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  1. 2036-2037 In-Season Update 1 (Matchday 5) Same plan as last season to update roughly every five games, with extras at the end of 2036 and end of season, plus any major events taking place Our first three league games came while still playing in Europe, and we managed 17 goals in those games, although we did concede 4 goals which is a lot for us this early. A bit of a shame that the 8-1 shellacking away to Qarabag seems to have slowed us down, but we have managed wins away to Progres who were 3rd last season, against Kaerjeng who seem to be an issue for us, and then against Titus Petange and away to Jeunesse Esch, both of whom have joined the second tier of teams below the trio of ourselves, Dudelange and Differdange, in recent seasons. Overall not the most difficult five games we could have faced, but it was not a gentle start, especially with the travel to Austria and Azerbaijan between games. Obviously our perfect start puts us in the running early on, so in the next five games we need to ensure we keep the goals flowing Racing (LUX) should be easier than a few seasons ago, before the toughest away test against Dudelange. Mamer and Union Mertert provide the easier games in this batch of fixtures, either side of Fola Esch away who can be tough and have started the season well.
  2. European Adventures 2036 - Stage 5 The home leg goes well, with a good lead and Qarabag not having an away goal, leaving us on the cusp of the Europa League groups stages. A fairly even game by possession, with neither team taking absolute control, but by use of the possession we had a massive advantage, and used that to claim a good win, The heat map for the return leg is nowhere near as positive, nor are the rest of the stats. We were absolutely run off the park, possibly due to the jet lag of travelling 3500 miles for the game. (32b) Payal was playing due to an injury that (30c) Pleimling picked up, and he played well in the first leg. He did not play well in the second leg, and shows our lack of depth, being mentioned in the game summary twice. Mehaliyev scored the same number of goals as our whole team over the two legs, and he only scored them in the second leg. The positive of this is that we are doing well financially, and while we will naturally lose money through the season we should end the season in the red. With the board in a good mood we went to visit them to see what we could get out of them Improvements in our Youth Recruitment which should max it our along with our Junior Coaching. There are also plans afoot to improve the training and youth facilities, but there is the caveat of them starting at the end of the season, so we may not be able to afford them by season end. The youth facilities will cost £650,000 The training facilities will cost £160,000 That is a total of £810,000, so we can only really afford to lost £100,000 over the season. At least one of these upgrades is likely to be cancelled, but hopefully the board will be sensible and only cancel one to give us the best situation possible. For those interested in how our conquerors did...
  3. European Adventures 2036 - Stage 4 We fall short of RB Salzburg by one goal. If we had scored it we would have gon through on away goals. If we hadn't given away the penalty and held them to two, we would have been into the lottery of extra time and possible penalties. Based on the two games, we can't argue with being knocked out, as there is a clear difference in quality between the two teams. Off to the Europa League qualifying we go, with some added cash in our pockets The Europa League draw sees us revert to our coefficient, where we are the least likely to progress based on the past few seasons And we get another long trip, this time to Azerbaijan, with the winner getting to the Europa League group stage, and the loser getting a nice pay packet and a see you next year
  4. During our European adventures we have also broken another record which is a positive one for us The total may not be huge in the terms of global football, and our stadium maxes out at 3,121 of which only 1,621 are seated, but we played this game at the national stadium (capacity of 8,050), having played the previous two rounds at our own ground. The first time we reached Europe all games were in the national stadium, then we expanded the ground and have played at home since, with this being the first time we have gone back to the big stadium in Europe. Clearly we now have enough seats for a minimum standard but that this increases as the competition goes on. Even with that influx we are still in the red, although we should reach a positive bank balance once we either get knocked out or we reach the group stages
  5. European Adventures 2036 - Stage 3 This time we have completed the 2nd round and not lost the save, so all is good. What is better is that we are going through again after a great home leg. Which gave us the same draw as last time, as RB Salzburg win through again. So Austria it is. We are at home in the first leg Does anyone want to hazard a guess about what the final score was in leg one? For those who want to catch the game on Match of the Day, look away now. Between leg one and two we have the draw for the final qualifying round, where if we get that far we will be guaranteed group stage football. We are seeded by virtue of RB Salzburg's coefficient, which gives us a more favourable draw This will be even more favourable because our coefficient is lower than every other team that is unseeded. With two undecided teams in the unseeded draw, we may not be the weakest team left in the draw, but we are going to be close to it. And if we get through we will have the easiest draw available to us. If we defeat RB Salzburg, then whoever comes out of this tie into the Champions League groups will be on the end of some absolute hidings.
  6. European Adventures 2036 - Stage 2 Slightly less nervewracking this time around, without the need for away goals. 2-0 at home helped as we didn't have to worry about losing on away goals so held the advantage, and were able to earn a comfortable win, leading 3-0 at one point in the return leg. With the same draw for the first and second round, we also have the same match up for the second round. A slight difference this time around is that we go to Albania first up, whereas last time a 4-1 home lead in the first leg helped our progress. And if we manage to win in Albania?
  7. Their logic will be that there is already one coach spending time away from training for a course, they can’t have two or everyone will stand around looking lost. If your request was accepted first they wouldn’t have let the 2nd go, so it is just an issue of timing
  8. European Adventures 2036 - Stage 1 Same seedings, so nothing much happened in the Preliminary rounds And the same draw (9 days after the save point for those who discuss saving and reloading as a way to change things). So we are hoping for the same results coming from the two legs (although two wins would be better than scraping through on away goals We also have the same draw for the second round...
  9. BAD NEWS Last night when I saved after running out of time to keep the European Adventure going, I upset the FM Gods. Clearly I needed to continue the run at the expense of sleep and work to appease them. After I saved, FM froze and wouldn't allow me to do anything, and all I could do on my computer was to open the start menu, but I couldn't click anything on the menu. Having shut the lid (laptop) and come back to it today there was no option to continue last save, and when I went to load game the game was not showing any options. As you can see the auto save back up was a day old, because I was saving progress after the squad review, and then after each European round so I didn't lose it - the perfect example of the law of sod. So we are now back to the 19th June, which is about 10 days before the previous loans return to me, but just after we received the league fixtures. Everything else has gone. Fortunately I recorded the squad review above so don't have to delve through the squad again, and this time can avoid upsetting (33a) Lombardelli who was upset when he was moved to the U19s (my default for players who won't be in the Main Squad as while I sort out their loans). So job one is to go back through the squad to send everyone who isn't key down to the U19s and move any others back to the Main Squad. But we still have to face the Champions League draw and the nerves of the first round again
  10. European Adventures 2036 - Stage 2 Between the two rounds we managed to get a Spam email in the FM inbox Not quite a Nigerian Prince, but equally as absurd. I would take the Luxembourg job if it came up, but nothing bigger at this stage Albania went better than we thought (or at least the home tie did) We didn't even need away goals this time, and as their goals in the second leg came in the final 20 minutes we were comfortable throughout Which means we are off to Austria As Red Bull Salzburg are regulars in the group stage I have zero confidence in our chances of progress, but it does mean we will get a fourth tie in Europe (with three of those coming in the big time), which should mean that we have the money for an upgrade or two
  11. European Adventures 2036 - Stage 1 We went down 1-0 in the first leg, which included (26a) Payal playing at DC being sent off for two yellows. With TNS getting the away goal it wasn't looking positive The second leg looked similar statistically, although we managed to gain more of the possession and have it in better areas, with TNS being hemmed in on their heat map. And the result... Scraping through by the skin of our teeth to make the second round. This matched our expectations, and means that we will get money from three European ties this season Our second stop will be in Albania, where hopefully we will come into fitness and be able to cause an upset, although I am not overly hopeful
  12. 2035-2036 Squad Review Apologies if this goes long, but based on the loan developments over the past couple of seasons it could take a while Goalkeepers Based on CA there is not a huge amount between (27e) Goncalves who has been our mainstay over the past few seasons and the rest of the bunch. I am not sure why the team report has (32c) Minelli and (31f) Theis as lower than the squad screen but anyway. While 25 is not anywhere near finished, the lack of room for improvement for (27e) Goncalves means he is probably done. The loans over the past couple of seasons hasn't led to him being overhauled, but the lack of PA is what does for him. (36b) Schiltz would be first choice based on his Determination and Personailty, but at 16 may be a little too young. (30e) Silva may get the first choice with (36b) Schiltz as a cup option until he is old enough to go on loan or start. I will look to loan out the other options, and see if anyone wants to buy (27e) Goncalves Defenders Not a lot of change in the strongest by CA, but there are still questions to be asked (28e) Weis played well at DR last season, and (31b) Mota has improved over the past couple of seasons to challenge him for the starting berth. (31d) Vogel may oust (31b) Mota due to his determination level, and another season on loan, but there is not a lot behind them. Fortunately they are all young so can cover for a good few seasons. (33d) Schnell and (31g) Andrade need good loans to help them develop, although (31g) Andrade may have missed his window to improve. (29d) Albuquerque will be the starter again and has done well to reach 3* over the past could of season. (32h) Lopez is likely to be the backup here (26a) Payal slotted in well at DC, and allows us to put more quality players on the pitch together in the 4-2-2-2 formation. (28e) Weis will continue as cover for the starting two as the DR depth is better than the DC depth, with there not really being a lot of options elsewhere. While it may be a risk to play him, I am tempted to keep (36f) Osweiler and (35a) May as the backup (4th/5th option) for DC due to their potential, although there is a big drop off in talent level. While we are deep at the position, there are not many great options Defensive Midfield We are not using this position in our first choice formation, but it is worth looking at (33b) Mutsch is a good option, and is improving at MC. The advantage we have is the top three players all earn their squad position somewhere else giving us flexibility. Midfield A slight drop off from (30c) Pleimling with (32b) Payal closing the gap on him. The starting two are still going to be the same, but the questions come about the 3rd option who will start on the bench every week, and the injury depth, while sending people out on loan. (33b) Mutsch has grown while on the bench, so will probably fill that role due to his use at DM, with (36e) Hinsberger and (35b) Payal being options 4 and 5. The reason why (32a) Teixeira, (32b) Payal, (34b) Menster and others miss this is because a loan at a top level club will benefit them more Attacking Midfield Quality at the top and then a drop off is the main issue we face at AM, but the quality means we can't really abandon the position (33a) Lombardelli could be better than (30d) Dias, but I cannot fit them in the same team, so the younger man is going to go back on loan. (30b) Joachim rejected numerous loan offers last season, but then also got upset about not playing. Not the ideal situation, but he will probably be back up this year to give (32g) Marti a chance to try his look elsewhere. (31a) Fellerich has been a real starlet over the past couple of seasons and could well be come the best player at the club. (33c) Ferron has been retraining to cover AML, but it looks like (36c) Bossi may become a better option, so the younger man will stay and the older option be offered out on loan Not a lot of depth here in case we go to an AMC, and with (32b) Payal going out on loan to develop, and (31k) Pauly being low down the list so he will probably go on loan to, it really isn't a workable position at the minute Strikers Currently we have a bit of a logjam, but in terms of potential there is a big range of Potentials. With playing a two striker formation we need to keep four options minimum, (36a) Schwitz and (35c) Thill are two of the big names for the future, with (32n) Feller playing well currently and possibly having room to grow. (31h) da Graca has not really performed for me although most of his chances came while as a lone striker, and (26b) Dervisevic and (29f) Bohnert are at the lower end of the scale by PA, and both have interest in the loan market without being listed. I will probably keep (34c) Langers as the fourth option to back up (32n) Feller, with (35f) Todorovic going on loan with the aim of reaching a full star by January when he might swap with (34c) Langers.
  13. 2036-2037 Build up The league fixtures throw up a challenge Progres to bookend the season will be tough, with the Titus Petange, Jeunesse Esch, Racing (LUX), Dudelange run of games being make or break for our title hopes In Europe we have lost some coefficient points We were never good enough to be seeded, topping out at just below 6 previously, but the chance to gain more points means we should recover Not the lowest rated team in the draw, and our drop hasn't seen much change in position And we are off to Wales (ish), to face the weakest seeded team, with the prize on offer being being a trip to Moldova or Albania, both new experiences for us
  14. 2035-2036 End of Season Awards Our good seasons sees rewards flock in Two of the best three players in the league is a real positive. The leading goalscorer had 21, so (31a) Fellerich getting 17 as our third goalscoring option cutting in from the left is nice to see Our capacity is 3100 and a few extra seats, so we are getting close to being able to expand or get a new stadium, depending on finance Which if we can keep bringing in sponsorship money will be made easier
  15. Loan Review As the season was drawing to a close, inbox messages about the players out on loan showed the benefits of loaning out enough players to fill a squad. This is a quick look at the results, with an in depth squad review required to consider if there needs to be any changes to the main squad for next season Sorted by Average Rating Ten players getting ratings of 7.00 or above, with only two of those playing fewer than 20 games (12 and 19), all of which were unlikely to be played here. While the lowest average was a 6.57, giving an 18 year old games in the competitive Promotion Division is still better than sitting in our U19s Sorted by age The older players on this list have dropped down the pecking order, but fail to get offers to sign them. Part of the reason for them not leaving is to ensure we have enough depth, but part of it is because I haven't had an in depth clear out for a couple of seasons. There is a slight attachment to (25h) Turpel who played a key role in our growth. More than half of the players out on loan are over 19, so would be ineligible for the U19s on a regular basis, and keeping them in the main squad but available for the reserves would lead to unrest Sorted by CA The biggest benefit of the mass loan system. (33a) Lombardelli plays at AMR so would sit behind (30d) Dias in the pecking order. He has grown to be 3.5* while at our affiliate Junglister, meaning he is ready to step in if we need it, but at 19 will hopefully still improve with another loan, with the aim being to send him to a National Division side this coming season. (32b) Payal is an MC who earned his first international call up while on loan at Fola Esch this year. At 3*CA he could challenge for a place in our starting 11, or at age 20 could go out on loan again. These two successes of the system, is a real boost, despite the hiccups of some players rejecting the offers of going out on loan. Sorted by PA There is still a lot of room for potential growth in most of these players, and while boosting their standard to make a profit is not really an option in cash strapped Luxembourg, it does mean we have a bit more competition for the main squad. This has become fairly settled over recent seasons, so while I am not aiming to upturn the applecart, there is the possibility of boosting our solidity across the board
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