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  1. Great work. Which other countrys/league do you advice to load on a new save ?
  2. Seems like a great work, can't wait to try it out! Keep it up
  3. Finished second season 5th. Had a busy summer: My starting XI (when fit): Love my team, but we still need to improve the way we play
  4. Unfortunately, I haven't a save before this fixture as I have played (a lot ahah) since then. Thanks for your answer anyway, guess I was out of luck.
  5. Hello, I got the following bug with Newcastle Summary: Not going to Europa League while finishing 6th in Premier League Description of Issue: I finished 6th in first season with Newcastle. Got the email saying we were qualified for Europa League, got the budget and so on. But once the second season started, I didn't get in the Europa League. No group stage, no email, nothing. The draw have been done for the group stage but I didn't get to it. Files Uploaded to the OwnCloud: JNHK - Newcastle.fm save file
  6. Got Meunier and Kehrer from PSG in 1st season for 8M€. In January 2020, got Haaland for 55M (not upfront, paying for 3 years) and Sigurdsson (11M) while selling Saivet (3), Ki Sung Yeung (4.1), P.Dummett (13.75), Lejeune (20), Yedlin (13), Muto (5.5), Fernandez (1.5). Summer 2020, Zouma/Emerson/Pongracic were transfer listed by their club. Zouma 21M, Emerson 22, Pongracic 16. Maffeo for 20M, Livakovic 15M. I had 60M€ of budget with finishing 6th. I sold Krafth (12M€), J.Murphy (4), Dubravka (15M), C.Clark (3.5), Atsu (4.9) and Schar (14). Could have post screenshot but I can't upload them, don't know why it doesn't work Edit: Here are the screenshots. And as said above, Grillitsch and Moro were bought automatically with the takeover
  7. Finished 6th in first season. My team at the start of 2nd season : A tip for everyone, Ansu Fati have a release clause of 2.4M€ and is willing to join easily!
  8. Just beat City 0-1 ! Kind of "stole" the game but feels greaaaat
  9. It was the chairman’s choice. I don’t really need those players althought Moro seems to have a good potential
  10. Started my save with Newcastle this week-end. Currently in the last week of November. The club have been bought by a guy named Aco Pavicevic who said he won't bring money but already bought Florian Grillitsch for 21M€ and Nikola Moro for 28.5M€ without asking... They both come in the team on Jan 1st but I will have too much midfielders. Thankfully, the new chairman kept me as manager as I am having good results, sitting 7th in the league.
  11. Starting my first season at Chelsea and made big decisions too on Giroud, Pedro and Willian: Giroud to Guangzhou Evergrande for 15.25M€ Pedro to Man. United for 35M€ Willian to Man. United for 26M€ but stay at the club in loan for the season. I think this was the best I could do for players I don't want to keep. Squad will be short but I hope it will go well.
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