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  1. My theory is that SI reacted to all the people complaining that crossing was overpowered. They did at least two things: - Nerfed passing to the flanks. I already wrote about that in a different post. It's really infuriating when you watch your professional footballers being unable to perform a simple pass to the flanks. It happens frequently, even with world class players. It's always the same scenario, the pass is being played way far ahead of the winger for him to reach it. - Nerfed the crossing, as having been thoroughly discussed on this forum. The wingers have been dumbed down, waiting to get closed down instead of crossing earlier or trying to get into a clear position. I've seen many instances of wingers repeatedly trying to cross through a defender, failing once, and then reclaiming the ball only to cross into the defender again. Very frustrating.
  2. Have you tried Reports -> Stats in the player info screen? Or Reports -> Analysis for each match?
  3. A few of my players have their individual training schedules resetting for a specific role to their playing position. It keeps happening every few weeks, but I can't put my finger on it what causes it or when exactly it happens. I've seen this being discussed already somewhere else on the forum, so this is a known issue.
  4. Another prime example of this type of botched movement. Central Midfielder clearly sees the Wing Back moving forward (to the left). Prepares to pass the ball to the flank. Central Midfielder passes the ball into space for the Wing Back way too far for him to reach it. The ball goes over the sideline since the Wing Back has no chance to reach it. These are the CM's stats: These are the WB's stats: They have been playing with each other for a whole season now. They are not Sunday league players. They should be able to perform a simple movement like a pass to the flank from very short range without much trouble.
  5. You may not notice this unless you watch a full match. Passes from central areas to wing backs have a unnaturally high failure rate. I thought this was due to new players being introduced to the team, but even after a few months, passes to the wings are very bad. Usually one of the central midfielders passes too early / the wing back starts too late to intercept the ball, and it goes over the sideline. This happens a lot during a match and is really infuriating, even more since the ball is a long distance from the winger, they don't miss the interception just by a few steps. The players have attributes with an average of over 10, so we're not talking about semi-pros here. I understand that sometimes there may be misunderstandings between players, but the amount of mistakes in this type of movement is noticeably high. Also, considering that the winger's crossing abilities have been somehow dumbed down in FM2019, it seems like their overall effectiveness is much lower. Here's one example:
  6. No, unfortunately not. I noticed it just a week before the first matches. You want a save after the drawing or is it too late?
  7. Don't know if this is a bug, but I never encountered this before. First of all, three EURO Cup matches in seven days, also a Polish FA Cup match in there? I've also seen other EURO Cup matches being played on Saturdays and Sundays, is that normal?
  8. The problem isn't that there is no player to cross to, it's that the winger doesn't seem to notice there is a defender right in front of him. This is not how crossing works. I have never seen a match in which a player was trying to cross a ball through another player, hoping the defender is made of ectoplasm.
  9. Yeah, SI, please fix this already. It almost looks like the players on the flanks are deliberately waiting to be closed down before they attempt to cross. It's not how football works.
  10. I uploaded two saves: - Teams won't hire new manager after I applied for the position - before - Teams won't hire new manager after I applied for the position - after The "before" savegame is from May 2022, so you can try to simulate it from scratch. The "after" savegame is from the 30th of July 2022, so you can check where I applied for jobs and how it turned out. Have fun with this one! Also, there's still a bug I reported here: I recently played against NK Lokomotiva from Croatia, and their pitch size is wrong, too. Instead of 105x68 metres, it's 105x85 metres, which makes it almost a square. Could you please look into this, too?
  11. Sooo, I found my new favourite bug in FMT. It started with me applying for a job at Club X, where the former manager left on 01.06.2022. I was the leading candidate, so I waited for the offer. July came, but no offer. I reloaded the game, went on holiday with the option to apply to top division clubs and to return from holiday, when offered a job. It's the 23rd of July 2022 now, and every club I applied to, starting at 01.06.2022, hasn't hired a new manager. Many of these clubs have already started their leagues and have neither a manager nor an interim coach. As I said, this is the best bug I've ever encountered in FM.
  12. Please, oh pretty please, un-nerf the crossing. Please. Really.
  13. Since FMT give you the possibility to play on mobile devices, updates need to be approved by the Apple store and Google Play. Stop behaving like a spoiled brat and wait for it like all the other people around.
  14. Nope. This may happen when you introduce a lot of new players into the team, but has nothing to do with pre-season form.
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