like this undoes all that in seconds. All the so-called tactical gurus and their work will get thrown straight out the window... and people, in general, who are trying to help others will run into a reality of being unreliable because hey - just throw 3 people up front and you will be fine...
  14. ME loophole

    Compared to FM 17 - I, personally, feel that the AI decision making this time has become slightly better which was really needed, because as you are pointing out, that is one of the main reasons behind some of the issues you are addressing (and good on you for that). One of the main issues I have in this version of FM is, strangely enough, surrounding the Set-Pieces reality where they (your players) get jumbled up during the game and causes quite a lot of havoc if you are not aware of the fact that positions get shifted around (or left open). It's not a huge one and will be time consuming to fix during matches, but if you are not paying attention at all you might get punished freakishly...
  15. ME loophole

    FM 17 was really short lived in my case and that's kind of why I asked about the circumstances surrounding that screenshot. Balancing the AI decision making is a weird one - where do you kind of draw the line between being too hard or too easy. You can please some people some times but you can't please all the people all the time - as good old Bob would say.