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  1. Just a small observation. I noticed that NUFC still have as a philosophy signing young players. As far as I know Rafa Benitze changed that and brought about a new approach? Before the game goes full fat where would I approach SI to look into possibly changing that? Cheers
  2. I looked at a set of attributes for these guys in a Premiership team and took that as my template. They come under scouting in staff job search so Judging Potential/Ability etc.
  3. People have mentioned that it could be something to do with low settings due to tyour graphic card/PSU etc? Not sure but seen that raised last night.
  4. According to the game you need to do a full scout by the looks of it. if you check under Scouting > Shortlist and Player Development>Tactics..it says in bottom right hand corner" Player Traits" need scouting (if you have not done so). interesting will do some more research into that! You may need to scout re "full knowledge": looks like a new aspect to the game.
  5. Trying going into Player Porfiles>Development>drop down menu. Think it is in there? Under "Training" after Physical Attributes/Stats shows Player Traits e.g. gets forward etc.
  6. Where is that screen i am going blind!! Ahh found it..duh
  7. I am using the data analyst view on matches..looks good. Not sure how many new views there are must check FM16 as I only used the Directors view on that iteration.
  8. On the data analysts and scientists I just checked the stats/attributes of the ones i had and looked for similar as they all got poached by Premier League teams, being NUFC relegated, not surprising but annoying.
  9. There is supposed to be an option to finish the game after a certain amount of time (semi-instant). Playing friendlies how do I use this aspect?
  10. This is ludicous that all my backroom staff are being poached. I can understand a couple but not 6/7 so far!
  11. Tried reloading a start game and each time prem teams come in and offer jobs to all my sports scientists and daya analysts, I am NUFC...umm. Suppose that could happen given we are starting in Champ League and they are offered a better deal presumably! Yet no offers for any other coaching or non-coaching posts.
  12. So even before I start life as the new NUFC manager in any meaningful way (3days in) and after offering them a impoved contract I get all my sports scientists and my data analysts poached! Umm, that does not generally happen so quickly.