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  1. I was thinking of Wilson in that role as well. Are you using Hunter on the left as well?
  2. You don’t fancy any of the back up forwards already at the club then?
  3. That’s great, well done! How are you setup tactically? Which central defensive and midfield combination have you opted for? I want to build the midfield around Towell, not sure about Gibson.
  4. I am going to start a Salford City save when the full game comes out. It coincides nicely with their manager changing in real life as well. By the looks of the beta Salford have a pretty strong squad with experience and quality in every position and some decent youngsters. Key players Promising youngsters Tactics wise Salford look well equipped to play a 4-2-31 with Henderson operating off a lone striker, either a target man like Tom Elliott or the more mobile James Wilson. Is anyone else managing them and how are you ap
  5. My Manchester United story... winning the lot! 2019/20 I didn’t expect us to challenge for the Premier League title with the squad I inherited. The focus was instead on establishing new signings and developing young players. Harry Maguire, Aaron Wan-Bissaka and Daniel James had all already joined the club, but the signing of Bruno Fernandes, brought forward to the summer of 2019, was to be transformational for us. Bruno scored on his Premier League debut, a 2-2 opening day draw at home to Chelsea. It was disappointing to concede a last minute equaliser but worse was to co
  6. I’d understand that if it was consistent, but every time I start a new save some seem to have changed!
  7. So having won the league and Champions League double in my third season I might start again with the latest database update, but limit my spending to make it more realistic. Are United players much changed with the latest update? Also, I’ve noticed that player’s preferred positions can vary from save to save. For example, Axel Tuanzabe preferred to play on the right of defence in one new test save I loaded up, then I did another and it said he preferred the left!
  8. Season Review - 2021/22 - it does not get much better than this for United fans! Our run to the Champions League final meant that we qualified for FIFA’s expanded Club World Cup, held in China in June 2021. UEFA had 8 of the 24 places, with 4 of them coming from England: ourselves, Liverpool, Manchester City and Tottenham Hotspur. We beat Mexico’s Club America 3-1 and South Korea’s Jeonbuk 5-1 to win our mini-group and set up a quarter-final against Real Madrid. The long season caught up with the players and we lost 0-1 to a Madrid side that would go on to lift the trophy. Aft
  9. Seems to be some really odd choices of squad numbers in the game. For example, Harry Kane signed for Manchester City in my save and took the number 13 shirt! Anyone seen any other weird numbers? Also, is there anything to be gained by giving a player his preferred shirt number? Jadon Sancho seems to prefer 11, yet wears 7 at Dortmund is is a right footed winger. 11 would look odd for him.
  10. Maddison AP(S) and Fernandes MEZ(attack) in a 4123.
  11. That’s good to know, do you know how long it takes him to be fully competent on the right?
  12. I am training Sancho to dribble more down the right though
  13. I play with two - 4231 and a 4123. The 4231 has Maddison (AP) and McTominay (BWM) behind Fernandes (AM) with Rashford (IF) on the left and Sancho as a winger on support on the right. Dembele through the middle as AF. For the 4123 I play Declan Rice as a DM and have Maddison and Fernandes as two number eights.
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