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  1. i7 9700k running at stock but turbos to 4.6ghz 32gb 2666mhz Corsair Vengeance LPX 11GB 2080Ti 1tb m.2 NVME Samsung 970 Pro SSD, Baracuda 2tb HDD ASUS PB287Q 4k monitor Logitech G502 Hero mouse Corsair K68 keyboard Cheap ass motherboard My second monitor is an old crappy1080p TV Its my absolute baby and decimates most games yet I still play FM in 2D lol
  2. Indeed it does. At the end of the day its a videogame so logic ain't its strongest point. https://i.gyazo.com/37d9c88ce4cb778dac5bfb25893e4990.png
  3. Type: Desktop CPU Model: i7 9700k CPU Base Frequency: 3.6GHz CPU Turbo Frequency: 4.6Ghz RAM: 32GB RAM Clockspeed: 2666MHz GPU: NVIDIA RTX 2080Ti 11GB Storage Type: M.2 SSD Benchmark A - 1 min exactly Benchmark B - 6 min 23 sec Benchmark C -5 min 57 sec
  4. This ME plays some beautiful football at times. Some gash too. Loved this goal with nice interplay from James, Ighalo and Lingard: Tactic:
  5. Theres a pack for real faces out at the moment. However it doesnt worl correctly and your Japanese regen may be a fat white dude.
  6. I have the exact same tactic in all three slots as players gel quicker to it that way.
  7. @Danwolf Nah mate waiting for the new patch. Dislike this engine.
  8. Edit 1100600.acf in steam/steamapps in notepad and change "State Flags" to 4. This will tell Steam it's been updated to the latest version and stop it attempting the update. Works perfectly, I had a four season save on beta build a week or so ago. Just make sure Steam isnt open when you copy the files over and edit that file.
  9. You can bank the ME. Just copy the game folder from the Steamapps folder to somewhere as a back up then if the patch comes out and you hate it, copy that folder back over. Ta da. Juat be aware saves from a patch higher than the version you're trying to play wont work. It's how I can play the Beta version.
  10. Realism, for me, is long out the window of what I want from FM Been playing since CM2 and devoted many hours to many serious careers. I just play every match at max attacking these days due to time issues so heart attack football is my love lol
  11. I don't think its my place to say how openly on here PMs are welcome however. If you don't have the original beta files, you can't roll back. Loving it, however:
  12. Finding the current ME very poor. I've now rolled it back to the Beta build and it plays far more better. Some lovely attacking football.
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