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  1. Has anyone tried this tactic & had any success with this?
  2. When you take over a club, how can you find out the current "general scouting focus".
  3. Currently managing in the championship, anyone recommend and good CB’s?
  4. I would add Match Review after the recovery session after the match days.
  5. I have promoted Harrison Solomon into the first team at Derby.
  6. I have decided to manage Las Palmas within the Segunda Division in Span
  7. Any tips on getting the staff that you find to take the contract ie: U18 Assistant Manager or U18 Fitness Coach they reject the position?
  8. If the scout has 17 + on adaptability but only one country world knowledge say france can you asign him to say asia etc?
  9. Can anyone recommend any good staff at this level Scouts Asst Manager Coaches
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