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  1. Really enjoying this sir. Love a youth only save, and love a lower league save. Just thought would would pop in and say thanks!
  2. Thanks for the detailed reply! I like the idea of tactics being generally uncomplicated, and this forum generally gives the opposite impression. You have shown, by being succesful with an IR button, that it is possible to be successful without, as you say, a super-tactic, but a thought-out, solid, balanced approach. Thanks again.
  3. Honestly, your careers are one of the few reasons I stay with this forum. Brilliant. Could I ask - Whats your general approach to tactics? Regardless of which version, or which formation, you seem to be relatively successful - what are the building blocks of your approach? Regardless, thanks for these saves/updates, and KUTGW.
  4. Echoing BillHoudini24 really love this and even though I still play FM12 (FM12!?!?!?) can still take tips for my own game. Brilliant work, and beautifully explained. Mostly silent, yet avid follower here.
  5. Just popping in to say am really enjoying this. Seeing someone who is mostly succesful, struggling a bit, and explaining how they go about trying to solve it, fascinating. Bravo. Oh, and congrats on staying up. Good work!
  6. And this is why I love this sir. Not just a catalogue of victories, but a real long-term struggle. Tried a new tactic, didn't work. Happens. You'll be back up soon enough. Good luck for the next season.
  7. Love their work, but your approach and save/updates is what keeps me on this forum these days. Rapid success is fine and dandy, but it's the nation/journeyman stuff that's cool in them. I'm currently in my 4th season at Sturm in Austria, and Salzburg are just ridiculous. The fun, for me, is similar to this save - youth, facilities etc. Means progress takes years, but you have given me loads of pointers which have made my games much more involved, when my attention wavered (too many bloggers insisting you had to watch the first 10 minutes in real time (minimum) - I have a child!). Hence my appreciation for not just this career, but your past ones an'all. Anyway, really appreciate the effort you put in, so thank you!
  8. That level, those facilities, progress can only be slow. A grind, but a worthy, and (for me), an enjoyable one. Would you say it is more realistic than previous versions, or just this team/league?
  9. Can barely keep up with this, and the complete antithesis of my play-style, but man, really love it. Keep on keeping on.
  10. Your saves are one of the few that keep me on this forum - never want to miss an update or new save. The detail you go into really interests me, and more often than not makes me approach my own save in a new way. Me and my (belated) birthday rum salute you.
  11. Whatever keeps the save enjoyable. Like the detail in the updates, for what it is worth. KUTGW.
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