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  1. How about a little game of "Guess the Cards"? So, how many yellow/red cards did the home and away team get?
  2. It's still in the game after the latest updates, so just fire up FM with a fresh save and St. Poelten or Pescara will have wrong pitch sizes.
  3. Chips yes, but only in the latest ME. As for bicycle kicks, I've maybe seen two or three in God knows how many years of FM.
  4. Ok, so let's say you're a footballer, You're playing a match. The opposing midfielder passes to his striker. The striker can't reach the pass, and the ball is now harmlessly rolling towards your byline. Do you: a) Let the ball pass the byline. b) Chase after the ball and nudge it over the byline thus giving away a corner kick and earning yourself some questions from your manager and fellow players. c) It's not the game, it's your tactics.
  5. There's no need for a player to chase down a loose ball just in order to touch it before it goes over the line. Really, there isn't. Still, I'd really like to see that in a real match. Imagine Messi running after a ball and slamming it over his team's byline without any other player chasing him.
  6. Rafał Kurzawa is a free agent in the new update, even though he joined Pogoń Szczecin on the 16th of February.
  7. Never seen that happen. Same as free kicks in the penalty box.
  8. Hold up, did you report this bug? You should've lost 0:1.
  9. My conspiracy theory is that SI nerfed heading already in FM20 in order to tone down the effectivity of crossing. Headers are sometimes ridiculously ineffective, with professional footballers heading over the goal from two meters. I mean, yeah, sure, it happens, but come on.
  10. My board has called a meeting concerning performance analyst wage budget changes. I propose to use the funds to improve youth recruitment. I manage to convince the board to my request. The board then confirms the increase in wages for performance analysts. Hold up. Uploaded the save of the meeting's day as "board meeting performance analyst wages.fm".
  11. So, I'm having a fun season finish (cup final included) ahead of me. Five matches in nine days.
  12. I've been playing a short passing style for three seasons now, but the game insists that it's the complete opposite: My team has been scoring a lot of goals and I've been praised for my attacking game, yet: I don't understand how this feature is supposed to work.
  13. I'm using a two-striker formation. In the corner routine creator, when setting up the right attacking corner routine, everything is fine and dandy. When setting up the left attacking corner, my STCR is gone to lunch/MIA/abducted by aliens/watching the game from the stands. Dear SI, please help me find my second striker.
  14. @bluestillidie00 All profile panels change to the default ones after I load a new save. Any idea how to fix this?
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