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  1. I want to raise this as a bug (I think it might be...) but not sure in the relevant sub thread so hopefully it can be moved to the most useful place. I've never used the MLS before and frankly I’m learning as I go. I’ve been selected to manage the all star game but I have been given the most unbalanced squad. I have one centre half and a left back and the rest midfielders and forwards. I’ve created a funky tactic to get me through the game (which I won’t show) with only one CB and a mid at RB who is decent there. I just wanted to know if this is working as intended? As I imagine in reality there is a balanced team for the manger to choose from. Even if the team is public voted / media picked or whatever the case is
  2. It’s fair to point out that the game starts in June but isn’t the data worked on until the game launches in November, so the researchers can have the same level of hindsight? Or are players assessed at their June level? For the record I am delighted with these signings and do not see this as cheating (also as it’s a one player game) and have renewed the loans for another year prior to being promoted. Again this is something the AI shouldn’t let me do as it would be the 3rd year on loan for some... i play this way every year as I enjoy making young players the best thy can be but I brought it up as I saw a few posts about other signings made and how it should not be possible or that they had to re-start the game. Thanks for the replies so far and hope you are enjoying the game as I am.
  3. I have had back to back promotions from league 1 to premier league in the first 2 seasons, which have been underpinned by some unrealistic signings (which the game allowed). in the first season I was able to sign Aaron Connolly from Brighton and Matty Longstaff from Newcastle on season loan loans. Both of the players are becoming premier league regulars IRL. I was able to extend these loans in the second season and add (a potentially underrated) Gabriel Martinelli, who I don’t see playing championship football next year. Connolly and Longstaff scored 20 and 10 league goals respectively in each season. Martinelli also scored around 10 in 2nd season. I did make other signings but these loans have been instrumental in the rise up the leagues. As these signings are highly unlikely IRL based on these players actual progress, I wanted to gauge opinions on whether deals like this are a form of ‘cheating’ (due to over performance) or part of the fun element as we are playing a game after all? EDIT: I started my save immediately on the beta so this may have had some impact on in game data (e.g. Martinelli?)
  4. It's my first time managing outside of the UK for a while (escpecially since brexit was a thing!) so I apologise if this has been discussed already. I was wondering if anyone has thought of other aspects of UK leaving the EU? Do clubs in mainland Europe need work permits to sign British players? I guess this would fall under usual rules regarding international caps etc. with the addition of wage criteria mentioned above?
  5. Yes, sorry my mistake. I did see that comment. Thanks for your help so far but I have one more question. I guess since the leagues are not playable the II team does not get promoted/relegated?
  6. I'm quite attached to it after putting in the in groundwork and researching and signing future prospects. In your opinion would you say it is dealbreaker? I could just arrange friendlies and develop young players through u19/ loan then first team?
  7. I imagine this would be needed at the start of a save and cannot be implemented when one is in progress?
  8. Thanks! My issue is that my schedule is clear at the moment as I'm in pre season (mid to late July). When managing in the U.K. this information is normally there but maybe I'm a bit premature. If there are no scheduled games do I create friendlies for the whole season? If that's the case they may as well play u19 football if not loaned.
  9. It's my first time managing in Germany (Koln) and still trying to get my head around the reserve team setup. From reading threads in different parts of the forum it seems like there are simulated matches for reserve team to maintain fitness etc. If this is the case I have a couple of questions below and it would be great if someone could help out. Do these ever appear in the schedule of fixtures? Can you select who to play in these matches (e.g. first team players who need fitness) ? Also can you check history and see result/ performances? My main concern is that I have a number of 17 yo prospects i want to develop/monitor and would like to new if this is best in the reserve or u19 team? Thanks!
  10. I've picked up FM17 again after a few months of not playing. I wanted to start a new save and thought i should give the create a club function a try. It looks promising but it appears that i am forced to use the current database (v03 i think). Is there a way of using this function with the original database when the game was launched? Just thought i should ask as on a normal save you can choose the database on the club selection screen. Any advice would be useful Thanks!
  11. I signed a couple of players on a free before my first season in the premier league with a newly promoted team. As part of the contract negations I agreed to straighten my squad in attack and to improve coaches. The coaching is something that I control so that is not the issue. The problem is that I did sign two strikers after the initial contract offer but managed to wrap the transfers up before these players arrived - which apparently doesn't count. I understand that they were not here when the players signed, but I would have tough they would be aware of the additions - especially in the media world we are now in. I'm not here to moan about a potential error in the game, its possible the strikers might not be seen as good enough. Its the fact that the transfer window has now passed so I will have to deal with unhappy players. How much will this affect the game? Am i going to have to get rid of these players?
  12. I've always been one to keep player numbers as low as possible, close to 1-11 in the first team, with a few exceptions. I was just wondering if anyone has noticed any financial ramifications in changing existing shirt numbers? Does it affect shirt sales as fans would get annoyed of the shirts not being up to day or would it spark increased sales such as a new signing would? Thanks!
  13. I haven't bought the game yet (don't currently have the time) but is goal line technology included in FM 15 as it is currently in the EPL?
  14. Isn't there any repercussions in firing someone like that who is loved by fans & players? Do they ever react badly?
  15. Thanks for the answer, I appreciate it! Its probably a good thing mind as I don't currently have the time to get addicted to FM. I'll be looking to buy in December so hopefully everything is done by then
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