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  1. Its with whatever patch/hotfix was out when I posted it, so yeah I believe 1.3
  2. Did a test save over 10 years. Literally non-loaded countries are getting zero players. Its insane. 2026 with a non-loaded league example: Dinamo, three players first youth intake, nothing since. Same in every single non-playable league.
  3. If you play a DM DLP on defend I find you get some nice triangle passing before playing it to an MC/wide.
  4. 4123sirjur on FMBase - its been discussed a fair bit. 3 strikers still creates a lot of chances.
  5. My strikers are still scoring the same but then I'm using a 'broken' tactic.
  6. I was seeing if they had nerfed it somewhat. It was last year. Seemingly not, and I'm not complaining. It was also stating that it feels like defending/strikers missing hasn't been buffed.
  7. Melen has 20 in 14 for me since the update playing the 3 striker system. Jota has 18 in 14, Zapata 12 in 14 and Fati 19 in 14. It hasn't been nerfed and defensively seems stronger.
  8. Its not gonna be page after page, its one image just seeing how tough the challenge was. Relax lad.
  9. Well we did better than expected, but that defence, Christ. So regardless of tactic, seems this is an absolute git of a challenge for anyone!
  10. Just for a laugh, doing a holiday test as Wycombe with my 'exploit' 4123. Let's see what happens
  11. At rhe end of the day its a game confined by its own limitations. And any game has limitations, and these can be broken. They just need better alpha/beta testers that will do stuff like this rather than 'realism', its how you adapt to it quicker!
  12. Couple that tactic with player instructions and it happens. You have to use both, and someone please don't tell me doing that is unrealistic as its part of the game! Literally telling one player to stay wider can change how a tactic flows. Shoot more/less etc, it all has an effect. When I make tactics, and it doesn't matter what formation, I dictate shape and PIs. They are both integral. Since starting FM on CM 01/02 I've won everything from all levels. Its impossible not to when hours spent is in the tens of thousands of hours. Nowadays I just like to break and blitz,
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