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  1. I'm surprised Greenwood doesn't get mentioned as much. He was in the pre tournament squad before pulling out with injury and for me would be someone great to bring on if you're chasing a game. I'd love to see him play through the middle more for United which would mean he could be Kane's back up plus still be useful on the wings.
  2. This obviously would be a very extreme scenario but with the amount of people getting through, we could of had a situation where someone who wanted to cause serious harm could of got through. You could of easily had a situation similar to France a few years back, but this time inside the stadium.
  3. Supposedly the team is...Pickford; Walker, Stones, Maguire, Shaw; Rice, Phillips; Saka, Grealish, Sterling, Kane Not sure how Southgate can talk about inexperience and then start Saka and not Sancho.
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