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  1. Yep I have left it before and a couple of other players have gone down with flu. Ignore at your peril!
  2. So those people who wait until the transfers are over; a question? Do you play the game with another team other than your preferred team. or tinker around or wait until this transfer and not bother. I can never fathom why people wait until the final transfer as in rl you just get on with it and players or bought or sold in game so the team very rarely looks like the original team in my humble opinion. just asking as I am curious.
  3. Thanks both. I have successfully transferred my under 18's into an Excel sheet and added filters to sort out positions and attribute numbers. Brill.
  4. Cheers, think I have sorted it and thanks for starting the thread. Lots of ideas to play around with.
  5. Having produced a scenario with all attributes and going into export file. I save it as fmf. That seems not to work when you try and open it without Excel. This is also what I have done >clicked Ctrl +P saved it as web page then tried to export it into excel? Is this the correct way as it seems Any help please
  6. I am playing the demo. For the first time in years decided not to buy it straight away. They have not updated the demo and I think I understand why. It does stutter re the 3D. The UI and overall look in my view is dreadful and light years behind what it should look like, given the free skins out there. I also have the TW Napoleon and you are right that looks graphically far better. There must be a reason : it could and probably is that they want to keep the audience who have lower spec PC's/laptops!
  7. Also notice that your rep with the players plays a bigger role in how they perceive you. That seems to make a difference, especially during matches if you look at the teams various aspects.
  8. Still toying with the demo 20.1.4. Is it awaiting the update? Cheers This is the 3rd time I have asked. I am showing 20.1.4. Someone must be able to respond - is this demo going to get that upgrade!!!!!!
  9. Still toying with the demo 20.1.4. Is it awaiting the update? Cheers
  10. Not committed to buying FM 20 just yet so I downloaded the demo. A few small observations from me. Positives: · Graphically on the pitch, players etc. look far better; · Game runs smoothly and quicker; · Tactics appear harder than previous iterations; · Like the new additions re vision, medical and so forth; · At last, fans in the stadium don’t all wear the team’s strip. Negatives: · The UI is awful, truly poor and unintuitive (sad that I feel that I need to get a 3rd party skin to make the game presentable); · Having the U23/18 lumped in with the main squad is not easier or quicker and slicker it is abominable - why change for the sake of it – if it ain’t broke don’t fix it; · Training – having transferred the responsibilities to one of my coaches he appears to give no player individual extra training. In FM19 you could do that as a one off and still leave the training to the coach; · Stadiums - umm yet again no improvement in their look and appearance re no matter what club or so it appears. I cannot comment on the ME as I do not have the in depth knowledge that some of you guys have so I just follow the debate. As I run out as Newcastle United, defenders scoring, attacking players poor, players hitting the side net and forwards not scoring are the norm!
  11. Can you mentor u23's with first team players, I cannot seem to get that working.
  12. I think they say sales. So they want you to sell players to reduce the wage bill. But 29million for league 1: good luck with that might take a season or two. Ah your talking about the 60% to go down to 30% I see. That makes no sense.
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