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  1. Toning down on the "two-day injury exactly two days before the next game". I found myself smirking every time I see the "Player X injured" info two days before my next match.
  2. Equipping footballers with the body part commonly known as a "chest", so they don't have to solely rely on their heads and feet in order to control the ball give away possession.
  3. I second this. It works kinda like this: FMXX is released. Crossing is overpowered. It's not being fixed in the current version because of reasons. The next FM is released. Crossing is dumbed down. It's not being fixed in the current version because of reasons. The next FM is released. Crossing is overpowered. It's not being fixed in the current version because of reasons.
  4. Actually, FM19 is the first FM I grew tired of. I'm still playing it, but it's more just to pass some time rather than really trying to achieve something.
  5. I don't know, man. Considering what a letdown FM19's match engine is...
  6. Scouting requests are handled in a "first in, first out" method. Adding new requests puts them at the end of the pipeline. When performing mass scouting, you can find yourself in a situation, where the scouting team will process a new request after a few days, since your daily reports depend on the number of scouts. Please add an option to "Get a prioritized scout report" for the player. This report will be handled on top of all other requests in the pipeline, thus reducing the waiting time which can be crucial when transfer windows are closing.
  7. The mentioned player is a key member of the squad. He's been playing in almost every possible match this season. The only thing that comes to mind is that his squad status is "Rotation", but his playing time is of a Key Player.
  8. So, after putting almost 3000 hours into FMT19, I'd like to share my thoughts on it here. I'll mainly concentrate on the match engine, since I think it's the worst one SI has graced us with in the last years. I watch whole matches, so some of the points below might be unknown to people only watching highlights. Since most people have short attention spans these days, we'll do a list. · Crossing is bugged. Players in possession patiently wait until being closed down before attempting to cross. Most crosses are blocked because players think their opponents are made of ectoplasm and the ball will pass through them. · Wing play is bugged. Diagonal passes are being played with pinpoint accuracy, yet passes to the wings are just being yeeted out of reach of the winger. This happens all the time and is infuriating. You have a team of world class players who can't play a pass to the wings. · Behaviour under pressure is bugged. Players behave like idiots when being closed down. Instead of passing to the nearest available player, they kick the ball into row Z, giving their opponent a throw in. Also, racing after a ball which is going to cross the byline (and give you a goal kick), only to kick it over touch to give away a throw in. · Ball control is bugged. Players can't control the ball with their chests. The only options are to control it with their feet or head. Most long passes are being headed away in front of the player, so the ball either goes over the byline or touchline, or is being picked up by the opponent. · Attacking movement is bugged. Players picking up the ball in front of the penalty area will most of the times turn onto their weaker foot and attempt to pass the ball to someone else instead of turning onto their stronger foot and attempting to shoot, even if they are told to "shoot more often" or "shoot on sight". Numerous times have I seen players yeeting the ball to the flanks even though they had a clear shooting position in front of the penalty area. · Short passing play is bugged. Two defenders get stuck playing passes to each other while being closed down (even though there are options to pass the ball), therefore moving towards their goal and finally passing to the GK. This happens mostly when passing is set to short. · Lack of through balls. Players in front of the penalty area will either pass to the flanks or perform backpasses instead of playing a through ball to a striker waiting to run into the area. Using any possible combination of instructions has no effect. Flanks or backpass. Also, SI, please consider implementing hotfixes, because "acknowledging" bugs and not fixing them until the next FM is pretty much showing a "theses suckers will buy the next game anyway" attitude.
  9. Please teach players to control the ball with their chest instead of stupidly heading it in front of the opponent.
  10. Please fix player behaviour when under pressure. Defenders shouldn't kick the ball over the byline whenever an opponent is near them, even though they have options to pass.
  11. Hi @Connor Winks, makes sense, but it may be good to consider tweaking it in order to avoid situations when you have long term plans for your player, yet can't offer him a new contract and risk losing him to another team signing him for free. Thanks!
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