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  1. Hello all. so I’ve picked up FMM21 again as I’ve got the bug lol it’s something I’ve dipped in and out of frequently but I’ve discovered I can’t actually find what signings I’ve made mid season, so I don’t actually have a way of seeing what players are set to join when the window opens! If anyone knows please say!! It’s driving me crazy!
  2. I’m so pleased I’m not alone in that thinking! also relieved I’m not alone in collecting lol
  3. It pains me to say it but after 20 years of accumulating the boxed copies I’ve now resorted to digital purchases. I miss the days I’d cycle/drive out to local shops to pick up the game on release day. one bonus is that digital can be cheaper though 👍🏻
  4. I thought FMT on my switch was a good blend of depth which I could get used to but it didn’t feel right having full fat FM available and not using it lol my main gripe with FMT though on pc was that I really missed looking through the reserves and U21 league structure to find good players. Plus looking at my own club it irked me I had only first team and reserves when IRL of course we had a 3 deep structure. If they mimicked that across to FMT so the main thing was you didn’t have to faff with the media/team talk nonsense then it would have been fine.
  5. same at 95% I can use icons BUT I just cannot play the game unless its 85% as everything looks massive! would love to have 75% personally...
  6. Hey! Laptop resolution is 1366 x 768 and is running full screen at same resolution
  7. When I tick the box to have sidebar icons only without text the sidebar is then blank
  8. I prefer to have sidebar icons personally but they disappear when I enable the setting!
  9. Hey, Thank you ever so much. The only reason I look to implement the view elsewhere is due to the blinding white on certain screens found in the default purple skin. That being said I’m thankful for the new view overall lol I plan to test your advice given yesterday. I just didn’t have the energy last night! 👍🏻 will let you know! thanks again for your work, it is greatly appreciated.
  10. Hello, No worries at all, thank you for responding regardless! I shall give that a go and feedback what occurs. Failing that I shall be more than happy to wait as long as it takes for your return Out of interest is it just that one file I need to move to another skin for it to change the whole player profile to the enhanced (with the season stats) ? Apologies if I wasnt clear! lol Thanks once again!
  11. This is an awesome tweak, really looks good. I do find the purple skin with its white screens rather blinding so would like to implement this into the dark base skin by Michael Murray. Could you confirm while files and folder move to where please? Lastly, I have a rather small resolution so the larger season stats panel doesnt show - could you please confirm which code I need to replace to swap in the season stats please? So I currently see; And would like this to go in place of Dynamics or Plans; Thanks in advance, this is an awesome addition to the game!
  12. This used to happen to me on my laptop. Same resolution here too. There are so many values to adjust and edit. In an ideal world I would have liked SI to implement a 75% zoom because 95 and 85 are not drastic enough for our screen resolution. 55% is waaayy too small too lol something in between would have been nice. I had to resort to using a different skin in the end which was a shame
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