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  1. Try this one I made some times ago. Or at least it could give you some ideas Mourinho Madrid.fmf
  2. Hello everybody, First of all, I'm not the creator of the tactic. It's one from "sirbobby" at fm-base that I edited a little. I thought everyone need to know about this one tactic that worked great for me. The tactic takes the main ideas of Total Football by Cruijff and Ajax. And it gave me great results. I finished 2nd in Ligue 1 with RC Lens with a not-so-strong squad. Only PSG did better than us. The tactic: Full backs are quite important and were the main providers of assist for me. Below the stats of my players: And the results: Best attack in the league - in front of PSG with the likes of Neymar/Cavani/Bailey/Mbappe/Depay/Di Maria and so one. A lot of goal concede but you'll always score more (well, most of the times) Feel free to test it and share your results Total Football.fmf
  3. Not a so hidden one but Fernando Torres is available for 500k-1M€ and 30k/w. He's still doing great for my Real Betis side
  4. A few games later... It was quite an unbelievable game after the 2-1 defeat in the first leg. So we're in UCL Final against Man. City !
  5. I'm managing AS Roma with this tactic: After using it for quite a while, I have some good results. But I still face the same problems. For example, last game against Barcelona: As the stats shows no Clear Cut Chances. The 3rd picture also shows this as we see that I'm not shooting often from the 6 yard box. An another problem that I often see is what happens in the 3 pictures below : Here we see my LW, Chiesa, dribbling on some distance without any player making a run to help. Can anybody help me with any of this problem ?
  6. It's quite unreal to be fair. I could understand that a gegenpress tactic implies more injury than other tactic but that's too much. Ps: See the "Highest in League" ? It's very frustrating
  7. I play Icardi (who's rated 12 in dribbling) as AF and I have no issue with it. I have my question too, how can I view a heatmap of my player's position for a certain period of time of a game ? For example, can I have it only for the second half of a game ?
  8. It seems great and the game's already loading for me! I suppose there are Champions League and Europa league place if a team win the league or something? edit: there seems to be an issue
  9. Anyone playing as Wolves ? Just finished first season and won the FA CUP ! With a lot of luck but who cares!
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