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  1. This needs to continue happening to maintain realism, buts it’s execution is currently very poor. You should be able to have some input into the deal. For example, the option to request / demand a sell on % or loan back option. Too often the board accept insulting bids without even an attempt to negotiate the deal up to its potential.
  2. The Qatar World Cup season is kryptonite to the scheduling tools this game uses.
  3. My gut feeling is that woodwork strikes are out of control. Is there any solid data on this? I've honestly lost count of how many times I've been asked this exact question in press conferences:
  4. I'll still take the current iteration above last year's shooting model; which often saw the shot leaving the field of play above the corner flag. FM17 had it about right. You saw a greater range of shot outcomes; including those that fizzed just over, or whistled past the post. Again, I'd take this all day long over the aimless scuffs straight at the keeper we (endlessly) see now. It's variety that makes a good match experience, not repetition.
  5. It's grossly inflated in-game compared to the behaviour of their real life counterparts. The problem is that most patterns of play in the ME that lead to goals are limited in their diversity, hence become repetitive. There seems to be a different set of issues with each release; this year, it's the reign of suicidal header. I think there is a general consensus (including among some mods) that this is a bit of a pet hate in FM19. Although my personal pet hate is the corner played to someone in an unmarkable position in the corner of the penalty area. Perhaps the 2 players I assigned to stand at the edge of the area would like to anticipate this and close him down before the ball reaches him? Nope, they are too busy holding hands.
  6. The transfer bidding behaviour of Man City & PSG is highly suspicious. Every window the same pattern plays out. They bid for every single player in my side that is playing well, regardless of position, without any strategy behind it. The players they go for will never be good enough to hold down a place in their team, and frequently gets Pep the sack. A classic example of this on my current save was when City bought Lewis Cook for £70m, and immediately loaned him out to me for nothing a few months later. If they identified fewer, high quality targets over a longer period, and put down a big bid to secure them (e.g. Mahrez) I'd welcome it as a realistic approach. If reality played out like the FM world, Jim White would open his transfer window show with the statement 'Man CIty have bid for 6 Wolves players'. Not credible, is it.
  7. I've thrown that as well now, as I have a Europa League match scheduled during the 2022 World Cup (with 8 key players on international duty). Very disappointed with the developers that after all these years, this still happens. Reminds me of a time on CM4 when the opening match of the Euros was on the same day as my Champion's League final. I ejected the game disc and shattered it into a hundred pieces.
  8. Posting details of a single match doesn't prove or disprove anything; however, this is an extreme example of the points raised about the profligacy of strikers and their tendency to a) miss simple chances, and b) do so by tamely shooting straight at the keeper. I went 2-0 up on Spurs in this match and lost 3-2. Whilst I now have a dent in my wall to sort out from the monitor being launched across the room, the loss isn't the source of my fury; it's the missed chances: Sterling put Haland clean through on goal 5 times and he missed every single one by scuffing it straight at the keeper. Jota missed from inside the 6 yard box with the whole goal to aim at, twice. The irony is I can't recall the team any playing better than this over the entire 5 year save. That dent in the wall though
  9. It's worth pointing out that this year's Ajax team boasts some of the finest young players in world football. You can take some serious tactical liberties with them, particularly in a poor Dutch league. Taking individuals out of that side and dropping them into a bang average one, in a tougher league, exposes their lack of physicality.
  10. Since playing with a DM I've not conceded a single goal from long range (apart from direct free kicks). Rashidi's FM university YouTube video on preventing long shots is well worth a watch. Whilst it's possible to defend the horizontal channel in front of your defence playing a 4231, both central midfielders need to work their socks off and be exceptional at winning the ball. I've messed around for hundreds of hours with pressing. I've found that aggressive roles and very urgent pressing settings actually make the long shot issue worse. Balance in this ME is exceptionally hard to find, and I do feel like the game is forcing me into certain set-ups. Playing with a DM of course often results in a lone striker system; bringing in to play the countless issues with their over-pronounced movement into channels.
  11. I agree with this. The complete forward is a role that has both moves into channels and roams from position locked in. It is a classic example of the overly-pronounced issues I stated above. Why on earth this role thinks it can impact the game by standing in the corner quadrant is beyond me. I've had to abandon it in a lone striker system, as I've found players can go half a dozen games with barely having a shot, let alone scoring.
  12. The 'Move into channels' player instructions needs a serious overhaul for FM20. Not only is it locked in to far too many striker roles, it is way too pronounced in its effect on player movement. It is supposed to make players move into the spaces between centre backs and full backs; but all too often the striker moves outside the full back. In a lone striker system, this often sees him out by the sodding corner flag with nobody in the box. As play develops and a CM picks up the ball, the only real option they have is to shoot from distance. I'd say this at least somewhat contributes to the huge numbers of goals generated from long range and by CMs. It may also account for the fact that strikers tend to struggle to hit the numbers achieved by wide attackers and their CM team mates.
  13. There are countless examples of popular online series in which the user has taken a bang average lower league team, and achieved back-to-back promotions using nothing more than the Gegenpress preset. It should be virtually impossible, yet players with low stamina and natural fitness can pull it off without a care in the world. In addition, the AI can't handle it either.
  14. Didn't there used to be a 'focus passing' option with the TC or did I dream that?
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