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  1. People, don't cry too much! The new FM will be a little more playable in spring. We can try demo(when it comes) and then we could change our impressions.
  2. Now i put my tactic in save game folder and sended with filezilla . Hope your team can repair fm 16 game . Thank you , sir!
  3. Sorry , it was about a Romanian Super Cup match . I want to repair my game just because my opponent is usually in avantage . I recive too little penaltyes but my friend recives aproximatively in every cup match with other teams . And yes with me in SuperCup recived 1 penalty in min 114??? Very frustrating!
  4. CS U Craiova v FC Voluntari.pkm is the SuperCup problem match with blind reff . Is sended save game and Super Cup match both but i don't know in which filezilla folder can i put my fm tactics .
  5. When i start a game in romanian Leagues i use romanian league 3 update & the last live update from . Sorry if i sended too many fm 16 files on Filezilla cause this program is not familiar and now i know how to send files using it .
  6. Sir , please , let me know if you recived my online save game called "" ! In that save my opponent comitted 40 fouls but not recived a card . But the bug with reseted tactic is in every new created game .
  7. The type of instructions that disappears on the Strikers : Mark Tighter & Tackle Harder . Yes, the bug with blind reff , i discovered in online mode , today . I'll upload my save in few minutes . Thank you !
  8. Thanks for your reply! I have Win 10 on 64 bits . My tactic had been set in same build 16.3.1 . The instructions that dissapear are on forward players ...Strikers . Sir, which Filezilla i must choose ? Filezilla Server or client ? Another bug that i found in my game is in this thread : Sir , can we put that thread here , in Match Engine Issues area ???
  9. Respect all! Everytime when i start another game , i put my last saved tactic , but some of my player instructions dissapeared . How to repair this bug ???
  10. Admin , please , cut this thread and paste on Match Engine Issues area !
  11. Respect! Usually i play fm 16 online and my opponent is helped by gifts , by lots of penaltyes in lots of cup matches . Is not ok . Today i played a supercup match with his team but i discovered another anoying bug . My online opponent team had commited 40 fouls and not recived a card and my team had commited 26 fouls and recived 1 yellow card . How it's possible something like this??? I think my game is sick . Can someone official repair my Football Manager 2016 ???
  12. Ok , thanks ! Edit: We cannot adjust the speed level of highlights for all players in Preferences. I don't see something about highlights in preferences in FM 09 . I must repair fm09 in some way . :|
  13. No one can explain me how to correct my fm09 game? Please, help, cause i wanna play online and i want that my online opponent to not disturb me with changes of my highlights on my matches!
  14. Hi, ladies and gentlemens managers ! I have a little problem with fm 09 game . When i play online , i am the server and my online opponent frequently changes my highlights in advanced controls . Is there any chance to correct this problem ??? It's frustrating that he wake up me all the time : "Why you play on Full Match ? " Especially in the matches with his team i am staying in this situation. From the very beginning I put hightlights on extended an then i not walk there at all after that, because all the time I was living with my impression that nobody can change my higlights . And I noticed one thing to fm 09. If you play too hard, and your opponent starts to play too hard. How do you all do not you out the game, as you want . If you play too defensive opponent comes over you. If you play too offensively, leave too many spaces. It's too complicated this FM 09 . After appearing some very good regens and transfer some of them to your team, and teams begin to lift the second league adverse and complicate your game as hard. Constantly i bring good staff and always have problems. Often I play with my online opponent and I feel like I'm in fm, maybe fm 16, maybe 09, maybe 13, maybe 15, maybe against managers who play games online worldwide and maybe they borrow instructions puted by me on my tactics. I do not know what to think about this game but I have the impression that i have UCL matches every time. I buyed a very good romanian defender and before the first game in romanian second league he suffered from food poison . Another bug is in July when some players suffers from cold . But why in July ??? In Romania , in July is too hot . You can't get cold in July . Maybe that player drink ice water . Maybe the roamanian second league players are too weak.