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  1. The AI goes berserk in the final 10 mins and I haven’t found a way to stop them scoring yet. Tried changing mentality, duties and roles. All has zero effect. I’ve drawn 6 games out of last 7 due to conceding injury time goals.
  2. I agree there is a great game in here somewhere. I just can't get into a solid save that feels worthy of time and emotion. Never found it so hard play decent football and score goals. I'm applying the core principles I've learned over the years, but glaring passing errors and zero off the ball movement punctuate every match.
  3. I've found myself laughing out loud at some of the stuff I've seen in the ME tonight: - Players clean through and their shots ending up closer to hitting the corner flag than the goal - Simple passes being instead played against heels and backsides, which rebound to the opposition and put them clean through - Multiple goals conceded from set pieces due to unmarkable players - Promising counter attacks being blunted by square passes behind runners Close to going back to FM17 now. That is something I've never done with any previous version. There is awesome potential here, but in its current state I's give it about a 4/10
  4. It even happened in one of the games of the YouTube content creator's cup, and there's £5k at stake in that. It makes a mockery of the whole game.
  5. This is what I was referring to in my earlier post:
  6. Despite having an unbeaten start to the season, I'm finding it really hard to like the ME so far. The vast majority of goals, both for and against, seem to originate from an inexplicably bad pass (often from a quality player who has many options) - which turns possession over. This brings me to the next issue I have with the match experience, which is extremely inconsistent player reactions to loose balls, particularly defenders and DMs. It seems like the player who is closest to a loose ball is seldom the guy that actually reaches it. Passing in the middle third for both human and AI teams seems decent, but in the final third, I'm seeing some horrible stuff; culminating in rash long range shots despite several better sideways and forward options. For me, the FM17 ME had better variety, more fluidity and a greater feeling of reward when you scored a good team goal. Finally, defending indirect set pieces is the single biggest problem with the current build. Your defence sets up like a conga line with unmarked players outside the box. The AI just roll the ball across and they either (a) score a from distance, or (b) play in another unmarked player in the box because your defence doesn't break from the conga line formation.
  7. Sweet Jesus I've just checked my finances and I've spent 200k on scouting and it's only August of the first season!
  8. Key reasons: 1. The AI goes attacking, often using 3 strikers 2. My players making unforced errors in the last few minutes which turns possession over 3. Not enough bodies back, particularly midfielders in the AM strata not tracking runners from deep (this is why I thought it wise to make a version of the 4231 with 2 midfielders in the DM strata and in the CM strata)
  9. @Cleon - Good stuff. I'd like to experiment with this tactic but need a second version of it to hold on to a lead as I'm failing to see out matches. Would the deep version of the 4231 with 3 midfielders in the MC / ML/R strata be a decent base for this? (Obviously with lower mentality and modified roles / duties)
  10. @roykela brought me here. I have just been done twice in this fashion against Leicester. Knowing full well they would sit deep and go direct to Vardy, I dropped back my d-line, put in a central BWM and asked the rest of my team to close down their creative players (I checked their key passing networks in the analysis tool to do this). The result? lost 2-1 with both goals coming from lumped balls over the top. For me the problem is lack of aggression and willingness to engage the ball. Strong experienced Premier League international centre backs of 6'3+ should be eating these ball up and heading them away for fun. I accept that concentration is an issue for my CDs, but I have added some extra protection in front of them by deploying a DMC. I can't get my head around this this inept defending. I've been sacked twice today already, equaling the number of sackings I got in 1000 hours of FM17. Don't get me started on defending behaviour from indirect set pieces either. Players left in 20 yards of space outside the box -> pass -> goal. All you can do in the set piece creator is make your players form the wall or 'go back'. Powerless. Any suggestions from wiser players than me?
  11. If anyone can present a coherent argument otherwise, I'm all ears.
  12. Good lord I'm getting ripped apart by long balls; even with a deeper defensive line.
  13. When in sunlight, both the ball and white opposition kits are glowing. Is this something I can simply adjust in preferences or is it a known issue? P.S - I just cleared my squad in order to rotate them before the next friendly and my next task was to handle a pre-match briefing. As I'd cleared my squad I was talking to an empty room! 'The squad showed little reaction'. Comedy.
  14. Wasn't aware of these examples so good to know. It seems there is a closer link between the attributes of top players and their on pitch performances - i.e first pace, first touch, finishing. This is a great step, but it can mean that quality players mask poor tactics.