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  1. Nonsense exploits like this are the main reason I uninstalled the game.
  2. The original post falls at the first hurdle in that if said poster was in charge of a strong team and Burton beat him to the title, this forum would be lit up with ‘Unrealistic game!’ Posts.
  3. I have seen dozens of these both for and against. Whoever hasn’t seen it must have purchased a different game to one in my Steam library. I feel it is more of a graphical limitation concerning goalkeeper animations rather than a bug. Goalkeepers are like kryptonite in the ME.
  4. FM17 is head and shoulders above the rest in my own personal experience. Largely because I feel I can actually create different styles of football in the 17 engine. Players felt more grounded to the pitch last year rather than the 'floaty' nature of 18. I feel that scoring good and varied team goals in 17 is a way more rewarding experience than this year's robotic and clunky release. The ME in 18 has a relentless obsession with lofted / chipped balls that I can't stand the sight of. I've found it so hard to keep the ball on the deck and play through the opposition this year. This year's UI needs to get in the bin and stay there.
  5. In the Europa League knockout round of 32, the four third-place finishers with the best records in the UEFA Champions League group stage are seeded along with the 12 UEFA Europa League group winners. The remaining four third-placed UEFA Champions League sides are unseeded together with the 12 UEFA Europa League group runners-up.
  6. Herein lies the problem. I don't question the statistical integrity of match outcomes; but the manner in which the action plays out is aesthetically dire. The central footballing mechanics are clunky, robotic and repetitive. Pathetically inaccurate shots from distance have totally undermined this year's release.
  7. Wow, there is certainly some mud-slinging in the thread you linked. Have to agree there is a case for narrow tactics in FM17 being overpowered. I switched to a narrow 4-2-3-1 with Wolves and am now 2nd with the highest possession stats in the Prem. I fear this isn't down to my tactical genius.
  8. A couple of observations. Firstly this screenshot is from FM17. This thread is / was discussing the issue with long shot selection and their subsequent accuracy in FM18; which based on user feedback is much bigger headache compared to last year's release. Secondly, it's 2032 and you are managing Real Madrid. No doubt with an array of world-class regen talent at your disposal, who possess core attributes (including decisions) in abundance. Not surprising that you don't see excessive long shots because a) it was never a big problem on FM17 and b) Real Madrid players will always possess the mental and technical attributes required to unlock stubborn defences
  9. rdbayly

    Man U Always Dominant

    Fair point, however the game prides itself on taking its points of reference from the reality of the most recent season prior to release. Man Utd have failed to win the title or the champions league for 5 years now, therefore can be considered in a slump. If anything, Man City and Chelsea should be the teams achieving title streaks if current reputation and attribute data was sound.
  10. rdbayly

    Man U Always Dominant

    It is also hard for a game to replicate the shortcomings of a team full of individual talent, yet fail to function as an effective unit when it matters most. This is the reality of Man Utd right now. On the game you can pretty much buy anyone, throw them together, wait for tactical familiarity to hit fluid and play like Brazil 74.
  11. rdbayly

    Man U Always Dominant

    @PinkSpeedos is clearly referring to, and quite rightly questioning, dominant sequences of titles by a single club. Look at the evidence; nobody has retained the title in nearly a decade:
  12. rdbayly

    Man U Always Dominant

    On close inspection I do feel that for several releases, the attributes of Man Utd players (especially Paul Pogba) have been higher than they should be if using the reality of the previous season as a performance benchmark. There is no way on earth this joker is a better passer and has a better first touch than Kevin De Bruyne. The current football landscape dictates that when a powerful club loses out on the title, they invest vast amounts on players and staff to wrestle it back. There are simply too many rich clubs for any single one to dominate in the current climate. This must be hard to simulate, because all I personally see in save after save is this: This is my current save, and you can probably add another 4 or 5 titles in a row after this before I get bored of them thrashing everyone.
  13. Is this the pass prior to the assist? Are key passes inclusive of assists? I'm using the analysis tool and match stats much more these days and I was curious about how the game determines this. Any ideas?
  14. Although it's ok if Henry calls out a striker for not moving the ball on to his stronger foot and opening his body out for a side foot finish.