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  1. Yo, Quelqu'un a pu gagner la C1 et jouer le mondial des clubs ? J'ai gagné la C1 en S2 avec le PSG contre Liverpool. J'ai donc le Mondial des clubs a joué après la finale vers mi-juin sauf que mes joueurs ne reviennent de vacances que fin juin. J'imagine que c'est pas normal car j'ai aucun joueur dispo du coup ni pro ni reserve ni jeune. Je n'ai pas de save a partager mais c'est facilement reproductible. EDIT: C'est bon en fait, les joueurs reviennent de vacances 4 jours avant même si ca indiquait "retour fin juin". Je peux pas supprimer le message donc je le mets en RESOLU. Par contre les joueur sne semblent pas regagner en energie ?
  2. I agree. It will be better. And for winning the domestic league: show only the domestic league apparence not the cup not the U23 apparence.
  3. This is intended but i dont understand why ? because we can read the decimal using graph so... T
  4. Can we not see them in decimal points anymore? When I go to the progress tab I can see a graph but attributes are only showing up in whole numbers.
  5. I uploaded 2 saves: Grizou.fm for Griezmann and Depay.fm for Memphis Depay (plays for OL, i already bought Dembelé). You just have to click continue one time and the board will reject the players. And i'm sure you can test with every players of the game, the board will reject them because France doesnt have any high reputation players besides PSG.
  6. Hello. I'm managing PSG. I have 2 "sign players" objective: sign players based in France and sign high-reputation players. 26 april 2020, currently i have dislike for 2 objectives: When i wanted sign Moussa Dembélé (plays for Lyon), the board say "no" because the club has notbrought in enough high profile players. However after speaking with Nasser, he accepted to sign Dembélé. When i wanted sign Antoine Griezmann (plays for Barca, 4 yellow star reputation), the board say "no" because the club has not brought in enough players from France. However after speaking with Nasser, he accepted to sign Griezmann. Is it intended to work like this ??
  7. I mean: in offensive corner. You put the central forward in defense and the wingback in attack.
  8. Why the central forward is defending in corner instead of wingback ?
  9. Negotiating "filter" doesnt work. Even if i choose 20, it will not take it in consideration. And negotiating doesnt appear in the screen below.
  10. hey, thanks for the tactics. Why do you set up indivual training focus with position they dont play at it ?
  11. Thanks but the throw was not bugged you let one player on your own keeper on purpose ^^
  12. Hi thanks for your tactics. Can you screenshot the exploit set piece ? because when i load them the Right Midfielder is literraly on the keeper
  13. Did you have any number to share or just whinning ?
  14. Do you forget Concentration, Determination, Decision ? They have an impact too on the decision to use your speed.
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