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  1. anybody know the advert where the guy sends his family outside during a penalty? The team scores and they all celebrate then the commentator mentions it's now 5-1??
  2. Enjoying this save! Glad to see you back!
  3. Says the person who, in their 3rd season, has already won the top league and beaten Celtic in the qualifiers
  4. Yeah, I can understand that! Just frustrating that no one ever comes in for my players. I want to bring the youth through but finding it hard to keep everyone happy. I'm almost certain PSG have never come in for one of my players!
  5. Does anyone else find it hard to sell on this game? I've just completed my Second Season...Won Champions League, League Cup, Super Cup and Community Shield but came second in the league. But for some reason, even after winning all that, I can't seem to sell any of my players! Trying to get rid of Bailly (who started every game for me last season) but no one is interested. Same with Depay, Schniederlin, Herrera. Whenever I offer to clubs, they're either not interested, offer a stupidly low amount, or just want to loan. Any tips?
  6. How do you set up your strikers? I'm in Season 2 and I can't get mine to score atm. I have Griezmann, Berahino, Rashford, Martial and Zlatan. I think I followed your tactic from a previous post where you play 3 along the midfield, 1 in AMC and 2 up top. Have you changed since then?
  7. Just shows once again that the papers know nothing. He supposedly signed for us last week didn't he?
  8. Just spoke to someone who had a meet and greet with the West Brom squad today. He spoke to Darren Fletcher for around 10mins about United. Fletcher said he still speaks to Rooney and Carrick and the morale at united is basically ****. Not great to hear!
  9. PMd you Hatton! Good stats for my player but not sure how I managed to get 3 England Caps!
  10. Player Name: George Dale Position: M/AMC Club: Spurs Date Of Birth: 19/10/1997 Height: 6"2 Weight: 73kg Nationality: English Arsenal: Aston Villa: Burnley: Chelsea: Crystal Palace: Everton: Connor McGregor Hull City: Leicester City: Liverpool: Manchester City: Manchester United: George Smith Newcastle United: Christopher Hatton QPR: David Silver Southampton: Stoke City: Sunderland: Swansea City: Spurs: George Dale West Bromwich Albion: West Ham:
  11. Not sure whether you have already mentioned this (sorry if you have), but what tactic are you using Scott?
  12. Im a legend I've won 15/16 premier league on the bounce, 15/16 FA cup, about 9 champions league and 8 or 9 league cup! They're only the rough estimate as i havent got my game loaded at the moment! And just in case anyone asks about tactics, Im not using my own as i can never seem to make one that works! So im using one from FM10 that i got off someone, Ultimo Domination i think its called I obviously feel like its not my own work, but im more about signing young players and seeing their careers develop, than i am winning things!
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