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  1. Please, oh pretty please, un-nerf the crossing. Please. Really.
  2. Since FMT give you the possibility to play on mobile devices, updates need to be approved by the Apple store and Google Play. Stop behaving like a spoiled brat and wait for it like all the other people around.
  3. Nope. This may happen when you introduce a lot of new players into the team, but has nothing to do with pre-season form.
  4. Paying people who "take money for nothing" for more than 16 years makes you look really wise indeed.
  5. Thanks for these words of deep Internet forum wisdom. I shall now retreat to my room and study your works, Respectable Forum Amateur of Limited Patience.
  6. Both. Take a look at the FM winter update changelist for a rough idea what to expect, but keep in mind that FMT is missing many features.
  7. Oh, boy. You have created an account on this forum 16 years ago, therefore you have a "reputation" and may say everything you like? Well, following this kind of logic, I have a higher postcount than you, therefore my arguments are more valid. Also, considering your "reputation", I don't really see anyone giving in to your demands of receiving an "argumentative explanation" as to why you have to wait for the update for a few days longer. I guess you'll have to work a little more on that "reputation" of yours than by writing 5 posts a year.
  8. Well, if the other game is so good and even for free, why do you get so riled up about not having an update for FM?
  9. Oh, cheer up. Just play one of the challenges, it's ideal for waiting until the game updates.
  10. Is there a way to request a Loan Report, aside from the automatically generated monthly report?
  11. Can definitely confirm. Full / Wing backs usually get blocked by defenders before they can get a cross in. Cross from deep / hit more crosses / hit early crosses does nothing, the player usually tries to go all the way in order to cross or waits until a defender closes him down. Very frustrating.
  12. @Connor Winks, sorry, I only have a save just before these two matches.
  13. Sorry, I can't provide such a save anymore.
  14. Could we please get an additional answer for players who are worried that a new signing will take their place? Specifically, I'm talking about: "The player you're worried about is playing in a different position than you. The only worrying thing here is your lack of intelligence / perception". Thanks!
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