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  1. Although it's ok if Henry calls out a striker for not moving the ball on to his stronger foot and opening his body out for a side foot finish.
  2. @Svenc - and what makes it a million times worse is that for about 90% of those commentaries, it was never a good chance in the first place. Just a spooned shot from an impossible angle into row Z. And it also results in a 6.2 match rating.
  3. "Inexcusable defeat, the boss has some explaining to do #IrrelevantSocialMediaFeatureThatNobodyAskedFor
  4. I couldn't agree more. Surely a modular asset creator tool for each stand would work wonders; just like in Cities Skylines. (All downloadable via Steam Workshop)
  5. After 650 hours of desperately trying to coax a good game out of this year's release, I'm personally calling it a day. For what it's worth, my summary feedback is as follows: Positives Genuinely think the medical centre and dynamics have been introduced well at the first time of asking, for which SI should be applauded. The 'Overall Injury Risk' column is now a permanent addition to main squad view, which had remained unchanged for years. Injuries feel more realistic. The increased number, but shorter duration of injuries feels more reflective of the modern game. I'd have no problems with slightly more of them to be honest. Negatives ME - I want to make it clear that my criticism of the ME is not a result of struggling for success. I have gained promotions, won manager of the year and got relative minnows into Europe. My fundamental problem with the ME is that the aesthetics of the central footballing mechanics are ugly, robotic and repetitive. This includes: The prevalence of long balls lumped into channels which defenders at all levels fail to effectively react to The ease with which crosses are delivered like laser guided missiles onto the foreheads of 5'9 strikers who physically dominate tall strong defenders The lack of physical engagement from the entire defensive line which gives lone forwards the opportunity to bring a long ball down, turn and play in a teammate The way that simple passes over short distances are misplaced or ricochet off a player's heels / backside (resulting in a dangerous counter-attack) The frequency of shots from the edge of the area missing the target by more than the width of the entire goal - possibly linked to players too often only being capable of shooting in the direction they are facing The power of aforementioned long shots being equal to that of a backpass Insufficient goalkeeper animations that result in shots 'hitting' the keeper and flying off at angles that defy physics Goalkeepers standing motionless on their line as a striker runs on to a through ball and scores from inside the 6 yard box UI - I do not and will never understand the design choices taken regarding this year's user interface, especially on / during a match. Finding what you want is like peeling the layers of an endless onion compared to last year's game. The horizontal in-match tactics screen is bizarre and at completely at odds with how this information is presented in all other locations. I just don't get it. Stadia / fans - Without a doubt, one of the biggest retrograde steps in the franchise is laid bare regarding the design of stadiums and the appearance of crowds. The colour pallets of both are saturated, over-exposed and riddled with monotone browns. There appears to be only 2 variations of fan animation and attire, which when all moving in unison is akin to something seen from an early 1990s game. This may seem a minor detail, but to me it breaks immersion. Compare this to the quality of stadia and fans in FM17 and there is simply no contest. Regen Faces - Hard to know where to begin here. The best I've got is - imagine if you hold a child's doll over a fire until the face is half melted, then put lego hair and lipstick on it, and hey presto. Scouting - This was botched from the start in terms of explanation and costs, but is not half as bad as being forced to click through endless players, most of which aren't interested in joining, and whose cards are mostly wasted white space. A chore made even more cumbersome by the buttons jumping about all over the place. Tactical Briefing - I can't think of a single reason this was added to the game other than to be a placeholder for a more refined feature next year. There's a whole lot more but you've probably lost interest by now. I feel the this release lacked polish out of the blocks. I also experienced countless crashes on both brand new PC and gaming laptop, which has tested my patience to exhaustion. Despite all this, my love for the series will bring me back for FM19! Cheers.
  6. I won my Europa League group as Wolves and was hoping for a kind draw in the first knockout round against an unseeded team. What was my reward? Wolves v PSG According to this UEFA site: https://www.uefa.com/uefaeuropaleague/news/newsid=2522360.html#/ "In the round of 32, the four third-place finishers with the best records in the UEFA Champions League group stage are seeded along with the 12 UEFA Europa League group winners. The remaining four third-placed UEFA Champions League sides are unseeded together with the 12 UEFA Europa League group runners-up" On inspection, PSG did indeed have one of the worst third place records in the CL and ended up unseeded. I can't recall worse luck with a cup draw on any previous release. My question is this: My board expect me to reach the round beyond this, but is any consideration given to the fact that if we go out, it will be to one of the most expensively assembled teams in world football?
  7. I'll be sure to check it out.
  8. I'm coming down on the side of this point of view now. I have to concede that some users appear to have mitigated the long shot quantity and quality problem; but it feels like said users are in possession of the keys to the ME safe, whilst the others (including me) are sodding around trying to crack the combination to it. I'd be very interested in the thread proposed by @Rashidi which would walk through his experience of addressing the issue. That would give us a starting point and thought process to follow and tweak according to the team at our disposal.
  9. I'll try again then. What about the if there has been a change in way my tactical instructions are interpreted by the ME code in this year's release? is that feasible? I'm only labouring the point as my tactical approach since the the introduction of the TC has been entirely consistent, and it's only on FM18 I've personally encountered the major issue around long shot selection / accuracy.
  10. Can I just clarify what you mean by this? No changes to the ME code from prior releases, or have I misinterpreted?
  11. It doesn't seem to matter which thread I browse, the probability of the discussion reverting to the quality and quantity of shots from distance ends up at 100%. I don't recall such a persistent debate on this issue from previous releases; so I have to believe that a subtle tweak to the TC inputs has produced these ME outputs. It also means that the vast majority of users who are experiencing this problem (including me) have no idea how to fix it. I've trawled the tactics forums and tested the advice to no avail. Any tactics pitch / analysis tool screenshots from the great and the good who are not experiencing this problem would be most welcomed, because I don't see the discussion progressing beyond "The game is broken v it's your tactics".
  12. 1) Rocket through the leagues and attribute this to own tactical genius rather than a lack of realism. 2) Fail to sustain success in top division when re shaping squad and blame this on a lack of realism. Perceived realism is more selective on FM than any other game in history.
  13. Your assistant no doubt plays a formation, mentality and shape that is balanced with the correct mix of roles and duties to not isolate players and make them rush in to poor decisions? Or maybe the game is designed to conspire against you for no particular reason?
  14. I know this, you know this - But it appears some people need it spelling out!