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  1. Does anyone have a pdf version of the thread including it's images? It's hard to keep track of what he's talking without any of them =/
  2. I'm right now trying to write some piece of code to help me analysing my squad and it came to my attention that a lot of information from all screens goes missing when you try to export it using the 'Print Screen' option. For example, in the main squad screen i cant get the number of CA and PA stars using the option. In the players screen i can't get the preferred moves and the list goes on. I've seen a few projects on github lurking into the process memory for this kind of information but i don't intend to go that way. I wish you guys could improve the print option, maybe make a XML version of it and try to export as many information that it's on the screen as you can. I'm aware a lot of lads use excel spreadsheets for that matter, so do i, and i wanted to create something beyond that but it takes too much time to fill all the information by self when we could just import some XML, JSON or whatever. Thanks in advance!
  3. I've been waiting for an update for months. Where did you go pal?
  4. Havant & Waterlooville - Challenge Attempt # 1 A new year, an old challenge. I've been around since the 2013 iteration of this challenge, although i've never been able to complete it. If i recall, my best spell was in England as well, managing Corby Town F.C. in which i managed to get to the National League and was pushing seriously towards the League 2. I think i lack the tactical and management knowledge you guys have on the game, but i won't quit it. It just feels like any other saves are pointless, i must finish this challenge and this has driven me nuts for too much time. The chosen side is the glorious Havant & Waterlooville, club where i had my best FM save ever, going from the 6th tier into EPL in 12 seasons, so this will grant this attempt will hook me up. The "Hawks" were founded in 1998 and play their games in the West Leigh Park, a 4800 capacity stadium. Our fierce rivals Easleigh are now on League 2 and the other rivals are Weymouth and Gosport, which is in the league, granting us two derbies this season. Manager Profile - Previous Transfers - Senior Squad - U23 Squad - U18 Squad - Facilities - Finances A good squad depth and a decent starting money. All i hope for this first season is to survive and to find a tactic that suits the squad and then start building from the first intake. I'll go after some coaches and a HOYD hence the team doesn't have one.
  5. What you guys feel about the tactics on this new version?
  6. You should better finish your saves this year. I've waited for months for another update on Histon. Even started a save with them myself hahahaha.
  7. It actually might not be lost. Check under your C: drive for a folder named 'Windows.old' then navigate trough the documents folder and it should be there
  8. Actually i think you can field grey players, what you can't do is offer them a contract. Correct em anyone if i'm wrong
  9. Congratz Braumiller! I'm still stuck in the Challenge, it feels like i don't know how to play FM anymore. Last time i had success was on FM 13 (Havant & Waterlooville from BSS to EPL in 12 seasons, obviously own tactics but playing LLM instead of Youth Academy Challenge) =/ I'd love some tactical insights. Sometimes i feel like one of that old managers that can only play one style instead of adapting myself to the squads i find. I also can't counter the AI as often as i did manage in the past versions.
  10. You've been my inspiration all along m8, although you have a deeper knowledge regarding to tactics i just can't give up on England hahaha.
  11. I really hope the defenders were enhanced. In lower levels it becomes unplayable, any piece of **** winger will outrun my best defender and they will just round the attacker instead of trying to tackle him. Other thing that drives me mad is when any of the fullbacks will pass it back to the goalkeeper. THEY ALWAYS CONCEDE CORNERS, why can't they make a simple 6 yards pass. I even tried to field one of my best midfielders (who actually is accomplished at the fullback position) and he already did that. The AI also cheats when it comes to off the ball movement. The opposition always attack the empty spaces even tough their 'off the ball, teamwork, agression, work rate' is low and they always receive a passa behind my defenders, whilst i can never do that. Please grab some inspiration from the good FM 2008 and the pretty decent FM 2013. I do love the series and been buying the games since the 2013 (playing since cm 01/02) but the ME is getting worse year after year. ALSO: PLEASE highlight (even tough it might still be disabled) the individual instructions from players that are 'hardcoded' for each role and duty. IF a roaming playmaker will always have the roaming instruction, MAKE IT GREEN, it's far more intuitive. The one's that are not eligible for selection might still be black, but the ones that CANNOT be unselected should be green. Focus on UX
  12. And... we got relegated. Starting for the 3rd time now again in England. Now with FC United, a lot cheesier in matters of money.
  13. 3 games left, 3 points to pick up from the last one above the relegation places. We might have a chance being more than 10 points behind 10 games ago
  14. I went back to the oldschool 4-4-2 and things started looking better. Some things are clear to me: 1 - I cant field a single striker, he's too young and can't hold the ball, i need a pair so they can always run towards eachother. 2 - As my wide players are really bad at crossing/dribbling and i don't have any decent target man, my team plays better when i tell them to be narrower so they can't fill the spaces and make passes behind of the defensive line. What attributes make a good winger? I assumed that, like in previous editions, a pacey one averaging 12/12 pace/acceleration with at least 10 of dribbling would me more than enough for the goddamn sixth tier, but it seems it's not, they will never start a forward run and all the defenders seem to be faster, they're almost never outrun, which makes the movimentation the most important aspect. Also, NEVER my strikers can receive a direct pass in behind the other teams defense, only rarely when my defenders try a long pass, but the opposite side can do that a lot, they're always lauching in the back of my defenders. HOW? ****ing how? Dropping deeper, doesn't help, having them both to cover, doesn't help. I assume i'm instructing them to do things and they just don't do and that's frustating because then i see the other sides doing exactly what i want MY players to do. The PPM's have a lot more impact now? i miss the tactics from fm 2008 or even 2013, where i knew i was doing, even when i lost the games i knew why.\ Now it just feels the players will do whatever they feel doing and all my tactical knowledge is useless...
  15. Weymouth. It's my 3rd season and now that all my veterans have retired i can't make them play consistenly. Only 5 wins in 32 matches, and now i have a 10 points gap to pick up in 10 matches, i hope i can survive.
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