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  1. I think the issue we are talking about is the lack of options to be able to say,; "He wanted to go" or the fact that he did not want to be blocked from talking to another club. If you allow him either/both then he could inform his colleagues or you could. As it stands there is no satisfactory option in those circumstances. It may just a line to say he wanted out or some such and then the players will be appeased.
  2. I had a similar issue when I sold Ritchie (NUFC). Ritchie informed me that he was pleased that I allowed him to talk to Leicester City. He agreed and off he went. Lascelles came to me to complain and I had to make a choice, there was no option to say Ritchie wanted to go to further his career and would of been unhappy if I blocked the transfer offer. It may be that he, Ritchie, should have informed the squad but that is not coded into the game as far as I know. There was one obscure option that appeased Lascelles but not an obvious one and neither did I have an option, as I said, to say Ritchie wanted to go. There were both highly influential. Maybe these situations could be coded in but as I am not technical not sure how easy that would be!
  3. I regularly use this feature to see and judge how the players feel about the tactics, mentality and team shape I am thinking of using for the next game. I was wondering if it has any real impact or is it there for you to judge the players reaction and change your tactics accordingly? It appears from the above conversation that there is no real benefit from this addition. That would be a pity as if you are getting the green thumbs up you would hope that the players are happy with the tactic, mentality and shape and so on and therefore better able to perform. Also as has been raised, the more they agree then that surely should be added to their view of you in the Dynamic Section, under "Managerial Support"? Any information or guidance on the best way to use this session. Or indeed not bother with it and leave it to your assman?
  4. BumP: maybe one of the mods. Has anyone got any views on this?
  5. My view for what it is worth, is that, as others have said, firstly try the demo, you got nothing to lose. Failing that, if you wait until after the end of the January transfer window, then you will probably get a patched and updated version in February/March. Might even and probably will get it cheaper as well. I for one am enjoying FM18 with all it's quirks, idiosyncrasies and possible faults but can see no gamebreakers from m y perspective. Some on here, and I make no comment on they views, do take the game too seriously. All games have bugs, most game companies release alpha's and beta's so that is a done dead issue for me. If you are one those that take the game deadly seriously and watch every minute, then reading some of the threads on here, it might well put you off from buying it. As I said some of the posters on here are quite rightly concerned and have aired there concerns and commented on the responses they received. The game needs these guys but I stumble through each version and enjoy the game for what it is. Just my two penneth worth.
  6. I use this regularly to see and judge how the players feel about the tactics i am using for the next game. I was wondering if it has any real impact or is it there for you to judge the players reaction and change your tactics accordingly? Any information on the best way to use this session would be gratefully received. Cheers
  7. As long as it does not impact on processing and game speed just a bit of extra fluff - can be quite amusing, as in RL. There are always people who will say the opposite of another and that is reflected well.
  8. This is an interesting read: https://www.soccerex.com/insight/articles/2017/football-clubs-and-the-stock-exchange-in-2016
  9. Does the pre-Match Tactical Briefing Reminder, help in any way. If so, how?
  10. Why is this thread still open? Just asking.
  11. Not quite sure where to ask this but here goes. Does using customs skins in this version of FM, slow down the processing speed? Normally does not but it appears to have in my game. Just checking - cheers
  12. Could be either customs' skins or maybe you can add to view through customisation drop down menu top left under the row of tabs?
  13. Thanks for the response. Will check point 2 and await with bated breath point 1.
  14. Is there only 1 female face for all female roles in FM18? All I see is the same face whether there are a physio or reporter or any other role? And is the replica shirts proliferation a bug that will be fixed? PS How do I assign myself to a coaching programme to improve my coaching abilities?
  15. My replica shirt sales should be through the roof; all my fans are wearing them! Unless of course they are far eastern rip offs!