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  1. Hello, I am having the exact same problem - same make and model of Mac and the same message. Did you find a solution?
  2. No I have not edited any leagues other than using the real fixtures plug in. Other than that I've just added graphics.
  3. Hello, I am getting the following messages on the start up screen which is preventing me loading leaves in Italy and some other nations. It looks like there are missing teams in those leagues which is preventing the league loading up. Any idea what is causing this?
  4. Same thing happened to me... we were 30 minutes away from promotion on the last day but drew at Hartlepool and Chesterfield won to beat us to the title. Lost play off final.
  5. I have just been sacked after four straight defeats. So much went against me in games it was untrue. Feels scripted sometimes.
  6. I really don't understand where am going wrong! After losing the play off final in my first season my project is badly going off the rails in the second. Transfers, results and tactics below. Really need some help from fellow Salfordians!!!
  7. Tom Walker hasn’t really fired for me. Played him a lot as winger support in the advanced AML position. Undecided whether to release him or not, does he progress? I’ve found Lloyd most effective at AMC though he is very one footed.
  8. And lost the play-off final. Quite a failure it seems to not get promoted first season.
  9. Ended up missing out on the title by two points. Rooney missed so many chances in the last game. Gutted.
  10. I did, it helped a lot. Here is my current tactic and my results since tweaking it. I'm now really close to winning the league....
  11. Thanks, I did the same and we scored 6 goals in two games!
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