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  1. 2022/23 Season Review We had achieved the ‘Class of ’92’s’ goal of Championship football much sooner than anyone could have expected, so the challenge now was to stay up and consolidate our position in the second tier and continue to grow the club. The board gave the go ahead to expand the Peninsula Stadium, which meant that we would play our 2022/23 home games at the 12,000 capacity AJ Bell Stadium, home of rugby clubs Salford City Reds and Sale Sharks. I also had at my disposal a modest transfer budget and a significant increase in the wage budget. Midfielder Ben Whiteman was signed fro
  2. I made change to the Tis, I think the roles are fine. I am though getting killed with balls over the top, so high line is a problem for me.
  3. Thanks, I've made some changes.... this is now my possession based tactic. What do you mean by the roles and duties not being optimal by the way?
  4. Brilliant comments these, thanks for the advice! “If you wanted to play more in your opponent's half and work the ball more, you can simply up the defensive by a notch to higher, and then play with shorter passing + play out. It'd be quite simple to switch between the two styles.” On this point, I do want to play that way most of the time. Do you think keeping counter on creates a conflict with a shorter passing style and playing out? I’m also going to work in to the box.
  5. Hi everyone! Now I must admit to being a bit of a stickler for my go-to formation, 4231. It allows me to pick players in the role I most enjoy in the way other set ups don’t. I’m also quite successful with it. I am in my third season with Salford City, now in the Championship having achieved back to back promotions (each time with 115 points), so something must be going well. That said, this season is turning out to be a struggle, so much so that I’m going back to basics and building my tactic again. This is how we are set up. I’d welcome feedback, particularly on whether my shor
  6. 2021/22 Season Review The club had been losing money due to its large wage bill and the board decided to reduce the budget from £62k a week to £48k. I also knew that I would have no more for transfers and very little room for manoeuvre on salaries, so I would have to try and offload some of our large earners. Bruno Andrade, despite having an excellent season, was sold to Rochdale for £200k after being unprepared to accept a wage reduction. Ashley Eastham went to Ross County for £100k, Jordan Turnbull to Wigan Athletic for £65k and Jason Lowe to Doncaster Rovers for £46k. I also released
  7. 2020/21 Season Review Salford City’s rise from non-league obscurity to the Football League, backed by the investment and pulling power of the fabled ‘Class of ‘92’, had been well documented. The vision of the owners had been consistently clear - to achieve successive promotions with the aim of establishing Salford as a Championship club, potentially even reaching the Premier League. They had also shown a ruthlessness when it came sacking managers, so it was a challenge to take the manager’s job in summer 2020 and the expectation was to win the League Two title in my first season. The
  8. Tighter than you expect, though I think I overspent on staff
  9. Well I am promoted with 10 games to spare, and on track for the title. I am worried about club finances though, they are currently insecure and my wage budget was just reduced. Do they improve at all?
  10. Amazing effort! I started the season pretty well myself. Gelhardt does look brilliant, also picked up Cole Dasilva on a free.
  11. I was thinking of Wilson in that role as well. Are you using Hunter on the left as well?
  12. You don’t fancy any of the back up forwards already at the club then?
  13. That’s great, well done! How are you setup tactically? Which central defensive and midfield combination have you opted for? I want to build the midfield around Towell, not sure about Gibson.
  14. I am going to start a Salford City save when the full game comes out. It coincides nicely with their manager changing in real life as well. By the looks of the beta Salford have a pretty strong squad with experience and quality in every position and some decent youngsters. Key players Promising youngsters Tactics wise Salford look well equipped to play a 4-2-31 with Henderson operating off a lone striker, either a target man like Tom Elliott or the more mobile James Wilson. Is anyone else managing them and how are you ap
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