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  1. What are managers best 11 with U-18 players?
  2. Currently managing the Blues I need to sign IWB for the left side & right side. Can anyone suggest some good players to sign for these positions?
  3. I'm managing Birmingham City can people recommend players to sign or loan for these positions IWB Left & IWB right?
  4. I have played Rice in DM role
  5. Will Methodology Analyst be added
  6. Who is the next English Jack Grealish?
  7. I have just got promoted to League one with Solihull Moors massive job now. Budget: £0 Wage Budget: £2.21K P/W We lost our main man Cameron Archer (ST) who was on loan from Aston Villa.
  8. I'm currently managing Solihull Moors got them promoted to the League 2 Can anyone recommend the players & staff to sign?
  9. Who is the next Pogba & Griezmann?
  10. Do you use match plans within the game?
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