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  1. Season Review Well the line-up for the team-of-the season is exactly my first-choice XI. The player choice is no surprise but the formation is that of my predecesor rather than myself so it's interesting that that's whay they've gone for. Well the awards panel gives a bit of a clue as to what the story of the season has been as far as I can tell. The worry on top of this is that other clubs are beginning to hover round him... Finally, here are the budgests that I have available to me. There is some money to spend but I'm not looking to blow much. As ever, if the p
  2. May 2025 Well it wasn't a bad way to round off the season was it? We knew that we needed one win to secure European football next season and got that against Feirense (Pires 36, 45). We dominated the game comfortably and a pair of fine finishes from young superstar Gabriel Pires gave use the win. Next up was table-topping Porto (Pires 47, Boufal 90+2). Pires opened the scoring with a fine finish and Porto equalised with a clever free kick. I was happy to get a point against the champions but Pires and Boufal had other ideas with Pires sending over the cross and Boufal smashing home t
  3. April 2025 Well it's not been a bad month really! Before we started, I was worried that there were some tricky fixtures in there but we seem to have come out ok! Game one was the derby match against Vitoria (Fulgini 25). I can't say that we did well in this game. They scored in the 2nd mintue and bossed the game leaving me to fear the worst but Fulgini popped up with a superb header and left us with a point. Next up was relegation-threatened Portimonense (Pires 14). I thought this would be an easy three points but it was anything but. They bossed the entire game but, early on, Pires
  4. March 2025 It seems that my move to sunny Braga could not have gone much better! Two days after my arrival, we took on Boavista (Lascelles 14, Boufal 29,61). Going behind twice in the game had me worried but Boufal took control. Either side of half time, he went on some great runs, showed neat footwork and finished superbly to give me a win in my first game in the job. Next up, in Europe was Real Sociedad (Pires 47, Boufal 90). This was my first game in Europe since managing Spurs so I was really looking forward to it but also worried as they had taken us apart 3-0 in the last game b
  5. Pettersson: This is the Swede's first season in Portugal since his summer move from Bologna and he appears to be doing well. Souza: has been at the club since 2018 and the RB slot is certainly his to begin with! Lascelles: The first familiar name for me - this is his third season for the club after having an unproductive spell with Norwich. I think he's the first player I've seen with 'gets crowd going' as a trait! Ferreira: Braga born and bred - appearing in the game's first season. Ferrerira looks to be a fine talent at just 19 years old. Kone: Kone has had a mixed spell
  6. March 2025 - Part 2 And here is the news: I've given up South London in favour of North Portugal! My aims for this save are twofold; firstly, I want to do as well as I can and win stuff at the biggest clubs I can manage. Secondly, and perhaps most importantly, I want to get back to Spurs. My aim is to work my round wherever i have to go to build my reputation up to get me a second shot at the Spurs job when I can. Braga are 3.5 stars compared to Palace's 3 and the league ranks higher than the Championship. It's also seen my rep go up 60% and I'm now a 3-star manager (sort of like an
  7. I came up with the idea today of taking over a club and running it like Bilbao - only taking on players from the region the club is based in. I thought that, within in England, Yorkshire seemed to be the natural place and I guess that would make York City the natural club - to run and work only bringing in players born in Yorkshire. I'm afraid I don't have time to run it alongside my main save but would love to read it if somone else did!
  8. ... but I do use an assistant to my training! I then thought that I need to check that I'm getting the best assistant for the job. I know that tactical style is important for the HOYD. Is it important for an Assistant too? If my assistant is training the team, do they need to match style or is it just the green stats that make a difference? Is there anything else I'm missing?
  9. March 2025 In this game, we took on Portsmouth (Ferguson 73). We went 1-0 down through a superb hit from their LB which O'Leary seemed to let go right through his hands. This was followed up by them getting a scrappy goal from a poorly defended corner. We did mount something of a fightback led by Ferguson smashing home a beautifully-delievered free-kick but it just wasn't enough. This game was followed up by confidence meeting with the board. Three games without a win, two being defeats and dropping out the play-offs had clearly got them a bit unhappy. The game leaves
  10. February 2025 Injuries were beginning to take their toll this month and by the time we played Villa, only one member of my starting back-line was fit. It did mean I had the chance to had a debut to a promising young CB called Leighton Marsh who was in the U18s so we'll observe his career with interest alongside Toure - the other youngster I'm bringing through. The kindergarten backline continue to do well against Wednesday (Mir 8) and Mir makes the most of a superb cross from the ever-dependable Fran Perez. Against Huddersfield, we boss the game throughout but we fail to make anythin
  11. January 2025 The year started with us playing fourteenth-placed Reading and sincerely hope that it's not a sign for how the rest of 2025 is going to pan out in game. We were truly shocking - well I say that but the xG was almost equal across the game. You wouldn't know that from looking at the scoreline though! In the cup, we faced Chelsea and were, unsurprisingly, beaten. I have to say though, that only conceeding two didn't seem too bad. I took a direct counter-attacking approach and, while it did keep them at bay mostly, it also meant we created almost nothing ourselves - still go
  12. December 2024 December - could be better, could be worse. It's all getting closer and closer and closer and I don't think our results this month have done much to separate that out. I'll run you through what happened and give you an idea of what January's going to look like too! So we kicked things off with QPR (Mir 12, Fran Perez 43). The first goal was a superb counter-attacking move and the second a well-worked throw-in and they gave us the three points. Next up were bottom of the table Bristol. Despite them being pretty close to bottom of the table, we absolutely failed to turn u
  13. Hello all! I just thought I'd ask how people had got on with trying to change a club's vision. I like the almost romantic notion of coming into a club with a vision/culture of defensive, structured, direct football and slowly, over years of success, transforming the club until the club's vision and culture so that the requirement is for possession-based, attacking, high press football. Has anyone tried this before and succeeded or is it a 'not going to happen' pipe dream do you think?
  14. Thanks for the reply @mjw004. I keep ploughing on - especially with not so much to do in lockdown! November 2024 Well I'm pleased to say that November has been a much better month - probably my best of the season so far! Coming up against third-place West Brom (Eze 13, Mir 86, Lundqvist 89, 90+4) was certainly not the easiest way for the month to open. When we were 2-0 down inside 5 mins, I thought we were in real trouble and fully expected to lose the game. The team had other ideas though and the previously-ineffective Lundqvist popped up with two stunners at the end to give us
  15. October 2024 Hmmmm - things are less than ideal here. I might be reaching out to anyone who fancies chipping back with a bit of advice please! Stoke (Fran Perez 68) were our first game and we seemed to go toe-to-toe with them through most of the game but they took their chances and we didn't giving them a 2-1 win. Against Hull (Mir 90+1), the xG was pretty equal for the first half but Hull got 2-0 up. From then on, we opened up a lead in the xG and did manage to nab a goal towards to the end but we still lost. Against Portsmouth (Toney 84), we had a huge lead in xG but were failing t
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