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  1. If you know how to get that data without sitting around for 5 minutes as the league stats load, let me know and I'm happy to show.
  2. EDIT: @zyfon5 Mate I cannot explain the lack of a statistic working when I am clearly seeing my strikers score a ton of headed goals. It may not be displaying correctly. What I can show is this, and thats with roughly 50% from my strikers being won Here is analysis versus the league. The other 2 massively high grey blobs? Calvert-Lewin (showing he's wayward) and Carrilo (showing he heads almost everything):
  3. Carillo has an earlier sample up above. As an example, headers won against appearances. If you go off headers won percentage, Calvert Lewin is (roughly) on 145 headers attempted in 7 starts, 1 sub. If he went for 286 last season, and if he continues at this rate, he's gonna be going for around 600. Headers attempted isn't slowing down. Carrillo: Calvert-Lewin: Poulsen: Callum 'can't jump' Wilson:
  4. My strikers rarely, if ever, leave the area. Almost every header is from a cross. My CB heads a hell of a lot, but as expected thats further back.
  5. Don't get me wrong, I'm enjoying how broken this is. Its fun. Just highlighting the issue.
  6. I don't play for set pieces. I play to counter-attack, get my 3CMs to spread play to SCs or WBs and attack. Here is more Poulsen: Carrillo last 2 matches (most recent match he came on as a sub in the 48th minute: And Calvert-Lewin: I can give you half season, full season, whatever you require. He's essentially one of the best strikers in the world due to this. Also, because wideplay is so broken, see Raphinha playing as a WBL and his key passes due to crosses:
  7. I've done 2 full seasons as United, 10 games as Sociedad and started Newcastle this morning. Its the same across the board mate. Poulsen has won 93(!) headers in 7 games.
  8. An example of how stupidly overpowered 'Float crosses', tall strikers and 'cross more often' is. Majority of those shots are headers. You can stick any tall, technically inept striker in there as a TM or Poacher and they'll get chance after chance. Especially in a 3 striker formation with quick wingers/wing backs. Look at the headers/headers won Guido Carillo (who is rubbish, just a tall lump) Poulsen: Calvert-Lewin: Wilson (who can't even jump or head really):
  9. Agreed. Its defensively a shambles (unless you have Varane!) but get quick WBs (you can play wingers in that position, defensive capability doesn't matter) and three strikers with decent heading and jumping reach and the AI can't do anything. Float crosses, and press hard. Easy street in this ME. Poulsen and Isak scoring for fun. Poulsen is just ridiculous. I'm Sociedad right now, lost 1 match where my goalie got a 6.2, and blitzed everyone else with 25-40 shots a game. Every ME has similar exploits sadly.
  10. Still got 2 goals against a side several levels above you though, fair play! Try it at home v them, you might have a chance. There's always a tough away bias.
  11. You've pretty much nailed it there mate. I play the same formation every game but do lose some against say Liverpool or City as they don't sit back and just go for it. I mainly dominate but due to their GK being worldies the dreaded suoerkeeper comes back. Had Alisson get a 9.8 against me etc.
  12. It's why I personally play the game, find great fun in exploiting and breaking games. Shouldn't work but it does, and oh my!
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