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  1. Yes, you have right, i tried to change minus points of already penalized. I didn't know and i tried many settings to change deducted points for those teams but i couldn't. Whenever i try a live update i got those teams wrong penalized. That's why i wanted to change points. Thanks!
  2. Sir, i think is your speed connection is not ok, or you have an Operating System problem or error. I hope you have original OS and original game. Maybe is missing Java or Direct X on your device programs. If you install update all your system updates, drivers, browsers and programs is very important.
  3. I think you need to port forward your modem, or your router. This might help you. Required ports for FM 17 , this: Required ports for steam and this: Problems finding a specific network game . If your antivirus is the cause you need to configure it to be able to connect to servers. You need to put exceptions in your antivirus to unblock the game. Configuring Steam/FM17 to run alongside anti-virus/firewall software . Good luck!
  4. Good evening! Respect you all managers! Although I have problems with the editor, the next problem is same as in fm 16, same problem in fm 17 on a online match against one of my friend and in minute 53:35 the match blocked cause fm waiting for next highlight and the next highlight never appeared. My friend needed to disconnect to unblock the game. What should i do to repair my fm 17, fm 16? My fm 17 game, and editor was buyed both from Steam on 17 august 2017. FM 16 was buyed retail in 2016 spring. Can we fix this problem?
  5. Please, Sigames, give us a fix! I buyed the game and editor. I tried to add deducted points for a England Premier League team, but why it works in England and why i cannot add deducted points for 2 romanian teams from first league ???
  6. In FM 17, the first season 2016-2017 beginns in 2016 year. This is correct. But, if you want to play on a custom date, you can choose what date you like. Go to sortotoutsi.net and download a custom start game date, right here: Custom Football Manager Start Date . Edit: For ios operating system, i don't know if this is possible.
  7. Good evening! Respect you all managers! I just can't understand why my editor can't apply deducted points rules for 2 romanian league 1 teams: SCS CFR 1907 Cluj, that must have 0 points deducted, and the other team, ACS Poli Timisoara must have 0 points deducted. I tried to change the live database update from sortitoutsi.net , i tried to make my own database with first patch, with second patch but isn't working to put 0 and 0 points for these 2 romanian teams. Please, i need your help to fix my fm 17 editor! Thanks! Look, i tried to change like in this video ... nothing changed ... https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=UlWobnQbxfE
  8. In FM 16 we could put a profile manager photo but in FM 17 we can't? Is ok, i still like FM 17 very much. Thanks!
  9. Respect you all, managers! Please let me know, can i put a photo to my manager profile without customization,in FM 17 PC? Is this possible?
  10. Respect you all, managers! I just want to know if it's possible to install FM Touch 17 on my Windows 10 Phone. I already purcased fm 17 PC version and fm 17 editor and i recived them with FM Touch 17 on my Steam account. I already have installed Steam on my Windows Phone but i don't know if is possible to play FM Touch 17 on my Phone. Please, let me know if is it possible! Thanks!
  11. Before i shut down my PC i exit the Steam everytime.
  12. Respect you all managers! My games works well on Steam. My Steam program is veryfiing file instalation always after i start my computer, always when i start Steam. Is true that i deleted some files for fixing german national teams but please, let me know if is normal with those many checks on Steam?
  13. Good evening & respect you all managers! Does anyone know when will be available the Football Manager 2017 Demo ???