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  1. The tactic has been updated to the last match engine version (19.3). The screenshots of the results come from the latest version as well Enjoy ♥
  2. Alright, I feared as much, thanks for the answers
  3. anyone ? :/ Is it even possible ?
  4. Hi ! The question is aiming to know what panel can alter this view ? The Player Career Stats. The idea behind it would be to show all competitions stats / season instead of just league stats. I don't know if it's possible at all Thanks for your answer & time !
  5. Yes, this table was as Tottenham, sry for forgetting to make the precision.
  6. The one that suits your team best if you have more forwards, 424 might be the way to go (but it takes more goals in, obviously). It wasn't with Fulham, I wouldn't have played them in PL then, would I ? ^^
  7. The tactic has been updated to 19.2. I've added a 424 version of it. In both, your corner taker should always be your right volante for extra efficiency.
  8. Thanks all of you I'm using the open beta right now to try & find the best way to make it work for the coming 19.2 so that it will still do what it does when the time comes ^^
  9. Nice results I'm glad it's working well for you guys ! Don't hesitate to update your season ^^
  10. Fulham took a total of 67 Yellow & 4 Red cards. You can get lots of yellow in a single game, but I don't take that much red cards. It happens tho, mostly on the Volante tbh. (Johansen & Seri took 3 of the 4 mentioned :p)
  11. I do all training myself, trained all players for the roles I used them in.
  12. It's a network save where I'm playing as Tottenham, these were the first games played when I start using the tactic ^^
  13. I haven't played a second season with Fulham, it was a one season deal to showcase the tactic
  14. Correct for the midfield Here are the squad stats I hope you'll find as much success as I did
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