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  1. Mid-season break 2022 A relatively busy time at San Marcos considering there wasn't a lot planned apart from a couple of friendlies to keep the legs working. Three players left, with two being permanent, and the third seeing out the rest of a contract. Matias Gonzalez was a victim to the registration rules for foreign players and was sidelined due to similar quality locals being available, and having spend the first half of the season in the U19s he moves on to Rangers. Getting a fee for an unwanted player is decent as most have left for nothing so far. Faundez was on
  2. May 2022 A short run of games because this was the month where San Marcos had their down week due to the odd number of teams in the league Six points is not a bad haul, and the target of seven was in reach with 83 minutes gone against Cobresal despite having fallen down 1-0, but a late late goal in added time meant no points were claimed which is a bit of a shame. Candia continues his goal scoring pace despite being blanked to end the month, while Denis is back to his patchy form and the chance to register the late signing of Guajardo means there will be two strike pairings
  3. Thanks @kevhamster - purchased, delivered, and working well I have been reading the thread for a few months to help crystallise my thoughts on what I needed, so between you and @Smurf it has been a great help
  4. April 2022 - where the reign of Asambani is shown to be that of a fool The first bad run of the season, centred around the rotation required for the midweek games of the cup. A good draw against a strong San Felipe team followed by an expected win against Concepcion, albeit laboured led to the first loss of the season against Puerto Montt who were 12th at the time. There was some rotation for this game, and then lots of the first leg against General Velasquez, which backfired, but a few players were looking tired throughout so needed to rest a bit but there is not yet the depth
  5. Can you let me know if there is anything currently better than the following at a similar price- https://www.currys.co.uk/gbuk/gaming/pc-gaming/gaming-laptops/msi-stealth-15m-15-6-gaming-laptop-intel-core-i7-rtx-3060-512-gb-ssd-10220214-pdt.html WHAT IS YOUR BUDGET? Linked one is currently £1399 so around that price point, could stretch a little further to future proof it, but don't want to spend if unnecessary ANY OTHER INFO? Do you want to watch Netflix? On occasion Do you play other games? Hoping to be able to play Crusader Kings III, Total War series, Jurassic
  6. 2022 Cup Draw - First Round This is made up of non-league teams and the teams from the second tier, so all draws should have a reasonable chance to progress over the two legs, especially with the strong start in the league Three all second tier ties, and San Marcos avoid that which is a positive, with Everton facing San Felipe being the tie of the round San Marcos will be facing General Velasquez over the two legged tie And for those who are following along it is a repeat of the draw from the 2021 season where a relatively strong but older team struggled in t
  7. March 2022 - the start of greatness? With seven games in the rear view mirror the statistics are not moving as much as first expected The attacking statistics are still leading the way, with goals against being close to average despite teams getting a higher xG against San Marcos. There has been some rotation although not at FB which may be impacting on these statistics The efficiency stats are not surprising in the defensive phase of the game, with the xG against showing how busy the GK has been. But at the other end of the pitch San Marcos are flying, and while th
  8. February 2022 A lot of new faces to try and bed in, with something like 9 debuts handed out in the first game of the season. And a good start, against middling opposition admittedly, with the new strike pairing combining for four goals and another from Barrientos off the bench. Copiapo have the same 33-1 odds as San Marcos, with Valdivia and Barnchea being even longer shots for the title, and Valdivia are favourites for the bottom of the table, so it wasn't the hardest start to the season, but it is good points to pick up early Three games (two for some teams due
  9. 2022 Pre-Season The four friendlies went relatively well, as Cienciano were expected to win and it gave a chance for the new players to bed in, while some trialists had the opportunity to join the ranks throughout. Not the heaviest schedule, but one that helped with the preparations for the new season. And the board were happy going into February. The cricitism is about a player released at the end of their contract, and in comparision to the finances of Vilches and Veloso who are unsigned the board are sad that there was no income from him going. It is safe
  10. 2022 Season Preview Before we get into the preparations for the season there was a nice chunk of updates about finances which is worth considering for this San Marcos team. Not a huge gap between the teams in terms of money, but if we can close that gap a bit more it would be helpful in the quest to reach a positive bank balance. A decent amount, that can hopefully be boosted by a cup run to help the financial picture. Last season we started £721,000 in the red, and improved early but the signings pushed the wages slightly too high, despite being in budget, a
  11. It is looking even better now, as having looked at the squad and moved on a few days we hit the season reset date, and there was a pleasant surprise in the preview
  12. Beginning 2022 December seemed to take forever, between scouring the scout reports for players who might help, a conveyor belt of trials (without matches) and little time to fire up FM, somehow the calendar has slowly ticked over. And that means two things 1) all the out of contract players have left 2) all the deals done to get players who were out of contract elsewhere have seen them rock up at San Marcos ready to start the season This is the first team squad on the 6th January, and there are still a couple of gaps around. Goalkeeper is one, with the need
  13. Currently playing in Chile and in intake was October (season is Jan-Dec so it fits the timeline of a Aug-Jun with March intake)
  14. I like the idea of the nice weather. Should help the team play decent fast flowing football (in a few years). I am always amazed that it seems at least one member of the community has experience (however loosely) to some of these random far flung clubs that are chosen relatively randomly
  15. Haven’t thought about loan deals too much yet, as I would rather sign the players and not have another manager demanding they play a certain amount, or in a certain position or role. Although thinking about it as I type, it would add something interesting in terms of tactical shape to try and meet their demands, and the needs of the club. But thank you for the information about Huachipato being one of the better academies. At least one member of staff is going to become very closely attached to a range of budget hotels in the area during the 2022 season, and may well get questioned about
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