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  1. i don't think there are any other big features/additions because otherwise they'd announce those first. if so (and i hope i'm wrong), this is the first time i'm skipping FM since FM08. the new "features" aren't worth it. they're old features just with new names, new UI locations, and new colors. hopefully FM21 will be a lot better. i feel like this version is so underwhelming because maybe they were focused with all the stadia stuff. thankfully there are still ppl updating FM19 database so i can continue playing that until FM21.
  2. i find the player interactions super forced and scripted so i skip all of them and just choose remover player unhappiness. like in my recent save, sven bender wanted to join bayern and i refused. so half the squad became unhappy because i refused to sell bender. on the last day of transfer window, i allowed him to leave and then the squad became unhappy again because i let bender go lol it's just so stupid.
  3. goddamit chris was right all along! time to clear my non-existent schedule...
  4. there are TWO admins browsing this thread! pretty sure the beta will be released any moment now so they're preparing to lock this thread!
  5. collection/display same with books -- every book is available in digital format now but you'd still like to have a physical copy on your display case
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