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  1. October 2023 The games against Catania in the cup and Benevento in the league were put back due to international call ups, meaning November gets very busy. Coming back from the international break Avellino lacked a goalscoring threat meaning they lost four points they would have expected to gain. The lack of goals is due to injuries up front Asambani is hoping that they come back quickly in November as it is a tough month, and there is a risk of falling away in the race for the seedings in the playoffs, even it the season is still relatively early The rearranged game against Benevento means there is a game in hand, but the chance of points is low as Benevento are unbeaten at the top of the table so far. A win in that game would see Avellino race up 4th on goal difference, so they are not too far away from competing, but the nine point gap to the top, that could become 12 is a worry. Asambani is working towards his National A license and is looking to grab the certificate as soon as possible and race off to a better job closer to the top of European football In the meantime he has six games in November, with four of those being away. Catania in the cup will be tough, and home advantage may be enough to swing it for Catania Palermo and Benevento back to back is the big challenge. Avellino will be looking to get points somehow, but would be happy with 2 good draws. Potenza at home is the easiest game of the month, but Asambani will be looking to defeat Rende and Foggia too
  2. August and September 2023 The start of a positive looking league campaign Too many draws , all against teams expected to do well and reach the playoffs, but all at home. It doesn't bode well for the return legs, although with a perfect away record maybe the tactic is better for playing against the odds... Still early, but after facing some of the top teams we are well plages. Benevento and Palermo look set for a fun battle at the top, and our loss against Casertana to end the month sees them jump above us. With it being early, we are still only a few points from falling out of the playoffs, but hopefully that gap can open up soon The board seem satisfied, although the loss being a negative is a bit of recency, coming one day before the update about my performance. October sees us creep up to the 1/3 marker in the league with the 13th game ending the month, as well as a Serie C/C grudgematch in the cup
  3. I know it won't be the case, but in my head I am imagining Jake Hart as the next generation of the Hart dynasty. Hopefully he falls from grace/Thierry is able to tempt him in future and they join up somehow for the lovely synchronicity
  4. Positivity from the board After sneaking in the Nat B licence by asking for it at the end of the season, and spending the summer studying, with the guarantee to the board that studying meant Asambani couldn't hunt for better job options, he qualified, and immediately went to visit the board proudly holding his two certificates And the board have agreed that the Nat A should be a target for him this season
  5. Preseason 2023 Part two of the big update, focused on games played First up is the friendlies, where quite a few were organised, especially against better opposition Losses to Marseille and Roma are not surprising, but were only 2-0 games. Roma faced a severely rotated squad due to cup games, so it is even better. Napoli are another who had a rotated team put out against them, so the draw is a positive too. Good wins against some Serie A opposition, alongside some weaker teams left Asambani hopeful that his new signings and tactical shape would lead to a promotion TIM Cup qualifiying rounds took place mixed into the friendlies, and the board expected us to reach the 3rd qualifying round, as in previous years, but it is the first time Asambani has made it past the first tie Lecco are in Serie C, League A, but expected to finish 12th. A good performance and a better heat map than last season too Spezia are a Serie B team, so to defeat them, is a real boost, even if it required extra time. The two goals came early in extra time, so it wasn't too bad a performance and last gasp lucky goal. Pordenone are also in Serie C, League A, and are a good test. They are predicted third in their league as Avellino are, and were relegated last season, so are nearly a Serie B team in quality, The worst performance of the three games, but a win is a win, leading to the final qualifying round against Serie A opposition in December Avellino are the lowest ranked team left, and face an away tie. If the run is to end in December, at least Asambani is putting his credentials out for the world to see (in the lesser cup in Italy, but still) The cup draw is done in one go, so Asambani can see his route to the final, with possible ties against Juventus, Lazio and then Roma in the semi final giving a tough path. It will most likely be a loss to Frosinone, but the dream of a trip to Turin is on the cards Before then is the league, and a early run of games. Only two games in August this season, with an update for the month depending on any further transfers, or key changes, before a busier September.
  6. Offseason 2023 - a busy one Two updates due to size Firstly our transfer business Only two players listed as leaving, but these are the only two who had contracts running down that sorted out a new club before the season ticked over. Another 6-8 players left the club at the end of June as their contract expired, along with a bunch of underage players who had no chance to make it. The transfer page for the league shows this as 12 incoming players, and the big part is that we are collecting Serie A offcasts which bodes well for the promotion push This is the remaining squad. Still quite large, possibly too large, and Asambani will have to work at keeping them all happy. The best part is, when doing scouting reports, his scouts are suggesting 2* CA is good for Serie C, which has been the quality of the squad for the majority of the past two seasons. Any requests for individual screenshots will be honoured, but there are quite a lost shown that I don't want to overload the post With the changes in personnel, where Asambani asked any half decent Serie A offcast to sign, or at least go on trial with the aim of signing, and an influx of decent DCs he has decided to change to at new formation. Hopefully this will allow him to meet the board targets of attacking and entertaining football. They are currently pleased, but it is still early. There may be tweaks as the season progresses but Asamabani is looking to run with the new style for his assault on Serie C Expected to be third, behind Benevento who were relegated the season before last, and Reggina who were relegated last season. But we have overtaken some of the stronger sides in the league in these terms so there is a chance the signings are paying off Langer enters his 2nd season of the loan deal, and should be banging the goals in Di, the only other loanee is expected to be one of the best players in the league. The predicted top two teams show their strength with two players each in this list
  7. Inquiry into Italian Football Rumours are spreading that the Mexican Drugs Barons have infiltrated the Italian Mafia, and therefore Italian football in general. Obviously all rumours of corruption in Italian football have been denied by the Italian parliament, so there is obviously no truth to them In unrelated news, Asambani has won manager of the year, after coming in 8th with a team predicted to finish 6th
  8. End of Season Review While waiting for the playoffs to finish, Asambani has been busy ordering the fake Deco to improve his squad, while he started the reading for his next coaching badge. The board agreed to send him on it during the off season, which meant he also knew a new contract was in the offing. One more year, or two if he manages to wangle promotion somehow. The new board also want to see attacking entertaining football, from youth players. That means Asambani will be asking the board for some improvements in facilities and recruitment to aid his quest. The fact it is only favoured importance, it is unlikely they will agreed, but it is worth asking The quest to improve has garnered a couple of signings before their contracts officially end, with the aim of upgrading the squad with Serie A offcasts, and some from further afield Much needed improvements as the top player of the season is a loanee, and Langer also topped 4 of the seven stats categories. Ravaglia will be leaving too as he ages out at GK
  9. Playoffs Played off the park. A poor end to a season that promised much more than an 8th placed finished. Asambani is plotting on two fronts, firstly how to improve the squad at his disposal, and secondly how to find a job further up the country to boost his ambitions of reaching the top of Europe
  10. April 2023 A poor month. The win against Olbia was expected, along with the loss against Bisceglie, but Foggia was a poor performance. The first four games left us in 8th, with a game to go, but secure in the playoffs. There was nothing to play for except pride. Fidelis were needing a win to raise the possibility of forcing a relegation playoff. Draw or loss and they were straight down. So of course Avellino are dire again and give Fidelis hope with a relegation playoff tie Vastese drew on the final day. A win would have guaranteed their survival, but instead they are facing off against Fidelis for their future at this level. Casertana next up, where the poor form of Avellino, coupled with the away fixture and the higher seeding rules means that Asambani is not feeling positive about the tie
  11. 2023 Youth Intake Not a lot going on here The six players given a reference code will be invited to stick around, but I doubt any of they will make it. The board won't allow any improvements either due to the finances involved so it is unlikely to get any better in the near future
  12. March 2023 In positive news, aside from the final game of the month, Avellino learnt to defend. But they forgot that to win they need to score too. A good point gained against Casertana, where the 9th minute saw the end of the scoring, before Avellino struggled to one point from the final two games where they should have been collecting six instead Shots a plenty, but none of them anywhere near the goal. Just dire all round Five games to go. Miraculously Avellino are only five points behind 5th, which is still possible based on a tricky remaining schedule. 8 points clear of Juve Stabia in 11th, who have a game in hand, or 7 clear of Sicula in 10th means that the playoffs are nearly guaranteed, but the chance of a first round home tie is fading Asambani needs his team to get wins in the games that bookend the month, but the middle three are the most interesting Bisceglie in 4th have secured the playoffs and are too far ahead to catch realistically. Foggia and Catania are the two places above Avellino in the table, with two points covering all three. Wins in these games keep the chances of a home tie alive. Draws mean that it is tight depending on how Foggia and Catania do. Losses mean Asambani will be going all out to win in the playoffs without the safety net of a draw to progress
  13. February 2023 Asambani was not happy this month, as there was a small article hidden in the rumour mill section of the Gazzetta, that listed him as third favourite for the sack. Stupid board forgetting about his good wins earlier in the season. He is now actively looking to move north in his quest for footballing glory, as he feels this board are just trying to find excuses to get rid of him Due to his poor grasp of logic, and the league positions of the other clubs in Serie C there is only one job catching his eye at the minute Avellino is highlighted just outside of Naples. Lecce is to the south, so according to our wayward hero a step downwards, despite being a league above Avellino. But Cittadella are based in Padua, just outside of Venice. For a man basking in his National C license that is a huge step up, so he has applied, and started to brush up on Paddington Bear, just in case there is a link between the two places. Back at the job he currently has, and it was a tough month on paper A good win against Palermo, but tactical mistakes in the two losses. Asambani decided to go Cautious against Benevento, and when it backfired returned to Positive. The fact it worked against Palermo meant he kept it for the trip to Bari. In hindsight he thinks a Balanced mentality for both games was the best option, but he can't go back and change it A deserved win against Palermo, in a game that was fairly even, but Avellino showed more quality in front of goal. Both losses were abysmal with statistics that show Avellino were lucky to leave without losing points. Another good performance against Rende, but the goals being conceded are a worry. Three more conceded against Virtus. Asambani had been experimenting with Cinque in goal to try and prepare for next season when he shows Ravaglia the door, but there isn't the quality there. Between Rende and Virtus there were 8 shots on target and 5 goals conceded. While Cinque has potential in spades, if he doesn't improve quickly he will be shown the door too. The defensive issues are not helped by the fact that there was no loan deals secured in January, because the board didn't lift the transfer embargo when they took over, but waiting until they decided not to scrap Asambani, but it left no time for him to get anyone decent in. Despite the defensive failings, Avellino should really be beating Virtus, especially with the amount of shots, and decent possession they had The quest for the top 4 is basically open. There are 9 games left and a 10 point gap to 4th, as well as a group of teams in between that would need to be overtaken. 6th is still an option, as there is only a point between 6th and 8th, and the six points to 5th is possibly manageable if Asambani can spark a good run. 5th-7th get home ties in the playoffs so that is the minimum aim, with the gaps back to 9th and 10 meaning that avoiding the 7th-8th game is a huge incentive The first four of those remaining 9 include a game against the team in 5th currently. A win leaves Avellino in striking distance for that spot. A loss basically means they are fighting for 6th at best. The rest of the games in March are against teams in the bottom 6, and should be clear wins, but unless the team can learn that defending is important then there are no guarantees
  14. January 2023 The month started with some good news We haven't sold a player in the time Asambani has been at the club, so the chances of seeing any income this way, let alone reaching £12m are low Asambani also managed to get his foot on the first rung of the coaching ladder, although the board didn't sign off on him going for the next one as they were worried he might look to jump ship But most importantly, the month started with the news that Asambani wouldn't become the first casualty of 2023. With his contract running out in June it remains to be seen how long this reprieve lasts. It was a good job the news on the job came through before the fixtures this month, as it was a true mixed bag Langer is key, so for the second season in a row, the goals are all coming from a loanee Asambani was scratching his head this month, and leafing through the shiny handout of powerpoint slides from his coaching course. All season he has asked his players to focus play through the middle, even getting players to underlap on each side to aid this, but still the heat maps show that the play is all down the wings. As both the AMR and AML are in Inside Forward roles they should be cutting inside, so most of the play should stay in the central area anyway. Oh well, it may by time for some more tactical tweaks That all leaves Avellino 6th, but the gap to 4th is growing and is now 7 points. It looks like Avellino will be battling to claim a home tie and higher seeding in the first round of the playoffs. 4th, 1st and 2nd this month, although it gets easier with two teams in the relegation playoff spots to end the month. Hopefully morale won't be too low after the three tough games
  15. A new board, and an uncertain future The takeover is complete, and Asambani is on thin ice. As there are no fixture for two weeks, he is hoping his training sessions look good, and the positive rapport he has build with the key players in the squad give him a chance of sticking around I mean, what board in their right mind would choose the manager on the left. Asambani has circled the GK coaching comparison in the Gazzetta to prove he belongs at Avellino. Rastelli is no better than an unqualified Mexican at coaching GKs, so why switch it up? No investment at this point... But there is a nice new loan that has been taken out. Hopefully the board feel flush with cash, and allow some facilities improvements, although Asambani will be waiting for confirmation his job still exists before asking. No point provoking a bear. Bit of a harsh rating from the board currently. Understandable they want to judge transfers and fixtures in their regime, but A-, B-, and C+ should give at least a C+ average, not an E. And their vision matches the old board, with the future aims of reaching the playoffs back on the table
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