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  1. Ram Marva - found him irl - last club was St. Albans ....
  2. One question Lionel. Is your db working with weiry´s files?
  3. Fairclough experience isn´t bad I tested your hint with Weiry files - the result was i´m browsing and looking leagues i´ve never seen before, and due the fact, that combined with the fantastic work of Dave and majesticeternity its a new game. But now i tooks me 1 hour to move to the next day, because there is so much to see. Maybe i should add, that my screenflow is also full of comeptitions ....
  4. Tanks for answering the question. This is really similar to my upcoming project. Planing with the database of Lionel Messi (England down to 11). "I have used all of Weiry's files as view-only for now, yes." Isn´t that much slowing down the game?
  5. I dont understand this (due my bad english knwoledge) - are these leagues now buggy?
  6. Should be implemented as an option. It would be a "LLM-Option"
  7. Great Career-Story. Will follow this. I have some questions because i will use a similar setup: "I've also started the game with a combo of @Daveincid & @majesticeternity's additional realism files (including MI's Youth Tournament pack) as well as the league megapack by @Weiry. I love looking at the progress/decline made by clubs from around the world & am intrigued by the differences to the save that the additional files could make. " 1. What files from Dave and majesticeternity do you use exactly? 2. Do you use the whole package from Weiry? Maybe as viewable only
  8. Hey, im looking for an overview of these injuries in the web. Coming from Germany, so i dont understand all injuies. A description would be nice.
  9. Yes it is funny to look how the club makes progress. Some players are playing many years there ....
  10. I startet the last years every save with AFC Telford. Only one time they wasn´t bottom. But i play my saves every year analog to the LLM-priciples. So that is my way to play LLM.
  11. A guide for using both file-packs would be really nice! Maybe also a comment about using additionally the sortitoutsi-files. I lost the overview
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