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  1. The most inconsistent was a central midfielder with an attacking mentality, more risky passes PI. I think his age and low bravery also had something to do with it.
  2. I think I'll go back and look at the scenarios when they play poorly. Maybe it's big / away games. Your RNG and attribute drop theory makes sense to me. Their biggest drop off seems to be: decision making, passing accuracy, work rate and tackling. Another factor is age I think, as the negative trait for one of them has actually disappeared (he is 22 now). I assume some hidden attributes increase alongside visible ones?
  3. GK decreasing vision

    I thought it was just my keepers that declined in this attribute. When hovering over 'Vision' the tool-tip describes it as being able to see a potential opening. This is key for modern goalkeepers, especially to start quick counter-attacks. Then again, keepers in the match engine have no brain anyway so it's no big deal.
  4. I have 2 regens with the 'inconsistent performer' negative in their coaching report. This is certainly the case with their on pitch displays; they fluctuate between 9.0 and 6.5 every other match. Does anyone know how this is calculated? Is there some kind of coin toss that goes on under the hood before each game that influences performance? I feel like I'm playing roulette when picking my midfield for each game.
  5. Couldn't agree more - Perhaps because there are several different styles of counter attacking. Look at Liverpool's direct counter style under Klopp. No way could you achieve that on the counter alone TI; it's far too slow. I've found you need to beef up the tempo and passing length to get anywhere close to it. Before understanding this I can recall countless games of screaming at my team when we won the ball, BREAK!! BREAK!!
  6. Completely agree. I love the variety and unpredictability of this year's match engine. It seems this thread has become a debate on the tactics creator. Earlier in the thread, Hunt3r said "Risky passes PI is the same as Pass into Space TI" - I don't see the rationale for using different language here? I'd suggest that if I instruct a player to make 'More risky passes', It should flash up somewhere of the kind of passes I'm telling him to make. For example 'Player will attempt through balls, passes to marked players, first time balls, passes with the outside of his foot etc" - That way if he ends up with a poor pass completion rate or a match rating of 6.2, I know it's my fault for maybe asking him to do something beyond his skill set.
  7. This guide and others are excellent. They helped me to correct some tactical imbalances in my approach that have helped me to finally win trophies. My point stands that the game does not make it easy for the user to understand the impact of their tactical instructions, and this is an area that can easily be improved with the use of consistent terminology and explicit tool tips.
  8. Can you appreciate how this switch in terminology between player and team instructions could confuse the user? Especially if they apply their own logic rather than the developer's? It seems your descriptions are a significant improvement on the in game advice?
  9. Hunt3r - This is exemplified by a point you made in this thread about trying through balls was aka 'more risky passes' - I would have liked the game to have told me that. Didn't there used to be a 'try through balls' option you could tick years ago?
  10. I've read this thread with interest as I agree with the sentiment of the OP. I prefer lone striker formations with a winger and IF either side. My frustrations with the game are often from not wanting all of the player instructions that are automatically assigned to players in forward positions. The following PIs attached to player roles seem a bit random and unwelcome: - More risky passes DLF(s) - Why more risky? I want him to lay it off to a free team mate in midfield then make an aggressive run in to the box - Hold up ball DLF(a) - I don't want him to hold it up, I want him to quickly lay it off and attack the box as above For other roles there are many other PIs I don't always want such as dribble more, move into channels etc. I think it would be great to have a generic Striker centre role and be able to add your own PIs to play to his strengths just as you can with central midfielders (which I do to great affect)
  11. i hope they leave regen faces and hair as they are. I've got used to a youth team of disfigured heroin addicts.
  12. I mentioned this persistent question in a media overhaul thread recently. You can't site extreme real life examples (such as the whole 'specialist in failure' business) to justify in-game norms. Somewhere down the line, the developers thought 'I know, fans like mind games in football, let's create some drama!'. The problem is, it's achieved by a random selection of a manager each week to make a ridiculous comment. (Eddie Howe thinks you're a rubbish manager etc) If someone can present me with regular footage of managers calling next opposition players weak, I'll gladly hold my hands up to being wrong. My opinion is to have the ability to turn the entire media module off (I know some people like). My issue is being 'judged' as 'media shy' in my stats if I send my assistant due to massive boredom.
  13. Media overhaul required...

    So it was the eve of the biggest game in the history of West Ham Utd; I was about to play Bayern Munich in the Champions League final. What question was I asked in the pre-match press conference? "What do you think of Stoke Manager David Wagner's decision to place defender Clive Cooper on the transfer list?" Don't even get me started on the way the game selects a manager at random every few weeks to make a woefully unrealistic remark about a weak link in my team. Something that never happens in reality in case it came back to haunt them. "What do you think of Eddie Howe singling out Calum Chambers as a weak link in your team?" He's third choice right back so won't even play, next question. Just remove press conferences from the game, they spoil what is a great experience.
  14. Man Utd's dominance in this year's game is the result of a few things in my opinion: 1. The in-game ability of the Premier League's top clubs is far superior than in reality. English clubs have struggled to reach the latter stages of the Champions League for some time now, and there has been a recent trend of elite players moving away from the league (Ronaldo, Bale Suarez) rather than towards it. This incorrect representation of the league's standing results in earth shattering transfers as soon as you hit continue for the first time. Man Utd immediately signed Lewandowski on my long running save, which turned them into an unstoppable tsunami. Man Utds 'invincibles' season screenshot attached. 2. In reality, Man Utd are going through a huge post-Ferguson hangover and have not found a team identity. They have thrown hundreds of millions of pounds at that squad and only won minor cup competitions. It must be very hard for the game to represent a team of talented individuals who have zero chemistry on the pitch. The game deals in numbers, so they are therefore hard to beat. Pogba in FM2017 is the most unplayable opponent I have ever faced in 20 years of this franchise. He is like a bowling ball smashing my players over like pins. To say his attributes have not been over rated given his actual on the pitch performances is laughable. Add him to Lewandoski (40+ goals a season), Bernado SIlva, Romagnoli plus a Luke Shaw based on the T1000 from Terminator; and you end up with the below screenshot.