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  1. Yeah I get what you mean - we do play the most defensive football in the league and get outplayed by nearly every team, however I think this is more to do with Bruce and the way we are set up. I honestly think our squad on paper is better than the likes of West Brom, Fulham, Burnley, Sheffield, and maybe even Southampton. If we had a manager like Hasenhuttl for example, I really think we'd be aiming for a mid table spot, not against relegation. Don't forget players such as Dubravka, Shelvey and arguably 1 or 2 others either. In my opinion it's really not the #18 squad on paper, it's proba
  2. @santy001 Okay, thanks for your response. That does offer some explanation on why the predictions seem so inaccurate. Hopefully the average CA values aren't reflective of the predictions I can see. I obviously don't understand the full process of what you guys go through, but the reason for my reply was to perhaps give some room for average CA increases/decreases within some teams in the league, but I guess that's not how it works. On a side note - keep up the great work guys. It's obviously a very difficult job and some of the abuse you's are getting is absolutely ridiculous.
  3. I'm not sure how helpful or relevant this post is, but I'm just slightly concerned about the strength of some squads within the league in general. The 'Predicted Finish' in the game setup has some worrying rankings in my opinion. I assume these are sorted by CA of the top 16 players, or something along those lines. Does it take into account the managers ability? I understand these will likely have changed since the beta was released, however I think there are large imbalances with the teams below... Obvious underrated teams that should be buffed: Crystal Palace - 19th. They fin
  4. Are you on Mac? Me and another user have had a similar issue with the transfer page. By the looks of things the issue seems to be caused by changing the players transfer/loan status, and also doing another action. In our case - changing the asking price, in your case changing the availability for the 2nd team.
  5. Hi, In my save with Notts Forest I set Michael Dawson's asking price to £0, I hit confirm. I then set him to be 'available for loan' and hit confirm again. The game then crashes immediately. I've tried it twice and followed the Crash Dump guide in the pinned thread. The date is Sept 7th 2020, but this happened later in the month the first time it happened. I haven't used any editors. Game save has been uploaded as 'Forest_loan_crash.fm' Thanks. {%22response%22:%22ok%22,%22_rxid%22:%22a90b0000-5a51-6205-0000-000000000000%22}.dmp uploads.log
  6. Newcastle fan here, very accurate for the most part. A few small changes I would make (mainly positioning): Jacob Murphy has been starting right wing-back for us this season, as well as regularly for Sheffield Wednesday last season. I think he should be 'accomplished' in this position. Joelinton, although very underwhelming last season, has been shafted a bit. He's came off the bench a few times on the right-wing so I think he should be 'competent' there. I agree his Finishing/Composure/Off the ball are atrocious, but I think he does have other decent attributes, which is why he ge
  7. Ugh that's disappointing, a good defensive 5-4-1 was the formation I'm looking to use this year I understand why you've removed it though. Out of curiosity - I'm still using the winger (a) + DLF combo, did you achieve better results swapping to either winger (s) + Adv Fwd, or using Inverted winger + CWB? I'm looking for the optimum set-up in this formation.
  8. Out of curiosity - what is the reason the RB is on attacking duty, whereas the LB is on support? Is this to balance the midfield?
  9. I understand results may not be as good, but just wondering if it's possible to make a top Volante-Anchor tactic that uses a number 10 + striker combo, rather than 2 false 9's? I'd much prefer to use this attack in my game but not sure what player roles would yield the best results? Also not sure whether to use both players in the centre or one or both playing slightly to the left/right. Any ideas would be appreciated.
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