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  1. That's the other great unknown - the fickle nature:one day your spending too much, the next day thats ok, my brothers love football! Sometimes you have to take it day by day. I always find that a giving her glass of fizzy and some choccies, her fav programme on a Friday night helps. Gives you credit in the FM bank during the following week. Though depending on her mood that credit can last or go quickly - sigh.
  2. 53 views no comment thanks guys!!!
  3. Hi all Just a quick question or idea depending on if I got this right or not. I would like at the start of a season, when holding a team meeting, indicate a few things to the team. 1. My or Board's philosophy 2. My style of playing 3. My intentions on team rotation The first two are easier to deal with as players tend not to comment on them. However, it does get galling when you get a stream of players that you have to pacify every month. This is because there are not getting enough games (whatever that means), they are thinking that they are not in your plans and so on. If you could say that you run a rotation system, then surely that would cut down the amount of man management issues you have to deal with. Generally, not a big problem, if you choose the right response, but if they know at the start of the season, then maybe they can express an opinion on how they view that particular aspect. They either accept it or question it. Not sure how you would incorporate that into FM but might had a bit more frisson(!) to the exchange between you and the players. Certainly if they are designated key or first then I would expect knocking at my door. Just a thought, would be interested in your views guys.
  4. Did not FM Touch come free last year with the PC version, regardless of pre-order or purchase? I have just checked my steam copy and it appears to be free and I know that I did not pre-order or pre-purchase FM2016 last year!
  5. I am that 64 year old. Played nearly every iteration and still think the game kicks! What is just as interesting has been the amazing debates and discussions on this forum, heated or otherwise, with FM luminaries from Cleon to www to us mere punters. I remember the great FMBritain debate, over charging for third party bits and pieces, that was heavy. Along with some fantastical tactical and strategical debates and disagreements. This forum used to burn hot at times. May it continue to do so.
  6. This All games apart from this one generally tell you what is going to be in the game re new features or a hint at the features - this yearly we will tell you nearer the day and only if ..is old fashioned and quite frankly a bad marketing ploy.
  7. I am 64 and still play nearly every iteration of the game. Your never too old!!!
  8. Cheers will give that ago.
  9. HI I have downloaded the database. However, unlike FM17where you would expect a tweaking of expectations of certain players to reflect the current situation, I am in the midst of having to deal with multi bids for all my ex-premier players, unlike the current situation. Keep getting offer after offer and the players as you would expect want to go. But will keep trying to see who I can keep before the season starts.
  10. Cheers will look for them and try them out - thanks
  11. I think it may be one of the best challenges in FM17 apart from how to keep the makems up yet again with whomever oh yes joyless Moyes
  12. I was wondering the same thing and cannot find anything re what has happened to him. Did he just retire from the game?
  13. Well as my beloved (!) NUFC got relegated, unless FM17 has some really new dynamic stuff will stick with my winning NUFC on FM16 But there again probably not, I nearly always end buying the game!
  14. So sad to hear this. RIP Kriss
  15. I usually use the string that says "even if I wanted to the club cannot afford it etc" and even though they are not happy they accept it and the unhappy status disappears. Little white lies but hey you have to manage the egos!