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  1. Good afternoon everyone, I was getting a little bored of having the same wonderkids every new save so I made this file : 6299 changes Huge potential boost for a lot of players, all around the world selected at random, all U18 Current ability boost proportionally Players with potential of 110-130 are now 130-150 Players with potential of 130-150 are now 150-170 With Database 21.4. There's a lot of players who can be approched for free at the beggining of a save but try to not buy them all Have fun. (Screeshots fo
  2. That's a fantastic thread. I mixed up some of the ideas here and it turned out pretty well! The 10-0 win against Besiktas was incredible. Not only for the score but the way we played was some of the best football I have seen on FM. I have attached a pkm of the game for anyone willing to see it. Real Sociedad - Beşiktaş.pkm
  3. A crazy Champions League group with a crazy outcome for us!
  4. Not an "hidden gem" so much but Fedor Chalov is a beast. Got him at AC Milan at the start of 1st season for 5.5M€ and scored 27 in 26 games. He wasn't brought to be a starter but now he's doing better than Ibrahimovic... Which is not for everyone!
  5. Players with red boxes are regen I'm in July 2024 so first team changed since last season. Player who left: Adjapong, Corbo and Lepinjica. In was a few regen who were already in U20/U18 teams for a while He was at Numancia, in spain! Edit because of a big news: New stadium and what a name for it!
  6. With Parma, we won Serie A and Champions League in 2024 ! Inter and Juve are very disapointing though: 2021-2022: Juve 11th, Inter 14th 2022-2023: Juve 8th, Inter 7th 2023-2024: Juve 12th, Inter 4th I have a very good team with a good number of regen; Star player are Sandro Tonali and Achraf Hakimi Best regen is: 17 goals and 11 assists in 25 starts (23 sub on) last year. And I made huge profit on Ivan Lepinjica : His attributes: He was great for us but wanted to leave to Liverpool.
  7. Don't remember but I didn't buy anyone in first season. September of third season was hard. Got on a run of 4 red cards in 3 games and only won 1/6 games. October is starting better though.
  8. I don't remember exactly how much, was around 20M€. Lot of turnover yeah but I think that was a need. There was a lot of players transfer listed that I went for: Perin, Schiappacasse, Varnier, Bentaleb and Schick. Plus, the sales of Inglese (17M€) and Grassi (10M€) helped a lot. I wasn't expected to get that much for Inglese. In August 2021, only bought 4 players: Gabriele Corbo - 10.25M€ Leonidas Stergiou - 15,75M€ Adam Hlozek - 15.5M€ Blaise Matuidi - Free but crazy wages Sold Kurtic to Al-Wahda for 6.25M and Gervinho to Aston Villa for 4.5M€. Als
  9. Second season with Parma and Serie A title As you see Juve, Inter and Napoli had a rough season. We lost to Inter in the Coppa Italias final. In Champions League (as we finished 4th in 1st season), we were knock out by Man City 6-3 aggregate. I used differents tactics but mostly: Top scorers/assist : Kostas Tsimikas was easily our player of the season with 22 assists and 3 goals with great defensive performance.
  10. Kostas Tskimikas, LB who plays for Olympiacos. Here in January 2021; Bought in July 2020 for 8.5M€ 8 assist in 13 Serie A games. He's great!
  11. Found out.. Just need to the full third kit in detail to have the line appear there. Thread can be closed
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