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  1. Going to watch this when it drops. I must say this is getting me excited and I am getting that buzz again, FM20 will be purchased again I am sure!
  2. I thought changing the font used to be simple! I went into the Fonts folder in the base skin folder and saw there were hundreds of fonts. I would like to change the overal font with one particular one and I am sure I used to simply rename the font I want to be the same as the default one (simply replace it) and it would apply to all areas of the game. I guess thats not the case now?
  3. That could be it! I may have done yes.. I have a full fat save of FM on the go too so I had probably forgotten!
  4. Yes, where would I grab a save file from on an Android device? Also would I simply upload to a secure area hosted by SI?
  5. Samsung note 9, Android 9 and running latest FMM version from the play store. I've noticed a player on the transfer history screen went on loan to one club but on his history screen adifferent club was listed. new thread created for this as requested in the feedback thread.
  6. Not sure if I should make a new post or not but I've noticed a player on the transfer history screen went on loan to one club but on his history screen a different club was listed!
  7. I always had the attributes hidden from since I can remember until this years FM. I've found my time to be even more limited these days for some quality FM time and I find seeing the attributes merely speeds things up for me since the game is realistic enough for me. Plus I still find it's a juggling act to determine if said player is good enough. I use scout reports still for players other traits.
  8. I have to ask the question that many of us as customers have. Will those unable to play FM for over a week, if not longer get compensated in any way? Didnt know if those affected would be offered something in good will?
  9. Well, I am pleased to report 19.3.4 has let me choose full screen mode!! Thanks! I'll come out of beta when this drops officially.
  10. Hello I shall try the 19.3.4 update but to reiterate I have already tried full driver removal and installation.
  11. As promised. There are two. First one I experienced on 19.3.2 after I hadnt played for a while and then my most recent attempt at switching to full screen view again but this time it's on 19.3.3. Can you let me know please once you have them and can analyse them? Nothing had changed with my setup and worked perfectly well prior to the winter update.. I'm thankful for FMM19 for my fix albeit only scratches a small itch. FM 2019 v19.3.3.1202861 (2019.03.11 20.21.08).dmp FM 2019 v19.3.2.1201536 (2019.03.08 20.50.52).dmp
  12. To add, I did try the cache clearing before my driver reinstall etc and that hadn't worked. I even reinstalled the game too but that was not successful. Will aim to upload the dmp files asap
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