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  1. I have been enjoying my FM2020 save, but the match is the least enjoyable part of the save. I am especially tired of players kicking the ball directly into the player standing in front of them when there are other options and lack of movement in general. I decided to load up a new save on FM17 just to see if what people are saying here is true. It was a version I never got to play with much. Well, yeah. The match engine is far better. It actually makes me feel sad to see that. What has happened to the newer versions? I guess the added calculations and such have meant the ME has struggled to adjust, but FM17 after 3 months in game definitely plays better than FM20. It is unfortunate that I have to miss out on the newer features, but at the end of the day the ME is what makes the game for me. Back to FM17 for me.
  2. Can't believe this was removed. I did find a post about how to add them into the game if anyone is interested: https://theresonlyoneball.com/2018/11/04/fm19-how-to-play-without-attributes/
  3. Hi, Just a quick question. I live in Asia. I was checking out prices and noticed that I could get a good price on FM19 from Gamivo.com. It does say that the game is EURO region. I admit I have only ever bought through steam before, so I did not know that there were region codes. Therefore, am I correct in assuming I should just wait for a sale on steam and purchase it there.
  4. Just set your own purchase schedule. I like to purchase every 3 years. Consider my purchases of FM08, 11, 14, and 17. That gives me a nice upgrade of features and players. Buying every year is only for people who want up to date rosters. Decide what you want. I will wait for FM20.
  5. FM13.3 was the last FM. The others are just database updates
  6. Not necessarily true. Some teams do push on for another goal and if you open up too much you will get hammered. I have come from 2-0 down to win 3-2 counter attacking. You need to read the game.
  7. All I can add is to first create an idea of what you want on a piece of paper and then watch your team play standard / flexible. Then adjust the shape for the next game and take note of the difference in the overall way your team plays. After doing this for a dozen or so games you will have a far better understanding of what is happening rather than trying to attach a theory to your tactic and your team. Watching full games in 2D and experimenting is simply the best way to see how something works.
  8. Wondering how others are finding it. I am in the Indonesian lowest division. My team has a pretty solid defense and we keep most teams out until the last 20 minutes where I usually concede a wondergoal. In the last 9 games I have had 9 goals scored against me. 7 of those goals scored against me came from 25 yards or more. None of the players had higher than 6 for long shots. It is impossible to defend against because often my player will be right there putting pressure on. Is this a trend for this version, or is it something isolated?
  9. No it doesn't work. I know what you mean, I get it. When I create a 4 man Defense, a 4 man Defensive Midfield, and a 2 man Central Midfield I get a nice defensive box. Not as low as I would like (even with Deep defesnive line) but close to the kind of defensive setup I am looking for. But then I have zero attacking options. The picture is the DM and CM option. I think it makes the 4-4-2 less effective than it can be in real life as the image is how a normal 4-4-2 should be without having to make such a change to pitch positions. If I make the two CMs into AMs they do not form the low block. I can't give the CMs or AMs any instructions to make them into anything other than what they are. Even if I make a 4-4-2 with a DF and a DLF, I can't give them instruction that gets them as far back as my CMs do. This is a problem with having preset roles and pre determined instructions for roles. Thsi is not meant as a criticism of the game. I really enjoy it. But this kind of tatical expression should be easy to employ. Team - set a deeper lower block. Individuals - behave like this when we don't have the ball, and behave like this when we do have the ball. The system would fail if the players don't have the attributes to do what is asked, and succeed when they do have those attributes.
  10. Yes. I feel closing down is working well. I made a counter attacking tactic with a lot of pressing, man marking, and hard tackling and was very impressed with how my team looked like a pack of bulldogs on the pitch. I think you need players with the attributes to pull it off however.
  11. I am using Very Fluid and also a DF and a DLF. I use attacking mentality with defensive TIs right now. Still playing around with it. I am playing around with the idea of setting the formation as I want them to look defensively, though I honestly don't think that is how it really works.
  12. Okay, I just got this from a analysis of how Atletico and Man City use a 4-4-2 in very different ways. It was suggested that the Atletico low block is used whenever they come against a team that has numerous playmakers and is a common tactic for them that other managers in La Liga are looking to copy. Screenshots of the City formation showed the strikers sitting higher but still in theri own half. The core principles behind Atletico Madrid’s tactics are familiar: The default posture of the team is to sit deep in a narrow, compact shape in order to prevent the opponent from creating scoring chances. The team only breaks the shape to press the ball when the odds of success are high and the cost of failure is minimal. (And even here it might be better to say that the whole team moves together, causing the shape to temporarily change, rather than saying that the shape “breaks.”) When the ball is won, it is played forward quickly because fast attacks can catch opponents off balance and turning the ball over in the attacking third is less costly than turning it over in your own defensive third or in midfield. Every player in the team has to assist defensively and sacrifice individual expression for the sake of the system. At the moment, I can only get strikers to cross the half way line if I ask them to man mark or play strikerless. I feel getting these instructions across should be easier to achieve.
  13. Yes, I understand that, but I also what to understand how the game deals with formations. I mean if I want to play a basic low block, which many teams do, it means I have to set up a formation that forces players to be considered unnatural, but if they have the attributes they will be fine anyway. It gets rather confusing. Now, if we say the tactic I am going to try doesn't work because the strikers can't get forward enough from the central midfielder positions, then that means I have to accept that the strikers will not drop into the position I want them too. A tactical position that has been used in La Liga. Anyway, I will design something and post it here.
  14. Okay. So you think 4 Defenders, 4 Defensive Midfielders, and 2 Central Midfielders can be a credible formation?
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