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  1. Before i shut down my PC i exit the Steam everytime.
  2. Respect you all managers! My games works well on Steam. My Steam program is veryfiing file instalation always after i start my computer, always when i start Steam. Is true that i deleted some files for fixing german national teams but please, let me know if is normal with those many checks on Steam?
  3. Good evening & respect you all managers! Does anyone know when will be available the Football Manager 2017 Demo ???
  4. People, don't cry too much! The new FM will be a little more playable in spring. We can try demo(when it comes) and then we could change our impressions.
  5. Ok , thanks ! Edit: We cannot adjust the speed level of highlights for all players in Preferences. I don't see something about highlights in preferences in FM 09 . I must repair fm09 in some way . :|
  6. No one can explain me how to correct my fm09 game? Please, help, cause i wanna play online and i want that my online opponent to not disturb me with changes of my highlights on my matches!
  7. Hi, ladies and gentlemens managers ! I have a little problem with fm 09 game . When i play online , i am the server and my online opponent frequently changes my highlights in advanced controls . Is there any chance to correct this problem ??? It's frustrating that he wake up me all the time : "Why you play on Full Match ? " Especially in the matches with his team i am staying in this situation. From the very beginning I put hightlights on extended an then i not walk there at all after that, because all the time I was living with my impression that nobody can change my higlights . And I noticed one thing to fm 09. If you play too hard, and your opponent starts to play too hard. How do you all do not you out the game, as you want . If you play too defensive opponent comes over you. If you play too offensively, leave too many spaces. It's too complicated this FM 09 . After appearing some very good regens and transfer some of them to your team, and teams begin to lift the second league adverse and complicate your game as hard. Constantly i bring good staff and always have problems. Often I play with my online opponent and I feel like I'm in fm, maybe fm 16, maybe 09, maybe 13, maybe 15, maybe against managers who play games online worldwide and maybe they borrow instructions puted by me on my tactics. I do not know what to think about this game but I have the impression that i have UCL matches every time. I buyed a very good romanian defender and before the first game in romanian second league he suffered from food poison . Another bug is in July when some players suffers from cold . But why in July ??? In Romania , in July is too hot . You can't get cold in July . Maybe that player drink ice water . Maybe the roamanian second league players are too weak.
  8. Hi, managers! I want to reset fm 09 resolution cause i put a wrong resolution and when i put right resolution in preferences the game closes. I have Linux Mint Mate 17.1 Rebecca. Please, can you help me to reset my fm 09 resolution??? I know that fm 09 doesn't support linux users but i think that if you know/tell me how to reset the fm 09 resolution on Windows it will be easy for me to reset res for my linux.
  9. Ok , i'll play in fullscreen mode.
  10. My actual screen resolution is 1366 X 768 . I tried the resolution 1360 X 768 on windowed mode but still i cannot see bottom buttons and others bottom stuff . Now i did an auto-hide the bottom bar called in my linux "panel at the bottom" and i hope to play in windowed mode without problems. Edit: The problem is now only in start screen because i cannot see correct bottom buttons you know : preferences and all buttons of there . If you have some ideeas, please help me.
  11. I tried to set res, zoom but the windowed mode problem persists. I did a screenshot and i can view these buttons, preference button in the start screen, overall , all stuff from buttom but in game in windowed mode i don't know what i have to do to correct these problems.
  12. I installed this skin , i like it but the problem is in windowed mode when i want to make an offer i cannot see bottom buttons like "Make offer" ,"Suggest terms" ,"Cancel Offers" ,bottom button offers in inbox, in general all bottom buttons. I have Linux and i cannot play in windowed mode because of these problems . How can I play in windowed mode without these problems ?
  13. Thanks Admin. Please can you change the thread title in "Gorgeous Skins For FM 2015 Only For A Laptop -> 15 Inches" ?