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  1. The irony isn't lost on me that a through ball in this game is worthy of a video called 'Great Moments'. It's entirely possible to score a range of good goals on the counter.
  2. rdbayly

    Game still crashing when saving

    Well I’ll be darned, it did the trick. Thanks!
  3. Whilst I would love to be able to watch matches in their entirety, log time stamps, upload PKMs accompanied by lengthy evaluative commentary; I simply don't have time. My post contained general observations over the course of a season, supported by a couple of screen grabs. That's my personal limit given the hours I work and the free time I have to play games.
  4. The BETA match engine is indeed an interesting beast. I've completed a full season in League 1 as Portsmouth, and these are my general observations: - The ME is falling woefully short of potential in terms of its ability to represent distinctive styles of play. Systems are barely distinguishable from each other, especially in the final third. - The absence of off the ball movement from strikers and subsequent central forward passing from attacking midfielders is killing the experience; especially when a system depends on this pattern of play to function effectively. This is a typical example that can be taken from any match, showing my No.9 (DLF) electing to take up, and remain, in an unreachable position sandwiched between two CBs. The tip of the arrow shows the position he should take up or at least attempt to move to. In doing so, he offers himself as a genuine passing option for the player on the ball, my No.4 (BPD). This movement would also drag a defender out of position for a possible forward run from my No.6 (AM). The effectiveness of this system hugely depends upon the DLF acting as a focal point; holding the ball up, creating pockets of space, laying it off, or spraying it wide before attacking the box (literally the in-game description of the bloody role). Who you play their is irrelevant, as their static and ineffective nature unhinges the whole system and is brutally displayed in the analysis tool. - There have been large runs of matches in my season when the DLF received zero passes in the box due to their unavailability. Typical example grabbed at random rather than cherry picked. 63 passes made by my AM, zero of them forward into the box. - Passing triangles frequently indicate zero passes even attempted between the AM and DLF. - Match ratings for the AM and DLF frequently plummet at similar rates to 6.4 as a direct result of their non-involvement in play. - Goals from set pieces dominate and are still grossly over-represented. - Whatever changes were made in the 19.2 build, goals from long range for both me and the AI are flying in from everywhere. Players are not getting closed down sufficiently outside the area, irrespective of pressing / OI / marking instructions. - Crosses and shots are still getting blocked on about 80% of highlights, which results in farcical numbers of corners. Despite winning the league with nearly 100 points, I've come to realise that for me, winning is irrelevant. How you win is everything. Players have a fundamental need for the ME to pay them off for the hours of work put in to craft their team's identity. The current build is a million miles away from delivering this.
  5. I'm still experiencing crashes every time I try to save the game when playing on my laptop. Has a fix been identified for ASUS laptops running NDIVIA graphics cards? I read another thread that discussed changing something in power management? Some definitive advice is much needed on this please. I can just about run the game using my integrated graphics card, but the experience and quality is poor. Crash dumps from just now is attached. FM 2019 v19.2.0.1171047 (2018.12.01 15.02.49).dmp
  6. The FA Cup ball is reduced in size and a shade of dark grey / black. Is this a bug?
  7. Update queued and just downloaded for BETA? Any ideas what this is?
  8. For argument's sake we could say 5 attack duties = attacking mentality. We can then define how we attack in the tactical creator. I'm finding that the additional layer of hard-coded instructions on top of how I've instructed my team to play, unhinges my entire system.
  9. Worth holding on for a hotfix to remedy it?
  10. Wide players refusing clear crossing opportunities from deep positions is seriously undermining the current ME build. There is still a persistent pattern of players dribbling out towards the corner flag; leading to their eventual cross being blocked. Silly amounts of corners are resulting, turning matches into set piece fests.
  11. placebo effect noun a beneficial effect produced by a placebo, which cannot be attributed to the properties of the placebo itself, and must therefore be due to the patient's belief that something has improved.
  12. rdbayly

    My player can't score

    Yep, similar numbers to what I've been consistently hitting. I experimented with a more patient 4231 as I got bored of winning ugly. The result? Sacked.
  13. rdbayly

    My player can't score

    They score for fun in a direct 442. Different story with a more patient, possession-based lone striker system.