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  1. It might have an impact on your finances as they will be on a bigger wage, but it would stop them stagnating (ignoring the difference in training facilities, they will get game time)
  2. Spoiler - his next appearance comes at Irchester on loan for the season, scoring 4 goals in the first 15 minutes, and ending with six in the one game. Between game one and two he damages his vertebrae and is out for 6 months. When he comes back he scores 12 in four games, before getting injured again and being recalled. He still ends up as joint 3rd top scorer for Irchester based on the five games.
  3. August at Dulk-VAR Prague The press in the Czech Republic are enjoying the pun games through August after a few interesting games Pribam had the ball in the net three times to open the month, and VAR ruled two out, as well as being called on to give the penalty which Rada converted to secure the draw Slavia Prague managed to go one better than Pribam and had the ball in the net four times, but again VAR stepped up twice, although we couldn't manage to salvage anything The final two matches of August were less exciting, although Slovan Liberec were top at the time of our game, so to claim a point is useful The FA cup game originally slated for the 25th moved to the 1st September, and I rotated heavily for this game, with Rada getting to play due to Janda being out injured, and Kovernikov playing at DC due to backup Kozma being out. Both injuries are fractures and long term Chrudim were a team we faced last season, but were relegated while we were promoted. So the fully rotated team should have had enough to beat them. A mistake occured when I was making the substitutions, where I went to remove Koval and replace him with Hadascok, but instead chose Krunert. While Krunert is able to play pretty much everywhere, it meant I couldn't find him when I was making another sub, so ended up with a double Mez rated pairing in midfield and Krunert on the left. Once we reached extra time, Hadascok came on, and Krunert was able to move to MC, but we were not able to score, and failed during penalties. The board won't be happy, and I am not pleased, but this game was on the Tuesday after a Saturday league game, and the squad is not deep enough yet for two games a week. That all leaves us in the mix for the relegation group, unsurprisingly, with the loss to Slovacko being the worst one as they were tied on points with us going into the game, although they were strong favourites. A quarter of the way through the first league stage, and life is not going to be easy. The positives are that we don't have the worst goal difference, and Vitkovice who came up with us are also struggling, but we are not doing well As there is an International window after the FA Cup game, it may be time to try out the secondary formation With games against two top teams sandwiching a trip to Vitkovice September looks like a difficult and important month, with us facing some more tough games in October, although with the position the club is in currently there are no easy games.
  4. 90+4 minute - Volta Redondo are making a substitution - Here comes Maicon to replace (insert name here) 90+4 minute - The GK takes the goal kick, and that is the final whistle Roughly 30 seconds on the pitch, 300th appearance made, and he sails off into the sunset
  5. When you revive the discipline side, this has to be a goal - how many players can get sent off when coming on as a sub.
  6. I a, more impressed with Adam Cochrane, one place above (25h) Neville who went one step further, coming off the bench in his only appearance before getting a red
  7. Waiting for you to add [Traitor] to names, so that when you play against them they become the target of any disciplinary tomfoolery...
  8. Libero? He looks like he could do a reasonable job in midfield, or as a full back, bearing in mind the level you are at. How does he compare to the players you have there?
  9. Time for a couple of trips to watch Porto? And get a scout to follow him around permanently, wearing the mascot costume so he knows which team is interested
  10. July 2020 After the excitement of the opening day things got progressively worse. But the results don't tell the whole story We went down very early against Sigma, with Ditmar opening the game with a foul, picking up the booking, then the free kick lofting into the box and being put away. After that we controlled the majority of the chances but it was an even game and can view the loss as unlucky Against Banik we were outclassed, and only managed to achieve our shots when after 60 minutes we moved from Balanced to Positive, although they picked us apart near the end for a second goal This result highlights our challenge. It was a close game, and when we went 2-0 down a change in mentality to Attacking gave us chances, but left us vulnerable. Our strikers are not quite good enough, which is costing us
  11. First game in the big leagues I won't update after every game, but after the tactical notes, and updated depth chart it was time to see if we fit in the top division. First up a trip away to face Mlada Boleslav, who the media predict to be in 6th at the end of the season. Going down early was tough, but nothing changed tactically as all of our shots in the first 30 minutes hit the target, and it was fairly even. It stayed fairly even throughout the game, but we managed to hit them on the counter a couple of times, and once they were behind soak up the pressure. The change to Balanced saw the two MCs holding back a bit more, meaning it was not quite a front and back five throughout, but the formation worked well as it did last season, and the mentality change worked nicely. The front three combined well to set up attacks shown by Hadascock scoring twice from AMR, before moving to RPM after Krunert picked up a knock. Possession overall was fairly even, and our positional map is skewed by Hadascok moving from AMR to MC. Allied with the passing map it shows that there were no players isolated, and while it looks like Rada went long to Holik, him being the HB saw him drop to the edge of the box to collect possession regularly. Lots of short passes, and consistently moving sideways or forwards to find space to exploit Looking at the deeper stats it shows how close the game was, with Mlada managing to get three CCCs but only hitting the target twice. Ideally we wouldn't concede that many chances, but the players recovered to put pressure on the Mlada players which made the difference What stands out in the analysis is that for every player had notes about their performance, there were only two negative comments. I am not sure why the two DCs didn't get any comments, but it was a very strong performance first up. The rest of July sees us face two other teams predicted in the top half of the table, so a further chance to see how we fit in terms of quality
  12. 2020-2021 Season Opening Four friendlies, which is all we could arrange as the season starts for us on Monday 13th July, and we are one of the last teams to kick off on opening weekend. Wins in all four, and we were able to rotate everyone in the main squad to build fitness. There is pretty much two full 11s in the squad with a hand full of extras around which means keeping everyone fit will be a challenge and we will need to utilise the lower squads to get that game time. It does mean we are well set for the season though. In every friendly the team set off with the 4-3-3 formation from last season, but set to Balanced as the only change. The Dobrovice game was quite nice as there were three GK goals, two from penalties but there was a free kick scored too, and then Janda scored and created the two goals against Zittau. This is the order of the first run through of fixtures. 15 games before the end of October, although any extra cup games may change things. This is because the league first stage ends in April to allow time for the extra stage to take place. The start of the season seems very early, and we will have eight league games played by the end of August. When it comes to next season there will need to be better planning about friendlies with some being classed as in the previous season. Transfer wise, Novak is the only player signed and I am still trying to offload him. Everyone in the B team is listed for loan at a minimum, but only Le Van Dai has gone so far, and 20c Hovorka was nabbed by Sigma Olomouc, a fellow top division side I doubt we will see all of the incentives, but as we did have 7 (seven) GKs at the club, losing one, and trying to get rid of another is not a huge problem. We will only play one per game, there won't be a GK on the bench unless we are in a dire position around injuries, and need to find time to develop some of the younger options
  13. 2020-2021 Depth Chart Slightly different this year, partially to do with the new roles, but also to highlight some of the challenges and changes. First up, Krunert could well be our starter at five or six roles. He will be vital to our hopes this season Secondly we have a bit of a change in defence as players age or develop, and a bit of a logjam in midfield. At GK there is no change, although with two keepers arriving in the intake it means that Stovicek is now surplus to requirements and will be moved on if possible At DR (IWB), Krunert first shows his head. He was joint IWB1 last season with Dancak, but I think he wont be listed there this year as he will focus on the MC roles. At DC, Kosik who was first choice last year drops down the pecking order, but is able to step up at DR and HB if required. He is likely to see time at DR as Kovernikov and Krunert won't be playing there often so will shift his training to that position At DL (FB), Podany returns from loan but at 31 may not be around much longer. Coufal ousts Preisler who is dropping down the order slightly. All three defensive players listed to be released have blue levels of determination, with the aim of boosting the squad average. At DM (HB) there is not much change with Holik taking the starting berth, and 20e Frydek being the main backup, and I will look to get him onto the pitch as often as possible to aid his development. With the two new MC roles (BBM and BWM), Krunert shows his value, as does Holik, and the fact they can easily swap role makes any tactical changes easier. It is good to see 20e Frydek appear again, in the role that replaces his HB role, meaning he will not fall by the wayside With the two older MC roles (Mez and RPM), there is again issues at RPM, with the first two backup options being starter quality elsewhere, but the loan of Palacios last season has seen him come back to challenge for a place in the team The two wide attacking roles don't see much change, with the addition of 20b Rehak, and the inclusion of Koval being the main differences this season. The AMC (SS) adds more question marks as three of the four players listed are starters elsewhere, meaning the change to the 4-2-3-1 is not an easy move, although there is a bit of flexibility with the backups not all being the same, allowing someone like Kolman to move inside, or Vicek to drop back without too many issues developing. Using the same colour coding as the attributes shows the plan for the season Gold (or orange) is the starters, with only DL(FB) and ST(AP) having two players listed as I don't know how Podany will slot into the team, and the performance from last season showing Vicek is theoretically better, and Fabry has low Determination, but Fabry managed to score at a better rate. DC does have two listed, but we play with two DCs, so it is needed. The players in purple will get the '2' tag as priority backups. Those not tagged in early slots are because the are used in other positions, with the aim of not weakening two positions at once if we can avoid it. Hadascok as RPM2 is an exception here but that is due to the depth we have at AMR(W) that allows a bit more movement. Anyone shown but not coloured will get a '3' tag, and the development players will get a '4' tag in case in case of injury to give us a bit more depth This is the current first team squad view, and we may have a handful too many players, but as was seen last season when injuries hit there needs to be some availability. Any player with a 3 tag not used elsewhere will be made available to the B team to keep their match fitness up. What is really nice to see is that there is only one player with a blue determination and we now have five players who reach the 'gold standard' in this attribute
  14. With the points from the post above, we are aiming complete parts b-d in this post, with a slight adjustment in terms of roles shown BBM I have created a listing for this role as it may be put into the 4-3-3 formation as one of the MC pairing to allow a bit more security in terms of defence this season. It has not been implemented yet, but is an option. Key attributes - Passing, Tackling, Off the ball, Work rate, Teamwork, Stamina Important attributes - Dribbling, Finishing, First touch, Long shots, Technique, Aggression, Anticipation, Composure, Decisions, Positioning, Acceleration, Balance, Pace, Strength Chosen for sorting - Passing, Teamwork, Workrate, Stamina, Off the ball, Anticipation, Composure, Positioning, Acceleration, Determination These attributes are chosen with the aim that the BBM has the ability to get up and down the pitch combining Teamwork, Work rate, Stamina, Positioning and Acceleration, with the attributes of Passing, Off the ball, Anticipation and Composure being key in ensuring they can read the game and provide a link between the attacking and defensive units. If placed in the team this role would act as a 6th defensive player/5th attacking player to bridge the middle of the park as best as possible BWM I have created a listing for this position as when creating the 4-2-3-1 I was wary of leaving the defence overloaded, but managing the MC roles is not my strong suit. The aim here is to give more options knowing who is suitable. Key attributes - Tackling, Aggression, Anticipation, Bravery, Teamwork, Work rate, Important attributes - Marking, Concentration, Positioning, Agility, Pace, Stamina, Strength Chosen for sorting - Tackling, Anticipation, Teamwork, Work rate, Concentration, Positioning, Pace, Stamina, Strength, Determination As the main job of this role will be to sweep up in midfield, breaking down any attacks and securing possession the focus is on being in the right place at the right time. While this role often ends up collecting bookings the idea is to ignore the aggressive side of the role, and instead use a combination of good positioning and reading of the game to shut down any attacking play, while being strong and defensively sound enough to step into challenges when needed. Shadow Striker Chosen for the 4-2-3-1 to try and boost the number of threats in the box, and currently paired with the AF role from the 4-3-3 to avoid too many judgements and complications. As this basically replaces the HB at DM, it will be paired with a BWM to keep the idea of front and back fives. Key attributes - Dribbling, Finishing, First touch, Anticipation, Composure, Off the ball, Acceleration Important attributes - Passing, Technique, Concentration, Decisions, Work rate, Agility, Balance, Pace, Stamina Chosen for sorting - Finishing, Dribbling, First touch, Composure, Anticipation, Passing, Technique, Acceleration, Decisions, Determination This role will mix between creating chances and scoring chances, so there are attributes built around both to ensure the player can do both, and made a difference as planned. In terms of tactical changes, the 4-3-3 formation used last season has stayed the same apart from moving the mentality to Balanced from Attacking. There have been no other adjustments at this point, mainly to see what works, by it is possible that either one or both MC role will change in the near future. The second formation has been created to develop in training As always I am not too sure about the MC roles, but the idea here is that the players in the back 4 have the same roles (I have just noticed the GK has changed so will edit this to GK-d), as do the attacking trident from the previous formation. The BWM is on the opposite side to the IWB meaning they shouldn't compete for space, and the RPM is still on the side of the Winger for a similar reason. The SS should push forward leaving space for the RPM and IF to cut into in theory. Stage (a) will take place in the next post, although this will hopefully be laid out differently this time around to make it easier to see overlap and to make sure a position is well covered
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