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  1. i find the player interactions super forced and scripted so i skip all of them and just choose remover player unhappiness. like in my recent save, sven bender wanted to join bayern and i refused. so half the squad became unhappy because i refused to sell bender. on the last day of transfer window, i allowed him to leave and then the squad became unhappy again because i let bender go lol it's just so stupid.
  2. goddamit chris was right all along! time to clear my non-existent schedule...
  3. there are TWO admins browsing this thread! pretty sure the beta will be released any moment now so they're preparing to lock this thread!
  4. collection/display same with books -- every book is available in digital format now but you'd still like to have a physical copy on your display case
  5. on one hand, i can understand why miles is grumpy. imagine being harassed with "beta beta beta" every minute. on the other hand, all he has to do is say/tweet "sorry guys, no beta tonight"
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