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  1. The tactic has been updated to the last match engine version (19.3). The screenshots of the results come from the latest version as well Enjoy ♥
  2. Alright, I feared as much, thanks for the answers
  3. anyone ? :/ Is it even possible ?
  4. Issue being that this is the correct value but monthly. And this editor field is weekly Hence the huge gap & problem in game It should be 640€ & 496€ for it to be correct ^^
  5. Hi ! The question is aiming to know what panel can alter this view ? The Player Career Stats. The idea behind it would be to show all competitions stats / season instead of just league stats. I don't know if it's possible at all Thanks for your answer & time !
  6. Yes, this table was as Tottenham, sry for forgetting to make the precision.
  7. The one that suits your team best if you have more forwards, 424 might be the way to go (but it takes more goals in, obviously). It wasn't with Fulham, I wouldn't have played them in PL then, would I ? ^^
  8. Yeah no, that wasn't at all what I was talking about I was just mentionning the +% wage augmentation, not the sign fee at every negociations. That allows you to sign players at a MUCH LOWER wage than you should (since they know in a year they will have +50% to their wages, for the entirety of the contrat). That in itself isn't an issue, the issue is that a couple months later, you can make another contract to the same player, removing the clause altogether, completely bypassing it. And that isn't normal ^^
  9. The tactic has been updated to 19.2. I've added a 424 version of it. In both, your corner taker should always be your right volante for extra efficiency.
  10. There you go the corner taker is on purpose of his position.
  11. Thanks all of you I'm using the open beta right now to try & find the best way to make it work for the coming 19.2 so that it will still do what it does when the time comes ^^
  12. There was a topic on long throws already for previous ME version But on the 1922 beta, it's somehow worse. The issues are exactly the same, but the throw taker is way smarter and often throws it "short" on the closest player (that's always free of marking), allowing him to control the ball easily and pass it in the area for a free chance / goal. In the PKM, you'll find two examples of that at 3:59 & 28:47. There are countless situations that end up in a goal that starts with this throw setup. There's no marking to the closest player and once the throw happens, defending players don't really do much, allowing A LOT to happen in the middle of the area, leading to goal lots of time & at least super dangerous situations most of the time. ME1922 - SMC vs ASM long throws.pkm Edit : Also, in the same PKM, you'll find another issue. Examples at : 1:43 / 9:27 / 22:32 but the AI doesn't react to short corners. I've played short option routine for tens of games but at no point, during a game, or even after a while (analysis report ?) do they have a player trying to stop the short corner option. Allowing my player the luxury of a free cross in a cramped area (and we all know how strong crosses are :p) No goal from this in this particular PKM, but it does happen A LOT. I think on average, if I shortsell this, I score once every 2 game from that routine.
  13. This issue has happenned on the Beta of the 19.2 (thus 1922 ME version) You'll see it at 79:56 in the game. Basically, Mbappé plays the freekick to himself. That has happened twice so far, both in that exact same area of the pitch (top right corner of the opposition area), with Mbappé & the same tactic. ME1922 - Freekick to himself.pkm
  14. Here are some example from a single game 5:17 - passive defense 6:52 - player by himself could potentially score 21:37 - huge potential danger from a throw in almost at the center of the pitch 22:58 - Throw-in close to the area : defense somewhat reactive 23:52 - Throw-in from afar, almost goal due to poor defense position again 50:40 - Didn't end up as a goal because there were lots of bodies in the area, but defenders are very static again 65:17 - Tottenham players the only one moving again, almost a goal Long throws from : Robertson (doesn't have the PPM - 10 Long Throws) & Walker-Peters (doesn't have the PPM - 6 Long Throws) not particular goal from throws in here, but I guess these are enough to show the issue There are worst case around, I'll take a look into it, but from what I can tell, there's a soft spot on the throw in distance to the goal that makes the defense static. Too close to goal line = defense is somewhat reactive (at worst they are static but in front of the pitch, you'll that in the PKM attached). But if you get away, the real issue lies when the defense line starts outside the area. Most of the time they don't get in & then issues arise. ME1914 - Tottenham Long Throws.pkm
  15. The issue here is globalized. Any deflected shot by the defending team is considered by the game as a back pass, hence the no offside given. There are indeed some ref mistakes at play, but it isn't the case in these situations ^^
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