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  1. That mean you ll play like that against defending teams ? And what about chasing a goal ?
  2. Thanks, don't you think against teams parking the bus having a higher line of engagement, higher defensive line and use off side trap and prevent GK distribution ? also against narow team using 3-4-3 i attack wider. Against positive team I gegenpress and hit counter if they go offensive I use OI like you and tackkle hard the lowest 3 bavery players, and look at winger to see what foot do they use to show them on their weaker foot. to close the game, i put both FB on defense and the R winger on support , go defnesive , play direct and hit counter, and sometines i bnag
  3. Many thanks for your answer. do you tweak your tactic during game against attacking or defending opponents ?
  4. Thanks a lot ! the idea of the 4231 was to fit my best player
  5. Please would you help me set up a possession 4231 tactic with my player ?
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