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  1. February and March 2032 A slight change to the fixture list as two games moved to the prime Saturday slot, clearly the preserve of those in the title race. And the results match the focus with us scoring four goals in four of the game, showing the benefits of the tactical changes. A little poor defensively at the end of the month which is a shame, especially as we lost one of our DCs for two games, but that was that Union Mertert and Titus Petange games, so his return coincided with the lapses in defence. Our tough mid season campaign of friendlies paid off as we were match fit for the tough game against Kaerjeng, whereas Dudelange were undercooked for their game with most players around 60% match sharpness and were undone by Fola Esch. That means we hold a small lead, and can afford to draw with Dudelange and keep in front as long as we match their other results. Being 12 points clear of third, and 17 clear of 4th helps, especially with there only being 21 points left on offer, as we could wrap up European football very early on in April. In positive news at the bottom of the table, Mamer came out of the winter break strong and picked up six points in the first three games back, and now have a chance of catching Rumelange for 12th and extending their stay at the top table. Progres have dropped away and have sacked their manager, with Racing (LUX) living up to the pre season expectations it looks like there has been a change in the mid table teams with Fola Esch becoming one of the strongest teams the behind the big three. April will be a busy month, as if we progress in the Cup then the Semi Finals will fall on Wednesday 28th, giving us a six game month. Our only loss this season came against Swift Hesperange, so we cannot look past them to the looming challenge of Fola Esch followed midweek by Dudelange away. The run up the the 14th April could decide the title winners, as if we can win all three games we will hold a minimum four point lead with four to play. Hopefully tired legs won't hurt us
  2. Youth Intake 2032 We are now at the stage with the top players at the squad, that I am looking for players to step in as starters at DR and STC, with the aim to build up our depth so that as players age they can be replaced. This is a relative level of ageing as most of the squad is under 25, but the aim is that this intake and the next couple will be hitting 20 as the main squad get towards 28-30, allowing them to step in without playing too early. Some will stick at the club to be our U19s, while other will be farmed out to other teams knowing that this risks their longevity with the early start to competitive football. I will also look to release players who are in busy positions or who have a poor OPPA and low determination levels Between 3 and 7 players with a hope of reaching the required standard, although two of those have determinations below five that will hinder their development. Players from (32h) downwards will be judged on the position, OPPA, and determination levels before being signed. Out of the top OPPA players the positional breakdown isn't great with two MCs where we have a solid selection, at GK who will have to improve lots to get a game, then wide players where we are fairly well stocked. As these players enter the club, we have lost the need for immediate help in the starting 11, but (32i) Mota is the best on arrival and plays in a position where there is no clear starter, so will probably get a chance to play in the cup game to see if he can cope. The only other players who might make early starts are the MCs who face a lot of competition at their position so are unlikely to do so. The breakdown of positions is always useful to look at for where we are getting overloaded and where gaps start to appear in depth. Two GKs where we really don't need any, with a reasonable balance of defenders. The midfield is right sided heavy with a MR and three AMRs who will struggle to fit in the main squad. As seems to have become the norm there is only one STC who is poor, which led me to look at my HoYD with an eye to replacing him He is a very determined person who is competent at working with youngsters. What stands out is that his preferred formations are all 4-4-2 but over his time at the club all bar one or two intakes have contained a single striker. I have put an advert out for a new HoYD, where I will be considering the following attributes, Determination - above 15 Working with Youngsters - above 10 Judging Player Ability - above 8 Judging Player Potential - above 10 Preferred formation - I have no preference, but will look at what is on offer to see whether there is the opportunity of getting more STCs through the intake The positive of the current HoYD is that there has been a positive uptick in determination, although there are six players with a level of 6 or below which is a shame, and contains our two best prospects by OPPA. The intake is interesting for two things. Firstly (32d) Jose might be nicknamed as Sinatra due to being named twice, but it is definitely not a case of being 'so good'. Secondly we have brought through our first Brazilian, who is a dual national in (32p) Baggio. He is possibly the worst Brazilian ever seen and will probably not make it at the club
  3. Winter Break 2031-2032 I have covered the transfer window movement, but we have a growing issue with a couple of players who are looking to move and didn't manage to get a loan deal or transfer during January. Maes (19j), and (27l) Turpel are both looking for more football, but offering them out for transfer and loan didn't yield anything. Maes (19j) had been promised a move, but as nobody was interested we hit a snag, and he is a fairly influential player in the team so will need to be managed carefully The friendlies were organised against similar level teams to ourselves from abroad apart from the Junglinster game, who came from the local teams list for an easier game before we get back to the league. The first game was picked with a strong squad, with the later games being using the auto select, rotated squad option. The final game was an U19 team selection who contributed four of the goals, with a full team on the bench to provide a last bit of fitness tuning without the rigours of a full game. Our season continues with a tough game against Kaerjeng to open, although we did beat them in the cup to end 2031 so we should look to pick up all of the points at home. The final game of March will be a challenge against Progres, but the hope is that as they now rely on a few Rosport players on loan, that their backups will not be match fit when called upon and that will weaken them for our match. We should be looking for the maximum 15 points, but it is more likely that we drop two points somewhere, which could be costly depending on the performance of Dudelange
  4. Here are the National Squads, sorted by club. There are three players total who are playing abroad Avellino are in Serie C, Dusseldorf are in the German 2nd Division, and Valenciennes are in the French National Division, so not exactly world beaters, and only one of the three came into the game at a club in Luxembourg I looked at the transfer window, and won't screenshot it due to the number of players moving teams meaning it would take 6+ images. Instead this is all of the fee paying transfers in Luxembourg over recent seasons Historically it was Differdange who threw the money around, but they have dropped down the table with our rise, so are missing out on the Champions League money, which will have a knock on effect on them. It does mean that it is a bit of a closed off country, and if I wasn't playing a youth focused save, if you could entice players to a club it would be quite easy to dominate as Differdange did earlier in the save (92 games without losing at one point, and a 25 win 1 draw season).
  5. It is more a case of Luxembourg being the worst local nation for football so no foreign teams want our players. Next time I have the game loaded I will screenshot the national teams to show the spread of clubs they come from, and the last transfer window, as most transfers are in country, with Dudelange occasionally grabbing someone from the French National division. I have had offers for first team players that have been rejected, or occasionally rotation options that I want to keep around, but most of the time I only have 5-6 players on loan so it is not a huge issue. The squad has now hit a point where there are players outside of the first team and main squad who are too old for the U19s, so using the loan market to see if they will make the grade makes the most sense. The aim is really twofold 1) Keep fringe players playing and allow them to develop, either to sell (not much cash flowing around in Luxembourg so unlikely), or to move into a rotational role 2) Get game time for younger players with high upsides but are too far from the first team. The Promotion Division is be a better test for them than the U19s. If we are able to boost our training facilities, depending on funds, then this formula will change slightly as staying at the club may become more beneficial for some players
  6. Having reached the end of the January transfer window, I took advantage of review to add a few more players to the list of players out on loan This gives us a total of 23 players who are not at the club currently, with those listed previously still being away. The big points to note are that (26g) Hall has gone from the main squad fringes to Progres, and (26c) Borner has done similar but to Fola Esch. Two more rotational players struggling to play for me are now at teams fighting to reach the final European space. During the season we managed to secure an affiliation with US Hostert having lost our previous deals due to promotions. Most of the other players are in the 1-2* CA rating range but queued behind better players, so it continues the aim of getting playing time
  7. Mid Season Review (Part 2) As we have looked at the squad, it is worth looking at the extremities of the squad. I have had these eight players out on loan over the first half of the season, and the key part is that they have all made over ten appearances, which means they are getting time on the pitch that would be missing if they stayed at Rosport, with three of them being above a 7.00 average rating. The mix of teams that we have players at is also interesting, with (26h) Bossi having dropped from a first team player to a rotation option playing regularly for Progres, and (28d) Corral who was fighting it out to be the backup DR playing regularly for Kaerjeng. As these two sides are in the top half of the table, and we have reserve players being fixtures in their team it shows the strength of squad we are starting to build based on the maxed out Youth Recruitment and Junior Coaching.
  8. Mid Season Review (2031-2032) Having spent the past couple of seasons trying to develop our players, but hunting for wins to challenge Dudelange at the top of the table, I thought I would look into the squad during the winter break, and try to spot any key trends Games Played I have not rotated too much in the league, especially in defence We have played 22 players so far this season, over 4 European games, 2 cup games and 14 league games (total of 20), but there is a clear split with 11 of these starting more than ten games, and 11 being more used as a rotation option or off the bench. Most of the heavily used players are our top rated players, with (27d) Winckel being the lowest rated near ever present. (26m) Huss would be higher up this list apart from the slow phased return from his shin splints. Player Ratings When sorted by ratings, most of the top rated players are those that play regularly, which is a good thing. The stand out players at the top of the list are (26c) Borner and (25b) Flick who are on the lower end of appearances but have good ratings, with (25a) Bozic, (26) Payal, (27e Goncalves (GK), and (31a) Fellerich playing lots but not performing well as they all averaged below a 7.00 rating. Part of this is positional, with (26a) Payal being the most intriguing of the list. Positional Breakdown (27e) Goncalves (GK) is the only GK to have played this year, but really I should look at other stats for him In all reality we have conceded too many in the cup games, and I am overlooking the European games, which pull his average rating down. With just league and cup he would average just under 7.00, so I am not too concerned here. In the second half of the season I need to try to find time to blood another GK to help their development, although I have currently got the 2nd best GK out on loan to get games, so it is not as urgent as it may seem Our central defensive partnership is the rock on which the success is built, with two mid tier prospects on intake (5th and 6th best Original Percieved Potential) who have become stalwarts of the team, and are regulars internationally, although (28e) Weis tends to play at DR for Luxembourg. (29b) Cardoni will get some starts in the second half of the season as the yellow cards creep in, and when small knocks are picked up. (29d) Albuquerque and (27d) Winckel have been the mainstays at fullback, with (29d) Albuquerque also being handed his international debut, and developing in the eyes of the assistant from a 1.5* player to 2.5* in the last year. He was on loan last season, and shows the value of minutes even in the Promotion Division over sitting in the U19s, especially as we have been unable to upgrade our training facilities, so they are pretty similar across the country (fairly rubbish). I may look at switching up the backups at fullback to allow (30f) Chanot to go out on loan, and to appease (27l) Turpel who is getting upset about playing. This may help them improve in the way it helped (29d) Albuquerque last season, although that may depend on whether there is a better loan option in the U19s. Slightly odd listing due to positional versatility. (26a) Payal is still out best player in the eyes of the assistant manager, and has played most of the games, with one game from the bench due to trying to gain fitness. But his performances could be better. This may be a mix of the postion and role combination I am using (DM-HB) and the way the formation works, by using the DM as a pseudo third DC when attacking to allow the fullbacks to push forward. (25h) Turpel was one of our leading players a couple of seasons ago, but has dropped off in rating, mainly due to his best position being DM, and him being more flexible than (26a) Payal so he has often played at MC, and even filled in at DC when required. This competency also makes him an ideal bench option as there are only five seats available. (30c) Pleimling has come on leaps and bounds to be one of the first names on the team sheet, and alongside (26m) Huss makes a solid midfield partnership. The other three players all filled in for the lost time due to the two starters having injuries, and the backup options not being fully fit, leading to me loading the bench with MC options to cover for them. Maes (19j) is rated the lowest by my staff but always performs when picked, but has recently asked for a new challenge, which has become a familiar refrain from the former Heur-Tongeren players in the past couple of years. He is the final non-Rosport intake player in the team, and the final link to my first job, having been at Rosport for 12 years now. I will look to move him on, but he will be missed for the ability to perform well when called on. (25a) Bozic was the great hope when he came through the intake, but has been eased out by younger players, and will struggle to stay as a main squad player much longer, which is a shame as he is only 22, so has time on his side, but will be limited due to the quality coming through from the intakes. (30d) Dias has been a mainstay of the team this season, with (30b) Joachim being an able deputy when called upon. (30b) Joachim is another player who may benefit by going out on loan to develop as his minutes are always going to be restricted, but he may be too young right now. The AML slot is one that provides the biggest selection headache, as shown by the variety of appearances given out. (25b) Flick always performs despite his poor star ratings, while (26c) Borner has a bit more room for growth he has struggled to get match fit this season, and has been limited to sub appearances. As my standard bench is a DC, MC, AMR, AML, STC to provide the most cover, I have three players who are fighting for the starting and bench spots. (31a) Fellerich started as a 1* player, but with the games he has played has grown this season, but doesn't perform as well as the older options. I tend to start him because of using the Instant Result button, with the AM replacing him, but as he has grown this no longer happens at half time, and may end up being to our detriment. I may look to loan out (26c) Borner to allow him more game time, and to move closer to his PPA rating. (26b) Dervisevic is most suited to the role I use (Poacher), so gets most of the games, but is liable to pick up little knocks, giving (29f) Bohnert the chance to start. It seems like a broken record, but this is the weakest area of the squad, and a 3* CA player would make a huge difference to our options. Whether I will ever get there is a complete mystery Looking deeper at each position, there probably isn't much room for too much rotation, with the scope for that being at DR, MC, and the attacking three, although the front players have the most rotation as it is. Against teams in the bottom 4 I may look to rotate at DC to give the key players a chance to rest, but if we are to catch Dudelange there is not a huge margin for error and playing the strongest 11 is going to be important
  9. December 2031 We bring the year to a close successfully, with two more wins The game against Differdange was an interesting with regards to the tactical changes This is the first game for a few years where we have been badly outshot, and still won. We conceded early, and did so against Kaerjeng (8th and 9th minutes), but were able to come back and win in both games. The heat map shows a roughly even split of attacking possession. But the attacking changes seem to be working, as we have been able to overcome falling behind, and in this one occasion being outshot As the calendar flips round to 2032, we get a bit of good news, as Dudelange were held to a draw by Proges, meaning we are only two points back, and the destination of the title is still in our hands, as a win against Dudelange would see us overtake them if the results in our other games match up. Based on their form over the past two seasons, we probably still need to be perfect in 2032 to win the title, but we have an opening. In the cup we have been drawn against Jeunesse Canach of the Promotion division who squeaked past Mamer. With Fola Esch, Progres, Kaerjeng and Differdange all knocked out already, it looks likely that the semi finals will be contested by Titus Petange, Racing (LUX), Dudelange and ourselves.
  10. November 2031 We didn't lose focus, with identical results in the league. Slightly annoying that we conceded in each game, but this is part of the deal of pushing forward to get more goals, and I would take a season of wins with goals conceded if we didn't drop silly points. The cup game was a good win too, avoiding a drop off in performance on the short turn around after playing Dudelange It keeps us four points back of the leaders as we turn for the return legs, with Dudelange only dropping points to ourselves. Spare a thought for Mamer who are pointless at halfway. I may try and send some fringe players their way on loan to boost their chances of picking up points A quiet December, but not an easy one as we get to play 3rd and 4th in the table both away, although the Kaerjeng is in the cup, with the league fixture with them being the first game back after we have a restful winter.
  11. October 2031 In my month preview I glossed over the Swift Hesperange game. I then rotated a handful of players who were either making noises about getting upset, or to allow some of the key players to have a break. We managed to throw that game away, leaving us seven points behind Dudelange before we played them. While that game was only the 10th of the season, and there are 16 left to play, dropping to ten points behind Dudelange would have pretty much handed them the title. Drawing would have left us seven behind, and with a mountain to climb but a slim chance of catching them. The win leaves us four points back, and if we can do the double over Dudelange then there is only one point for us to find. In reality we will find it tough to be 100% over the remainder of the season, but we need to hope that Dudelange manage to slip up one more time than ourselves. It does mean that we are unlikely to rotate too much, as that cost us against Swift Hesparange, and the gently easing of (26m) Huss back into the team following months out with shin splints has now ended. His fitness was hovering around 95% fitness but 55% sharpness despite a couple of runs with the U19s, and I didn't want to overload him and cause him further damage. The Dudelange game was his first start of the season, and his 8.2 rating showed what we had been missing November brings the distraction of the cup, pretty quickly on the back of the Dudelange game, so we have to avoid a drop off in intensity. The other games are all should win, and are fast becoming must win. These three games will bring us to the end of the the first half of the season, where we can look at the chances of Dudelange dropping points in the return fixtures
  12. September 2031 I made a couple of tactical tweaks to try and avoid the regular pitfalls we have faced. DL - Moved from Full Back (Attacking), to Wing Back (Support), as the descriptions have the WB being more balanced between offence and defence. This can be ratcheted up if required DR - Moved from Full Back (Defend) to Support, to try to add more of an option on the right hand side Team Instructions - Added Exploit the Left Flank, and Look for Underlap. The aim here is to utilise the WB role of the DL, and while we are set to play wider, the underlap instruction should bring the MC who is an Attacking Playmaker into the play, and use the AML who is and Inside Forward Three wins as expected, and with all three games being played with the tactical tweaks there is a positive to note about the goalscorers (26c) Borner and (31a) Fellerich played as the AML. (30d) Dias is our AMR, giving us three goals from eight from the wings. The other five goals in the month come from STC which has not yet been this prolific. While some of it can be put down to the quality of opposition, we didn't have any MC or DC goals this month which we usually have, so it looks like we may finally be getting to a formation that allows the play where I envisage it Despite the change to exploit the left flank we seem to have had more possession down the right in these three games, although that gets the ball to (30d) Dias who is able to aim for at least two in the box as the AML (IF) should be sneaking to the back post to join the STC The next test for the formation will come with some more difficult fixtures in October Progres are always tough, and Fola Esch are performing well currently, before we face Dudelange in a midweek game due to the cup opening up the month of November, where we will travel back to face Fola Esch on consecutive Sundays. We should be getting nine points from the first nine, and aiming for a clean sweep. If we drop points and Dudelange don't then despite it still being relatively early in the season, it could be too big a gap to overcome based on their recent form
  13. August 2031 Our season hasn't started as I wanted, but it has started like it expected, although it could be worse If I rank the most difficult games it would be Dudelange home and away, then Differdange, Progres, Kaerjeng and Racing (LUX) away, and we have managed to get out of two of those games in the first month with a point each time. When putting a positive spin on things, I can look to the injuries we have had, with both of our first choice MCs missing time, and us being without our best performing AML too, but we should still be getting through these games with wins if we are to cement our domination We dominated the game both in terms of possession and shots, with the heat map being red centrally from the centre circle onwards. This is just us not being able to convert shots and pressure, and the need/desire for a quality striker is intensified Less possession, but the hot spots move forward into the opposition half, and we picked up goals in this game Another draw, and another huge red blob on the heat map that is from the centre circle into the opposition half. Fewer shots than against Racing (LUX) but another one where we have left the points behind. The reasons for me finding the games listed difficult is that we always seem to struggle to break these teams down when they are at home, yet we seem to be getting opportunities. I may go back and look at the front 5 roles (MCs, AMs and ST) to see what can be done to develop our possession. As mentioned in previous tactical musings I really like the Half Back role due to escapades on FM17, and don't want to sacrifice the defensive stability we have, although I could fiddle with the fullback roles to make them slightly more adventurous. The other possibility is to tinker with the mentality and team instructions which I have set and tend to leave alone once I get into the save. The challenge is that September brings three games we should be winning without a problem, although it does end with Progres looming in the horizon, so any tweaks will want to be made by the Titus Petange game to allow us to settle into them, yet it will be hard to judge them against the opposition we face
  14. Season Preview 2031-2032 Our fixtures have drawn us with one of our bogey teams first up After their shock relegation, Racing (LUX) have bounced straight back, and following them comes Differdange and Kaerjeng giving us a tough opening to the season. Our other tough games are spread throughout the season so we should be able to manage demands fairly easily once we reach September, but need to avoid the silly dropped points that affected us last season We actually managed to sell a player this season, as Loos (18h) came to me to ask for a new challenge. His quality was dropping relative to our best players, and was close to being usurped by (29d) Albuquerque who developed well on loan recently and will step in as our first choice DL. The other players going out are all outside of my first team plans, and at the stage where if I keep them they will complain, so getting game time is a positive for them. With (26h) Bossi and (28d) Corral going to teams who will be challenging for Europe, we are becoming a step above them quality wise as they want to play our back up players, but we need out players to perform consistently The media expect us to come second, with Differdange being close on our tails. Racing (LUX) are expected to come back to the top half of the league straight away, with the other newly promoted teams fighting with Koeppchen to avoid the drop
  15. Europa League Qualification I had hoped to pick up a draw at home, and based on the stats we were unlucky not to get something from the game. Our starting STC (26b) Dervisevic had picked up an knock for that game, which could have made the difference for us. In the second leg we were leading early, with the tie being equal on away goals, before going down a man. Keeping it even for another 30 minutes showed some of our qualities, and with us still missing (26m) Huss who would be key in midfield thoughout the European campaign we are not too far away from regularly being in the third qualifying round for the Europa League, and if we manage a nice draw in the Champions League we could even manage to reach the second round there.
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