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  1. The impact of league reputation on contract demands is completely out of control, particularly in the Premier League. I'm playing in Germany at the moment, and it's night and day compared to England. I've signed some of the same players for Leipzig as I did in my Leicester save. The salary demand differences are ridiculous. I'm talking 160k p/w in England, and 80k p/w in Germany.
  2. I’d say it’s because on this year’s version, away games are pretty tough and home games are super easy.
  3. Anyone know what the icon 'Player Sale Handling' means? Not seen it before:
  4. Having sunk **checks Steam** 1000 hours into FM21, I think I'm in a position to offer some final thoughts. I've really enjoyed this year's release. I can forgive Si for the bugs and match day UI because major improvements to the ME outweighs everything else on the satisfaction scale. I personally find it just about the right level of challenge. I can meet my objectives; although previously used formulas to sweep the AI aside do not work half as well as they used to (at least how I play the game). I remain extremely inconsistent, even with 'elite' players, but am okay with that. I wanted t
  5. This makes sense. There is definitely an issue with man markers picking up the same players as zonal markers. The entire logic behind set pieces needs and overhaul in my view. It isn’t intuitive enough. When I attend matches, I often hear the players sorting out who is picking up who, and even switching who they mark. I also despise how players seem locked in to their starting positions for too long after the set piece is taken. A prime example is the two players that hold hands when set to the edge of the area, rather than take up sensible positions that cover space efficiently
  6. Indeed. I have watched every video and stream of his for quite a few years now. I base a lot of my systems on his advice. If my players were getting out jumped / muscled, at least I would understand the issue. I could also take it on the chin if superior off the ball movement caught one of my players napping. What I can’t accept is when nobody is within 10 yards of the goal scorer.
  7. Could anyone help with addressing situations below please? The opposition constantly have a free man inside the area, despite me allocating several players to man mark. I have tried a range of set ups, but its happened at least half a dozen times in my current season and is ruining the save. Cheers. Against Chelsea: Against Leipzig:
  8. I’m not finding this year’s edition as easy as any that preceded it. My preference to operate with a small squad has been brutally exposed as a weakness this year. Fatigue has killed many a season for me. I never start at an elite or rich club, so it’s hard to build a large squad with strength in depth.
  9. That's the thing about this game; it accesses every conceivable emotion in a matter of minutes. I just ground out a 0-0 draw away at Man City with a disgusting low block. It was a thing of beauty. I imagine AI Pep is ranting about it on a virtual forum somewhere.
  10. I've seen more quality crosses into the opposition penalty area in the 10 games I've played since the update, than the ten previous seasons combined. Full backs and wingers are actually crossing before they are closed down. Most of them are cleared, but I don't care. Finally scoring a reasonable amount of headers is a joy to see. It's not a placebo, these are just hard facts.
  11. I think the point he is making is that even with significant goal contributions (e.g. assists and goals) many players are suffering low ratings over a season. Central midfielders are getting a particularly rough time.
  12. Looking through my matches this season, there is one observation I've made. The number of times the opposition goalkeeper either wins or is close to man of the match is disproportionately high. They've been unbeatable at times. Anyone else seeing similar? It could just be bad luck on my part.
  13. One of the biggest problems is that wide players - even those with stand out attributes and in a role / system that should produce these - seldom attempt first time crosses. This is particularly frustrating when you see your DLP play a great diagonal pass to a wide player during a counter attack, and said wide player slows down and punts it in to the defender's legs for a corner (I swear half my highlights start with corners - but if I get started on set pieces now, I'll start ranting). To see how far this has regressed, all you have to do is load up a save from an older FM iteration and you
  14. What kind of garbage logic is powering the AI when it comes to hiring staff? I'm in the Premier League and they try to hire this guy as my fitness coach:
  15. Is there a particular reason why many of my key players, despite being first team regulars, aged between 19-24, with a highly rated coaching team, and good training facilities - are seeing wholesale attribute drops?
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