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  1. You can still achieve that by asking a winger to develop the 'moves into channels' PPM. He will do this naturally once developed even if you can't set it as a PI.
  2. The IF can be recreated in a deeper position by using an inverted winger and additional PIs Read the description of the Raumdeuter. A wide poacher that is specifically designed to not track back. You can't have your cake and eat it.
  3. They're not needed. If the players you have listed possess the attributes I've described. Provided your system is set up correctly (and said players are put in the correct role, duty and strata) they will behave in game like they do in your head.
  4. And they would have very high teamwork, decisions, work rate and stamina attributes. Very few players possess these in abundance, hence they are gold dust.
  5. Those motionless random lads resemble my AFC Wimbledon defence.
  6. I've followed all of the steps in the post above. Tried to save the game in a folder on desktop - Still crashed when saving I have an ASUS laptop but the graphics card is an Nvidia. I updated the drivers via the GeForce experience tool - Still crashed when saving I have already uninstalled anti-virus software that may conflict with FM. I am only using Windows Defender now. DxDiag is attached. Cheers. DxDiag.txt
  7. Flicking through the League 1 squads at the end of January has revealed that every single one is on the bones of their backsides. Entire first teams in need of a rest, all with around 4-6 players out injured. Matches every 3 days means that no team can return their squad to fitness. I'm entirely unconvinced this is the reality of fitness and fatigue within professional football clubs. The medical centre looks like an admissions sheet of a Friday night A&E ward. I think this particular pudding has been severely over-egged.
  8. If people want a challenge then do what I did and manage a relegation candidate in the lower leagues. If misplaced passes are your thing, then every match is a 90 minute car crash of delights.
  9. I have 20 players unhappy at the quality of strength training and I don’t even have the option of asking the board to hire a fitness coach. Something not right about that whether I’m a small club or not. Zero fitness coaches at a professional football club?
  10. I'm noticing a huge percentage of conceded chances can be traced back to a short misplaced lateral pass. It seems to be a very specific and over relied upon trigger, that such an easy pass is misplaced resulting in counter attacks.
  11. Same here - I have zero injuries in my whole squad and am 24th in the injury table.
  12. It's like for every great design decision there is an equal and opposite bonkers one.
  13. I raised this over the weekend - Why has the hover icon been removed from the OI screen? Now you have to click on every single player, and what's worse, when you click 'back' it takes you all the way out to the teamtalk screen. Utter madness.