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  1. This is the issue. We are role playing the manager but lack basic verbal communication tools to stop it happening. The reality is you would simply be able pull the offenders aside in the dressing room to combat this behaviour. There is also the fact that these elite players would never have made it in the professional game if the majority of their shots end up being: - The worst decision possible given available passing options - Often hit with the weaker foot and under no pressure - Struck with the power of a back-pass - Closer to the corner flag than the goal I haven't noticed this issue as much in thousands of hours of play on previous versions. I tend to use similar tactical approaches and formations with my teams like 4123 or 4141 with lower risk mentalities. The TC consists of basically the same set of options as it always has, so if my inputs are causing long shot hell, what has changed and where is the explanation?
  2. This may be because the AI is utterly hopeless at squad rotation and managing the fitness of key players. I constantly come up against teams filled with tired players on 80% condition before kick-off. There are always decent squad players on the bench at 100% that are never brought on. The AI also tends not to sub off high reputation players who suffer minor injuries during a match, even if it's a knee / groin / hamstring problem. You tend to have the edge on the AI at the end of a long season, especially if your opponents are fighting on multiple fronts (latter stages of cups etc)
  3. Huge transfers do happen - On FM17 I saw Man Utd pay £168m for Bernado Silva in the first season (when he was still at Monaco).
  4. The irony is I've experienced this exact bug whilst trying to upload a clip which demonstrates a different bug. Oh and when it does upload to Youtube, all the kits are white for both teams.
  5. I'd appreciate a response here, as would the above user.
  6. The time of year is irrelevant for me, it's the fact that nearly all fans wearing replica tops makes the colour pallet garish, monotone, over-exposed and sometimes neon. In terms of aesthetics, it's a huge step backwards from FM17 - (Where I actually thought stadiums / crowds were going in the right direction)
  7. I am playing a save across 2 devices (a PC and a laptop). I've been using Steam Cloud saving without any problems until this week. When I play on laptop and try to save, the progress bar freezes on about 5%. After a while the laptop says it encountered a problem and restarts. It's made the game unplayable on laptop. I've already uninstalled / reinstalled graphics drivers following a previous crash problem. I've also removed my anti-virus program and am only using Windows Defender, which allows FM as a firewall exception. I am using a facepack on PC, but nothing custom is installed on the laptop. Please advise?
  8. Players often moonwalk / backslide into position to connect with the ball and trigger a logical shooting animation. I think it's a limitation of the current ME.
  9. I think all that does is reduce the length of passing?
  10. But the outcome of these shots ARE ridiculous, and all too frequent based on the thousands of football matches I have both played in and watched. When faced with a defensive AI (10 men behind the ball in the second clip) - It seems to me that the default player behaviour is to take a very high risk, low percentage shot rather than continue to pass it around to draw the defence out of position. There were 7 players involved in the second attack, so the question of 'does he have enough players in support?' is redundant. I have systematically tested all of the advice on this thread and have observed very little difference with this issue.
  11. That guy is absolute lightning. He tore me to shreds single handedly last season.
  12. I'm a patron and avid reader / viewer of your content Rashidi - I have managed to improve almost all aspects of my tactical approach and results, with the exception of players taking unnecessary long shots. The repeat offenders are inside forwards who pick the ball up in deep wide positions, cut inside as instructed, beat a few players then shoot wide with the power of a backpass. With the chaos they are causing, the team would be better served if he simply held it up, looked for the overlapping wingback utilising the space he has vacated, or just lay it off to a playmaker. In my experience this just doesn't happen. I've experimented with different players / lower mentalities / shape / tempo. It's made no difference.
  13. All of the cited examples above are symptomatic of the ME massively lacking variety and dynamism. As I understand it, results are calculated when you submit your team (of course tactical changes can influence said result) - But there are so few ways the ME can visually represent the goals scored, it resorts to nerfing quality players into making glaring errors. That is why time after time, individual battles are lost on the pitch when player attributes suggest this should be highly unlikely. I'm talking about: - Small forwards dominating tall strong defenders in the air - 1 v 1 foot races to loose balls being won by significantly slower players - 50 / 50 tackles in midfield being won by weak players (all of the above works both in your favour and against you I should add) Anyway back to the long shot issue. Another reason for their prevalence is static movement up front. If a wide player or striker is man marked in the box, they should be pulling away or running laterally / diagonally to try and shake them off. Look at Aguero's movement for that goal against Burnley where Gundogan back heeled it to him. Aggressive running from deep midfielders beyond the forward is notoriously hard to recreate in this ME. This lack of movement makes the ball carrier resort to some wild effort like in my screenshot earlier in the thread. Pity such shots consistently fail to make the keeper even work and often end up closer to the corner flags. Intelligence and variety make a match engine, a lack of it kills it dead.