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  1. Hello, Spot on, got it sorted I think!
  2. Hey, Thank you ever so much. The only reason I look to implement the view elsewhere is due to the blinding white on certain screens found in the default purple skin. That being said I’m thankful for the new view overall lol I plan to test your advice given yesterday. I just didn’t have the energy last night! 👍🏻 will let you know! thanks again for your work, it is greatly appreciated.
  3. Hello, No worries at all, thank you for responding regardless! I shall give that a go and feedback what occurs. Failing that I shall be more than happy to wait as long as it takes for your return Out of interest is it just that one file I need to move to another skin for it to change the whole player profile to the enhanced (with the season stats) ? Apologies if I wasnt clear! lol Thanks once again!
  4. This is an awesome tweak, really looks good. I do find the purple skin with its white screens rather blinding so would like to implement this into the dark base skin by Michael Murray. Could you confirm while files and folder move to where please? Lastly, I have a rather small resolution so the larger season stats panel doesnt show - could you please confirm which code I need to replace to swap in the season stats please? So I currently see; And would like this to go in place of Dynamics or Plans; Thanks in advance, this is an awes
  5. This used to happen to me on my laptop. Same resolution here too. There are so many values to adjust and edit. In an ideal world I would have liked SI to implement a 75% zoom because 95 and 85 are not drastic enough for our screen resolution. 55% is waaayy too small too lol something in between would have been nice. I had to resort to using a different skin in the end which was a shame
  6. I have raised this in one of the bug report sections in these forums but no response or acknowledgement yet. I think I might be alone with this issue!
  7. I loaded up the game last night and went into a match and immediately spotted that whenever the players were in possession of the ball it disappeared from view meaning it was difficult to follow the flow of the game. The 2D player basically covered the ball whereas before you could clearly see it at their feet on the 2D player dot.
  8. I am not sure if I am alone with this one but I fired up FM for first time this week and found the 2D match had a bit of a glitch in that when a player is in possesion of the ball you no longer see the ball at all! It disappears underneath the 2D player! This makes it very tricky to follow the play.
  9. Thanks, I shall look for that piece on inverting the the pyramid. 😁
  10. I recall on CM03/04 or CM4 (my mind is hazy) I took over a relegated Stockport county who were in what is now League 2 and they were about to embark on conference football. They retained only 3 players or very little more and I had to rebuild the squad from the ground up. I got them promoted first season and I was thrilled. Not quite your achievement levels but it was my work that got them back up.
  11. Re the cut off, I also notice it on the match overview screen, so if its a match (not my own) I notice top left the back arrow partially cut off. It just looks as though more of that button should be seen..
  12. Hm, no. I didnt see that setting.. That is much better! Still quick but so much better than before! Thanks so much!
  13. Hey! Thanks for the response - I mentioned above but not exact model so no worries! its a standard iPhone 12 (not pro or Max ) Its not major but on the main screens seeing the continue button cut off slightly and the opposite left corner a menu button also cut off slightly too. Those two items are present on every screen you come across. Its like the game doesnt cater for the rounded corners of the iPhone screen. I must say though I see the scrolling as so erratic as it jumps massively on the squad screen for example!
  14. I have noticed that the display is not looking right and by that I mean in the top corners of my device which is an iPhone 12 - the curved corners cut off little parts of the continue button for example. Same goes for the top left corner but this is subtle. I feel I could be zoomed out a little my display settings are already set to standard so is zoomed out as much as it needs to be. Second thing I noticed the scroll can be rather erratic at times when scrolling through the squad screen for example. Just seems oversensitive to every little move/scroll and jumps so far at the smalle
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