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  1. Unfortunately not, I only maintain a single save and have obviously progressed past this date now. Seems to have occurred for a couple of Users on this thread, so shouldn't be too hard to try to replicate by holidaying through a single season? Will take me a number of weeks to get to the end of my next season
  2. I am experiencing the same issue as Albion Rovers. Invited to Under 18's, accepted, but no Under 18's squad/ fixtures added. Is this the same issue raised on an earlier page and is "Under review" by @Ed Hewison?
  3. Albion Rovers, Scottish League 2. Reading through the Scottish League specific thread, seems like a very similar issue was raised in November 2018 and responded to by Ed Hewison, and is "under review". Issue was raised again Jan 2019 by a different User, but no updates since then.
  4. Quick question, at the end of my first season I accepted the offer to have an Under 18 team for the following season, as I had recently been provided with a number of young regens to develop. However, the regular season has now re-started, and I don't have an Under 18 squad option, or are there any fixtures for Under 18s. As a result I have to play my young regens in the reserves league. Is there some other requirement for an Under 18 squad to be added (i.e. facilities etc?), or is this a Bug?
  5. No kidding. So no guarantees that if I make more wages available (selling/ releasing players) that the maximum wage allowed for a role (i.e Key Player) will increase?
  6. I would just suggest removing the feature entirely, seems arbitrary at best. But if I can think of anything more constructive I will raise. Apologies, thought I'd raised in the UI thread. Can it be moved?
  7. Firstly, I consider this feature pretty irrelevant, as regardless of my choices I never get any reaction from my squad (positive or negative) and merely end up repeating myself every time. I understand this can be skipped, but being a 'hands-on' manager I would still prefer to do these myself - if I understood what they were for? I never select my team until gameday, so not sure if this makes much of a difference. In any case, these meetings mostly occur the evening before a game - usually a Friday at 7pm - is this realistic? Do clubs actually have these meetings on Friday nights? Either way, a number of the options to select detail "today" in the text - i.e. "We're going to go with 4-4-2 TODAY as it suits us the best" - even though the meeting is happening the night previously. This bothers me probably more than it should. Maybe because I recall something similar from the last FM I played (FM2016) and seems like such a straightforward thing to fix. I'm surprised it hasn't been implemented already.
  8. Sorry, pretty sure I'm way past those news items and only maintain one save. I'll double check next time I'm on though. This not something that's been previously raised then?
  9. Thanks for the response. Not sure the solution here applies to my situation, however, as my transfer budget is zero, so there is no option to even move the budget slider, or even request more wages from the Board. I will take a look in more detail at the problem when I next continue my save, maybe provide some more info. One additional question I have in the meantime - I currently have a player on a rolling month-to-month contract on $150/week. If I were to release him, I assume these wages would be added to my overall wage budget, but I would be interested to know if this would also increase the amount of wages I could offer a potential new signing - i.e. increase from the max $160/ week my board is allowing for a Key Player. I guess I could use some clarity on the wage mechanics here. Don't want to release a useful player for nothing, if it makes no difference.
  10. According to my Scouting page, I have approx £320/week to spare in player wages. I am attempting to sign a new player who will drastically improve my team. He is asking for £300/week as a Key Player. I have only one other Key Player at my club, who is on £300/week. However, currently my board is only allowing me to offer a max wage of £160/week for a Key Player, so I am unable to sign this guy. Why am I not able to offer the full amount of wages that I have available in the budget? Especially as I already have a player earning this much with the same squad status. Possibly related, but I've noticed the wage slider displayed on the Board page does not always align with the "wages allowed" amount displayed on the Scouting page. i.e. Scouting page will display £320 available wages, but the slider will say something like "currently spending £2100 of £2200 available per week on wages" - so only £100 under budget. Is this a bug? Should they align, or are other budgetary considerations taken into account between these two displayed values?
  11. Small bug, may have been reported elsewhere. Have just finished my first season of FM19, and an number of news items have been created regarding loan players returning to their Parent club at the end of their loan. Every report reads as below (paraphrased): "(player) has returned to (parent club) following the completion of their loan. (player) made zero appearances for (loan club) during their time on loan" In actual fact, these players made multiple appearances for their loan club during this time. In one instance, one player was the league player of the year! I suspect the code is looking up to appearances for their parent club, rather than loan club, hence the error.
  12. Following a 3 year hiatus I have recently delved back into the world of FM for the first time since FM2016, having previously played every version since Champ Man 97 (which is unfortunate, as from what I’m reading in other threads FM2017 has one of the better MEs). Generally I have been enjoying the game, however a few frustrations are creeping in, so thought I’d share my experience so far. A lot of this has likely been covered elsewhere, but I find it strangely cathartic to get it all out there. In my regular life I work as a QA, and while none of what I have encountered I would deem a “showstopper” or warrant the game unplayable, most I would definitively raise as user experience issues. Some context, I am playing in the lowest league of the Scottish League, am approximately 2/3 through my first season and watch all games full highlights. This equates to roughly 50 hours of ME viewing. I find managing lower league teams often helps mitigate some of the ME issues that occur, as I can always blame my poor players rather than the ME. But in some instances, it merely exacerbates the problems. On starting up, my team is comfortably considered the worst in the league, heavy relegation favourites whose only real strength across the squad is speed. Things are so bad, in fact, that my own team laughs at me when I tell them “we can avoid relegation” this season. I also have the first transfer window disabled, so am unable to strengthen. In the vast majority of fixtures I am viewed as the underdog, with my Assistant always encouraging me to play Defensive. However, I have never been a fan of inviting pressure and have little confidence in my defence to withstand constant attacks, so my initial approach is to play a Cautious 4-1-4-1, expecting to be put under pressure but hoping to keep things relatively close and try to nick a goal on the break with my pace or via a set piece. However, this is not what happens during the games. Despite facing stronger opposition, I find my team almost always has the majority of possession, and creates the most chances. This is possibly due to 2 reasons: Firstly, I have to play a short passing game, as encouraging anything more direct or expressive results in punted balls upfield to nobody in particular. This lowers the number of aimless long balls, but heavily increases the number of tedious cycled passes around my team with little penetration, skewing the possession in my favour. I have been unable to find a happy medium so far. Secondly, the opposition tactics seem to be even more cautious than mine, with very little attacking initiative and most of their attempted long balls likewise being hit straight out of play. This can result in a painful viewing experience. I’m not sure why the opposition AI decides to play this way against a team as weak as mine, but it usually means my team is a lot more competitive than it probably should be. Despite my lowly team rank, I have the best defensive record in the league and most number of clean sheets. Due to the seeming lack of desire to win from the opposition, I feel emboldened enough in my tactics to sometimes field a standard Balanced 4-4-2 – particularly at home - against teams I feel are at a level close to my own. This often leads to a much more expansive game. The goals I do concede seem to happen in a similar manner. On a number of occasions I have conceded on the counter attack – usually as a result of an overhit corner or giveaway by my own team. In itself, this shouldn’t be a problem, however having previously sat through x number of minutes watching the opposition barely create a chance or complete a long pass, when given the opportunity to counter they suddenly all race across the pitch like gangbusters, with every pass upfield made to perfection and the sweeping move finished expertly by their striker. I get that this is how counter attacks work, but given what I’d been watching previously, this sudden transformation always feels slightly inorganic, jarring and inevitable. Ironically, this is how I envisaged my own team playing, but every counter opportunity I am presented with either results in my players hitting the ball out of play, crossing into an opposition player or slowing down and eventually getting tackled. Clearly these amazing, rapid counter attacks are possible, I just haven’t been able to ‘unlock’ their potential - despite my tactics, and players - set up for such. I also concede a lot through my own player errors. The main gripe I have so far is something that I believe has been around for a number of FM incarnations now – players under no pressure and in yards of space race back to a ball going out for a goal kick/ throw in, and rather than shepherd the ball out or control it, they either head/ hoof the ball out of play for a corner or back into the path of opposition players. Simply put, this should not happen. I don’t care how bad my players stats are – this is Sunday league level of skill. Playing as a poor quality team with little chance of winning, conceding goals from these simple errors is just the worst. As a result of this, I find myself ‘forced’ to play a DM to mop up some these mistakes. Speaking of mistakes, last night my LB passed the ball back to the GK, but instead hit the base of the post. My GK – about a yard away – stood and looked at the ball for a couple of seconds, before the opposition striker raced from about 10 yards away to score. I get that things happen like this in real life, but via the ME it looks plain ridiculous. Also this was the second time in the game the LB had hit the post from a back pass. Hopefully it’s not a trend. Like others appear to be experiencing, I am also having a hard time getting my strikers – particularly my Poacher (in both formations) – to score. Mostly, they either run in the opposite direction to where a pass is being played, fail to engage entirely or miss a good chance when finally presented with one. My leading scorers this season are my CB (my penalty and free kick taker) and my CM (around half of which have been long shots – which seem to have dried up slightly since the latest patch). I expect them to be overtaken soon by my LW, who has a found a knack of finishing off crosses at the back post. Speaking of crosses, yes, I have seen a lot of blocked crosses, but this seems to have improved a little since the last patch, and is not quite as much of a problem for my wingers as - Slide tackles. I watch a lot of football, and only rarely do slide tackles result in anything other than a freekick (often accompanied by some retired ex-pro on commentary proclaiming that the “game is gone” and “it’s a contact sport, for crissakes”). Well, these guys should get themselves down to a Scottish League Two game, as some of the tackles I see there are simply spectacular, and almost always make contact with the ball. My wingers are generally bossed by these immaculately time challenges from the opposition midfield – despite these players having pretty poor tackling stats - and on a number of occasions at the end of a match one or both teams has a 100% tackle percentage. Conversely, most 50/50 possession tussles or competed headers seem to result in free kicks. I also feel some player/ team instructions do not function as well as others. My wingers, for instance, rarely make it to the byline or cross low, despite instructions. Instead they always prefer to attempt deeper crosses or cut inside to be tackled (see above) or unleash a surprisingly well-hit shot with their wrong foot. Similarly, goalkeepers and defenders have a habit of lingering on the ball when you’re desperately attempting to chase a game, despite instructions to the contrary. In terms of the UI, I feel this is one of the best FMs yet. It feels relatively robust and the training/ scouting/ tactics options are engaging. The only real issue I have is with the pre-match tactical teamtalk, as I have no idea what this does? I often leave my team selection blank until game day (does it make a difference if the team is selected?) and have only once had any kind of response from my squad on something I selected. Also, these meeting are scheduled for the evening before a game (does this happen in real life?) – but the text within the options often refers to “today” – i.e. “We’re going to go with a 4-1-4-1 formation today, as it suits us the best” – but the game is actually tomorrow. I think this also was also the case back when I last played FM so can’t believe it hasn’t been fixed – just rename the text to “this match” rather than “today”. Easy. In summary, my team are 7th in the league (out of 10), competitive in most games and I am confident of avoiding relegation. In fact, with a good string of results - and if I can get my striker scoring - could even squeak into the playoffs. This is on a par with how I hoped the season would go – it’s just not how I expected the season to go. I anticipated a plucky (but ultimately unsuccessful) underdog story, but instead am unexpectedly overachieving, and can't help but feel this is mostly due to the AI rather than my own skill at the game. As mentioned previously, the issues I’m seeing with the ME are not enough to ruin the game for me, and I’ve also been able to enjoy a couple of classic “FM moments” with this edition. Hopefully SI takes on board some of the constructive feedback provided in this thread and delivers a solid ME experience in FM2020.
  13. More Player Interaction brilliance - my BWM gets sent off (something for another time - BWM's seem to collect bookings/ red cards like trading cards) in the 44th minute of a must-not-lose relegation six-pointer. Naturally unhappy with this I attempt to interact by criticizing his previous game. Firstly, there is no option available related to his previous red card, so instead I have to opt for 'your tackling was not up to scratch in the last game', which is pretty much accurate as he was sent off for two bad challenges... He reacts upset, saying he thinks it is unfair as the entire team defended poorly. We won the game 1-0.
  14. So I have now played 10 games on the latest patch (15.3) taking over a struggling English Conference South side mid-season. My record so far is W3, L2, D3 plus two friendly victories. I watch the games in full match view at regular speed which usually takes around 1h30mins – 2hrs per game, so in total around 20 hours of experience of the latest ME. While I think on a general level the ME continues to improve, I also feel that for every iteration there are a number of things that can frustrate and make the game quite difficult to enjoy – often leading to certain adaptations having to be made by the user in order to mitigate these frustrations. I am a 10 year Quality Assurance specialist by trade, and my extensive FM experience generally involves lower league management. Naturally I appreciate the standard of football in these leagues will be lower, but at the same time watching these games in full match mode via the ME can be an infuriating and painful experience. I am sure the SI QA team tested the ME in these lower leagues, and would be surprised if they didn’t experience some, if not all of these frustrations. Anyway, for what it’s worth, here are my observations so far – for obvious reasons most of which revolve around the ME. - Post-match time - an easy one to start, but on the post-match screen following weekend fixtures, the date/ time displays as 15:15 on the same day. Obviously this is not correct for 3pm fixtures. Not sure how this made it through testing. I can’t be certain, but don’t think this was wrong pre 15.3. - First touch – this is the one thing that has caused me the most frustration with the ME so far – SO many times players (both mine and the AI) lose possession through a poor first touch. I understand players in lower leagues are less technically proficient, but my five-a-side team has better close control than most of these guys. Even FM players with what I consider decent stats for this level (between 8-12 first touch, okay balance/ technique/ composure) lose the ball an astonishing number of times. Not only that, but after a poor touch they only seem able to ‘waddle’ up to the ball, before inevitably getting tackled. Interestingly, these same players seem capable of plucking a 40 yard pass out of the air by the touchline, but are unable to control a simple pass in the middle of the pitch – even if they are simply walking on to a relatively stationary ball. - Tackles/ Strength – one of the biggest issues I had with the previous ME was the number of ‘out of nowhere’ challenges that would prevent my (or the AI, for that matter) strikers getting any kind of space in the penalty area. FAR too many times a nobody centre-back with terrible tackling stats would reach out a telescopic leg and execute the most perfect sliding challenge to stop my skillful, pacey striker from getting a shot away. In an entire season on the previous patch not once was I awarded or did I concede a penalty due to a poorly timed tackle. Given some of the penalties you see week in week out in real life, it is ridiculous what defenders get away with in this game. Whilst so far these incredible tackles seem to have been toned-down slightly in 15.3, for me it is still an issue. It also seems that regardless of the strength/ balance stats of my striker, they will fall over and roly-poly on the floor as soon as they are even touched by an opposition centre-back. - Decisions – again, I understand these are lower league players with poor stats, but even Sunday league teams know when to let a ball go out for a throw-in/ goal kick. Players will often sprint back to collect a ball from going out of play, only to either thump it clear, or worse still let it go out for an opposition corner/ throw because of a poor first touch. - Headed flick ons – this was a problem for me on FM13, and seems to be re-occurring. Admittedly this is the first time in FM15 I have played a single-striker system, but too often my forward (good stats for the division) will attempt to flick on a bouncing/ crossed ball to no nobody whatsoever. I understand sometimes he may be isolated and this is the only option, however this can also happen when there is clearly the opportunity to run on to the ball, but for whatever reason he is determined to head the thing at all costs. - Wrong foot – I seem to recall reading this on the 15.3 fix-list, but it actually seems to be happening to me more on 15.3 than the previous patch – players switching to pass/ cross with their weaker foot, when the opportunity to use their stronger foot is available. - Player/ team instructions – sadly these don’t seem to have much of an influence on how my team plays (I generally play Standard, occasionally Counter/ Control). ‘Lower/ lowest tempo/ take a breather’ - my players will still bomb forward as if chasing the game. ‘Hit early crosses’ – my wingers take 2, 3, 4 touches before even thinking about crossing the ball, by which time they have either lost possession, or smacked the ball into the defender that has closed them down. Despite ‘pass it shorter’ and ‘fewer risky passes’, my midfielder still regularly attempts Hollywood balls (which of course rarely finds the intended player). My defenders set to ‘pass short’ and ‘play out of defence’ seem insistent on booting it long, despite shorter midfield options being available. The only one that seems to work, which I tend to employ when my forward/ winger has just passed up a relatively straightforward and clear shot from inside the 16-yard box in favour of a backwards pass or dribble is ‘shoot more often’. This of course leads to the same player taking a pot-shot from 30 yards out five minutes later which rolls out for a opposition throw in. - Player instructions/ PPMs (cont’d) - to make my above issues even more problematic, one of my centre-backs also has the ‘attempts long balls’ PPM, which apparently he is incapable of unlearning. How hard should it be to train that?!? Me: “Please could you stop smacking the ball 60 yards to nobody in particular?” Player: “Sure boss, I can try that.” This shouldn’t have to take 6 months of re-training, that ultimately proves unsuccessful anyway. As I result of this I am exploring abandoning my tactical philosophy and using a 6’5” Target Man in the hope he can make something of these incessant punts forward. I understand that there are a lot of considerations involved in how the ME interprets player stats/ instructions, however I feel my personal instructions should override whatever stats the player has (decisions, vision, even PPMs). I am the manager, after all, so at least please try what I am asking. If you mess up attempting a short pass, then that’s on me. Also, on the same subject my assistant manager continuously suggests that my strikers game will improve if he started attempting overhead kicks. I have never seen an overhead kick in FM, or even rarely a cross that would warrant an overhead kick, so I will politely decline this suggestion…. - Morale – personally I find morale is too simply tied to win = good, lose = bad. From experience I know how bad a spiral of poor morale can be on a team in this game, so I regularly find myself making like Brendan Rodgers and constantly praising my side despite their overall performance on the pitch (‘unlucky’, ‘don’t worry about the result’, ‘pleased’ etc.). In the games I have played so far, I have mostly dominated in possession and shots, only to be let down by poor finishing and the occasional defensive mistake. For this reason I have stuck to mostly positive team-talks/ praise etc., however the few times I have given negative feedback, morale instantly takes a hit, despite my players either agreeing with my criticism or looking ‘fired up’, ‘determined’ etc. To me, if my feedback has elicited this positive kind of response, it should have a positive effect on morale – or remain the same - not the opposite. Despite this, morale is often ‘low/ fairly low’ after these instances, or following a brief period of lost/ drawn games. - Payer stats – I’m losing confidence that these make too much of a difference. My reserve forward with pace/ acceleration around 4-5 can regularly be seen bursting past players with better speed stats. My pre-mentioned first-choice forward with good strength/ balance will regularly fall over like Bambi after a 50/50 challenge, likewise my newly acquired 6’5” TM with 17 strength. Wingers with good crossing stats regularly find the stands/ opposition goalkeeper. My left-back with 20 (twenty!) long throws often fails to beat the first man with a long throw. And then of course there’s first touch… - Exploitative tactics - I have read a lot in the forum recently of users complaining about high scoring matches and unrealistic shot count etc. This seems to have been mostly attributed to unrealistic and overly-attacking tactics that are designed to exploit ME weaknesses. While I accept this to a certain extent, one thing doesn’t sit well with me. If during a game my regular, realistic non-attacking tactic isn’t doing the business, and I happen to go one-nil down and am chasing the game going into the final 10 minutes or so, if I chose to employ an unrealistic and overly attacking strategy (as many a manager would be inclined to do) to try and nick a goal back – is this exploiting the ME? Or is the AI set up to handle overtly attacking strategies differently mid-game, compared to starting a game on the attack? - Injuries – again, I have read a fair amount of complaints regarding users experiencing too many injuries. Whilst so far I haven’t had too much of an injury crisis (maximum of four players out at the same time, fairly short-term), I have noticed it is often my players that are out on loan that pick up injuries. 4 out of 5 of my loaned out players are currently injured, with just yesterday two players loaned to the same team getting injured in the same training session – one with a lower-back stress fracture, the other with a broken arm (!). What on earth kind of training do they do over in Histon?!? That’s about it so far. I’m fully aware that some of the above is subjective, and there are probably many ways in which I can mitigate these frustrations, and I will try. It is possible as always that some of them may be attributed to ‘my tactics’, and I will continue to tinker in the hope that some of these annoyances can be resolved that way. Perhaps I’ll give an update after 10 more matches… Apologies for the length of this post. I got a little carried away.
  15. Is there not a check-box when you save the tactic, along the lines of 'create new file'? If you uncheck this only one file is created/ overwritten. At least there used to be on the previous patch, haven't tried with the new patch.
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