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  1. Just wondering how/ where it is determined how long match highlights (without specifically being saved) are stored, and whether this can be changed? Asking as I'm 7 years into a Journeyman save and recently noticed highlights of some of my earlier seasons are no longer available to watch. I guess these are deleted/ overwritten by the game as you progress though seasons? I would like to be able to keep these for as long as possible, but not sure it's possible, without specifically saving individual match highlights - can anyone confirm?
  2. Confirmed successful re-install with no obvious data loss. Thanks for the peace of mind guys... here's to another 1100+ hrs of my journeyman
  3. Phew, that's good to hear, thanks! No idea what caused it either... the cynic in me figured it was a ploy by SI/ Steam to get me off FM19 and make me buy FM20!
  4. Hi guys, looking for some quick advice. I've logged into Steam this morning, and upon navigating to my games library, it seems the option for me to Play/ Load my FM19 copy instead now says "Install". I played the game yesterday evening, and most definitely did not uninstall the game from Steam. Can anyone advise what may have caused this, and also the impact on selecting "Install" - is the reinstall going to overwrite my previously installed FM19 - and hence possibly overwrite my existing save/ tactics etc. - or is Steam smart enough to know that it's already previously installed on game on my laptop? I'm reluctant to select install as I am currently 1100 hours into my one and only FM19 save, and would be extremely frustrated if this is lost. Grateful for any and all assistance!
  5. I'm still playing FM2019, and have encountered something that I would consider a "Bug" - I am wondering if others have experienced this too, if it has been addressed anywhere, and if it still persists in FM2020? Basically I've noticed that when loaning/ transferring players, the only teams that will offer for the player are those from the same nation as the player being loaned/ transferred. For example, I recently took over a team in English League 2 in 2022 - looking at the Transfer History: The Portuguese CB was transferred to a team in the Portuguese League The Ghanian winger was transferred to a team in the Ghanaian League The French RB was loaned to a team in the French League The Japanese forward was loaded to a team in the Japanese League The Nigerian winger was loaned to a team in the Nigerian League Similarly, during my most recent transfer window: My Nigerian/ Irish CM signed a pre-contract with a team in the Irish League A Nigerian team made an offer for my Nigerian striker Another Nigerian team made a pre-contract offer for my Nigerian striker I believer the nationalities of the players above are unique enough to prove this trend. I understand that in some instances a player of a certain nationality would want to play in their home country - but this is literally every player transfer that I have seen - and is unrealistic that other clubs from other nations would not make offers for these players. It's possible that this is specific to lower leagues (I haven't managed higher than League 2 in FM2019) as I imagine transfers for players between nations is quite high - but this is definitely prevalent in the lower leagues.
  6. Always. Am currently midway through my 5th season of a Journeyman save on FM2019 started in Feb this year, have watched every game - including friendlies and some arranged matches between my first team and my reserves. I like to make numerous micro-adjustments to my tactics during a game based on my how team is performing. Generally I find this helps results, and not sure I'd have the same results if I watched Key or Comprehensive highlights. A perfect case in point happened last night. Playing at home, game is tied 1-1. I've had to adopt a Cautious mentality as my side were under pressure for much of the second half. In the 92nd minute (of 94) the ball ends up out of play near the right corner flag in the opposition half. Before the throw is taken, I switch my tactics to "Positive" and "Hit Early Crosses" - figuring there's not enough time for the change in mentality to effect my defensive performance too badly. The ball is thrown to my Striker (who has come short, despite instructions to "lurk near post", but that's another matter) who touches it off to my RB. The RB takes a touch before launching a quick cross towards the back post. My LW (brought on as a sub) leaps over the defender and heads the ball into the opposite corner of the goal. The crowd go wild. Would this have happened had I not made those changes to my tactics? Maybe. I'll never know, but I like to think not.
  7. That's valid, and I can kinda see the appeal. Personally though I'm generally the opposite - the first few seasons are when I enjoy FM the most, with clubs still relatively unchanged and majority of the players real rather than regens. I lose a little interest once the majority of players/ staff are regens and teams are all over the place. During my save I usually always preference signing real life players/ staff over regens. Not 100% sure why, just do. A realism thing, I guess. This is the fist time I've played FM with a save longer than about 2 seasons, as usually I get bored long before then (or the new FM is out!), so FM19 has done a good job of maintaining my interest. If I end up buying FM2020 (ME feedback-determined) I imagine the developments on club vision etc. will only help with this. For now I'm happy to continue with my FM19 save, maybe I can last another 5 seasons, who knows. I see a lot of posters still play saves on even older FMs, so if the interest is still there, why not.
  8. Interesting. Good to know I'm not alone! Of course, where this approach falls down is when you only have time for one game in the evening, which you have been looking forward to playing all day, against the team rock bottom of the league, who haven't won in 12 games, have just sacked their manager, are playing a rookie GK because of injuries, are all tired from a cup replay a few days ago - versus your team sitting pretty 2nd in the league, fresh, happy and ready to go. Naturally my team is down 0-4 inside the first 30 minutes. Naturally their backup CM starting his first game of the season scores two long range beauties. Naturally their lone journeyman striker outsprints and outworks my younger, faster defence the entire game. Oh, FM. Still, managed to get the game back to a slightly more respectable 3-4 playing a very attacking high pressing game for the 2nd half. If my subs header in the final move of the game had gone in instead of wide it could've been one of my all time classic FM games. Still, fine margins and all that. Wonder what tonights game will bring...
  9. I'm definitely grateful for my laptop and the ability to multi-task - I generally play whilst simultaneously watching real-life sport (football, ice hockey) or Netflix. Feels like I'm not wasting my time quite so much! I feel like I would probably have a less frustrating experience only watching highlights (imagine, no more blocked crosses!) but for some reason can't not watch a full match.
  10. I just read a thread on this board regarding 2D vs 3D match engine, and was very surprised at the number of people who still play the game with the old 2D view, despite this having since been superseded by 3D. Not only do I watch games in 3D, but I watch Full Highlights. Each match usually takes me 90+mins to complete, which of course is a large time commitment, but I love following the ebb and flow of the game and making incremental changes to see how this effects the performance of my team. Generally speaking this approach works for me, and I have found FM2019 to be the most immersive FM experience I have had in years (the reasonably solid UX outside the ME helps massively, of course). I am currently into my 5th season of a Journeyman save - which, incidentally is still the first (and only) save I have started with FM2019 - and at a total of 850 hours, the longest save I have ever had in many years of playing FM. This isn't to say that the game is without it's frustrations, which I have raised in other threads - notably crosses into shins, terrible throw-ins and headers to nobody - but mostly I am mitigating/ ignoring these issues and still being surprised and entertained as well as having some of those classic FM moments (debut goals, cult heroes, favourite regens etc.) I get that everyone has their own preference, but this got me wondering what the 'optimum' way to watch FM games is - or rather, what SI would consider to be the way in which FM is best designed to be consumed. I found it incredibly interesting that Miles recently mentioned on an FM2020 video that he had played "15 or 16" games a previous evening without seeing a goalie handling error - meaning he was mostly watching games with "Key" or "Comprehensive" highlights, I assume? My own personal perspective is that if the game comes with the capability to watch a match in its entirety, then it should at least be a watchable/ enjoyable experience without any clear and obvious ME issues. I have definitely watched a fair number of terrible FM2019 games, the majority of which I'm sure have been down to ME limitations. I've been following the FM2020 BETA feedback thread with interest, and am a little bit disappointed with some of the ME feedback being provided. Naturally there have also been numerous comments of "how was this not picked up by the testing team?", which I admit is a thought I've had on a number of occasions. I think the ultimate test of FM performance is to play a full season in the Vanamara National League North on full highlights - if you don't want to destroy the game after that, then you've got yourself a winner! So... is there anyone else out there like me foolish enough to watch their games full highlights?
  11. I ran into a similar thing with my current team with a player that was already loaned to them when I joined, with a WP assigned. I couldn't play the guy - or terminate the loan - for the rest of the season. I don't think there's anything you can do - I think the work permit can only be applied for by the parent club. Question: Does the player have "Awaiting Paperwork" under their information? In the end I had to let the player return to their parent club. After a few months I checked the player again and he had UK nationality, so I resigned him on loan. Would love to know if there's a way around this. Sorry I can't help any more.
  12. Quick random question, can anyone confirm: When setting your "Primary Trained Tactic" with applied player roles, TIs & PIs, and then proceeding through a week of training, pre-match tactic talks etc.... ...If you then make change to this tactic just prior to match day - say, change a PF(a) to TM(s), or switch TI "Work Ball into Box" with "Hit Early Crosses" - does this have an adverse effect on team performance, as the tactic they have been training all week has now changed, or are these considered minor tweaks that are easily accommodated?
  13. Thanks for the feedback, guys. I had grand visions of playing a 4-4-1-1 with a TM(s) and SS(a) buzzing around feeding off knockdowns etc. In reality my SS seems to drop into lines between defence and midfield to collect the ball, and the TM flicks the ball on to noone. Continues to be a work in progress, but have reverted to my tried & trusted 4-5-1, benched the TM and moved to 2nd in the league.
  14. Thanks for the response, I'll check out that YT channel. Could you elaborate what you mean by "tactic that suits him", however? My issue is more with the individual performance of the player than the team in general - for example why does he not even challenge for headers when the ball is there to be won, or why does he get muscled off the ball by players mich weaker than him? I seem to get better "Target Man" perfomance out of my pressing forward.
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