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  1. The formation i'm using at the moment is 4-3-3
  2. Budget £29 Million Season 2016/2017 Role: Wing back
  3. Can anyone recommend a good replacement for Darmian ?
  4. Quick question do people keep Nicky Butt as head of development? Currently on my save: Working with Youngsters:7 JPP: 11 JPA:12
  5. FM17: Gems of Fm17

    Will try to buy him for my Derby save
  6. How many players have you brought through from the youth setup?
  7. Sorry Guys Not Buying FM 2017

    But this is Football Management Sim to show what's it's like to manage a team within real life.
  8. [FM16 SKIN] Ultimate 10

    Nice work Edd
  9. How much you sell him to Leicester for?
  10. Real Fixtures Pack - New and WIP

    Great work thanks
  11. What would the training be through the season?