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  1. It seems to me the game does note notice Non-EU players for the dutch divisie. The game says there are rules that Non-EU players needs to earn 7250£ p/w, but I can sign and use non-eu players on far lower wages with no problem at all. I bougth both a nigerian and a peruvian, hardly EU by any standards, but I also cannot find anywhere which nations the dutch league consider to be EU (EFTA, Some even include AUstralia and NZ etc) No Non-eu sign on this player: He does not earn anywhere near 7250:
  2. I am looking for a team in a league outside the top leagues (holland, belgium,croatia,romania f,ex) I want a mid /lower mid table team with rather poor players, but still enough cash to buy scandinavian talents (2-5mill £ transfer budget f.ex) and low expectations so I can afford to let the talents play. I dont want the team to be so bad that challenging for European football is completely unrealistic, I really wanna be able to push for that last EL qual place if we overperform. It would be nice if it was a former big team gone bad, so they have a decent stadium or good facilities. I've been looking at Groningen,Willem II, maybe even Twente, fits the criteria but their players may be just too good for the young scandinavian talents to claim a place. Also Romanian and Croatian football leagues seemed completely void of money, how much could/should I expect to sell my best talents for if I choose a side there? Any input to help me choose would be greatly appreciated! A bit tired of just playing my regular teams, and getting success too early.
  3. I have the same problem on the 20.4 version of the game, its not consistent here, some teams register the players they loan from my club, but some don't. Its impossible to know which clubs will register (and therefore use) the players I loan out, even if they are loaned as First choice GK they dont get registered, the AI uses a greyed out player instead of the one they loaned off me and promised as 1st choice. EDIT: this is just getting weirder by the moment, Sandefjord now for some reason have 26 of a possible 25 registered, and the worst part is that when I complain to their manager he says my goalie IS playing??
  4. I've been fiddling around with a 4-4-1-1 or 4-2-3-1-ish formation, We are promotion favorites and pretty much strongest team in this 2nd tier (newly relegated IRL), but I've been considering changing to a bit more solid 4-3-3 or 4-1-4-1 as the game calls it for next season anyway, might as well start teaching the players a new way this season already. My key player is already a CM, deep lying playmaker, and my captain and work horse is a CM B2B which I've been using as a BWM, now I've also bought this new guy who I've been thinking about using as a DM in my new 4-3-3 formation, getting too many CMs to play in a 2cm formation only so I need to get back to the drawing boards eventually anyway. I have a really good AM with great vision but he's ageing, I only really have 1 great striker, I do have 2 amazing CB talents and a top division great CB, since I can't play a 5-3-3 ( :P ) I'm thinking a 4-3-3 would be best suited for utilizing my best players at once. new guy I wanna play as DM:
  5. Is that my AssMans judgment?? I never knew that, I've never seen those role suitability circles change even if I change AssMan, I thought that was the game's feedback? That's a whole new take on the game from how I've been seeing it, really interesting! I've always favored stronger more defense-minded players in the defensive positions, but also with importance to ball playing and passing skills as the pivot/holding midfielder needs to recycle the ball, and seen smaller more technical but weaker players as AMs. You do make a good point on the Off the ball weakness, but still he is 2 points lower on positioning. Both being pretty low even for norwegian 2nd tier football. And yeah both his capable positions and PPMs do confuse me a bit, leaving me almost too many options to be able to choose one, I am a bit of a perfectionist when it comes to FM so I'd hate having "wasted" months training him in a position or on attributes he wont have use for later
  6. DLP even with his terrible tackling and marking skills? With him being only 171cm (5ft8" if I'm not mistaken) seems like a weak spot to have in defence. I considered a form of playmaker myself, but the tactics screen says he's very poorly suited for WPM on MR position.
  7. So I bought this 17yr old for my norwegian 2nd tier team (about to be promoted, halfway through first season) and I can't figure out how to best utilize him and his skills. He seems to be a natural at the DM position as a regista, but his tackling and marking are way too poor to play him there. But he does have some PPMs that suggest he should be played as a DM, brings ball out of defence and plays way out of trouble. He also has some PPMs that suggests he's an attacking midfielder or maybe even deep lying striker, as in Comes deep to get ball. To top it of he has great crossing, and is also able to play on the right handside. He clearly lacks in physicality, but has great agility unfortunately combined with poor dribling skills. Attributes around 13-14 is what my best players have, top players in the top division where we will be playing next year is around 14-15, some 16, so he looks ready for first team action already this year, and since he's still very young I can mould him into pretty much any position. Here are the screenshots of important details, last ones added to show his rule suitabilities as winger and AM. I do have some initial thoughts but wanna hear from you guys which position and what role you think he'd be best at, my team already have too many MCs suited for DLP and AP, but "only" 2 good MRs and AMCs which are the positions I'm leaning towards, but very unsure what role(s) would be best.
  8. I'm far from a tactical expert at FM20, but its easy to see why you have tons of possession, shots and few goals. You press extremely urgent, much higher, at high tempo yet you look for space to pass the ball into, where exactly do you expect this space to be? If you want some help with your tactics you should post a thread in the tactics part of the forum, if you just wanna complain about how the game is cheating and being scripted you should join the party over at the FM20 winter update feedback thread
  9. Better shots on target is a better tactic My worst performing games are most often the ones where I have closer to 70% possession and 20+ shots on target. My team cant find openings in the opposition defence and just shoot from far out or under pressure. If I win the ball high up the pitch and pressure the opposition even further back there's just no space for the strikers to exploit. You can't have it both ways, you can't both have gone from Vanarama NN to League 1 in 5-6 seasons AND lose points every weekend. Just know that there are FM players here who do really well and dont struggle with being caught from 4-1 to 4-4 in the last 15mins, it's much easier to blame the game and claim it's scripted but its simply not true.
  10. this error is one of my worst fears, sorry for hijacking this thread but I hope its okay since its resolved, but do these kinds of game breaking errors/bugs usually only appear when you edit leagues and competitions, or are there bigger chances of corrupting a game even if you just create a few players and change some contracts in the pre-game editor? I play the norwegian leagues which have an open transfer window way later than the last official update is in, so I have made about 1000 changes in total in the editor, mostly just player transfers and a few coaches. Should I rather just play with the official DB and accept its not 100% up to date, or are the chances of game breaking bugs like this minimal/non-existent when only editing players and contracts, and not competitions?
  11. I play a 4-4-1-1 with RM in a AMR position, and just use the standard set up but move 1 more of the central midfielders to come close to the throw-in taker, I havent had a problem with what you describe at all, my main problem is when the throw in is close to the corner flag, the player who receives the throw almost constantly pass the ball back to the throw-in taker who is in an offside position. its not game breaking for me, just massively annoying, how many times can the same players make that same stupid mistake and completely disregard the offside rule?!
  12. second this! I hate having to remember what extra training I had a player doing before changing to general rehab, and waiting for the "Inj" to turn orange before setting him on Gen Rehab.
  13. That picture says nothing about your tactics, but yes luring the opposition out from their defensive block is a good idea since breaking down deep blocks is the hardest thing to do in football both in real life and on FM. The fact that you took a VNN side to league 1 in 5 seasons should already tells you that the game isn't scripted for you to lose points, its a massive overachivement compared to real life. It's easy to blame the game or the ME, it's much harder (and more fun and more rewarding) to actually try and beat the game, not just give up on it and say its scipted for you to lose. Make a post in the tactics and training forums here, you get some really good advice there plus it makes you think about your tactics in a whole new way when you have to explain what you're trying to do and also why it isn't working out the way you want, I figured out a lot of things that were wrong with my tactic when I simply tried to find a screenshots looking through matches I played where we did what I wanted, its much harder when you're in the middle of a match IMO because we're so obsessed with winning it and yelling at our pixelated little friends.
  14. Set your best jumping defender to cover far post or the 2nd furthest position from the far post, "Far post Center" I believe its called, and your somewhat quicker but still good jumper/header defender to cover the near post or Near post center. If you have a lot of small players let 2-3 of them stay up so the opposition have to have more of their players (who are better at jumping/heading than yours) to stay back and cover them. Never let a small player "go back", rather have him on edge of area or he will become a target. Happens to me when I let my backup LB go back, my first team LB is a great jumper/header while my backup is a smaller WB-type. The opposition never target my first choice LB, but once his replacement-player is defending free kicks they play the ball towards him all the time.
  15. Then change your tactics and/or style of play, it's easy to get frustrated and start hating on the game itself, but when you watch some of the big guns here and their youtube videos you can clearly see with your own eyes that it is possible to play great football and win matches with any kind of team, that's inspiring to me. I got fed up with watching blocked crosses and FBs running outside the byline without having put a cross in, for me the answer was to switch them to WB(d) on positive mentality, also minor changes to your attacking front even though the players you already have may not be the best suited for those kind of roles makes a world of difference, try having midfielders attack and strikers/wingers support, looks like a completely different ME to me. And just know and trust that games arent "scripted" for you to lose or draw, if anything they are scripted for you to do better than your team ever would IRL so you come back and play the game every year Takes me 2-3 seasons in every FM to have my struggling norwegian favorite team in a CL group and get more money than I could ever spend. FM should have a "hard mode" where finances are more brutal and a team like Lillestrom (my team) would HAVE TO sell their top players every year in order not to go bankrupt.
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