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  1. Is there a way to request a Loan Report, aside from the automatically generated monthly report?
  2. Prej

    Crosses and Number of Corners

    Can definitely confirm. Full / Wing backs usually get blocked by defenders before they can get a cross in. Cross from deep / hit more crosses / hit early crosses does nothing, the player usually tries to go all the way in order to cross or waits until a defender closes him down. Very frustrating.
  3. Do you guys need a savegame for that?
  4. Prej

    Bonus for finishing 0th

    Sorry, I can't provide such a save anymore.
  5. Could we please get an additional answer for players who are worried that a new signing will take their place? Specifically, I'm talking about: "The player you're worried about is playing in a different position than you. The only worrying thing here is your lack of intelligence / perception". Thanks!
  6. Uploaded the save as "Olympiakos - bonus for finishing 0th.fmt".
  7. I'll try to replicate the bug during the next call up and upload it then, is that ok?
  8. He's not injured, there are free slots in the national team, I can add other players.
  9. This is an issue which has been bugging me (no pun intended) since a few versions. I'm managing a national side, one of the better European teams. I fire the U21 manager and want to hire a new one. I offer the job to a Head of Youth Development in a foreign lower league team, where he's earning 275,- Euros per month. He declines. Where is the logic in this behaviour? So, he really doesn't want to manage an international youth team and earn more than 20 times his current wage? Really? The only possibility is to offer the job to some random guy from the parent nation.
  10. Prej

    Pitch size

    Ok, but then it's not consistent with real life dimensions of the aforementioned stadiums. For instance, the pitch in the Stadio Adriatico in Pescara is 105x68 m, not 105x85 m. Exactly the same goes for the Stadio Via del Mare in Lecce. Is this a database problem then?
  11. Prej

    Match report clickbait title.

    Nope, sorry. Still, it seems it could be somehow connected to this bug, for which I uploaded a save:
  12. Prej

    Pitch size

    Yes, kids. This is what a 85x90 metre pitch looks like.
  13. I've noticed the pitch size in some clubs to be completely wrong. This problem was already present in FM18. Sure, football on a square pitch would be interesting, but...
  14. Prej

    [Slovakia] Data Issues

    So it seems my game bugged out. Actually, I remember encountering the same issue in FM2018.