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  1. Great work thanks
  2. What would the training be through the season?
  3. thanks for the feedback
  4. I have tried this tactic with Stockport County in League 1 see below my results:
  5. What Set pieces are you using for throw ins & Free Kicks?
  6. Anyone played FM16 via steam on any of the steam consoles?
  7. what do you setup for the throw-in's?
  8. Do you replace Giggs as assistant manager?
  9. Looking at completing the Brazilian hero challenge so can people recommend Club to manage to take from the bottom to the top division? Also some players I should sign along the way to complete this challenge?
  10. What was the wages you had to pay?
  11. What Formation you playing aswell?
  12. I will try in the next season to play him more.