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  1. I'm enjoying using it mate, I helped make the bloody thing! I was just highlighting the fact that an aspect of the engine is broken. Its a feedback thread ffs
  2. harrycarrie


    My method just works though, we can talk about the intricacies but FM is just a game at the end of the day mate. It has its systems which may not work as intended. My young lads are developing at a very, very good rate and its only October first season. Lewandowski the regen has gone up +1 in most stats, +2 in some so far.
  3. https://strikerless.com/2018/11/29/short-corners-my-plan-b/ That's the article he wrote, I provided the missing link (DorkSirjur). Preferable to use 433 or three forward tactics, works with all but got to switch player corner positions around otherwise. Also left and right corners have to mirror each other exactly.
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    Yeah players you want to be mentored have to be in the first team squad. Just keep them there and make available for youth teams if you're not gonna play 'em, its what I'm doing with Lewandowski the regen in my team.
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    This is how I use it. No separate groups. Put all team leaders in a group and few more senior players, then all your youth. Works absolute wonders:
  6. I'm enjoying it too much to raise it mate
  7. So the corner routine me and Guido worked on has broken the game currently. Chuck in the throw in exploit and its ridiculous. Its a bit of a shambles of an ME currently tbf.
  8. I'm on a completely different save now mate!
  9. You can do if you wish, it started as a Balanced mentality tactic and worked well, will just be less attacking
  10. Forgot I had the public beta and wondering what it was downloading! Looking forward to getting stuck in.
  11. Cheers mate, feedback is much appreciated and glad its working out for you!
  12. Good man Knap, can see the Discord's rubbed off on ya
  13. Works on every patch and for every level of football. FMBase/FMKorea and others I've had try it all love it. Taken from a lower league test by someone on Mr L's Discord:
  14. Sure man, its my own tactic. The 5122 version at the bottom of this thread: Works absolute wonders for many people, not that I got any feedback from that thread