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  1. Yup, sacked on mine in the first season too, he's now boss of Chelsea after Conte (and Klopp) were both sacked. Chelsea under-performing now.
  2. Aye I'll never be in for 3D while its still at the level it is. Not knocking SI for giving it the best they can, 3D wise, considering budget etc, but it throws me completely out of the game as I find it sub-par. Essentially in 3-5 years it'll be spend £700 minimum on a PC/laptop or don't bother with the series. Their choice, their game. This is coming from someone who has no real fault with the game bar the already tedious 3D match intros. Even when I skip them, I still get the laggy dressing room nonsense during team talks etc. I'd prefer zero 3D in the saves I play but it is what it is.
  3. They asked every single player? That's some undertaking right there!
  4. FM18: Hidden Gems

    Signed him immediately for United, he's superb.
  5. I'd like to know this please as being on Intel HD graphics (I play in 2D) i I find it works way, way better for me. Finding it all a bit sluggish right now.
  6. Football Manager 2018 Announcement

    I look forward to his next tweet saying the game is delayed a week.
  7. FM 2018 beta....arrive?

    I don't know what's true anymore, I've wrapped myself in tinfoil.
  8. FM 2018 beta....arrive?

    Library > Games > FM18 > Double Click
  9. FM 2018 beta....arrive?

    Well if you now double click it in Steam to install you get the end-user agreement before it fails, which wasn't happening yesterday, so progress!
  10. FM17: Rate My Newgen Thread

    Well I've found and bought the most insane regen I've ever had. £30mil release clause, check his age:
  11. Editing Brexit?

    If its like my other work around, they're still available, they just don't show in the drop down league select menu.
  12. FM17: Rate My Newgen Thread

    Coming to my Newcastle side for £6.5mil at the end of the season: Report card, so many positives I can't show the all:
  13. Editing Brexit?

    You can't edit Brexit in an ongoing save. However a few of us have been trying to edit it before you start a save and it seems to work. Read through here: https://community.sigames.com/topic/381137-advanced-rules-fm-2017-editor-ask-the-experts/
  14. Its on FMScout under Downloads > FM17 > Editor Data
  15. I set it to 2100 100% chance of happening and deleted all other dates, and changed 'current players will get work permit' to 100%. That's it.