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  1. Towards the end of his string of tweets, Miles says: 'we need the time we need to get what is a set of very complicated features ready' Is he referring to the headline features already announced? If so, I seriously need to educate myself with regard to what constitutes complicated.
  2. He literally just tweeted that he hopes to announce release dates next week. If that's not important news about the game, I don't know what is.
  3. They really should have at least introduced a feature that would allow you to fund your own coaching course out of your salary. As a compromise, it could have been added as a potential 'salary sacrifice' clause when negotiating a contract with a club. This is key for lower league managers that like to start with no badges (who often start out at cash-strapped clubs). There could have even been an achievement linked to doing this. Such a simple, missed opportunity.
  4. I'm suffering information drip-feed fatigue. Frankly, the whole strategy behind how FM20 is being promoted to us has become seriously tiresome. I'm not even looking forward to the release that much anymore; which is quite an achievement given I'd class myself as a fanboy who has pre-ordered for many years. The only thing that matters to me is advancements in the AI, Match Engine and the overall match day presentation. I'll pop back in a few weeks.
  5. My personal responses would be: Stadium editor, complete animation overhaul and expansion, advances in transfer and manager style AI.
  6. ‘Panned’ ?? Pure hyperbole originating from personal frustration. Underwhelmed at the information so far? Absolutely. Could we maybe see / play the game first before writing its obituary?
  7. Firstly, I want to say I have high hopes for this year's release.. However; there is a significant chunk of the active forum userbase that doesn't want new features; they want a more enjoyable and immersive version of what already exists. From a marketing perspective, it is my opinion that the announced headline features are largely a complete irrelevancy. You know what SI, it would do you the world of good to simply put out a statement which outlined what you thought of FM19's ME, what you liked / disliked and what you are trying to improve this year. It seems to me that you are afraid to acknowledge historical mistakes (e.g. last years's UI and horizontal pitch view). Guys, just be open and honest; we'd all appreciate it. Thank-you in advance for the game I'll buy regardless. Edit: I'd also add this key point: Football at elite level (from a coaching and tactical perspective) has changed beyond belief in the last 5 years. I honestly cannot see how the brilliant coders at SI can adapt to said change with the tools at their disposal. Time to move on and rebuild from the ground up. I know nothing about coding, therefore I cannot and will not demand a quick fix; however; you cannot say this game continues to be a simulation, if you can't simulate the sport we love.
  8. If only there was a free demo upon which to base your opinion?
  9. I notice from screenshots so far that the TC has remained largely unchanged. I don't have a problem with this, providing the ME has been improved so that a) a broader range of distinctive play-styles are achievable, and b) players actually carry out your instructions. The most important areas to address are: Pressing - This needs a major overhaul to bring it into line with how teams press in reality. It needs to be much more coordinated with an actual strategy underpinning it (i.e triggers, cutting off passing lanes and what to do if the initial press is beaten). We still have a headless chicken approach with multiple players closing down on identical planes / angles. Quality AI teams also need to be much more effective at beating a press, especially if they possess technically sound defenders. It is also far too easy to execute a high LOE + counter-press strategy; especially when you don't have players with the required attributes. Movement - Attacking movement off the ball in the final third remains inadequate. Lateral movement, quick one-twos, layoffs and general forward passes were severely inhibited this year (inflating passes to the flanks which leads me to my next point). Crossing - One of the very worst aspects of FM19. Wingers and full-backs with clear opportunities to cross tend to dribble towards defenders, who block the attempt (driving up set piece numbers to unrealistic levels). AI Mentality - It's been talked to death, but they are simply too negative, deep and narrow. Decent sides will frequently stick 11 men behind the ball for the entire match; even when 'chasing' a single goal deficit late on. Good sides do not commit enough players in attacking transitions, and there are quite clearly not enough players assigned an attack duty. The end result means any clearance comes straight back with interest (resulting in 90 minutes of camping boredom). Bizarre heading - The propensity of defenders heading the ball into key danger areas, when if left, would simply go harmlessly out of play, needs to be radically turned down. Even if just the above were addressed, it would make the game more fun and challenging.
  10. The under 23s and under 18s are missing from the left hand menu. Does this point to a revamp of youth development?
  11. This was just the most recent match I played today. I'm not labouring the point about this happening in every game; I'm simply providing this as a snapshot of the AI contributing to ridiculous match stats.
  12. Yes but this wasn't using a downloaded tactic; it's a fairly 'sensible' rudimentary 4-1-2-2-1, with the potential to operate across a range of mentalities depending on the match situation. I don't even play that aggressively. The ridiculous corner count is simple to explain; blocked crosses. Wide players refuse to cross when they have time, space and targets in the box to aim for. Instead they elect to dribble slowly towards the full back that comes out to meet them, and cross when the opportunity to do so is no longer there. This is how 95% of corners are won. You can layer on all the PIs and TIs you want, it can't be prevented. It is hardwired into the very fabric of this ME. I thought it would be useful to look at the quality of chances in this match via the analysis tool. There were indeed a huge number of saves from set pieces; many of which were point blank headers from corners: I counted approx 17 shots on target inside the box; 50% of them from open play (there were a lot more in injury time, but the tool is still broken and doesn't include these) My point is this - Actual football matches have an ebb and flow that this ME simply cannot reproduce. It operates solely on the extreme ends of mentality; which leads to the inevitable patterns of play you describe above. I think it's unfair that the blame for this always ends up at the feet of the user.
  13. What I'd like to see from FM20 are fewer monstrosities like the below. Painful to watch and laughable match stats. Users' tactics are often blamed for certain statistical outliers (i.e - too many shots from distance). The fact is that the AI is the cause of this with their absurd approach to matches. In reality, Brescia below would have at least tried for an equalizer late on, but instead played with 11 players defending their own penalty area for the entire match. BTW, as per usual, their keeper was springing around like Zebedee from the Magic Roundabout, making saves that defy physics. I guess I'm also going to be asked about how many times I hit the woodwork, to which I give the same answer as I did the fifty million other times it was asked (half a dozen this season already and counting)
  14. I know nothing about coding AI, but there are some glaring issues that I would think could and should be addressed. For example, in my most recent save, I went for a Serie A challenge as Napoli. I restricted myself to only signing and developing Italian players. I wanted a long-term project to topple Juve's domination. The result? I won the treble in season 1, and the quadruple by season 2. I recall beating Juve 4-0 early in the save, and wanted to understand why this was so simple. Their team selection was ridiculous; picking a technically gifted midfield trio with poor positioning, teamwork, bravery and tackling attributes. Of course my average (but brutal) midfield was going to dominate them (ask Arsenal fans). The big issue with FM19 is that I simply don't feel I've earned my successes. I've never won more trophies, yet derived less enjoyment from doing so.
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