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  1. "Get League Stage Teams (in Final Positions)" doesn't work for Bundesliga. My competitions won't be created with that rules. I can fix it with "Get League Stage Teams" only, but then FM uses teams which are currently on this positions (not on the end of the last season). Setup date of my competition is 5th January and that isn't acceptable for my competition. Bundesliga have relegation playoff, maybe league stage is problem, but I don't know how to fix it. Any idea?
  2. how to set up valid stadion rules for final match in advanced editor when I set up that in stage->round preferences it doesn't work, in fixture dates neither Best solution for me is rotated "final host stadium". I have continental competitions with 7 nations (Croatia, Slovenia, Hungary, Austria, Switzerland, Slovakia and Czech Republic). It would be best that every year one of stadium from these nations will be host of final. Second best solution is fixed stadium, but I can't set up that in "Fixture dates" (second SS) And, with these preferences, my final is played in Copenhagen.
  3. I'm ready for my 100th game in football managment #StartedFromTheBottom #FootballManager #FM16 https://t.co/0JESR8aaKc

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