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  1. I'll buy it so I have a good reason visit this forum, mainly the bugs section.
  2. This was an issue in FM19, I already mentioned it in November: This is still not fixed and results in silly pitch sizes: Come on, guys. You don't play football on a square pitch.
  3. Does it? I always thought it means he takes care of them as in scheduling. You may be right, though.
  4. Actually, you can turn it off, but it doesn't work. If you go to Staff->Responsibilities->Manage Friendly Matches, you can set it to "Manager", but your Assman will arrange friendlies anyway. It's already been a bug in FM19, maybe even earlier, I can't remember.
  5. SI logic. Community: Crossing is OP! SI: Nerf crossing. Community: Crossing is broken! SI: Fix crossing, nerf heading. Community: Heading is broken! SI: ???
  6. After I resigned from my last job, I went on holiday with a planned return in three months. After three weeks I decided to return and noticed that in the meantime I automatically accepted a job I was offered. I also accepted the proposed club vision. There is no option to avoid this when going on holiday.
  7. @Connor Winks, uploaded it as "stanislav stepanov contract renewal"!
  8. Ok, so I tried offering him EVERY other promise than being played in his preferred position, and he won't accept it.
  9. I entered contract negotiations with my winger, but he demands to be played in his preferred position, which isn't his natural position. He wants to be played as an AMR, but he always played as a MR, and that's his natural position. No matter how many other promises I add during the negotiation, he won't budge until he gets the preferred position to play in. It seems odd for a player to demand to be played out of his position, a position in which he had his best results in.
  10. In the player's "Development" tab, in the lower right corner of the "Attributes" section.
  11. Just compare the crossing behaviour. Definitely not like in FM19, way less players trying the good ol' "let's see if I can cross through a defender".
  12. Whoa there, @Alex Pitt, must've clicked at the same moment.
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