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  1. Whilst I agree with what you say and have skipped so many pointless posts that rinse and repeat in their negativity or naivety, you are in danger of sounding like FIFA. All talk no action? I realise that your time is free as mods and I support what you do and your fairness but this thread needs pruning and repeats need to be deleted. How many times has it been said re demos/pre-orders and the ability to get a refund yet it seems to go over the head of a lot of posters! Good luck and keep up the sterling work.
  2. I am enjoying these little snippets of basic and cosmetic additions to the game. All adds to the flavour of realism. Miles has also said that they are not covering every change and people will need to come across them as they play - intriguing. Presumably the biggies will come soon. No issues from me, patience is a virtue, especially given that you get either a beta prepaid or wait for the demo and if you get the beta and do not like the game you get a refund: Win Win.
  3. Generally on the players screen right click on player and i think you can rest them from there in FM17? IIRC! If not there, try individual training screen.
  4. You do realise i was replying to , QWERTYOP !
  5. Their first "announcement" is some eco nonsense about the packaging. Brilliant.... as quoted by , QWERTYOP What an utterly absurd thing to say. You really should do your homework.
  6. Congratulations to SI. Hopefully other similar industries will follow suit. Staggering saving on non-recyclable plastic waste. And you seem to be saying you will absorb the cost. Kudos to SI again.
  7. Unlike many other games these days, SI offer a demo that last 6 months and gets updates where necessary. Surely that is enough time to judge the game, albeit unless glaring errors are found. I find the demo really useful in giving me an insight into how I feel that iteration of the game is playing. I also, like others, believe that SI do their best year on year; it not an exact science but neither is football! So not quite sure what the OP is getting at. Real is real, games are games and one person's reality is another's unreality and so on.
  8. I have the same outcome, using the same method as RoversRob. I have never a problem if you follow the above script
  9. Trailer was noisy and totally unhelpful! However, it's the game that counts and for me SI generally deliver.
  10. Just look at Newcastle United and the latest takeover saga. So reality it is!
  11. Try reading this I found it invaluable in fine tuning and turning around results.
  12. Good Stuff. First contribution simple, clear and to the point without making it complicated. Some food for thought tactically. Look forward to the next installment.
  13. How easy would it be to create a PDF file from this with headers for the various topics? Would SI do it or community peeps? Just a thought
  14. I suspect that if the player is not playing all the time or is courted by other teams and he wants a different challenge you could run into issues. Not sure how that would work but I am sure you will come across player unhappiness. Would be good to know with your experiment. Good Luck
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