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  1. Didn't there used to be a 'focus passing' option with the TC or did I dream that?
  2. As far as I know, all focusing play down a specific flank does is increase the mentality of the players on said flank (e.g. higher starting positions and regularity of forward runs). Seeing as the highest individual mentality a player has is 'very attacking' ; is it not the case that layering further attacking instruction on top makes no difference? Maybe someone can correct me if I'm mistaken, but it doesn't actually change the decision making of players to pass to that flank? Personally, I've found that having roles like Mezzala / DLP / AP on the same side of the pitch (+ lower tempo) is a far better way to build up on one flank, pull the AI out of position, before quickly switching play to the other. This seems to be the meta strategy to break down FM19 bus parking. It's how I score goals like this:
  3. Indeed. It's perfectly possible at the start of a save to instantly assemble the best coaching team in the division just by filtering and sorting attributes in the staff search. Why such staff, who are always superior to your own backroom, are never signed by other clubs is just another example of where the level of challenge in this game needs to be greater.
  4. Applauds own incompetence Likes to switch ball to the car park Refrains from taking instructions Plays a 6.4 whenever possible Tries to misunderstand offside trap Likes to find keeper
  5. This doesn't stand up, as my conditions have not been met. All bids made in this case were both identical in nature, and identical in their failure to be anywhere near what I asked for the player.
  6. I'm still finding transfer mechanics deeply suspicious and highly contrived. The below is a classic example - You offer a player out for a few million below than his 'value' in order to raise funds for new signings in other areas. Immediately, multiple AI teams bid identically derisory amounts, even down to the clauses being the same. No way is this pure chance. I've had up to 8 identical bids for the same player by retesting this. This feature of the game needs a lot of work for it to feel fair and credible.
  7. Ironically I've just finished a play session in which this exact issue has made me prematurely pack in for the evening. Lone strikers systems are a complete and utter nightmare to balance, even when they are supported by an abundance of roles and duties to encourage attacking variety. Play seems to happen all around them never through them. They either run out to the corner flag or stand like corpses in the box. It's head and shoulders the most maddening thing about this year's game. My centre mids and wide players are regularly cracking goals in from outside the box, but the striker may as well be a fan that has been pulled from the crowd.
  8. A terrible moment of idiocy that wrecked his career. He never had the same turn of pace afterwards. I can handle the injuries and just put it down to bad luck, it's just this illogically timed stadium expansion I'm finding hard to rationalise. My solution to the financial problem was to sell to buy. There were an abundance of players in their 30s on ridiculous wages, from whom I extracted maximum value to fund key signings: Have to get Champions League this season. The game is finally feeling like a proper challenge for the first time in the save.
  9. Indeed, but Poch knew full well in advance that their new stadium would seriously impact on short-term transfer budgets. I've taken them over a few years down the line, and to expand a brand new stadium at a cost of £95m when the club is already in £500m of debt is farcical. Look at the state of this: Quite how I break into this top 4 based on last season, is to the say the least, challenging:
  10. I think I’m done. I decided to give the winter update another chance by moving clubs on my long term save. I left Leeds and took the Spurs job. They were 18th in November and I managed to haul them to a credible 8th place finish. Everything collapsed in the days following the FA Cup final. My keeper broke his leg the night before and Anthony Martial (my only signing and best performer) ruptures his ACL in the final after I’d made all 3 subs. I lose 2-0 to Arsenal which compounds our misery. Now I’m thinking to myself not only do I need to rebuild the squad, I need to replace Martial. Hope I get a decent transfer budget... The very next day the board announce, out of nowhere, they are going to expand (our brand new) stadium by 15000 seats at the cost of 95m. This wipes out my transfer budget and leaves me with an impossible task to meet their lofty expectations. I tend to give the game some slack in terms of what could be feasible, but there is no way on earth any board would expand a brand new stadium. Especially as we are already 500m in debt from its construction. The concrete is still wet FFS.
  11. Indeed. The last time I saw a defensive line move laterally in such a uniform fashion was when I used to play this:
  12. Yes there were issues with the FM17 ME such as the positioning and behaviour of wingers out of possession. There were also problems with narrow formations destroying the AI; however, the sheer variety of goals, aesthetically pleasing play and the fact that instructions actually worked made up for this and then some. If you simply avoid playing narrow 4231s or strikerless (which are seldom seen in reality), you never had an issue with the ME's weaknesses.
  13. Given this thread has degenerated of late, I'll keep this as constructive as I can. My observations from playing a full season in my long-term Leeds save since the winter update: It seems to me that the level of challenge has increased slightly. I can't put my finger on exactly why, but I seem less able to take as many liberties with the AI than on the previous ME build (which is a good thing). Away from home in I'm conceding more goals; often due to the AI making better passing decisions on the counter-attack. Overall, fluidity of passing through the thirds is improved. That is until play reaches the final third, in which the same problems (although slightly alleviated) remain. Player quality seems to be having a greater influence on results, which I completely endorse. I'm beating teams I'm better than and getting battered by the top sides. Statistically, my lone forward is more involved in play, with their average passes rising from 10 to around 20 per 90 mins. I'm also seeing more key passes from them. I feel more confident in using roles such as DLFs; however, link-up play / one-twos / layoffs / well-timed lateral & aggressive runs by elite forwards are nowhere near what is seen from their real life counterparts. There remains a fundamental problem with player agility, which renders this attribute largely useless. They seem unable to turn sharply, hit a reverse pass or dig out a difficult cross (regardless of attributes). The go-to pattern of play that precedes a cross involves the ball carrier 'stopping' with the ball, which sees the defender run past them, and the cross is delivered inside the full back (seldom on the outside following the creation of a yard of space). This inability results in a huge number of blocked crosses, which detracts from enjoyment when watching highlights. The key defensive positioning issues are lateral. Too often, when the defensive line takes up a good initial position, they all shift way too far to the ball carrier's flank, which leaves the opposite winger in miles of space to volley home at the back post. In fact, a huge number of goals come from the classic winger-to-winger maneuver. This often bypasses the striker completely and has skewed goal totals across the leagues I've sampled. There is still too little difference between average and elite players. Lower league sides are still able to string huge passing moves together, well beyond what their attributes suggest is consistently possible. Players with low long shot and technique attributes are no less able to repeatedly smash in long range pile drivers than international class players. As someone that has been attending non league matches for 30 years, I assure you this isn't what I see on a weekly basis. The frequency of suicidal headers from defenders is also getting very old. I constantly see players knocking the ball back into play when they should simply let it go out for a goal kick / throw. Long balls over the top that pose no initial danger are getting nodded down to the feet of an onrushing striker (when it could clearly be left to run through to the keeper). Turnovers of possession from throw-ins continue to plague the ME. Your own players seem intent to take random / unnecessary risks by throwing the ball over longer distances (which are contested in the air, lost and results in a counter attack) - Why don't they just throw it short to feet? Outside of the ME, the game is superb. Love the immersion of training and developing youth players is as satisfying as ever. The game is incredibly stable and the UI is a massive improvement on last year's bizarre design choices.
  14. I'm fully aware of this and at no point in any post have I claimed otherwise. All I can say is that the mentality and formation issues that plague the AI were not present to this extent in past releases.
  15. If you look back through my post history you will find numerous contributions which are constructive and detailed. I'm not going to repeat myself. I feel the AI is simply too negative in this year's release, even teams that are clearly superior to yours. They are consistently guilty of operating on the extreme ends of the mentality scale; which results in the user scraping endless wins with set pieces and goals from long range. Another big issue is that this skews statistics in terms of possession and shots; which although meaningless, still gets half the userbase foaming at the mouth when then don't win. Outside of the ME, the AI isn't aggressive or smart enough in the transfer market. I'm seldom faced with competition for the signature of my top targets, even if they are on a free. It's also too easy to keep hold of your best players, meaning your squad always improves years after year. There are countless examples of users achieving successive promotions with bang average teams using no more than tactical presets.
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