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  1. My best presumption on this based on experience of other "similar" mechanics would be an under 21 player that didnt originally have "Regular Starter" status or higher, has now been increased to that status from a lesser one. Recalling a guy out on loan that was already on "Regular Starter" probably doesn't meet the criteria. On top of the that, the player would need to be "natural" in the same position as the player sold.
  2. OMG YES! A comprehensive Match Engine change-list! Thank you SI! Ive been ranting about this on Twitch for years now, showing respect to the hardcore fanbase. Keep it up! PS. Dont forget that little opt in beta match engine patch system you tried last year. IF there is a major ME patch in future, maybe for winter update, Please use the player base to test it for you.
  3. Look at them goals from a Newcastle point of view, first one is the passage of play after a Throw in, with static defending, been a problem for years. Second goal the Newcastle right fullback should be closing down, he is marking no one, stood in no mans land. And the forth goal the centre back does absolutely nothing to block the shot. Its not good play, its broken passive defending.
  4. THIS! 100% THIS! Hits the nail on the head, u make a tactic and style of football, its looks to be a great foundation to build on, few tweaks to improve the tactic. You start going unbeaten in like 8, then boom the AI "re-assesses" you, usually noticeable in the pre-match "odds" you now become favourite to win all of a sudden. Therefore the AI just goes fully committed to being defensive and conservative in their play. The AI doesnt counter your tactic, it counters whether you are the favourite in pre-match or not. The realisation of this effect has never been so obvious in FM than in 20. This FM regardless of current patch version has the AI playing deeper and narrower than ever before when you are the favourite, and the match engine tweaks from patch to patch dont really compensate for this extreme reaction from the opposition AI over the course of the season. Its like a constant tug of war from one extreme to the next. u go on a bad run and your tactic kicks into gear again playing how u set it up to be. Start winning a few and then the AI shuts up shop and your tactic cant function anymore. Its a realistic reaction to have from the AI but the problem comes when the effect is far too strong due to ME limitations, you COULD have a backup tactic that breaks them down, but you cant because u end up with 10 blocked shots per match, wildly poor chances being created that miss 75% of the time, opposition fullbacks on 10+ tackles per match etc etc. So what happens is that some people are experiencing WILDLY different things in the PB ME. "This works for me" then the counter "Well that isnt what im experiencing, this isnt working for me" etc etc etc. This new PB patch is an improvement, but there is still so many issues, and always will be. For me what the guy I quoted is the main point about FM20 ME. Dont sleep on people saying this, thats how you figure out the match engine.
  5. I came up with a funny but imo relevant analogy while I was streaming last night for when we hear this from SI. Its like FM has become the NASA space project from the 60s/70s to modern day. Its like FM worked, it was great, we landed on the moon, the potential was insane in how far it could go. Years later it evolved and developed into a situation where we werent capable of landing on the moon like we once could. The process to achieve the desired results changed through their own doing/lack of doing. The assumption being, Its as if SI no longer have the ability to understand what they created because it is "too complex" to tweak and optimise on the fly. Might be a bit outlandish and stupid of me to say that, but its the consistent vibe/attitude that we passively get from the developers in combination with lack of communication on top of the player bases pure passion for the title that make us jump to strange but oddly correct analogies like this. Also Creative Assembly recently tweeted this level of communication about WH2:TW (Both under SEGA btw) "If you are on 1.8.2 for WARHAMMER II, please be aware that this beta will be shut down and made live at approximately 10AM Monday (13 Jan). The MP leaderboard fix will be the only fix in this update – however, we can confirm that there will be a patch before the next DLC." No time frames for the big updates/DLC, but acknowledgement of how the next fixes/patches will be structured. Football Manager is "too complex" though to do this.... The player base needs to stop the mentality of "Football Manager has no direct rivals" because its allowing the Developers to potentially be complacent. They create video games in the same industry as all of the others, they should be held to the same ever demanding and changing standards.
  6. SI need to start doing one thing game developers do more often now. "Developer Diary". Tell us whats going on and where youre at. Transparency is key in this modern consumer environment we live in, so we dont escalate frustrations into potentially incorrect assumptions/opinions. For a long running game series such as this there should be more back and forth between community and developers. Right now, it feels like a lot of back and no forth. Also, the typical response to what i just said would be to imply that delays can occur in the patching/development process and that some updates in specific areas may get pushed back or cancelled entirely, therefore it would unwise to create a "Developer Diary" that could have negative effect on the games image. For me though, IT IS OK to inform the player base about potential changes and then they dont actually get implemented due to unforeseen issues after said "Developer Diary" was released. YOU WILL NOT loose sales over this, I am still going to buy the latest version of the game even if I know that the following year there is a planned big feature/ME inclusion/update. The point is, I firmly believe the current player base interaction strategy is completely outdated from SI Games.
  7. Our assumptions hold weight regardless of whether its true or not, we base them on the little SI tell tell us about the games development. It is a reasonable assumption to make based on the patch quality, whether its true or not, is somewhat irrelevant. We are the ones buying the product. If they wish us to jump to more accurate assumptions they should communicate more with us and show a bit more transparency, that I for one would appreciate.
  8. I started a thread with what is below as the opening post in the bugs forums but I also wish to express the same thought here as it turned sort of into a patch review/critique. PKMs attached and all. Im posting it here too because I feel some questions need to be asked and I hope other agree with what ive written. So here it is... I cant take it anymore, im streaming over on Twitch, and what im witnessing since this patch in terms of shot accuracy and heading accuracy is baffling. Im not talking about 1vs1's, Im talking about final third end product. Post patch I rebuilt my tactic, playing top quality football defending and transitioning smoothly, gets to the final shot or header and im seeing utter nonsense! Pea-rolling shots right at the keeper, scuffed shots closer to corner flag than goal, headers that define the laws of physics launching straight up like a SpaceX rocket, I could go on and on with examples. I posted 2 match PKMs on this thread, but i could post my entire save and tell you the moment the patch was implemented. This has sapped all the fun out of the match engine. Questions need to be asked about SI Games and how this patch got through testing. Why did shooting and heading accuracy get changed so much in the last patch? Why wasnt this also listed on the patch notes? There was 1 or two minor issues with side net shooting, 1 on 1 behaviour, etc. Why has the entire match engine completely changed yet again? For the 4th or 5th time since Public BETA release. Where are the 'minor' tweaks needed? Why wasnt this patch released as an opt in beta patch if sufficient testing couldnt be done? SI Games need to answer these questions and give us more communication on the games state and development. My patience is wearing thin with this outdated strategy. Please hotfix this shooting and heading accuracy issue ASAP. Then take a step back and work on a bigger more well thought out and tested patch that will not only shape the ME for the remainder of this version but for future FMs. Learn from mistakes, stop going in circles on this merry go round. Improvement is needed. Gernika v Rayo Vallecano.pkm Rayo Vallecano v Albacete Balompié.pkm
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