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  1. @Fleascool Does your computer have GeForce GTX 970M...?
  2. Steps I have followed : 1: Removed all Graphic Drivers 2: Re-Installed all Graphic Drivers 3: I have only Windows Defender Anti-Virus 4: NVIDIA Control Panel made sure FM is using the high performance graphics and followed the other recommended options 5: Deleted Cache and Preference folders 6: Verified Integrity of game files 7: Sent requested Belarc Report On this computer I have run FM 2016 / FM 2017 / FM 2018 successfully... But during FM 2018 when the final Patch was released was the exact moment when my computer no longer could run the game unless it's in windowed mode (small screen). The only game I can't run on my computer is now FM 2018 and FM 2019 Demo (not going to buy FM 2019 if I can't get it to run naturally). I have run these steps multiple times and still no luck.
  3. Hi there. I was hoping to hear if there are possible solutions, it's been a while since I reported this issue. This is the time of year where I have time to actually play the game and was hoping to get around to some game-time. I just have no idea what happened, I have had absolutely no problems ever playing FM (or any other game for that matter). Something happened after the last update of FM 2018 - that's when the problem just stuck and I can't load FM 2018 or FM 19 Demo past the very first loading page... Is there really no solution to this...? Thanks and regards LL
  4. @Nightfire. I have also the GeForce GTX 970m on my Acer Predator and seem to have the same problem you had. I have followed all the steps but still nothing has helped so far - I am getting assistance from SI towers but am kind of curious to know how you solved the problem. I have uninstalled all drivers and then re-installed all the correct drivers again - plus made sure that I have the latest updates as you can see in the screenshot below: If there is something you can spot that is a-miss, please let me know because the latest versions for me still hasn't solved the problem. Can you think of anything else you could have done? Thanks and regards LL
  5. Yes, I did uninstall all drivers (reboot) and reinstalled all drivers (reboot and updated them naturally). In regards to Neil Brock's question of trying to figure out if there is some kind of conflict or interference (so he requested the Belarc report to see), I would like to stress that by disabling the GeForce GTX 970m did actually make the game run - just with really (really!) poor graphics. So the only conflict I could find is the GeForce GTX 970m itself.
  6. When you switch from small windowed mode to maximised windowed mode it will freeze the last image that was shown on the small window. Minimizing it again will enable you to continue. Sent the Belarc report by email. Thanks for your help and support, guys. Much appreciated.
  7. I have followed all procedures, from Neil's The game is stuck on the loading screen to all the procedures in How to Update my Graphics Card Drivers: I have also uninstalled all drivers and reinstalled them and ran through all the updating procedures as well to make sure they are all configured correctly. The problem still lies in the fact that FM 2018 after the February update and FM 19 Demo simply won't run with GeForce 970m. The only options that work are very small windowed mode which has great graphics but the screen is too small to play the game as there are loads of words and other information that needs to be addressed which makes this task almost unbearable on a tiny screen - and the other option is to disable the GeForce driver and be stuck with really really bad graphics. None of these options are viable and will be keeping me from purchasing the full game. I still don't understand how every other game, even the games with high quality/fast paced graphics run smoothly on my computer but Football Manager simply freezes on the first loading page...
  8. Prior to the last update for FM 2018 I had no problems running Football Manager... ever. But since the last update on FM 2018 I have had the problem that the game doesn't get past the very first loading page after you hit the 'play game' option. The solution was small windowed mode which basically took away all enthusiasm I had playing the game. Now fast forward to Demo 2019 - the same problem insists on sticking around. I have gone through all the steps - updating graphic drivers, deleting caches... basically the works. My computer is an Acer Predator and it has GeForce GTX 970m. All other games I have on the Steam platform like Counter Strike and Rocket League (and FM 2018 prior to the February update) run like a charm - amazing graphics. But for some reason FM 18 and Demo 19 simply doesn't run on GeForce... I disabled the GeForce graphic driver and just used the normal Invidia graphic card and lo and behold it now works - just with really poor graphics... really really poor graphics. What is the reason that every game with fast paced detailed graphics runs amazingly with GeForce but the only game I can't run is Football Manager?
  9. Strange issue with the graphics. Before the last hotfix on FM 2018 I had no problems running the game... at all... Then after the last update something changed drastically and I couldn't get past the first loading page. One solution was to have it in minimum windowed mode which was recommended in the Bugs forum. I have only downloaded the Demo so far, but this problem insists on sticking around. So, naturally being a person who wants to get to the bottom of things I started going through all the options (again) - but this time I tried to disable the Nvidia Geforce 970m card and just go with the normal graphics... This fixed the problem. Now, what's strange is that every other game I have on the game runs perfectly with the Geforce 970m - from Counter Strike to Rocket League - everything runs smoothly as the computer I have should be one of the best for gaming on the market... So, why does FM not run with Geforce 970m...?
  10. My first thought was I hope we aren't forced into choosing a certain style of play from the get-go --- what about just starting out simple like 'normal' or 'mixed' and work from there?
  11. Hi Luke, Okay, so tried this option and it works in this mode but one thing important to note : in small windowed mode it runs smoothly but if you make the window mode full screen then it freezes again. Minimizing the window again makes the game run smoothly. Does this mean something and will I have to play in small window mode? Thanks and regards LL
  12. Hi Neil, My computer only has the standard Windows Defender (Microsoft) that came with the purchase. I have no external anti-virus programs. I also explored the Windows Defender program and which programs/apps it allows - Steam and Football Manager are ticked as applicable. As mentioned I ran through everything from deleting Caches and Preferences, updating graphic cards, uninstalling and re-installing graphic cards, uninstalling the game (where this part seems really strange as mentioned in the OP) and reinstalling the game. Never have I used anything custom either. I am at a loss, I have other games (like Counter Strike) and other versions of FM that all run perfectly fine but can't get past this problem with FM 2018. It worked before and now just sticks to the first loading page with the music running in loop in the background. DxDiag.txt
  13. The last time I launched the game successfully was April 5th. I recently noticed that there was a new update and combined with some requests (from forum users) for me to finish a thread I had created in the T&T I decided to start up the game - this is when the issue occurred. I have never used anything custom and never experienced anything like this - with any game in steam or outside.
  14. Game won't get beyond the first screen when I launch FM 2018 The music runs in the background. Don't worry about graphic cards and deleting caches and what not because I, naturally, ran through all of the procedures, veteren guy on the forums so know my way about. Have other games on my steam account such as Counter Strike and others and have absolutely no problems running any of them... From my observation, when I tried to delete the game and reinstall it, I noticed the game deletes unnaturally quick (like immediately on the button) and downloads quicker than I normally experience... No crash dumps or crash dump messages are generated either... Whole things feels kind of strange. I have been following other threads with the same problem but none of them have provided a fix so far, was told to start my own thread so here I am... Thanks LL
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