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  1. Yes but does that mean the whole team stops pressing aggressively or just those that don’t have the capacity? If it’s the latter, then we should see holes appear between the lines that the AI exploit (e.g Man Utd against Leicester). I wish they had Nic Madden on the stream to slow the games down, perhaps play on comprehensive highlights to pause and provide some analysis on where the changes were evident.
  2. Just watched Zealand's video of his early access to the FM22 Alpha build. I continue to be baffled why the entire back of the goal net flies up in the air when a tap in is scored. If anything, it's worse than FM21 for this. Yet another graphical aspect that wasn't an issue back on FM17.
  3. I think what disappointed me the most was the fact there was zero need for any in game management, despite the fact they went full high press for 90 minutes (which was a complete change of system that was unfamiliar to the players). In trying to forcefully show the impact of fatigue on accuracy, first touch and pressing effectiveness; they demonstrated nothing of the sort and steamrolled the AI. Also, most teams in the Championship have players that can hurt the opposition, but the AI once again was ridiculously passive on the counter. Aside from some nice new animations, I thought I was watching last year's stream. And don't get me started on that match day UI. To double down on last year's decision is absolutely baffling.
  4. The AI bidding logic is so flawed, the irony is that I usually holiday through deadline day. I can’t stomach having to reject 28 identical bids from Chelsea for my left winger. For the love of God, Read the room guys. If I’m crawling through a desert, I’m not going to be interested in buying a bottle of sand from Fabrizio Romano. How all of this stuff is presented on the UI is inconsequential compared to the AI driving it.
  5. Pre-match the questions should focus on player availability, tactical approach and the key individual battles. They should absolutely not include questions on what I think of Stoke’s ‘bold decision’ to transfer list their second choice right back. There is also no need to be asked questions right after the match and then yet again when you leave the match. Just condense these into a single set of interactions.
  6. I don't think anyone has a problem with picking a preset and running with it, providing you have the players to pull it off successfully. I'm sick and tired of teams in my Bundesliga save high pressing me for 90 minutes, when their players have bang average stamina and are on the red line of condition.
  7. ‘Players now, based on their stamina, have the concept of their sprint capacity. A plug and play Gegenpress system is going to be a thing of the past’ Absolutely superb. Can’t wait for the meltdown on here.
  8. And back then there were other nice little touches like flares in the crowd when you played in certain countries:
  9. I agree with some of the posts on this thread that frustrations with the graphics engine originate from the fact that it went dramatically downhill in FM18, and has failed since to recapture the absolute basics of what (I feel) was moving in the right direction (e.g. lighting, shadows, pitch textures, colour pallet, stadium design and fan attire). There is no doubt that animations have improved, but there are still large logic gaps between what must be happening under the hood, and what we see transpire on the pitch. If my centre back is skinned by a quick turn or drop of the shoulder - and I see this - I can make informed decisions moving forwards. However, if my centre back does that stupid backwards run for 30 yards and fails to turn as the opposition striker breezes past him in a perfectly straight line, I'm going to question what I'm being shown. Another source of frustration this year were the features that have always worked perfectly well (e.g. Data analysis tools) but were broken at release and never fixed.
  10. Will picnic tables, giant footballs and 30 ft screens in non league stadiums be making a return?
  11. The impact of league reputation on contract demands is completely out of control, particularly in the Premier League. I'm playing in Germany at the moment, and it's night and day compared to England. I've signed some of the same players for Leipzig as I did in my Leicester save. The salary demand differences are ridiculous. I'm talking 160k p/w in England, and 80k p/w in Germany.
  12. I’d say it’s because on this year’s version, away games are pretty tough and home games are super easy.
  13. Anyone know what the icon 'Player Sale Handling' means? Not seen it before:
  14. Having sunk **checks Steam** 1000 hours into FM21, I think I'm in a position to offer some final thoughts. I've really enjoyed this year's release. I can forgive Si for the bugs and match day UI because major improvements to the ME outweighs everything else on the satisfaction scale. I personally find it just about the right level of challenge. I can meet my objectives; although previously used formulas to sweep the AI aside do not work half as well as they used to (at least how I play the game). I remain extremely inconsistent, even with 'elite' players, but am okay with that. I wanted to share a very particular thought on how next year's ME could make the jump from good to outstanding. It begins and ends with this: The behaviour of wide players in the final third requires massive improvement. I'm referring specifically to what they choose to do with the ball and when they choose to do it. To demonstrate, I've included a screenshot below. It didn't take me long to find as this occurs in nearly every match: This year's ME is maddening beyond belief as attacks develop to resemble situations as shown above. I am repeatedly shown my players performing miracle passes, first touches and dribbles in the middle third of the pitch, only for the simulation to fall apart in the final third. What I hope for in future, is that 'elite' players look for the pass indicated by the blue arrow most of the time. If a simple ball to Tonali is played here (or at any point during this attack) we have an overload and multiple routes to goal, (including Tonali playing Neres in if Tierney has to move across). Something seems hard-coded about ball carriers in these positions. They appear compelled to drive to the byline (even when this is a dead end), irrespective of their role, attributes and team instructions. This results in the dreaded blocked cross, or even worse (what actually happened in this highlight) - a shot from an impossible angle into the outer side netting. I try to build a squad which prioritises teamwork and decision making, but I see zero discernible differences in player behaviour in such situations. Football intelligence needs to be the evolution focus of future MEs, and I really hope some big strides forward are made for FM22. It feels like the developers solved the central play issues that plagued the last few iterations, but ran out of time to balance wide play decision making. I can understand if they decided to stick rather than twist here. I can also sympathise if some nerfing needed to happen to avoid cricket scores. If so, I'd like to see it harder to get into these positions in the first place, but see players making better decisions when they eventually work the opening. Cheers.
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