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  1. Thank you for looking into this, I can understand why you are hesitant to release new updates for each closing transfer window around the world. It was just a bit downhearting tho to find out that the disable first window transfers didnt work AFTER spending 3 hrs in the editor fixing the 2 top tier squads NB: my editoring was not the reason for the disable transfer window not functioning, I tried without the DB changes as well before posting)
  2. After the winter update you can start the norwegian Eliteserien in 2019 instead of 2018. However, the "deactivate first window transfers" box doesnt work for 2019, only 2018. Seems like the game thinks the "first" transfer window is the one in 2018, even tho I start a year later. Its pretty annoying as I want to play out the season as realistic as possible. Also, have you ever considered adding a late DB update for us norwegian and swedish users, since our transfer windows are open until april 1, and a bunch of transfers are being made between the 19.3 release and the window closing. Thanks in advance.
  3. You're right, it doesnt affect ALL hidden mental attributes, that was my bad. Big matches, and injury proneness is 2 I can think of right now that isnt affected, however, tutoring do affect more than det, pro and amb. I've been using this write up for years, and people do change personalities or media handling by having most their hidden stats changed by tutoring: edit; alright, I understand what you mean now. Most hidden attributes do change peoples personalities, but not all!
  4. also confrontational, sporsmanship, dirtiness, pressure and all those other hidden mental stats are affected by tutoring. Determination is the only visible attribute that changes, flair does not.
  5. the rules used to be explained wrong ingame, but they work as spurs08 has explained in this thread. I asked the same a while back:
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