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  1. Wait, Friday is nearly here. Keep playing the demo!!
  2. Thank you that makes sense. I can now see that and as you say pre season ok as long as I can keep an eye on training and reduce when it comes to actual start of season. Trying to control training as opposed to handing it over is an added dimension, which I quite like re the challenge.
  3. It is obviously me not understanding but I have only high training on balance pre-season? Individual is set to average?
  4. HY Can one of you experts explain this to me. It seems very confusing and contradictory: http://prntscr.com/hbw895
  5. Playing the demo and whilst I am enjoying the game there are few niggles; * from slower processing (presumably because there is more going on under the bonnet), * a tad too many hiddens interfaces ( looking for a needle in a haystack at times ) * trying to understand the analysis screens (mind I have always had that issue) * trying to work out the scouting system (bit like a complex small jigsaw) * ME appears to be ok, though one or two things not quite right (defense seems to be more of an issue for me this year - again that could be a heightened AI) Overall, lots of improvements and immersion. But will wait until the next patch to see what that brings and then look for a deal as current price a tad too high for me. But a solid 7/10, IMO K ps I have had an issue with a takeover talk for my team. - they are on, then off, then on, then off now back on possibly again! A bit like real life takeovers I suppose. Update: another collapse and another breakthrough all in one week!!
  6. Hy In the General training screen I am trying to work out how to improve the closing down for the team. Presumably if you want your team to improve their closing down skills, as a team, you train defending or would that be tactical?
  7. Quick question. Re Opposition Instructions. I can only apply these when I have started the game rather than before the game starts. There appears no way to do that in the Dressing Room Talk. Presumably I am missing something - a click or two somewhere else? Any help appreciated.
  8. Hi Just to say once again, excellent article, most informative. I am now using this formation and that has given me an all round better performance for my NUFC so far. Need to retrain some players for some of those roles. Just a few of questions: 1. What camera angle and camera hights etc you using. I am trying to break away from the Director's camera, as I want to see more of the pitch and player movement? 2. On my tactical screen I have a big red square as my SVol does not cover that spot, presumably an acceptable risk? 3. Would changing the role of the left side IF to Winger impact that much. i have a natural for that role in Atsu whereas setting him as an IF does not play to his strengths. Again thanks for this detailed analysis of this formation, so far, so good. K
  9. Umm just got my first crash. When clicking on the player in the news screen to look at his individual analysis, game started to generate match report got 10% into it and froze! Fixed by quitting (top right x) as it asked me if I wanted to save game before quitting, did so. Reloaded all back to normal!
  10. Question: After the match when you go into team Analysis - the screen shows dark blue/light blue/green/yellow and red. This is coupled with the team numbers is there a quick explanation? Finding hard to decipher. Ahh just found the page re Red=Very active and so on. Cheers
  11. Umm nothing to worry about for you guys but my wife thinks the generated pictures of managers are pants and look cartoonish. She keeps laughing at my attempt to create a smooth well suited FM2018 manager
  12. Good point will delve into it a bit more - thought I was correct but you raise an interesting point. You were correct: 38,000 ticket holders, Newcastle United. Thank you for the challenge. Stadium holds approx. 52K but not ticket holders.
  13. Always find it interesting that in Real Life, Newcastle United get about 50K season tickets, yet in this game 35K? just saying.
  14. Hi all I had been following the beta thread and on that basis, decided to download the demo. Like most people I have played many iterations of CM/FM up until last year. I am pleasantly pleased with the demo. From my perspective, the game runs smooth, the graphics are a definite improvement and the new additions lend more weight to the game. Whether the ME has improved I cannot say yet, watching the game in 3d though, is a step forward from last year. I like the new layouts re tactics when making substitutions and changes, they give you a lot more information and an instance pictorial overview with the relevant and specific statistics to make those changes and so on. The Medical Centre and Scouting are good improvements and the tactics screen is very helpful re the analysis function. Not yet got to Transfers. Player interaction, some improvements and love the mind games; not lost one yet! As a low rep manager taking over from Rafa, they are not to impressed with me but time will change all that. I do not mind pressing a few more buttons as the information is all there and some hidden in depth stuff appears when you take your time to enjoy the experience. Speed and processing no issues. I just loaded up FM2017 to see if it compares , it does to a point but I can see with the inevitability of new skins , the improvements in FM2018, I will be sadly leaving my FM2017 and moving forward to FM2018. Enjoy. K