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  1. If anyone can look into this I would be grateful for that. I've described the problem in the post above. Now I see I forgot to provide you the file. As you can see. Gorica is qualified for the ECC without playing a single game. cm-regionalna-liga-1.fmf
  2. Hi guys, I'm working on some kind of Ex-Yugoslav Regional League. It's pretty much a copy-paste from the add-on for FM16 So far, I finished rules for Regional League and Croatian First League. The Regional League works fine, there's no problem at all. But the problem is with the Croatian First League. As you can see at the link above, the concept is following: during first part of the season best 4 clubs are playing in Regional League and not in the National League. Other 6 clubs are playing Autumn Stage. In the second part of the season those 4 clubs from Regional League + 2 best from the Autumn Stage are playing Championship Group and other 4 clubs from Autumn Stage are playing the Relegation Stage. And that part works fine. But when it comes to qualification for the European cups, it's completely random. One of the clubs (HNK Gorica in particularly) get the ECC mark (as the club which qulified for the European Championship Cup) right at the start of the Championship Stage. I tried to simulate the competition several times and it's always HNK Gorica who get the ECC qualification even before playing the Championship Stage. As much as I know, there's no possibility to make European Cup places rules within national league rules. It's completely up to ECC rules. Am I right?
  3. I tried to open FM16 editor but it crashes just after start. I click "Start" on Steam, the FM16 Editor window appears but then disappear after a few seconds. Both FM16 and FM16 Editor are updated on the newest version. I installed both apps today. Haven't had installed any of these for a couple of years. In fact, I didn't have any installed on this PC at all. Tried to reinstall FM16 Editor, tried to Verify Integrity of Cache but the problem is still here.
  4. hi guys, i'm looking for a way to buy some older versions of Football Manager. Digital copies that can be activated on Steam. FM10, FM11 and FM12 are the versions I'm looking for. Any advice? Can't find anything reliably.
  5. I found where the problem is. From some reason I had the "Active Fields Only" filter enabled. It seems to be my fault. Sorry
  6. I'm using Windows 10 They are installed on the same drive. But not to the primary SSD but to the HDD. It should not be specific to the file because it's happening with no any file loaded as well.
  7. I see some bugs in Editor 1. No option for add Nation and Local Region when creating a new City 2. No option to add Stadium when creating a new Club
  8. I see some bugs in Editor 1. No option for add Nation and Local Region when creating a new City 2. No option to add Stadium when creating a new Club
  9. When we speak about mentoring, which Personality types I should look at while searching for a good mentor?
  10. Hi guys, I'm trying to recreate CONCACAF Club Continental Competitions system. That system is quite specific. But I have some problems with doing that and need help. CONCACAF Champions League 4x Mexico, USA = 8 1x Canada, Costa Rica, El Salvador, Guatemala, Honduras, Panama = 6 1x winner of CFU Club Championship 1x winner of CONCACAF League 16 teams, knockout rounds, starting in mid-February, finishing at end of the May CFU Club Championship teams from professional leagues from Carribbean Zone (Haiti, Jamaica, Dominican Republic, Trinidad & Tobago) One group with four teams, first is going to Champions League, other three continue to compete in the CONCACAF League - but my idea is to put 1 team from every nation from Carribbean Zone (I want to manage in The Bahamas and without that fantasy feature I wouldn't be able to participate in Champions League) CONCACAF League 3x Costa Rica, El Salvador, Guatemala, Honduras, Panama = 15 2x Nicaragua 1x Belize, Canada = 2 3x clubs from CFU Club Championship (winner of CFU Club Championship is going to Champions League, next three clubs continue to compete in the CONCACAF League) 22 teams. 12 teams starting in preliminary round, 6 going through. These 6 teams + other 10 teams continue to compete in knockout rounds and the winner is going to Champions League - this thing with three teams from CFU Club Championship to CONCACAF League seems like very hard to create in FM editor so I wanted to make CONCACAF League without these three tims. I would increase number of teams from Nicaragua, Belize and Canada by one. Editor On the paper, it seems very easy to make (with my adjustments in the other two competitions). But, in the reality, one big fail. I don't know where is the problem. I'm doing something wrong, that's for sure, but everything I did looks logic. Everything is fine except one thing. Winners of CFU Club Championship and CONCACAF League aren't in CONCACAF Champions League. Mexico has 5 or 6 clubs in CL (should be 4), and Canada has 1 or 2 (should be 1).Actually Competition dates: CFU Club Championship: July 25th 2018 - November 14th 2018 CONCACAF League: August 8th 2018 - November 14th 2018 CONCACAF Champions League: February 20th 2019 - May 1st 2019 Download editor data file CONCACAF CL.fmf Anyone has an idea?
  11. "Get League Stage Teams (in Final Positions)" doesn't work for Bundesliga. My competitions won't be created with that rules. I can fix it with "Get League Stage Teams" only, but then FM uses teams which are currently on this positions (not on the end of the last season). Setup date of my competition is 5th January and that isn't acceptable for my competition. Bundesliga have relegation playoff, maybe league stage is problem, but I don't know how to fix it. Any idea?
  12. how to set up valid stadion rules for final match in advanced editor when I set up that in stage->round preferences it doesn't work, in fixture dates neither Best solution for me is rotated "final host stadium". I have continental competitions with 7 nations (Croatia, Slovenia, Hungary, Austria, Switzerland, Slovakia and Czech Republic). It would be best that every year one of stadium from these nations will be host of final. Second best solution is fixed stadium, but I can't set up that in "Fixture dates" (second SS) And, with these preferences, my final is played in Copenhagen.
  13. I'm ready for my 100th game in football managment #StartedFromTheBottom #FootballManager #FM16 https://t.co/0JESR8aaKc

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