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  1. Indeed, I do. Could you point me to the upload page again, please? EDIT: Uploaded the savegame as: "Title race heads to the wire bug - Polish league - event occurs after next match"
  2. The season does not end yet, after 30 games the league is divided into two groups (relegation and championship) and seven more matches are played.
  3. Please, pretty please, move the "Ask Assistant to Assign" button in the Tutoring screen to some other position. Mis-clicking when wanting to add a player to the topmost group is VERY annoying since it messes up every tutoring group I have set up. Please consider this for the next hotfix/update.
  4. In the preferences, the landing page for the team screen is set as "Profile". Yet, when clicking a team, you land on the "Players" tab, not the "Overview - Profile" tab. Once you go to the preferences, click on the option and reset it as "Profile", you land on the right tab when selecting a team.
  5. Looks like this issue: There's an explanation to this in there, too.
  6. Nope, sorry. all saves I have are post-promotion.
  7. I created a club in the Polish first league, the stadium has 1000 seats and no undersoil heating. After promotion, I'm playing my home games at this stadium, even though the Ekstraklasa requirements are at least 5000 seats and undersoil heating. I also have no option to make a board request regarding the stadium, neither to expand the current one, nor to build a new one. EDIT: Ok, so now this happened: Which relates to my other thread: My teams home town is Szczecin, but the new stadium is in Kraków, which is 500 km away. This is a mess.
  8. The team screen landing page resets after each restart of the game. When clicking a team, you always land on the "players" tab, instead on the "profile" tab, even though it shows "profile" in the preferences. After changing it, everything is ok until you restart the game.
  9. Prej

    DLC not found.

    Second year in a row that this is happening, and second year in a row that they're pulling the SEGA card.
  10. I created a new club in Create a Club mode, which of course includes naming the stadium. Still, during the 3D match, the name and location of the original stadium is being shown. Club info screen: 3D engine during home match: EDIT: Actually, the original stadium name is showing in the news, too. EDIT 2: Ok, I figured it out. It's not the original stadium we're playing at. Since my stadium does not meet regulations, my home games are held at a different local stadium. The problem is that FM takes a local stadium of the team I used to create my new team, which is 500 km from the city I selected for my new team.
  11. My goalkeeper needs a rest, too. And he's not even closing down that much! EDIT: This is getting a little ridiculous. Because of the resting, my players are missing even more training than what is already planned into their training regime. We're playing an average of five games per month. After each game, I need to rest some players for at least two days. This means, that these players are missing at least ten days of training on top of what they have in free time anyway.
  12. Prej

    [Poland] Data Issues

    In staff member Lukasz Smolarow's career history, the last entry is wrong. The club he played for was Ursus Warszawa in Poland, not an Italian club.
  13. Had the same problem in FMT19. I signed a new scout, who was ending his playing career and was supposed to join my team on the 1st of July. His "Judging Player Ability / Potential" were both 11 when we signed the contract. Upon him joining my team, I noticed that the aforementioned stats both dropped to 9. Unfortunately I can't provide a savegame from that moment.