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  1. The whistle is the signal that the game is starting though. England should be ready. I agree about the water carriers, but would have to go back and watch to see if the ref can see them from his angle (could have information from the TMO too). But it does raise the question of how inadvertent water carrier/replacement intervention gets monitored. There was a story a couple of weeks ago about a try not being awarded due to the replacements being in the in goal area and getting involved before the try was scored. While the ref shouldn’t start until the water carriers are on
  2. Was a neutral in that game, but the family WhatsApp group (including England fans) was more interested in whether Farrell was going to get a Yellow due to his tone with the ref (despite being captain) at that point, and the England fans were more aggrieved by the second try, although that was influenced by the commentators comments.
  3. I agree with that, but there are many cases where the ref says that and the captain shouts it to a defensive line because they are already set. The England players were in a huddle already, without being ready for the call from the penalty. They have assumed that it will be kick at goal He does call time on again, and blows the whistle, and from the replays the left hand side of the England defence had left the huddle before then, so it isn't like the whole team are still talking. I agree the gap between time on and the kick is short, but it is England who decided to huddle in t
  4. September 2021 Poor against the weakest team in San Felipe requiring a late goal to equalise, after being two down. In fact we went behind in every game this month, so to gain five points from losing positions is good. A nice comeback against Copiapo meaning more point against the top teams which is important, and then a draw against a mid table team showing that is about the level of the team. A couple of injuries this month meant the team wasn't as strong which may have contributed to the poor performances, as while the star ratings suggest the depth is fairly equal, there i
  5. I agree about the water carriers being on, but they should not be on at that point. The time off originally was to speak to Farrell which doesn't result in a water break. The only reason I can see for them appearing is the players assuming the signal from the ref as Farrell reaches the huddle (to signal that time is off) was seen as a signal for the kick at goal based on the fact he was in front of the posts and had both arms pointing upwards (to signal the watch). Even with the time off, England shouldn't be huddling in that situation - until the kick at goal is signalled/kicking t
  6. If it hits the ground or another player then it is a knock on The difference here is the player it went on to hit was behind the player - can't knock it on backwards. Players are entitled to knock it forwards in the air and reclaim it as long as it doesn't hit another player (opposition or not) or the ground. Because they are running forwards, momentum of the ball will usually make it go forwards a the ball is in motion too - whether people agree it is right or not a pass can move forward in the air but be called a backwards pass due to the momentum of the player (they look at the m
  7. Problem with calling that a knock on would be that every time a 15 fumbles the ball under a high ball and it hits their body would have to class as a knock on. Yes he didn't have control when he dropped it, but neither does a juggle/fumble under a high ball. As it went backwards off his leg it shouldn't be a knock on in that sense - I think the look was disappointment at dropping it (in the first instance), and seeing it going forward without realising it came of the England player. The look after the TMO decision shows that they weren't sure about it, but that is not unusual
  8. August 2021 (with a taste of July to start) 11 points from six games is better than expected, and better than imagined. The first game against Melipilla was poor, going down 3-1 early, making it 3-2 then collapsing late on to make the score look worse than the game was. Veloso in goal was offered a rest, with the new signing Baclini given the starting berth, and despite conceding three in his first game he has performed well. A surprise draw against leaders Tecumo, with the front pairing taking their chances well meant that there was a bonus point gained that wasn't expect
  9. Mid-Season break (Rest of June and most of July) One signing in during the window, which it turns out is a restricted window limited to three additions, with Afolabi coming in to play as the MC-DLP, although he wants to be a DM-DLP. He had been on trial for a while, rolling one trial into the next and performed well in the friendlies. Previous attempts to sign him failed when the board refused to offer more than £100 p/w, but after offering Kalise out on loan and freeing up his wages, plus the guaranteed removal of a wage for next season they were willing to sign him up H
  10. Chile Cup - Second round The draw had been unkind, with the opposition being near the top of the first division, and over two legs, lowering the chance of an upset. The lower league team is drawn at home first, so San Marcos are hosts in the first leg, and a chance to test themselves against better opposition 2-0 up and living the dream after an hour of play Less of a dream at the end of the first leg, with the injury to Donadell being a broken wrist and ruling him out for two months. With R Gonzalez out injured too, AML is now short of players with only Vegara a
  11. May 2021 The four games this month take the league to the halfway mark, and the relegation picture is becoming clearer. There is still room for improvement in the performance, although the xG stat is above average. What stands out is while the xG is above average, the goals scored is below, despite being practically identical, showing that some teams are outperforming their xG numbers, so there could be a regression to the mean. What is a bad thing is the average San Marcos result is 1.21-1.50, so is going to result in losses, although a couple of heavy losses are influenc
  12. April 2021 Starting with the stats this time, as they tell a better picture of the month Generally, still below average, apart from defensively. But San Marcos are not being outdone in terms of xG, so the performances are stable Moving closer to the middle of the pack in terms of attacking output, and still busy defensively yet solid. For a relegation candidate this is not bad on the face of things Results wise things were worse. One point from four games. The first loss by more than one goal. And the cup is another story. The Nublense stat
  13. Not sure about a good job, but it has been a reasonable start. I am going to leave it a little while longer before declaring it a good job. I also found out this month about the U20 rule in the cup, which made things slightly more difficult. I haven't had much time or inclination to play, so hopefully as I get further into the save, I will get more engrossed, but Chile seems interesting so far
  14. Chile Cup Draw A second division team will be the opponents, over two legs, should provide a chance to progress, but looking at their previous seasons they were relatively high in the table, so are not the easiest draw. The plan is to play a strong team in the first leg and see how things are going after that before considering the squad rotation issues.
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