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  1. My board has called a meeting concerning performance analyst wage budget changes. I propose to use the funds to improve youth recruitment. I manage to convince the board to my request. The board then confirms the increase in wages for performance analysts. Hold up. Uploaded the save of the meeting's day as "board meeting performance analyst wages.fm".
  2. So, I'm having a fun season finish (cup final included) ahead of me. Five matches in nine days.
  3. I've been playing a short passing style for three seasons now, but the game insists that it's the complete opposite: My team has been scoring a lot of goals and I've been praised for my attacking game, yet: I don't understand how this feature is supposed to work.
  4. I'm using a two-striker formation. In the corner routine creator, when setting up the right attacking corner routine, everything is fine and dandy. When setting up the left attacking corner, my STCR is gone to lunch/MIA/abducted by aliens/watching the game from the stands. Dear SI, please help me find my second striker.
  5. @bluestillidie00 All profile panels change to the default ones after I load a new save. Any idea how to fix this?
  6. So, Pescara also prefer a square pitch. Makes me wonder if there is a club in FM that has a pitch which is wider than longer. Looks like a cool Easter egg hunt to me!
  7. I seem to have the same problem. How did you solve it?
  8. @tracisloo Looks nice! Will it work fine at 85% zoom?
  9. After FM 19 and 20, FM 21 still has this bug. Found this almost square pitch in Austria: The correct pitch size would be 105x68 m. This probably means that the bug is still in the game and that there are other monstrosities like this in other leagues. Didn't post this in the "Database" section, since it's surely not exclusive for this league. Third time's a charm?
  10. Yes, I'd side with this. This year's match engine is a godsend, and a smarter AI is just something WE need to adapt to now. I was just surprised how much better the AI seems to handle the tactical approach in the final stages of a match. Hats off to SI for that.
  11. Sure, but my impression is that in FM21it's even more aggressive than before. I've always been wary of the AI going into overdrive when losing a match, but this year it seems even more extreme IMO.
  12. Thanks for all your responses! What I meant with my question was if you noticed a change in AI aggression compared to the earlier versions of the game. Any thoughts?
  13. DISCLAIMER: This is not a rant, I'm not moping that the AI is cheating and so on. Also, this is not a "losing a FM match in the dying minutes meme" thread. So, I wanted to ask my fellow Players what your impressions of the AI's behaviour in the closing minutes of a match are. For me, it was rather surprising to see that the AI (in my opinion) is even more aggressive in the last ten minutes when losing. The first few matches when I had a "comfortable" lead of at least two goals, I was stunned by how much the AI wanted my skin, and was actually getting it. Sure, it was alwa
  14. It happened again. Also, my two of my players have been booked, but I can't see it now since the bottom thingie is bugged and the tablet doesn't show it in the general info section of my team's stats, even when fully extended, which is a rather puzzling design choice.
  15. The stamina display is sometimes inconsistent between the touchline tablet and the player thingie at the bottom. The tablet is showing the correct stamina, while the bottom strip is showing full stamina for all players. This happens sometimes, I've been yet unable to replicate it.
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