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  1. October and November 2021 Swine has settled nicely into life at Crewe. With a flat overlooking the fabled railway station he feels much more welcome that at Swindon. Shame really. The wobble at the end of September ran into October, with a poor result against Grimsby, and then two tough league losses against Sunderland and Bolton. Both 'big' teams who have dropped down the leagues, but both games were winnable. A decent result at Burton, helped by a late penalty then possibly the best performance of the season against Wimbledon meant things were looking up, before a bit
  2. One game to go in November, and then an update, but the week looks like it will be a tough one Hopefully the players can manage a bit of rotation to get through the Sheffield United game. But we have reached the board expectation in getting to that game, so it can be overlooked to some degree
  3. Contracts are something that I need to spend some time on before December, so it seems right to introduce the current situation The board are looking for us to tie our best players down long term, which matches the philosophy of going youth only. The challenge this raises is getting deals done for some of the older players in the first team squad who are the wrong side of 30 but may still be key for the next few years. While there is nearly £20k in the wage budget, the finances aren't great, with money being lost each month, so there is a need to extend the key players early a
  4. Don Swine has managed to crawl along to the end of September 2021, and it is fair to stay that his time in Crewe is going better than his time at Swindon One of the two starting strikers is winning awards and performing well. He is one that will need to be tied down to a long term contract in the near future And the board are happy. Unsurprisingly they are very happy with wins, and less happy with a loss. In preparing for the long term, money is going to be a challenge, especially while in League 1. A loss of £150k in a month means there is only 10 months more
  5. Just had the board review of the month, and transfers stood out, so I went to have a look. The board are upset there wasn't a future sale clause, but seem to forget that they accepted a bid without one included...
  6. At the end of August it looks like the formation is working. Outperforming the league average in every category, although is is close in the defensive categories. Not perfect in terms of efficiency, but in the best quadrant for both ends of the pitch which is good A nice couple of early award winners. Particularly pleased with the performance of Adebisi who was due to back up Pickering and was thrust into the starting line up, with some good performances at WBL
  7. Transfer worries We have just made it to the end of August 2021, and there could be issues ahead First up, the sale that didn't happen. Kirk still wants to leave, and despite reasonable bids edging close to £500k, nobody was willing to match my valuation of £1m, or even the £800k I had agreed with Kirk that I would let him go for. There was a bid from Milwall which he kicked up a stink about, even though it was worth a grand total of £200k. Rangers came closest to getting him but didn't want to get involved in any negotiations, so the next stage is to hope that Kirk relaxes h
  8. After the first game of the season, a 2-1 loss to projected 2nd place team Peterborough, where the team fought back well from going 2-0 down in the first 20 minutes, we end up selling our starting WBL Clearly I got his value wrong above, and while I first wanted to try and squeeze out £2.5m for him, his grumpiness about the rejection, as well as the original offer being less than £500k up front and only about £200k in instalments means the deal is hugely beneficial. £750k is upfront, so will help the finances in the short term, with a reasonable boost over the next couple of years.
  9. Pre-season has now drawn to a close Mixed results, but considering that five of the games were against Larger Reputation teams, they weren't all bad Preston scored both goals from the spot. The Brighton game had roughly equal xG until their 2nd goal which was a penalty also. And in all six games the whole team was rotated at around the 60 minute mark, so lots of players managed to get on the pitch. The reason for this brilliance - W-X, our new formation I started with the 5-3-2 that served me well in Lugano on FM20, but made a couple of tweaks. The DC-Lib m
  10. Will keep an eye out to see if the same happens next season. Would be interesting to test if not having the training camp makes a difference, but I am not sure how to do that
  11. I found it on the schedule screen But of the six friendlies this year, I set up five, and one was an invite. I was in the middle of a backroom clear out at the time but there was a DoF and a Coach who could have done it as it only lists Backroom staff and not Asst Man
  12. As Crewe prepare to take on the 2021-2022 season, expectation is building The board expect an improvement, as it was midtable when taking over. The cup will be a challenge depending on the draws, with Shrewsbury first up in the Carabao Cup. There is room in the wage budget, as we are spending £32k p/w meaning and decent players can be tied down on a higher wage to ensure they don't leave. The media expect Crewe to be pushing for the playoffs, although a few days after this, when contracts updated the odds had lengthened to 20-1, but still 8th. All it needs is a good
  13. Managed to avoid a 2nd sacking in the same season, but only just A couple of decent results to start had me looking upwards, as things were very congested in the middle of the table, but one point from the final four games meant things were a little nervy. But the board didn't fire me, which is nice And having missed the youth intake, the main squad is now slightly bloated, having moved every player who is interesting in terms of PPA, or in a shortage position to the first team squad, but with some thinning out to do during preseason. Those who are on loan won't be r
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