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  1. Just logged onto steam and got a 156.1mb FM2019 update. has the beta updated or is this a background change? Cheers
  2. My bet is a big strong loud NO!!!
  3. Kazza

    Average Gamer Age

    This type of thread appears every year and I get one year older every year............now 66. Started playing from the beginning of the original series, cannot remember exactly, CM1992?
  4. Indeed, but there is no definitive date - just have to wait.
  5. I think that if they play in a major game regardless of when they start that should count as long as it's over a certain period 25/30 mins. Seems to keep some of the Man U players contentish!! I agree a tweak to allow that would be welcome.
  6. My bad, that was his value re shown as listed on scouting, but that was for loan. Not what the club want for him.
  7. Not sure if it's a bug or a quirk: Tammy Abraham listed for 16.5m I ask for suggested in transfer negotiation window and they want £95m? Ahh forget it it is a loan listed price re £16.5m not a transfer price.
  8. Not seen that at all. Is your assman putting the opp instructons on hard tackling? I have had 1 red all season and the season has just ended. Red cards in PL 55 in total all season.
  9. You are so entitled Mr Page. You really do need to think through what you are saying. I did not pay £35 you may have. No one asked you to pay £35 and I suspect you did not! Can you name those games and all there major changes. What did they do and did they ask you? I am fed up with certain people thinking they are the entitled generation. You appear to be just out for an argument. Give the mods a rest and do something constructive. Really, get a grip and have a good day ps I am off to do some real life stuff !
  10. You sir have just done a fine example of what we are talking about. One line, purportedly agreeing to criticise SI because they do not do what you and others think they should do , no back up to explain why and wherefores or apparently understanding of coding or complexities of the game and so on and so on!! Sigh
  11. Whilst I appreciate the effort put in by a number of the fans I do think that there is an over tendency to get too personal. At the end of the day it is a game. Albeit for some important but for the vast majority, not so. Communication is more complex than people think it is. If you have nothing to say and say that, then you get attacked for lack of perceived action. If you say something akin to still progressing then you get attacked for lack of detailed information. SI cannot do right for doing wrong with some forum members. As I have said before and will again, I appreciate the forum guys who put a lot of effort and therefore get frustrated but I do not appreciate a handful on here you just try and do smart a**e one liners. Believe me they are not smart and not funny, you know who you are! I come on here to see what is developing and try to contribute, even though compared to others my lack of knowledge shines through. MY plea is if you got nothing constructive to say, say nothing, you will do yourself a great service. To the moderators, take a deep breath and continue with our exemplary attitude. The vast majority of us support your endeavours, especially around release time!!
  12. Not sure but try looking in here: https://community.sigames.com/topic/448638-fm19-training-a-brief-guide/
  13. Thank you for the continuing updates. All are welcome, towards a better a game. Ignore all these moaners. Especially the ones with a one liner trying to be smart a**e comments. Nothing better to do.
  14. Hy Ok so in Spain he was presumably paid in Euros, in England pounds? If not, that is some drop in wages. Was they any hint that he wanted another challenge. What about his signing on fee? I also think that the manager might make a difference re reputation. Man City Manager "Pep" v yourself, he may have been more attracted to their manager. I see this type of thing reported quite regularly in these forums and maybe it's that "x" factor re this is a game not as in real life so the computer throws up odd stuff at times. Sounds like a quirk of the game rather than a bug though. Maybe some other folk who are more experienced then me might have other ideas as to why.