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  1. Would you mind explaining these weights and showing the full table?
  2. I can't find where to set the responsible for the youth intake in staff responsibilities, would you mind sending a screenshot of where it is?
  3. I guess i'm missing something. I have a youth player with 'Unambitious' personality and i placed him with 2 seniors that are 'Fairly Professional' in the same unit. It's been a year and a half and he's still with the starting personality.
  4. I have a backup of Cleon's thread with the images included. https://drive.google.com/file/d/1Lr-wXjxweRb6WxO1MD1cXlz0J5EN6ARy/view?usp=sharing
  5. @XaW I've been mostly lurking for the past 5 years and there are a lot of gems of knowledge spread across the pages like when you guys discussed how you evaluate players, the personality handling guide, etc. Wouldn't be nice if someone glued them all in a pastebin to be edited into the first post? Also, if that's not asking too much, could you post again the link to the personality guide i mentioned before? I think i'll do that pastebin myself later this week.
  6. It only shows the 'criticize' option, never the 'fine' one.
  7. Guys, i can't seem to find the 'fine' option to use on players that did badly on the last match, can someone tell me where it's hidden?
  8. Hell yes, now i can finally stop coming to this post everyday. Congrats Padders, showed great commitment!
  9. You just need to remove all your trainning assignments and then ask the board again for the course. Used to work.
  10. The only reason i keep visiting this thread is to see if you won the challenge, and i'm by no means joking about this.
  11. The amount of goals you conceded is comparable to the relegated teams, but yout attack is good which indicates that probably both your midfield (build-up wise) and attack are decent. Are you adept of retraining midfielders or defensive midfielders into defenders? You can't retrain line players into keepers, but having a strong back should mitigate a weak GK, or maybe trying to play a possession based game.
  12. @Padders There's something going on with your team. I've seen you being promoted as champion a few times and then getting instantaneously relegated the season after but the teams that were promoted with you being placed in the top half of the table. Obviously it can be due to the fact that they can buy better players but they shouldn't be able to buy players good enough to make such a drastic difference hence their lower reputation in comparison to the bigger and more established sides. Have you ever considered going two completely different approaches on each division? On EPL playing di
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