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  1. I have the same problem if the matches are on the same day, what hour of the day doesnt matter. I thought it was a league specific issue first but it seems its pretty rampant through the game.
  2. I love playing like this, I just make sure I control a weak enough team that these wonderkids go straight into the first-11. Sell them down the road, invest in better facilities, get Champ League money, get better talent, win more CL money, etc. Still, I almost won the eresdivisie in my first season with twente, lot of other people overachieve big first season with weaker teams, I think its because the AI is attacking you more openly since you're a weak team in their view. It always gets harder around new years time when the reputation ratings gets updated. Player rotation is a big k
  3. Some great answers man, thanks a lot! Do you know if their coach-potential is set from the start of your save-game, as in before they retire, or is it set rather randomly once he gets his staff stats page?
  4. Crosses going over their defence to a completely unmarked winger of yours on the corner of the 18yrd box, all alone with all the time in the world, but he chooses to head the ball instead of just taking it down to his feet, run towards goalie and place in the corner. extremely frustrating. Same in defence, the oppositions cross is going out behind your goal, your fullback is chasing the ball, juuuust reaching it before its a goal kick to you, heads it back onto the field to a lone striker who scores against you. We were told to not do this when we were 8 or 9 in real life, yet on FM this
  5. So I found out I had saved my game right before 2 of my players get their staff ratings, and I've been reloading a few times to see if my old captain can become an assistant or youth coach, and I've found out its not only the persons coaching abilities that are RNG, but also their coaching badges and playing style. Wouldn't it make more sense if a playmaker ala Frank Lampard would like a possession based style football as a coach rather than a catenaccio 3-5-2 fav. formation? And why are the coaching badges randomized? Paul Verhaegh get anywhere from a Nat C badge to a Nat A so far,
  6. Emille Baron, south african crazy man I understand what eccentricity does with a GK, I'm mostly wondering if you still want high Ecc for SK (a) goalies, since ecc is highlighted for that role
  7. When you set your goalie to Sweeper Keeper (Attack), eccentricity is highlighted as an important attribute. Also, in your team report under Assistant-report it can be noted as a bad thing (red icon, right sided) that "These goalkeepers are rather eccentric" Does that mean that for a SK(A) you want LOW eccentricity? almost like old days when injury proneness was listed under attributes, you always want as low as possible? I've always thought he needed to be a bit eccentric to come so far off his line, but been second guessing myself lately.
  8. I am looking for a team in a league outside the top leagues (holland, belgium,croatia,romania f,ex) I want a mid /lower mid table team with rather poor players, but still enough cash to buy scandinavian talents (2-5mill £ transfer budget f.ex) and low expectations so I can afford to let the talents play. I dont want the team to be so bad that challenging for European football is completely unrealistic, I really wanna be able to push for that last EL qual place if we overperform. It would be nice if it was a former big team gone bad, so they have a decent stadium or good facilities.
  9. I've been fiddling around with a 4-4-1-1 or 4-2-3-1-ish formation, We are promotion favorites and pretty much strongest team in this 2nd tier (newly relegated IRL), but I've been considering changing to a bit more solid 4-3-3 or 4-1-4-1 as the game calls it for next season anyway, might as well start teaching the players a new way this season already. My key player is already a CM, deep lying playmaker, and my captain and work horse is a CM B2B which I've been using as a BWM, now I've also bought this new guy who I've been thinking about using as a DM in my new 4-3-3 formation, getting to
  10. Is that my AssMans judgment?? I never knew that, I've never seen those role suitability circles change even if I change AssMan, I thought that was the game's feedback? That's a whole new take on the game from how I've been seeing it, really interesting! I've always favored stronger more defense-minded players in the defensive positions, but also with importance to ball playing and passing skills as the pivot/holding midfielder needs to recycle the ball, and seen smaller more technical but weaker players as AMs. You do make a good point on the Off the ball weakness, but still he is
  11. DLP even with his terrible tackling and marking skills? With him being only 171cm (5ft8" if I'm not mistaken) seems like a weak spot to have in defence. I considered a form of playmaker myself, but the tactics screen says he's very poorly suited for WPM on MR position.
  12. So I bought this 17yr old for my norwegian 2nd tier team (about to be promoted, halfway through first season) and I can't figure out how to best utilize him and his skills. He seems to be a natural at the DM position as a regista, but his tackling and marking are way too poor to play him there. But he does have some PPMs that suggest he should be played as a DM, brings ball out of defence and plays way out of trouble. He also has some PPMs that suggests he's an attacking midfielder or maybe even deep lying striker, as in Comes deep to get ball. To top it of he has great crossing, and
  13. I'm far from a tactical expert at FM20, but its easy to see why you have tons of possession, shots and few goals. You press extremely urgent, much higher, at high tempo yet you look for space to pass the ball into, where exactly do you expect this space to be? If you want some help with your tactics you should post a thread in the tactics part of the forum, if you just wanna complain about how the game is cheating and being scripted you should join the party over at the FM20 winter update feedback thread
  14. Better shots on target is a better tactic My worst performing games are most often the ones where I have closer to 70% possession and 20+ shots on target. My team cant find openings in the opposition defence and just shoot from far out or under pressure. If I win the ball high up the pitch and pressure the opposition even further back there's just no space for the strikers to exploit. You can't have it both ways, you can't both have gone from Vanarama NN to League 1 in 5-6 seasons AND lose points every weekend. Just know that there are FM players here who do really well and d
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