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  1. November 2032 November kicked off with the second game against my old club Porto (Mora 4, Kluivert 89). It's pleasing to say that the result was the one that we wanted this time around and it helped me to feel better about moving on. The following game saw us take on Derby County (Espinoza 5, 26, 42, 52, Baxter 24). A five-goal haul by Espinoza showed how we were on the up and what quality the winger had. We followed this up by going behind to Man United (Espinoza 18, Mora 39). We went behind early on but had turned it around by HT and then held on to secure the result. A heavily-rotated side took on Brugge (Mora 81). We were poor for the most of the game so rather than bringing on the youngsters, we had to bring on the big guns to get to the draw. We were even worse against Everton where we battled with them throughout but, having lost Espinoza through injury, we were worrying short of any creativity or finishing. The same story was true against Sheffield United and this brought our month to a pretty unsatisfactory conclusion. Two months in a row and two Young Players of the Month - that's certainly a record I look forward to keeping going as we seek to bring in the best young players from all around the world. The league table can't look any better at the moment! Despite the struggles at the end of the month, we come through as top of the table. It's a worry though that it's all so close and, with injuries, things could easily go any which way. In the Champ's League, we've squeaked above Porto but we have to match their result in order to secure top of the group. That's where I want to be but I'll still be resting key players through the game. This December doesn't look as packed as an English December can. In terms of the number of players I have needing a rest, that can only be a good thing! All the league games are winnable and, having slumped at the end of November, we need to pick up again. Dortmund is a game I want to win as is the QF against Man City although I know that won't be an easy task. I'll let you know how we get on...
  2. October 2032 October was a pretty busy month for us and, on the whole, a positive one as you can see from the results above. The month began with a league game against strugglers Watford (Aime 27, 35, Redondo 55, 77, Mora 59, Kluivert 60) who had no answer for our attack. Kluivert got goal of the month for a superb dribbling run to edge of the box before curling it into the far corner. Bournemouth (Baxter 90+1) proved a much harder nut to crack but a corner from Aime saw Baxter head home to give us the win. We had little joy against former employers Porto (Mora 52). We were 4-0 down by HT and sent home with our tails between our legs. The game against Chelsea (Espinoza 8) began with a dream start and for the most of the game, I would have been happy with the point but a late penalty saw them snatch all three. The League Cup game against Southampton was a bit of a bore-fest in the 90 but a penalty win sees us on into the QF. Finally, we took on Wolves (Redondo 4, Mora 13, Aime 61) and brushed them aside. The goal of the game was Aime's superb effort smashed low into the corner from outside the box. Even though a lot of his work was off the bech, Aime did enough to secure young player of the month just ahead of Ezequiel. Two players in there is a good sign for us. Bring on the wonderkids says I! I have to be pleased with whre we are in the league table. We remain in the champ's league places and two points away from the Europa League places. It's even better to be up to second. We're four points behind Chelsea who really seem to be striking out for the title. In the Champ's League itself, Dortmund could only draw with Brugge which puts us five points ahead of them at the halfway stage. Get a win against them again and we've pretty much qualified I would have thought. They're not our next game though... Our next game is the home tie v Porto and I really want to give my former club a proper game this time around. I really hope that we can beat them and really strengthen our credentials but I'm still not too worried - yet. Derby and Sheffield are in the relegation places and Everton are tenth so those games have all got to be targeted for points. Man U are presently 8th so it would be great to beat them and keep them out the way too!
  3. September 2032 Game one of September saw us take on Leicester (Mora pen 43, Espinoza 44, Redondo 62) in what turned out to be a crazy game. We go 1-0 down, we turn it round to 2-1 just before HT, they equalise just after HT and we take the lead again only for them to score two and steal the game - aaargh! We took all this frustation out on poor Club Brugge (Mora 2, 38, Isaia 13). Headers were the order of the day and got us 2 out of the three. We then took on Man City (Augusto 6, Mora 32, Espinoza 45+1, Kluivert 58) and were sent into dreamland! The pick of the goals was Augusto's daisycutter into the bottom corner from inside the D. The only problem now is that he's flirting with Barca! A second-string side took on Norwich (Bravo 21, Redondo 62, Mora 90+1) but at 3-1 down at HT, I had to bring on the big guns to save the day at the last minute and see us into the next round via penalties. Villa (Espinoza 16, 23, 38, Mora 21, Redondo 55) were a place above us in the league but could do nothing to stand in our way. My personal highlight were some of the killer balls Augusto played to set things up and make chances. Finally, we played Dortmund (Mora 48, Augusto 83, Bastoni 90+5). I was really impressed with the result we got out of a tight game and I hope that that will really boost our chances of getting out the group. At the moment, it feels like we're sitting pretty in the league. We're in a Champ's League place and are three points ahead of Man City and five points ahead of Arsenal and Man U so I feel like the odds are certainly in our favour with that one at the moment. In the Champ's League, we're also doing well. We're presently six points ahead of Dortmund and, even if we suffer some knockbacks, I doubt they'd beat our head-to-head of a 3-0 win. All in all, I can't complain! Watford, Bournemouth and Wolves are all games I think we should be winning if we want to make good on our potential. Chelsea, on the other hand, provide a serious challenge as they have shot off up to top place - five points ahead of Southampton. It's Southampton that we take on in the League Cup and, although I'm rotation slightly in the competiton, it's a chance of silverware and I want to win it. Last, and by no means least, we take on my former employers. When I was in charge of Porto, we moved pretty smoothly past Spurs. I hope to offer a bit more a match this time around!
  4. August 2032 The opening month of the season contained four games. The first was the ideal start against Brighton (Isaia 9, Moran pen 17, Espinoza 23, Philippov 52). Isaia's goal was the pick of the bunch - curled into the top corner from just inside the D. We were on a wave going into the West Brom (Philippov 30) but came out with a shock. We took the lead through Philippov's curled effort but they took the lead through two long balls over the top. It was the small matter of the North London Derby next when we took on Arsenal (Espinoza 25, 38). Two crosses by Redondo and Ezqueial were both headed home at the far post by Espinoza to give us a famous win over my former employers. The final game of the month was against Liverpool (Redondo 4, Baxter 69). Superstar Redondo gave us the lead with a tidy finish and they pegged us back straight away when our keeper came flying out. A super finish from Baxter restored the lead after a neat throw-in and Halaimia went from villian to hero with a string of superb saves as Liverpool pushed forward at the end. It's very early days but we're where we want to be in the table - firmly in the competition at the right end of the table. There's a long way to go yet before it means anything though! Just before the Liverpool game, our group for the Champion's League was drawn. It looks hard! As fate would have it, I return to my former employers in the Portugal. We also have the challenge of Dortmund to overcome and that will be a challenge for sure. Club Brugge from Belgium round out the group. September looks like a busy month. Games against Leicester, Man City and Aston Villa provide us with leage action while we face Brugge and Dortmund in the Champ's League so we'll soon see how the group is going. Finally, the League cup starts with a game away at Norwich. Plenty of games and plenty of challenge await...
  5. Starting XI So a new season looms large and this is the team that I'm looking to put out for my first game back in charge of Spurs! Walid Halamia: The 25yo Frenchman has spent all of his career excelling at Anderlecht and it was this stellar record that caught my eye and led me to bring him to the lane. James Black: The 25yo Englishman has been Spurs' RB since 2026. He's caught the eye of Barcelona and was capped when I was England manager so I feel like it's a safe place. Allesandro Bastoni At spurs since 2022, the 33yo Italian is someone I trust to help command the backline. He won't be there forever at this age though. Jean-Clair Todibo: Todibo is in a similar postion having been a rock at the back since 2026. I'll look to make the most of this pairing before I need to move them on. Enrique Gonzalez: The second of my three signings and a bargin at £28m. The former Dortmund man will be someone I expect to excel. Ezequiel: The third and final signing I made is the 21yo Brazillian who is one of the great world prospects. Having pinched him for £13.5m, I expect him to do well. Fabio Augusto: The 26yo Brazillian was brought in from Santos in 2024 and is the second part of my all-Brazillian CM axis. Igor Philippov: The 21yo Ukranian joined the club from Shaktar three years ago. He's coming through the ranks and a great future prospect. Riccardo Isaia: The Italian has spent two years at Spurs having come in from Torino. He got 8 goals and 7 assists last season and I look forward to more. Jeronimo Espinoza: The 21yo Mexican has been at the club for the last few years but not really made it. He's got the nod ahead of 33yo Justin Kluivert at the moment but will that last? Sebastian Mora: The Colombian spent half of last season at Man City having joined them from PSG. But then, in the winter, Spurs stepped in and Mora was on the move again! Let's see what he can do in his first full season.
  6. Pre-season Well it's been a pretty good pre-season! I kept the fixtures that had been set up prior to me taking over and I have to say that I'm pretty pleased with the results. All wins and only two goals conceded doesn't sound like a bad place to be! The predictions say that we'll finish 5th. We seem to be a fair chunk ahead of both Arsenal and Leicester but also a little bit behind Man U so it will be interesting to see how we do. I think it's going to be a challenge to sneak that final Champion's League place. It's an interesting month to get us going. We've got two games that we really should win followed by two games against the clubs that will be competing for those European places so we should have a fair idea of how we're going to do by the end of the month!
  7. The dream job! The return! The reunion! My primary aim in this save has been to get back to Tottenham again and, at last, I've managed it. Both Spurs and Man City sacked their managers after the cup final and the club I wanted to manage were the first to offer me a job. Let's hope that my stay here is longer than it was last time around! The expectations are to qualify for the Europa League, reach the QF of the Champion's League and the final of the FA Cup. It doesn't sound like too bad a task as long as the league takes the primary focus. I certainly feel like I should be able to put a squad together to do that. I get the impression that I'll need to visit the vision screen quite a lot. There's a lot going on here and I'm going to need to make sure that I'm keeping a good eye on everything that the club wants me to be doing. Let's hope that I can keep abreast of it all. There's a bit of money here to play with so if I need to add to the squad, I can. I haven't had chance to look at what we've got yet so I'll soon let you know what I've bought the XI that will play the opening game of the season!
  8. Season Review The season's XI is exactly the line-up that I chose throughout most of the season. It reflects the fact Colombo dropped out of the starting XI as the season went on and the fact that Corioni hadn't quite secured his place yet. Well it's pretty easy to see who lead things for us this season. Carrasco was the main man and he sweeps most of the awards. Ferrieira defies his advancing years to secure most assists and we should be pretty pleased with what we're getting from him. Carrasco also broke a hatful of records this season. Just think that I was considering replacing him halfway through the season but perhaps bringing Corioni in as competition spurred him on. Now, normally at this point, I'd discuss the vision and the budget for next season but I haven't because there is news to come...
  9. May 2032 May brings the season to a close. We began by beating Chaves (Carrasco 39, Rodrygo 47, Pires 53, Corioni pen 88) in a regulation 4-1 win. We then repeated the feat in our last league game of season when we played Moreiense (Corioni 44, pen 66, Djalo 48, Carrasco 60). Across the two games, it was pretty pleasing to see Corioni in such good form but we did lose Rodrygo to injury in the first game of the month meaning we wouldn't have him for the cup final. Onto that and the game against Braga. We were hopeless - utterly awful. We simply didn't turn up and never looked like getting into it once Braga had scored. Perhaps I'm just not meant to win this trophy?! The table is as you were. We finish the seasons champions and an impressive twenty points above Benfica. It's a pretty pleasing picture for me and certainly shouldn't hurt my cv!
  10. April 2032 At last, the season approaches its business end. We knew that, assuming everything went well that we'd be able to wrap up the title this month which is never a bad thing! Game one saw us take on Nacional (Corioni 14). They took a shock lead but, just a minute later, our wonderkid saw the game to parity and that's where it stayed. We then took on my old club Braga (Djalo 30, OG 67) and Djalo smashed an absolute beauty from outside the box which crossed the keeper low into the opposite corner. Farense (Pires 49, Corioni 90+3) gave us a really good game at led at HT. We got the win in the end though as Rodrygo played possibly the ball of the season up from his own half to see Corioni volley it home. Goals flowed against Rio Ave (Carrasco 8, 37, Pires 45, Rodrygo 90) and the day after the game, we got some good news... We'd done enough to win the league! Cheers all round I think. Our first celebration game saw us play Famalicao (Real 22, Carrasco 83). They took the league against us but Real scored well from a tight angle and Carrsco got the winner after a superb ball over the top from Ferreira. Finally, we played Feirense (Carrasco 3, Henrique 41). They went down to ten men in the second half and closed the game down but we'd already got the win by then. The table can now only confirm what we already knew. We're champions. It also looks like Benfica and Braga are set for their places so it's only Sporting and Boavista who could switch places between them. Three games now remain and it's the last of these that is the high-profile one. There we play the cup final against my old club Braga. We suffered a shock defeat in the final last year so I'm keen to see it out this year and get a clean sweep of domestic trophies this season.
  11. March 2032 Thankfully for my exhausted squad, March was a much lighter month in terms of game time. We started the month against Sporting (Ferreira 75) and it looked like it was going to be a draw until a sweet Pires pull-back to the edge of the area was swept into the bottom corner by Ferreira. We then went out to Real Madrid (Carrasco 90+1) and were pretty much blown away. At 2-0 down, we put up the barricades to prevent a rout and did at least leave with the goal of the game when Carrasco smashed the ball through the postage stamp after a nice knockdown by Garcia. We returned to league action and played Boavista (Ferreira 3, Corioni 81) and Ferreira scored a goal-of-the season contender curling the ball into the top corner from outside the box. We went down to ten men when Pires was sent off but it stop Corioni picking up the ball running it past his man, drawing the keeper out and smashing it home. All the goals came out against Vitoria (Henrique 17, Rodrygo 23, 57, Ferreira 25, Carrasco 45, 64) and we stormed our way to a convincing win to finish the month. What has been a great month for us hasn't been for Benfica - our title rivals. We finish the month eight points ahead of them but we also have two games in hand so potentially we could earn a fourteen point lead! This seems incredible but I'll be pleased to have that as we sail into the final stretch of the season. Back in December, there was a promise that our youth intake would be pretty exciting. Well it certainly proved to be true! Harbottle and Quimbamba steal the headlines but there are plenty of other good players in here to help the club's future. April has six league games with two double gameweeks in there too. Braga is the headline game but, even with that game in there, I'm expecting to smash through the month and secure our second league title as soon as we can.
  12. Its certainly more than my squad was ready to take by this stage of the season @john1! A combination of fatigue and injuries doesn't make for pretty viewing! February 2032 The monster month began with a game against Pacos De Ferreira (Carrasco 7). I thought we were doing well with an early lead but our formed dipped from there on in and they handed us our first defeat in a domestic game this season. This was followed up with the first leg of the cup semi v Benfica (Colombo pen 20). I was worried when they took an early lead but we levelled it up and it's not the worst place to be going into the second leg at home. We then played Famalicao (Djalo 37, OG 40, Carrasco 83, Zainaghi 90+3) and it was a pretty comfortable win! We did just as well in the second leg of the cup against Benfica (Carrasco 13, 24, 45+1, 68) where Carrasco went on the rampage. He's really stepped up as this season has gone on. From wanting to replace him with Corioni in January, I now see it as vital to get both playing. Corioni showed what he could do in getting two goals against Vilafranquense (Corioni 24, pen 90+2) to get his account up and running. No-one could produce the goods against Real Madrid though as we were firmly outplayed and have work to do in the away leg. We took out our frustrations on Tondela (Corioni pen 19, Carrasco 45+1) and looked good even when Locatelli got sent off for a horror-tackle in the 49th minute. Benfica gave us an end-to-end match but there was little quality on show and it finished 0-0. And it was pretty similar against Portimonense (Carrasco 69) where we struggled to a pretty uninsipiring draw. So we remain top of the league and have a healthy six point gap and a game in hand. I'm still pretty confident that we can win the league and if, as I expect, we crash out of Europe next month, that will save some tired legs going through the next months for sure! Benfica will be looking over their shoulder at Braga though and I'd love it if my former club could sneak a Champion's League spot! There was nothing too exciting with the in's and out's in the winter window. I was worried at one point about Carrasco's goal return (why now I've no idea!) and brought young Corioni in as a promising striker to compete for that starting place. But, with Carrasco's return to form and Corinoni having all the right stats, I'm seeing him more as an inside forward cutting in from the right so a bit of re-training is going on there! The outs are all young players needing loan minutes this season. We get to take much more of a breather this month with only four games to work through in March. The biggies come in early with Sporting being our first league game and then Real Madrid close on their heels. I'd love to see us overturn our deficit but I don't see that happening so think we won't have the extra work of European games between now and the end of the season which should really help us kick on and secure the league!
  13. January 2032 It's been a while but Porto are back in business having completed the monster second-half months that this leage seems to be famous for! The month began with a super win Chaves (Ferreira 4, Pires 10 45+2, Djalo 13, Colombo 22, Carrasco 29, 90). At 6-0 up by half-time, it was fairly safe to say we blew them away. Ferreira's curling effort is a goal-of-the-season contender too! On the Wednesday, we played Portimonense (Carrasco 26, Rodrygo 82, 88) and it looked like we would have to settle for a draw but Rodrygo had other ideas scoring a cute header from a Pires cross and a smooth pass into the far corner from an ace Djalo through-ball (hands off PSG!). Against Moreinense (Pires pen 19, Henrique 63, Rodrygo 73) saw all three goals coming from set pieces. In the cup, we played Nacional (Rodrygo 46, Pires pen 50). We were losing at HT and I went ballistic. The team responded though as Pires put through Rodrgyo to score and then converted a penalty himself to see us into the semis. Back to the league and we played Cova da Piedade (Carrasco 29, Rodrygo 52). Carrasco now has competiton as we brought in Italian youngster Coroni from Rangers and it certainly seems to have fired him up here. We went on to the League Cup semi where we played Santa Clara (Pires pen 12, Carrasco 31, 57, 71) and Carrasco remained inspired scoring a hattrick that took us on into the final - played that very weekend! A game that we would go on to win against Braga (Carrasco 56, Colombo 83). They had the early chances and injured Pires just before HT. We took control though with Carrasco scoring a headed corner and Colombo beating two men before rolling the ball into the far corner to give us the trophy. Back in the league, we played Nacional (Carrasco 66, Real 83). It took us until the second half to get the goals but two headed set-piece goals did the job nicely. As you were - we remain top of the table and although it appears that Benfica are reining us in, in fact we're now up to two games in hand so still have the potential to restore our seven point lead. Another monster month ensues - nine - I repeat nine - games are packed into the month's shortest year. Benfica away is a league highlight and we see them again in the two-legged cup semi-final. Finally, we have the small mattter of hosting Real Madrid in the Champ's League. All of this with a fair few injuries too mean it could be a touch and go month...
  14. Great start to the series - enjoying the read!
  15. December 2031 So December has been a pretty good month all told! The month began with the game against Vilafranquense (Pires 71, Carrasco 73, Henrique 90+3). They put everything into their back line and looked good for it but a couple of sendings off and a pen gave us what we needed for the result. Against Rio Ave (Pires 35, Rodrygo 84), we were behind for a while in the first half but goals from Pires and Rodrygo meant our unbeaten league run carried on. An entirely-rotated side took on Kobenhavn (Hernandez 17, 78, Cappiello 55, Pavez 62, Pinhao 81, Guilheme 89) but it didn't stop our flow at all as we put six past the Danish capital side before moving on. The month's last league game was against Feirense (Henrique 5, Ferreira 71) and a solid two-nil win gave us a good gap at the top of Liga Nos. In the cup we got wins against Tondela (Carrasco 31) and Famalicao (Pires 35, 79, Colombo 68) who were in a position to knock us out twick before Colombo's late goal got us level and Pires gave us the win. Just in time for Christmas, the FM Santa gives us some clues as to what's coming in our youth intake next year. It all sounds pretty good with a decent GK and DM coming through as well as promising AMCs and wingers. I will certainly take an excellent group of players please! The table looks pretty good. We are five points on Benfica and we have another game in hand on our title rivals so I'm feeling like we shouldn't have too much to worry about there. In the Champ's League, we've drawn Real Madrid so we'll have the chance to see Fernandez again soon. Incidently, he's just swept the board for almost every award going. Not much to worry about then... January is a packed month - eight games in total including the cup games. They're both important as we chase down silverware. I always look out games against Braga so I want to win that one. Overall, I want lots of wins, still some energy in the bank and good competition progress. Not much to ask is it?!
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