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  1. The argument that somehow choosing a lower league team will be more challenging than a top team is not a viable option. The reason is : that in the lower leagues there is not much difference in quality from top to bottom so in reality it just makes the game even more easy. I’ve seen this proposal through the years and it simply is a false narrative. The suggestion that gamers should no longer scout players and leave it to the DoF is a real head scratcher for me. In all seriousness, where’s the fun in that. I think the people who suggested this will be surprised how many gamers enjoy building their own team in their quest to accomplish things.... But for the sake of debate, even if you employ this sabotage then you still are not going to get away from the last point in the next paragraph. There are people who say you should not play with tactics that win so you can kind of create a challenge. Like “don’t use gegenpress if you win” use something else. Then we have created a reality where we can decide if want to win or lose. I don’t see this a challenge in any shape or form and the notion that gamers have to sabotage their game not to win all the time is just way out of bounds...
  2. Personally the poll should have been choices between: 1 too easy 2 somewhat easy 3 normal 4 somewhat hard 5 too hard
  3. - rifle ball into team-mates back - attempts to back-pass the ball out for opposition corner kick often - falls over the ball instead of making a simple pass - looks to hit the bar rather than score - attempts long-range field goals - encourages back line to all jump for same ball - dives often - almost gets lucky whenever possible - hold up on ball in own penalty area - likes to run into offside positions
  4. Strange issue with the graphics. Before the last hotfix on FM 2018 I had no problems running the game... at all... Then after the last update something changed drastically and I couldn't get past the first loading page. One solution was to have it in minimum windowed mode which was recommended in the Bugs forum. I have only downloaded the Demo so far, but this problem insists on sticking around. So, naturally being a person who wants to get to the bottom of things I started going through all the options (again) - but this time I tried to disable the Nvidia Geforce 970m card and just go with the normal graphics... This fixed the problem. Now, what's strange is that every other game I have on the game runs perfectly with the Geforce 970m - from Counter Strike to Rocket League - everything runs smoothly as the computer I have should be one of the best for gaming on the market... So, why does FM not run with Geforce 970m...?
  5. My first thought was I hope we aren't forced into choosing a certain style of play from the get-go --- what about just starting out simple like 'normal' or 'mixed' and work from there?
  6. I didn't think that could be a possibility, if it is possible then we are talking about a logistical nightmare apart from the fact that you are paying wages towards a very tired player who is basically unusable. I probably didn't notice it because I didn't think it could be a possibility. Should this be possible...?
  7. What about fixing the Players on Loan who are still playing matches for the parent club or the resetting of player's Set-Piece position when you make substitutions or strategy changes during matches...?
  8. I tend to have three different strategies in the slots and spread them out a little in conjunction with what I think will be the areas (strategy-wise) my team will most likely be using during the season. As loisvale said, you might choose differently if you are battling relegation than you would for a team gunning to win the league. When your team does get familiar with your chosen strategies, then changing them during matches to some of the other mentality frameworks won't penalize your familiarity that much. In regards to using Attacking strategy I would proceed cautiously and use it as large favorite or if you are Master-Class as explained in the thread. Down the line when your team (as a relegation battler or tactician) starts to do really well just be aware that you most likely will go through a 'transition phase' where at home you might have to move more forward to get results. With the updated patch, I threw away all my old games and started from scratch but should have them up soon. I am trying to get the 4-1-2-3_DM tactics finished first, though, as these tactics are well balanced and result-wise the most stable of the lot...
  9. It seems increasingly that when you are favorite at home (even slight favorites) that it is a more viable option to play Attacking Strategy - regardless... I am a little reserved to add that into the thread because we are all waiting for the update and who knows what will be the case in terms of strategy corrections. Normally as a Relegation Battler, I would play Control at home where odds where tight (slight underdog or slight favorite) - but after trying things in different scenarios, I have come to the conclusion that as slight underdog Control does better than worse still - but as slight favorite, Attacking does better with stats and results in the long term - even in the lowest leagues, which is kind of surprising considering my experiences with previous versions of the ME. @Finknottle - given your results with the team you mentioned, I think you are actually doing quite well to be honest. When I tested the 5-1-2-2_DM with Watford I did pretty similar in terms of results - which I thought was pretty decent regarding the squad's overall strength. The formation normally allows the opposition to mostly shoot from a distance - which is pretty good as the conversion rate of those type of shots are a lot lower than close range shots. The way the ME presents the formation is a little strange because sometimes it looks like the wide center-backs are basically holding hands with the wingbacks during goalkeeper distribution, and this happens even though the centerbacks are on Defend Duty and the wingbacks are on Attack Duty. I am hoping those little blemishes get ironed out at some point and SI towers make the formation visually better... This brings me to the next point and that is the striker partnership is pretty vital if you want to get the most out of your attacking play. Here are some examples of what I have tried and tested which seem to work pretty well: Deep Lying Forward (support) and Advanced Forward (attack) - this is a no-brainer of course False9 (support) and Poacher (attack) False9 (support) and Target Man (attack) Defensive Forward (support) and Complete Forward (attack) Complete Forward (support) and Poacher (attack) Defensive Forward (support) and Trequartista (attack) These combinations offer 'diversity' in attacking movements - in other words, you won't have players with the same type of instructions. If you do use other combinations, I would try to avoid things like having both strikers holding up on ball or both running with the ball or both having risky passes because my experience is that these type of similarities can really hamper your team in the attacking phase. If you do have a strike pair that has diversity but lack, for example, risky passes within the role - then I would have someone a little further down the pitch that attempts 'risky passes' because some of these type of instructions are pretty handy if you want to open up your opponents. I like to 'cover the bases' with instructions when making tactics so my team has a little bit of everything (if possible) and avoid having too much of one thing (if you understand what I mean)... Roles with their instructions can really help in achieving how you want to play as long as you don't overdo things, in my opinion. If your set-up is good then your teams movement improves immensely.
  10. Long kicks for the Defensive Strategy - the rest of the strategies I would keep as is unless you notice that your keeper doesn't have good kicking skills. I remember, although I can't remember which goal keeper it was, that the goalie I was using had throwing(16) and kicking(6) --- so naturally it is better for him to throw the ball... Sometimes with those games you tend to struggle in, I would watch the game for a while and see exactly what is going on. Sometimes you can spot that it is the goal keeper distribution or build up of play that keeps losing the ball in vital situations and here it is good to check your settings. Always a good idea with these tactic sets just to run through the instructions and see if the players attributes suit the situation - and that is quite important with the set-play area as well... Good luck!
  11. Using those foreign players will only cause problems as long as they are not communicating and their familiarity levels are low - usually I keep them for those easy cup ties or bring them off the bench. You can also wait until they start asking for playing time and give them more chances around this time and see how they get along. If you have the players for the false9/poacher combo then I wouldn't totally scrap that because I really think that the familiarity and getting used to the tactic is your biggest issue. This formation is really hard to get working, trust me I know, and you have to take some big bumps before it becomes your clubs dna... If I understand your post correctly, then you are winning mostly home and losing mostly away... This got me thinking, maybe since the Juve version has short kicks in the Defensive Strategy that it could in reality be something like this that is causing your team to lose the ball to close to your penalty box --- Juve have world class center backs so they can always play out of pressure when they receive the short passes from the keeper, so I am wondering maybe you could try to simply change the goal keeper distribution to long kicks instead... Regardless, my experience is that playing this highly structured bottom heavy formation requires a lot of patience to get working and players generally have to be exceptional, gelled and familiar...
  12. I would think that Mixed passing setting might be a little too ambitious for lower leagues, in the long run I guess you could get it to work but you will have to do a good job in finding talented players. The sets can easily be adjusted so my suggestion would be to just change the Mixed passing to Direct passing for a while and see how they get on. When your familiarity levels start getting high with the formation, tempo, mentality and some of the other settings then I suggest you try them out during the game - like if you are in front with a couple of goals and you can play more freely in the second half. See how they react, if the reaction is good then evolve into more possession type of football that the EddieHowe offers. Also tying to get a false9 and a poacher in the lower leagues will be quite a miracle - my advice would be to change the poacher into a target man (on attack duty) for starters and slowly try things along the way because there are always times where matches offer you options to try other things and it's here you can make evaluations on what direction you want to move toward...
  13. Firstly, it's a good sign if the feedback is positive regarding your play on the pitch - so, in that sense you might have to wait for your team to gel more and the familiarity levels go up... Usually I can't make my teams play too well until the familiarity bars (on the tactic screen) next to your players are at least at 50%. Secondly, you brought in a bunch of players and if bring in around 6 players or more into your squad then I guess it will take at least 15 games before these players start to perform. Especially foreign players who don't speak the language, they can even take much longer before they start getting comfortable. This gelling and familiarity aspect is something you really have to take into consideration, with foreign players I usually won't use them until they are fluent in the language so that is why it is always a good idea to send them on intensive courses to get them ready quicker. Lack of communication within the players on the pitch and lack of a gelled squad and familiarity is what I guess is the big issue you are fighting with right now because these issues mentioned usually causes the players to disobey tactical instructions and settings. This could be causing your players to miss something in the build-up of play (play out of defense instruction) although it seems like defensively you are doing okay (which kind of supports my evaluation). The first season you went with a 4-4-2 and now you want to play a whole different formation. Patience might be required and I imagine that if you end up only in mid table (even with those players you mentioned) then you are doing quite well. Hull have a pretty poor reputation and there are several upgrades you need to make before you can aim higher - training facilities and players coming through the ranks are both important to get to the next level. A couple of seasons won't change these things that much... The strike force of a False9 and Poacher can be quite difficult to get rolling because these two roles usually require special talent that can handle those roles. The poacher, I find, tends to play poorly (due to the nature of the role) if they don't have speed and good movement off the ball. When I tried with Watford (similar reputation) I tried out the alternative strike force of a False9 and a Target Man (on attack duty) and it did much better than the other combination - maybe it was due to the players where I didn't really have a decent poacher. Juventus have a super False9 (Dybala) and an exceptional Poacher (Higuain). This bottom heavy formation will rely on a strike force to do the job because most players will be in more defensive positions. Maybe a good Target Man might give you that edge until your team are more gelled and familiarized - and you have real class players to operate the False9/Poacher combination... The games you played - how did you play them? The games you lost, what was the match situation (home or away - favorites or underdogs and how big) - who were your opponents and what did you do in terms of strategies? Let's take a look....
  14. LL's post season analysis: Atl. Madrid are bleeding money and this could be quite dangerous if you don't get it under control. The deficit was around 10 million euros a month and this has to change. That is why I sold the deadwood with huge wages and was grateful to get rid of them when I could. Before the season starts and a lot of those players who were out on loan are going to go through an evaluation and for sure some of them are going to get the boot to free up some finances and I can bring in a few players that really have real quality. We scored most and conceded least in the league. Until the last two league games I had only lost 2 matches, and generally it is very hard to motivate your players to win after they have won the league - other teams will have more to play for, so your team will basically not show up for these matches. Even if I didn't lose my main goal scoring/assisting threats for the last League games, it would be tough to get them to perform in my experience - although for the away Valencia match I did rest every single player so that I hoped to have as many fit players for the return leg in the CHL and for the Spanish Cup final. Didn't work this time around because I lost my main important players anyway - if I lost one or two I could have coped, but losing those three and Gabi was way to much for this Atletico side. I managed to turn Gameiro into the league topscorer even though he is definitely one of the players I would like to change out and replace with a more World-Class striker. Despite him winning the golden boot, he had sometimes some truly awful games and this is quite worrying if you want to be totally dominating on the football scene. He falls short of what I would want up front... As you can see in the screen shot below, losing these three players at the crucial time of the season was devastating. I need to find players that can back them up when needed and hopefully this was a 'one-off' that I would lose all three at the same time and at the most important part of the season (FM hates me ) so this won't happen again... In corners and indirect free kicks did fairly well with the standard '6yard box corner' and 'best header free kick': So from the 21st August to 21st May with only one save between should give some form of insight how things can be done. I can do better (I went on a 28 match unbeaten run and had the most clean sheets before disaster struck) but these things take time because first season will always be hard as a rookie foreign manager and it took around half a season before my assistant was even slightly happy with the tactical familiarity. As long as I keep the opponents on the back heel, then I will be able to tactically continue to push the opponents back so I control most of the games - and this is where you really want to be as a manager... Now let's try something harder
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