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  1. Yeah, I just bought the "Lower leagues to Champions League script pack". It's a new DLC, not too expensive, check it out.
  2. Totally scripted. Always starts with eleven on eleven players and a ref, no variation here. SI, do your job and fix this trainwreck!
  3. Please tone down the press interaction when the manager is unemployed. I keep getting questions from literally all over the World asking me if I'd be interested in managing some club I've never heard of, even though I've worked in Europe all the time. Also, my reputation is way above the club's in mention and I'm in the race to take over a top European side. Just imagine Klopp getting asked if he's interested in the job at PSDS Deli Serdang in Indonesia, because their manager is about to get the sack. I mean, come on.
  4. I always load all the leagues and a large DB, so getting a new job is pretty easy. It all depends on your reputation.
  5. SI have announced the inverted poacher for FM25. It's a very aggressive striker who's constantly trying to break his own team's offside trap.
  6. I had similar things happen to me, too. I just bit the bullet and reloaded until I had the same result. Having a favourable result after reloading just wasn't the same, even if it was because of a crash.
  7. That's what I told my board last time they were about to sack me. Didn't help.
  8. @JimmysTheBestCop Dude, you keep hijacking threads all over the board with this transparency and J League bs. Maybe you should go out more often instead of getting all emotional over a video game.
  9. Is it really so? I mean, that's just your anecdotal claim, do you have any proof for that?
  10. I don't get it. You want to simulate a scenario where you're in a club with a lot of money, but you're not willing to spend it? Also, how else would you want to convince good players to play in a lower league than by offering them good wages? "Yeah, we know you're way too good for the National League, and yeah, we have a lot of money, but this is the National League so we're offering you National League money. Interested?"
  11. It's just my opinion, but they should align with what you want them to do on the pitch to refine your tactic. I mean, if you want a central defender who takes long shots and does bicycle kicks because that's exactly what you need, go for it.
  12. On the competition's screen: History -> Records
  13. You should have all the information about a player on his info screen, when you click his name.
  14. Comment on good training and results, hold team meetings, wait. Also, always save before a team meeting. It's a wonky mechanic and results may vary (a lot).
  15. I haven't experienced that before in FM24, but it sounds like a reputation matter. I assume your club has a three star reputation, so as an experiment, you could use the editor to set your rep higher and see what happens then.
  16. You can't control the main national team and the youth teams at the same time using the same manager. You could create different managers and appoint them as youth team coaches, but I don't know if that's worth the hassle.
  17. Clubs can't go tits up. I played around with the editor in FM23, putting clubs in enormous debt, only for them to be bailed out a few weeks later. I could give a lower league club a billion Euros of debt a few times in a row, they'd still get bailed out.
  18. You can't call up more than 23 players because that's the limit for international qualifiers and friendlies. You can call up more only for tournaments.
  19. What do you mean by "can't call up"? Also, unless you're the youth team manager, you don't control U21 etc. teams. As the national team manager, you can hire or sack the managers for the youth teams (though I may be wrong, this is how I remember it).
  20. That's a new FM conspiracy theory, I have to give you that. So, if I understand correctly, come November 1st, your team's pass completion goes down the drain, right? I bet you can show us the match stats for your October and November fixtures, so we can take a look at the downward spiral you're in.
  21. Ok, but offering him a higher starting wage makes them move the goalposts too, which doesn't make any sense, or does it?
  22. More so offering him a substantially higher wage. - I'd like to earn €5. - I'll give you €8. - F*** you, I want €15 now, or else!
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