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  1. Absolute scenes in my Norwich save. Impossible to analyse any of this (because in-game match stats have been stolen from me and the analytical tools are broken) I got promotion and won the league cup whilst in the championship, and this screenshot shows my results in the Premier League since the full release: Lacazette scored 8 goals against me in three days...
  2. I want to start with a positive about the game. The ME is the best its been in years. From my perspective, the success of an iteration depends almost entirely on the football we are presented with on the pitch. If I feel that my tactical decisions and tweaks make a tangible and visible impact on the outcome of a match - for better or worse - then that makes me feel like a manager. Variety and unpredictability are key to achieving this, which I have to say has been achieved this year. Well done SI! Now the criticism. I genuinely lack the vocabulary to communicate how much I despise the ma
  3. Rather than add to the ground swell of opinion that the game in its current state is 'too easy', I thought I'd try to give some thoughts on why some have concluded this. The improvements to the ME are obvious in all departments. Having experimented with a range of setups, I can see clear differences between play-styles and build-ups on the pitch. Something that FM19 & 20 spectacularly failed to achieve. The problem is, we are the beneficiaries of these improvements, not the AI. In FM20, team instructions, roles and duties felt totally disconnected to the patterns of play in a match -
  4. What’s driven me away from recent versions is the failure of some roles to actually function in line with their in-game description. The F9 and DLF spring to mind from FM19 onwards. In my opinion they simply do not work properly. Static movement and limited discernible difference between support and attack duty functions. If this has been addressed, then it will have a huge impact on the match experience. If not, then it’s just more smoke and mirrors that fool the user into thinking the game has more tactical depth than it actually does.
  5. Personally, I think the developers made a rod for their own back when they introduced language like Gegenpress and Tiki-Taka into the core of the tactical creator. These are very distinctive play styles originating from highly influential and admired coaches. I can completely understand why fans of the sport would want to replicate their ideas in a simulation. The problem is, if you're going to go with these labels, the ME better be able to pull it off. Sadly (again, a personal opinion) the football shown to us on match days has failed spectacularly to accomplish this. I remember expectat
  6. But you moderate for a developer that gives out medals on its forum for the most upvoted content of the day? Life is so confusing.
  7. Been away from FM20 for 10 months following a bitter divorce. I cited 'irreconcilable differences with the developer' on the final papers. FM20 was the final straw for me. Matches were a torturous experience consisting of robotic and repetitive highlights, which were completely disconnected from the inherent tactical strengths and weaknesses of the teams playing. I won't pass judgement on a game yet to be completed or even in Beta - with one exception - we need to have a discussion about the art design of this game's stadium interiors. As a Kidderminster Harriers fan and ground-hopper who
  8. I’ll probably purchase it due to my love of the football management genre rather than loyalty to FM series itself. The match day experience has been an unmitigated disaster for two consecutive releases. The game feels more and more divorced from the sport it simulates. This is a big problem.
  9. Was he a left back told to mark a specific player who may have been switched to the opposite flank?
  10. A defence I often hear from those using a gegenpress tactic as a weak team is "Yeah, but my players can do it because the quality of the opposition is also poor" Newsflash: a football pitch is has the same dimensions in league 2 as it has in the premier league. A player with the stamina of 8 should NOT be able to make the same amount of sprints (or cover the same yardage) as a player with the stamina of 20.
  11. Feature request: If training or playing a gegenpress system, I'd like one of my coaches to approach me and say something like "Player x doesn't look like he can play at this intensity, in this system". At the same time, I'd like said player's tactical familiarity bar to be very low on 'pressing' and never rise (e.g. linked to his stamina, work rate and determination attributes). Finally, if ignored, I'd like to see said player in matches fail to press and disrupt the shape of the team - leading to mistakes and goalscoring chances for the opposition. This is the kind of visual feedbac
  12. Yet the game makes it entirely possible for bang average ones to also perform to this level.
  13. I think the issue isn't that the players don't get tired, because they do. The issue is there is no consequence or significant impact on performance for playing so aggressively for 90 mins. Visually, players are sprinting and closing down in an identical fashion whether its the 1st or the 90th minute. As long as this is the case, we will continue to see tactic uploads on the Steam Workshop titled '100 games unbeaten CL winning tactic as the Dog & Duck'
  14. Hence why Klopp abandoned this principle after his first season in charge of Liverpool. His team was incredible in the first half of games; then lost countless points from winning positions in the latter stages of matches. That's why now, Liverpool operate in the main with a middle rather than a higher press. This is exemplified by the fact that he always plays 3 hard-working midfielders, who he constantly rotates to enable them to sustain this over the season. FM was late to the party. No team deploys gegenpress for 90 minutes, anywhere in the world. It's a viable system in bursts
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