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  1. crosses are being blocked straight to corners bec if it wasn't coded this way, it would result in more crosses completed to the attackers inside the box therefore making every game have at least 5 or more goals which is unrealistic. yes, 99.99% blocked crosses straight to corners is unrealistic too so SI picked the lesser of the two evils.
  2. so beautiful! i love the draggable panels in-between match highlights. i can't believe SI didn't think of that...
  3. age 15-28 and scout only these: england spain italy germany france portugal brazil argentina champion's leage europa league netherlands turkey russia ukraine belgium any other i feel is a waste. if a player is good, he'll be in one of those nations or competitions.
  4. i they think removed it to speed up processing. if so, i approve. the game is so much better because everything you do is faster. if the reason is because they didn't think it was useful, then i disagree of the change.
  5. anyone know why i can't buy the in-game editor? it says: "Downloadable Content This content requires the base game Football Manager 2021 on Steam in order to play." but i'm playing the game right now and it even says "In your library" on the Steam page...
  6. anyone bought the editor yet on steam? i can see it but can't buy it (no price)...
  7. i'm in the USA so nov 24 is NOT going to happen in 6 hours as you say edit: it's currently 1:30 in the afternoon EST.
  8. my steam page says Nov 23rd as well! i wish SI would make an announcement about this here or on social media as i think this is a pretty big deal!
  9. 1-5 black (don't need to see these extremely low numbers) 6-10 gray 11-15 green 16+ orange one look and i instantly know how good a player is based on the dominant color. if i see a ton of orange i know the player is elite. if i see many green i know the player is above average etc
  10. i hope OP watched the man city vs tottenham game today because possession literally meant nothing for pep's team lol!
  11. even in real life this happens every week. you see man city with 70%+ possession and yet they're mid table. you have leicester with like 30% possession weekly and yet they're top of the league. goals win game, not possession percentage.
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