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  1. @radetzkyi don't use FMRTE, but I don't choose a squad either, I let the assistant manager choose the squad btw. if you click on the left side, on the tactic name, a link to download it will pop up https://docs.google.com/spreadsheets/d/1XMgoG_UUA8XK7XQgZPxrMHnJmKC0srtr0_NEcbsGSe8/edit#gid=1740286625
  2. Impressive results with !FM20.4.4FireandWaterVOL24321OXP378(191-187) and atm first place in test
  3. I'm doing new tests with teams promoted and predicted to finish last in their leagues (Ligue 1, Premier League, Bundesliga) on updated DB (fmtransferupdate + pr0) Link to my google sheets with this test and old ones (Norwich and England Test on 4 different tiers): https://docs.google.com/spreadsheets/d/1XMgoG_UUA8XK7XQgZPxrMHnJmKC0srtr0_NEcbsGSe8/edit?usp=sharing First place right now: Knap warrior 4132 CF P 367
  4. and the results of the full season Only one loss in League against Everton with 40 shots, 19 on target, 4 woodworks, 5 CCC, 2 Halfchances...
  5. I used the modified set pieces setup from Cadoni's Oedipus II tactic and I had no problem scoring goals from corners. You can delete all 3 corners on left and right and use this instead 478805687_ChrissysSetPieces.fmf
  6. Also tweaked version thanks to RDF Tactics, he changed Striker role and couple of TI and PI Cwieku_Raumdeuters_451_v4_RDF_BIG_AWAY.fmfCwieku_Raumdeuters_451_v4_RDF.fmf
  7. I still use version 4, we just beat Liverpool 5:1 with 9 CCC. I just added Tackler Harder and Mark Tighter on AML and BBM (this version is now in edited first post) Screenshots from kelmi55
  8. Hi, this is my first tactic good enough to make it public. I tried to use roles you don't see very often like Raumdeuters and Roaming Playmaker. Tested on teams such as Liverpool, Preston (media prediction 13), Rochdale (media prediction 19), Swindon (media prediction 5) and Norwich (media prediction 20) Cwieku Raumdeuters 451 v4.fmf and version with added Tackler harder and Mark Tighter on AML and BBM Cwieku Raumdeuters 451 v4.fmf
  9. in the Norwich test I was using holiday mode in normal EPL season (217 tactics tested, which Knap were 123). I am currently testing with Liverpool, Preston, Rochdale and Swindon all my up to date test results are here https://docs.google.com/spreadsheets/d/1XMgoG_UUA8XK7XQgZPxrMHnJmKC0srtr0_NEcbsGSe8/edit?usp=sharing
  10. I tested Knap's last few tactics: also link to my google sheets: https://docs.google.com/spreadsheets/d/1XMgoG_UUA8XK7XQgZPxrMHnJmKC0srtr0_NEcbsGSe8/edit?usp=sharing !FM20.4.1FIREWATER23221THP94FAP350 !!FM20.4.1RUNLIKEHELL433P102ECP342(P181-161 ) !FM20.4.1TIMEKnap442P102ECCCP347 !!!FM20.4.1KnapKashmir4231VOL5P105P3230P208) !!FM20.4.1HOLYGHOSTFIREKnap41212P104FACCP351 M20.4.1RUNLIKEHELLKnap4231SKEWIFP107ECFA M20.4.1RUNLIKEHELLKnap4231SKEWIFWP105ALLCUPS
  11. @EriksenSpurs I just simulate whole season so no opossition instruction (i think when I'm responsible for OI's Assman shouldn't use them on holiday) , also no transfers and first transfer window is disabled. In the end it's only a test and all tactics with 68+ points in test should be good. Instead of taking the best think about what style and shape u want.
  12. !FM20.2.4 Tea for One 442 p101cc and !FM20.2.4 Tea for One 4411 p102EC
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