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  1. So far the tweets not really inspiring me! Bit like watching England play Malta - a dud so far. I believe they have until the 9th October to impress us to pre-order with a 25% discount? Well us guys on steam anyway. Like England maybe shock us in the last few days!
  2. I know this is not welcome but before any major negoaitions I always save. Then if it goes pear shape but I would like to try again, I reload? Does not always work as there are many factors and layers involved in transfers these days. The fact that " Overall though the bottom line is that clubs/agents/players don't remember offers.". I think justifies the reload.
  3. Cheers will try that.
  4. When you say fully close down do you mean go into Steam and exit? Interesting stuff as I get small updates all the time when launching a steam game.
  5. I had one player who brought ab out that scenario. he had a profile of being ambitious and complained about lack of play previously. I held a team meeting and before I chose a response saved the game. I managed to get a decent response and reaction and eventually, about a month or so down the line, the player who started the campaign said he no longer thought it was a problem and would fight for the team. Needles to say I am trying to sell him. he is a bit of a trouble maker.
  6. I wish my goalkeepers would save a penalty! And I have scored a few as well.
  7. I have I think, given upon the game for the time being. The tactics, yes them, not matter what set up I use or variation, just do not respond. I have experimented with different career saves to see if that would alleviate the plight I find myself in, alas it does not. I posted in here re my NUFC in the Championship and they are playing like a team looking to be relegated as opposed to promoted. I use the players favoured positions, sometimes listen to the assman, not very often, try and use the TI's sparingly but nada. I have been playing FM long enough to understand the tactics to a fairly good level but this is just sucking the joy out of the game. rant over.
  8. Followed your advice and another memory crash. Froze my PC, had to reboot it. There seems to be quite a few of us having this issuse. What else do you want me to try.
  9. I tried to organise a team meeting. Was informed: "Team meeting cannnot take place during the off season." I have already played my first game of the new season in the Sky Bet Championship, is there an official start to the season?
  10. I tend to agree with you, especially on your observation over free-kicks, no matter who takes them. I am also finding that using various tactics, from my own tactics, assman's tactics and help from the community, it is leaving me with a frustrating experience. I play as NUFC and we are tipped for promotion. I have tried a number of different saves with different tactics and struggle to get the team to perform anywhere near as good as there are in real life. Whilst I know that takes work and I am not exactly unfamiliar with using tactics (having bought every iteration of this series) it is proving to be the most frustrating experience to date. Hopefully the update/patches we get will help to alleviate this feeling of inadequacy. Still liking the game though, thick and thin and onward and upward.
  11. If your PC is Windows 64 bit then it automatically downloads 64bit.
  12. In the FA cup semi-final I had 4 substitutions? Presumably that's in the new rules. Delighted NUFC beat Chealsea 1-0 extra time(FA cup shock)! NVM Found this: FA Cup is set to feature the introduction of a fourth substitute for the quarter finals, semi-finals and Final. World football’s law-making-body IFAB is carrying out a global study into a proposal that would allow teams to make a fourth replacement during ...
  13. I agree. With Steam reviews I look at the amount of time the reviewer have spent on the game. And unless they say there is a reason why it shows little time, I ignore that review.
  14. Cheers. However, I have had it using both customs skins and FM skins, both in beta and out of beta? And it is so random very hard to replicate.