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  1. Having an absolute blast playing FM17 with the Premier League database of FM19. Best decision I ever made.
  2. Nice to see, but the players aren't running - they're all skating. I know it's always been an issue, but I'm sure it's worse than ever. We need to see that the players are actually in contact with the sodding ground for it to be believable. It would be nice to see players pushing into the turf to change direction, or at least have their legs keep up with the speed of their glide to stop all this moon-walking.
  3. This build is clearly superior to what we have in the main release. I can see patterns of play which actually resemble football, particularly in the middle third. For me though, I still feel there is an undercurrent of frantic pinball about the game overall. Every highlight feels like the 90th minute with both teams playing as if they need to score to avoid relegation. It is still too easy for players to pick the ball up and dribble 50 yards unopposed, just breezing past defenders as if they aren't there. Wingers on attack accelerate too far ahead of their teammates, leaving them with the inevitable shot from a narrow angle (not as bad as it was, but still a regular occurrence). Encouraging signs though. I don't know why the Public Beta wasn't utilised earlier; perhaps to stress test the previous update which made me uninstall the game altogether.
  4. It has been stated many times before (by those who know far more than I) that the final result is calculated the moment you submit your team. I was always under the impression that any in game changes you make recalculates the result. Could someone please clarify? It would be good to lay a few misguided posts and myths to rest.
  5. From what I've seen, I completely agree with this. Some of the most zealous defenders of this year's ME tend to favour managing in the lower leagues or lower rep countries. Some of the most entertaining and varied football I've seen this year has been in custom lower league databases.
  6. 90 pages of this thread, and nearly all of them are punctuated with someone bleating about missed 1 v 1s, countered by @Svenc replying with a link or monologue about statistical likelihood of similar chances being converted in real life. The definition of insanity is using real life statistics to counter or explain what is going on in this utterly ridiculous interpretation of football FM20 presents to us. In the real world, big chance data comes from an almost infinite variety of patterns and circumstances. In FM, we are shown the SAME BIG CHANCE over and over and over and over and over and over - and nearly all of them missed - even by the world's best. I've started a new save on FM17 with an updated database. The narrow exploit is a mess, I know that. But sticking to my preferred wide formations, I don't suffer from it (and can sort of counter the AI when they switch to narrow, but not always). In the last 20 or 30 goals scored both for and against, no 2 are alike. For me, that is VITAL for a football simulation.
  7. Although I've stopped playing, I'm still watching a lot of YouTube content. There are some very good creators out there that deserve support. Do you know what I've noticed on their saves? The issues that have plagued my experience appear far less invasive at semi-professional and lower league level. There are a wider variety of goals and attacking patterns. I think this is partly down to lower player quality (especially goalkeepers) who can't keep anything out. On the flip side, I've observed almost every issue starts to appear on higher level / elite saves. This includes the abundance of balls over the top, missed 1 v 1s and physics defying saves. Also, I have to call out the false flag that all these balls over the top are the result of overly aggressive systems which deploy high lines. It's equally as prevalent with standard lines in balanced systems. Defenders, including world class ones, just do not react / turn sufficiently. On another subject entirely, there are some very iffy ball physics going on at all levels. When the balls strikes the post flush, it tends to bounce down / up rather than back into play at the correct angle. Who needs Newton's third law anyway?
  8. After reading the last few pages I’ve decided to not leave anymore negative feedback to fan the flames. Look, we all own the same game, so clearly each iteration suits some play styles and not others. Unfortunately, like FM18, this year is not for me. I’ve put in nearly 300 hours and tried every style I’d like to replicate. The frustrations are just too huge to continue. Its not that big a deal for me as I have a host of previous editions that play to my liking. Plenty of nostalgic long term saves to revert to when I fancy some play time. Will obviously give FM20 a bash when it’s updated. Am out for now.
  9. I was very disappointed with the latest ME update, so decided to take a short break rather than continue to spend my limited gaming time in a state of perpetual frustration. Having consumed a massive amount of tactical content and conversations on the forums, I thought I would revisit the game and take my time to develop a tactical system that was properly thought through. I concede that prior releases have perhaps made me a bit lazy in terms of being a little gung-ho with a one-time set-up / plug-n-play approach. I decided to go with a lower tempo, short passing system, focusing on showcasing the passing ability of my central midfielders. I wanted a fluid system with multiple routes to goal via runners from deep. I chose to attack slightly narrower to keep players closer together, plenty of of support duties to encourage passing triangles in each third of the pitch. One facet of the system is to build play on right to draw the opposition over, then quickly switch to the other flank to exploit vacated space. I play with a positive mentality to compensate for the lack of attack duties, with lower line of engagement. This is to exploit the pace I have in wide areas when I win the ball in the middle third. I went with a standard defensive line with a DM to offer additional protection. 3 months in and we're top of the league. I must be delighted, right? Nope. The experience is still among the most bizarre I've ever had on any FM iteration. This is a far cry from the BETA builds, which had their issues, but felt far more balanced. Rather than the more measured, controlled approach I am seeking; matches appear unhinged and chaotic. The ball is flying around the pitch like it's being fired out of a cannon. A huge chunk of goals I both score and concede are the result of lumped balls over the top from defenders. These Hollywood passes are frequently coming from the boot of players who are the least technically able to pull them off consistently. This is the literal antitheses of the football my tactic is set up to achieve. I have to ask the question, am I really needed here? Personally, my 1 v 1 conversion rates aren't that bad (maybe 30%?). The primary issue is the over-representation of balls over the top leading to big chance creation (to the detriment of intelligent play in the final third). At the other end, terrible central defender starting positions and reactions to long balls result in at least 1 or 2 big chances per match for the AI. I've watched countless replays on freeze frame to understand what the hell is going on. It seems to me that when possession is lost, defenders have zero risk awareness and do not anticipate / drop back / turn in readiness for a potential ball over the top. They often jog backwards for several seconds (?) whilst the ball is in the air, yet a striker has already turned and is accelerating to meet the pass. I tried moving my d-line back to the edge of my own area to compensate, and raising the LOE to cut out these passes, but with limited success. I believe the concerns raised by users in terms of balls over the top and 1 v 1 scenarios are shared by the developers. With this in mind, I find is bizarre that users are often blamed and patronised when they report this. The ME feels well suited to lower league saves in terms of the football being served up. In my experience, the issues arise when you manage higher up with better players. I'm just not seeing the variety and ability on show that I should be. Is this game playable? Yes. Is it broken? No. Is the ME falling short of where it could be? Yes. In fact, in its current state, the ME has 2 star current ability, 5 star potential.
  10. Have regen faces changed? They seem a little darker and 'wax-like' all of a sudden
  11. I think they should have dropped this update on the public BETA first to iron out the wrinkles. There are some positive changes for sure, but the tactical creator is writing cheques that the ME can't cash.
  12. Ran a season through in holiday mode to watch back goals from my own and AI teams. The sheer number of one-on-ones being generated from balls over the top is a big cause for concern. I'm talking about the Premier League here, which consists of backlines made up of international class defenders. Balls over the top are meat and drink to their real life counterparts. I'm not even playing a particularly high line, and have been repeatedly exposed in nearly every match I've watched back from the analysis tool. My best guess is that 1v1 conversion rates are sitting at around 10%. There is no way on earth they could be converted at the expected 30% rate, as games would finish 6-4. Defender reactions to long balls are a big issue, as is goal variety. I'm just not enjoying spectating matches. I'll dig into another long-term save attempt, and will happily take advice in the tactics forum; but nothing is working to resemble to kind of football I want my team to play, regardless of personnel.
  13. I agree with the bolded part. Let's ignore the tight angle chances and focus on when a player is clean through, in a central position between the width of the 6 yard box, free of any defender who could exert pressure. (these are my personal criteria to define a true 1v1) In such scenarios, players in reality tend to attempt one of the following: Pick their spot and attempt a side foot finish into a corner Wait for keeper to dive at their feet and lift it over them Put it through the goalkeeper's legs Wait for the keeper to commit and dribble it around them Such variety in-game is either completely missing or very poorly represented. What we tend to see is that 1v1 attempts are just blasted straight at the keeper's face with no apparent forethought or intelligence. It's particularly jarring to see elite AI players do this as well as your own. It's reached the point where if the AI is clean through on goal due to my irresponsibly high line, I just sit back and relax in my chair. I just don't fear these situations like I should.
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