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  1. @EriksenSpurs I just simulate whole season so no opossition instruction (i think when I'm responsible for OI's Assman shouldn't use them on holiday) , also no transfers and first transfer window is disabled. In the end it's only a test and all tactics with 68+ points in test should be good. Instead of taking the best think about what style and shape u want.
  2. !FM20.2.4 Tea for One 442 p101cc and !FM20.2.4 Tea for One 4411 p102EC
  3. !!FM20.2.4WULF4411KnapP106eurocc looks like is good for underdogs too
  4. anyone interested in Norwich test results can check my google sheet https://docs.google.com/spreadsheets/d/1XMgoG_UUA8XK7XQgZPxrMHnJmKC0srtr0_NEcbsGSe8/edit?usp=sharing last test witch !FM20.2.44141KnapPreachinBluesVOL2P107EC
  5. First time trying this challenge. I decided to choose a club from the country (but not city) where I was born and live to this day. From the three available clubs I decided to choose a four-time national champion Widzew Łódź. Recent History: In the beginning of season 2007/2008 Widzew was bought by one of the wealthiest men in Poland – Sylwester Cacek In January 2008, while playing in the , the Polish Football Association ruled that Widzew Łódź should be relegated due to their involvement in a corruption scandal. However, Widzew became champion that year, and were allowed to stay in the second division, which was renamed First League (I liga) before the start of the 2008–09 season. Despite the deduction of six points as a penalty, Widzew managed to become champions once again, and were finally promoted to the Ekstraklasa. In total, Widzew played 35 seasons at the highest level before being relegated in the 2013–14 season. Due to financial problems, Widzew finished last at the end of the 2014–15 I Liga season. Subsequently, the club ruled by Sylwester Cacek went bankrupt. In consequence local businessmen led by Marcin Ferdzyn and Grzegorz Waranecki decided to take on amateur status as a new association called Stowarzyszenie Reaktywacja Tradycji Sportowych Widzew Łódź (Association of the Reactivation of the Sports Traditions of Widzew Łódź), which continues the tradition of the old RTS Widzew Łódź. The new association was registered in a Polish court on 2.07.2015, and within a few weeks of summer 2015 they managed to find new coach Witold Obarek and collect a new squad, which started the 2015/2016 season in the fifth tier of Polish football. In first season in IV League Widzew has promoted to higher tier. In season 2016/17 Widzew achieved third place in III League, after Drwęca Nowe Miasto Lubawskie and ŁKS Łódź but next season yielded promotion to II League. Now, on the halfway point of season 2018/19 Widzew is leader with 37 points in 17 matches. Season Preview: My handsome manager Roger MacClintock: Widzew Łódź Stadium and Facilities: Capacity: 18,000 all-seater Year Built: 2017 Stadium Condition: Good Under Soil Heating: Yes Roof: No Surface: Grass Corporate Facilities: Top corporate facilities Training Facilities: Good training facilities Data Analysis: None Youth Facilities: Good youth facilities Stadium Sponsor: None Junior Coaching: Average Youth Recruitment: Average My Squad:
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