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  1. Dylan McGlade has just signed for Blyth Spartans from Bray Wanderers. Not sure if this is relevant as he may have already been added, but just posting in case it's been missed. http://www.blythspartans.com/arrival-mcglade-returns-to-blyth-spartans/
  2. Miguel Almiron's position in the Newcastle team has been right midfield in a flat 5-4-1 for the majority of the season, starting 8 games there, yet he's rated 'awkward' in this position. I feel as if he should be judged as at least 'competent' in right midfield. His 13 finishing and 12 composure seem very suspect also as he can't he hit a barn door IRL, I think these should be nerfed to around the 10/11 mark. He contributes very well defensively however, so I'd suggest a small buff to his work rate (15), stamina (14), tackling (6) and marking (5). Source: https://www.whoscored.com/Players/303924/Show/Miguel-Almirón
  3. I've just had a penalty shootout in which all 28 kicks hit the target, with 6 of these being saved. Most of these penalties were taken with players with roughly a 10/20 penalty attribute, so not great. This is quite improbable as I'd expect at least 3 or 4 to miss the goal, it may just be a one off. I thought it'd be best to raise this in case other people have experienced similar luck. Leeds v Everton.pkm
  4. Ugh that's disappointing, a good defensive 5-4-1 was the formation I'm looking to use this year I understand why you've removed it though. Out of curiosity - I'm still using the winger (a) + DLF combo, did you achieve better results swapping to either winger (s) + Adv Fwd, or using Inverted winger + CWB? I'm looking for the optimum set-up in this formation.
  5. Out of curiosity - what is the reason the RB is on attacking duty, whereas the LB is on support? Is this to balance the midfield?
  6. I understand results may not be as good, but just wondering if it's possible to make a top Volante-Anchor tactic that uses a number 10 + striker combo, rather than 2 false 9's? I'd much prefer to use this attack in my game but not sure what player roles would yield the best results? Also not sure whether to use both players in the centre or one or both playing slightly to the left/right. Any ideas would be appreciated.
  7. Had a similar issue myself linked here. My issue was slightly different as there was no prompt to enter the players in the first place, however there is definitely something wrong with the training camp.
  8. In your case did you add any players to the camp manually beforehand, i.e. immediately after signing them?
  9. Summary: There was no prompt for me to register my squad to their training camp. Description of Issue: I received a message regarding a training camp on July 2nd but wasn't prompted to added my squad. This caused me to miss out the entire squad other than 2 players I had on trial, which I added manually upon signing. This caused half the squad to become concerned the next day, July 3rd requiring many interactions. I'm not certain if there was an option to add my squad or not, however I believe it should be compulsory to have the player confirm their squad before proceeding and to not let them continue without. The issue may have been signing players on trial and manually adding them. Steps to Reproduce: Sign a player on trial and manually add him to training camp upon signing? Files Uploaded to the SI Cloud Service: Brentford.fm edit: The file attached was saved after I added the players to the training camp on July 3rd.
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