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  1. Was he a left back told to mark a specific player who may have been switched to the opposite flank?
  2. A defence I often hear from those using a gegenpress tactic as a weak team is "Yeah, but my players can do it because the quality of the opposition is also poor" Newsflash: a football pitch is has the same dimensions in league 2 as it has in the premier league. A player with the stamina of 8 should NOT be able to make the same amount of sprints (or cover the same yardage) as a player with the stamina of 20.
  3. Feature request: If training or playing a gegenpress system, I'd like one of my coaches to approach me and say something like "Player x doesn't look like he can play at this intensity, in this system". At the same time, I'd like said player's tactical familiarity bar to be very low on 'pressing' and never rise (e.g. linked to his stamina, work rate and determination attributes). Finally, if ignored, I'd like to see said player in matches fail to press and disrupt the shape of the team - leading to mistakes and goalscoring chances for the opposition. This is the kind of visual feedback that is flat out missing from the game and needs to be there.
  4. Yet the game makes it entirely possible for bang average ones to also perform to this level.
  5. I think the issue isn't that the players don't get tired, because they do. The issue is there is no consequence or significant impact on performance for playing so aggressively for 90 mins. Visually, players are sprinting and closing down in an identical fashion whether its the 1st or the 90th minute. As long as this is the case, we will continue to see tactic uploads on the Steam Workshop titled '100 games unbeaten CL winning tactic as the Dog & Duck'
  6. Hence why Klopp abandoned this principle after his first season in charge of Liverpool. His team was incredible in the first half of games; then lost countless points from winning positions in the latter stages of matches. That's why now, Liverpool operate in the main with a middle rather than a higher press. This is exemplified by the fact that he always plays 3 hard-working midfielders, who he constantly rotates to enable them to sustain this over the season. FM was late to the party. No team deploys gegenpress for 90 minutes, anywhere in the world. It's a viable system in bursts (with the right players; who are in very short supply I might add). This is flat out missing from the game. Half the squad would be on the physio table if the system was based on any semblance of biological reality.
  7. The key question is, what is it about this combination of instructions that the the AI - with far superior players to SPAL - simply cannot cope with? As another user has replicated this success with an equally inferior Udinese team, it is logical to assume that the system itself is unbalancing the engine. I notice that (yet again for the billionth time) the system in question is based on a modified gegenpress. I have grown to loathe this buzzword with a passion, and wish it never entered the FM vocabulary. In the main, since its introduction, the AI simply has had no answer to any combination of high d-line, high LOE + counter press football. It turns average players into supermen, despite them not possessing the core attributes to pull it off. Add into the mix the fact that there is no real penalty for deploying such a system for the entire 90 minutes of every single match. Low condition? Who cares. Fatigue? Who cares. Injuries? Play some other random squad member who will perform just as effectively in the system. I would personally post this in the bugs forum for SI to investigate. If not, I don't see the point of it in the feedback thread, unless it's a crusade to receive praise or validation in some way. If it's the latter, well done.
  8. My final thoughts on FM20 are this: In my view, the direction in which the match engine has been taken is seriously damaging this franchise. Whether you consume tactical advice via these forums, streams, videos or guides; there is a truth to face about the football DNA that we are presented with. Irrespective of your tactical instructions: Passing is too direct Decisions are taken too quickly Dribbles are absurdly over-represented and successful AI teams remain too negative Central play remains virtually dead Defensive headers are weak and suicidal Chances from set pieces are too prevalent Goals from penalty box pinball and rebounds are too prevalent Goals from long range are too readily converted Big chance conversion remain appalling I think this year, more than any other, FM20 does a particularly poor job of representing the inherent strengths and weaknesses of the two systems facing off against each other on match day. You would think that what unfolds in front of you would highlight one team exploiting certain tactical flaws in the other's set up (e.g. controlling or overloading space where a formation is weak). Instead we see a collection of (what feels like) disconnected highlights of set piece goals and 30 yard screamers. The whole experience feels divorced from the user's influence. I feel that those who favour a more measured and precise style of play (that can operate in tight spaces) are immediately alienated by the above, seemingly, hard-coded player behaviour. FM21 will be the first edition of the game in years I will not pre-order. I cannot sit through these repetitive, illogically presented passages of play any more. Loving FM17 though
  9. Having an absolute blast playing FM17 with the Premier League database of FM19. Best decision I ever made.
  10. Nice to see, but the players aren't running - they're all skating. I know it's always been an issue, but I'm sure it's worse than ever. We need to see that the players are actually in contact with the sodding ground for it to be believable. It would be nice to see players pushing into the turf to change direction, or at least have their legs keep up with the speed of their glide to stop all this moon-walking.
  11. This build is clearly superior to what we have in the main release. I can see patterns of play which actually resemble football, particularly in the middle third. For me though, I still feel there is an undercurrent of frantic pinball about the game overall. Every highlight feels like the 90th minute with both teams playing as if they need to score to avoid relegation. It is still too easy for players to pick the ball up and dribble 50 yards unopposed, just breezing past defenders as if they aren't there. Wingers on attack accelerate too far ahead of their teammates, leaving them with the inevitable shot from a narrow angle (not as bad as it was, but still a regular occurrence). Encouraging signs though. I don't know why the Public Beta wasn't utilised earlier; perhaps to stress test the previous update which made me uninstall the game altogether.
  12. It has been stated many times before (by those who know far more than I) that the final result is calculated the moment you submit your team. I was always under the impression that any in game changes you make recalculates the result. Could someone please clarify? It would be good to lay a few misguided posts and myths to rest.
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