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  1. 2 very different players, I would keep both, use sousa as a deep lying player and maybe unlearn the get forward whenever possible trait..
  2. Sounds great, thank you for answering. I'm a real slow player so 3-4seasons is usually what I do, takes hundreds of hours so I'd hate to have a game breaking glitch 1-2 seasons in when I am the most immersed in the save game!
  3. Did any or all of these competition bugs get sorted oit in the latest winter patch? Saw a lot of complaints from before the final update but not much info after that. I really wanna start a save in Portugal, but mot if there are game breaking bugs in the league..
  4. Have a much more reactionary AI, have them change up things at least 3-4 times each game, and more noteworthy changes like directness and closing down. If you have to figure out how to stop the AI almost constantly and not just once its also much more realistic. It could also help the in-game Mourinho if he could react to what we do, not just sit back and hope for the best, he "always" gets fired now halfway into first season.
  5. Your defenders may be set to specifically mark another opponent, so when you lose the ball they chase down their assigned opponents, happens to me way too often
  6. Make sure to set a way too high asking price before clubs start sniffing around, usually keeps things quiet.
  7. Only one way to find out, eh? As others have said, defensive football requires an aggressive style, just sitting back and let the opposition play never works IRL either. Defensive football is the easiest way to beat city IME, exploit the flanks their fullbacks leave wide open.
  8. I'm not sure I understand this one, the game speaks to the players no matter if the system you choose to play is realistic or not for how a relegation battling team would play IRL.. Not through stats but through the animation it shows you. On your last point, again, you would have to look at the animations to know why, the game is telling you, you just gotta learn to read the match. My wild-ass-guess would be that your lowered DL would make your team less compact if you still press high, so once the opposition has played through your first line of defence (as in your attackers) they get way more time on the ball to pick out that pass compared to when your defence pressed up the pitch forcing larger pressure on the ball-playing opposition. Only you can know since you're the only one who sees your matches.
  9. This! The game has gotten so good at speaking to us players, there's an infinite amount of info to be drawn out of every counter attack the AI does, who's the runner, who's the outlet, where are the holes in your team etc. If you react to this you simply dont concede in the game. I went half season, 19 games 2 conceded goals with twente last FM, no transfers in just the same defence expected to fight relegation. Reading info fron your own attacking play is harder since there's so many more players to watch simultaneously, but its all there. The game doesnt just throw random scripted events at you, next time just ask yourself Why am I seeing this highlight, what is the game trying to tell me?
  10. By todays standards PSG is a bigger club than ac milan in all aspects. Players dont care much for history, PSG an City are where they are because of sovereign state funds, but city still has the best training grounds in the world, competing/winning the title every year. Players do leave bigger clubs in europe for china in the fm world as well, so your point on oscar is moot.
  11. Well, goals and assists help ratings, so have 1 on IW support and have him act as a playmaker/in the hole player just a bit wider, have the other wide man on a IF attack (or support if he cant run/dribble past the defence, starting further back often helps dribbles as well so see what fits best for each match. Use a DLF/F9 so there's room to run into for the IF, have your AMC on attack so defence has to worry about him as well as your one wide IF. Have both midfielders sit as they should in a 4-2-3-1 so the half spaces aren't occupied, that's your IWs space. And of course stretch play with full backs, have them sit really wide. If the opposition uses a player in the DMC position, make sure your wide men arent running right into him, this is why its often easier to get a winger to perform than a IW/IF, they run into trouble a lot. Just for the record, I would much rather focus on scoring goals and winning matches rather than what ratings some positions gets in your team. That's my no1 objective next to developing youth
  12. I dont care much about match ratings so I've never tried, could set up a system with a f9/dlf support striker and have wide men running of him if that's your goal. My point was simply that there's nothing wrong with wingers match ratings, just look through this thread and you'll see plenty examples of wingers closer to 8 than 7.
  13. plenty of examples in this thread already, Just a simple 4-2-3-1 gets decent ratings for me, gotta switch things up during matches of course if you see your wide men running into trouble constantly, this is my starting point
  14. Reputation builds slowly in FM, you wont be the most reputable team in the world by winning the serie A and CL, luckily! A bug means something in the game is not as the devs expected, the fact that rep builds slowly giving players new problems after 5 consecutive promotions and the devs knows this is the way FM has always been means its obviously not a bug. If you did make AC Milan the biggest club in the world by winning 1 serie A and a CL, now THAT would be a bug.
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