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  1. Hey, quick Q. Will this play nicely with 1366 x 768 screen resolution?
  2. Hello all! Where are the squad views held in this download? I would love to replicate the squad views into older FM's too when I occasionally dabble in them!
  3. and here I am rocking a laptop with 1366 x 768 resolution... this might just ruin my experience lol
  4. These skins are just teasing us! would love to see them become a reality! (to us and not just the marvelous devs themselves lol)
  5. Only had a switch lite for 2 weeks (maybe 3 I forget now!) I dont have experience with 19 as you would like but I must say I am very impressed with the Switch version of FM. It is well laid out, controls arent too bad but I would say I would have a hard time not having the PC version if I could still run it. It is however a very could on the go variant of FM and fairly richly flavored too.
  6. Hello, Ordered a switch the other day and I intend on buying FMtouch when the switch arrives. How much space does FM touch take up when installed? The reason I ask is that my son with his switch had NBA2K19 and that wouldnt even download as that wanted more storage than the device had! The bundle I have ordered comes with Animal Crossing so that will be the first I install.
  7. Aww that would be a shame! If you ever get to the stage of FM20 use do let us know Otherwise FM21 would still be awesome!
  8. Oh you mean here on SI lol I can create a new thread there I guess unless SI staff can move this one?
  9. Hello all, So when it was first released I downloaded the FM Editors database which I believe was the level 10 DB. I notice now even after a full season (nearly two) that League One has only 23 teams and not 24. I realize that was due to Bury becoming extinct but does this mean there will be 23 teams forever? Has anyone else seen this in the DB or alternative DB's? Its one of those things that keeps drawing my attention and its beginning to bug me lol
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