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  1. Hello, and welcome to my first Football Manager 2020 thread. In this, I will be attempting to explain how I simplify all things related to mentality within the Football Manager Tactics Creator. A big mention has to go to @Ö-zil to the Arsenal! (please don't stop posting ), his threads have taught me the things that truly matter when creating a tactic. Another mention has to go to @Cleon. I highly recommend reading his creating a tactic guide. I'd also like to point you in the direction of @fmFutbolManager's website, not only will you find his cracking blog posts on there but also his incredibl
  2. Hey O-zil, big fan of your work. Just to give my thoughts regarding your points: 1. Agree completely with this. I'm actually still using @fmFutbolManager's mentality calculator from FM18 when creating my tactics on FM20. It might not be 100% accurate but I still find it very useful. 2. As for the auto-assignment of Team Shape, part of me actually agrees with this. Granted my understanding of the ME isn't that great but to put it simply: - Structured: Defenders defend, attackers attack (midfielders midfield ). So in my mind it makes sense that if you put a back line of defender
  3. Interesting at 1:13. "Gomez on Busquets, Ribery and Robben follow the fullbacks. Schweinsteiger follows Xavi and Muller again steps out with covershadow". This is roughly what I was going for by using a pressing forward, setting the wide players to man mark their opposite fullback and by using tighter marking for the AMC and 2 DMs. You could argue I should be using tighter marking along with pressing for the central players but I think that's something i'll experiment with to see how well it works currently.
  4. I don't suppose you know when that was said in the video? I must have missed that.
  5. Cheers. I'll be recreating this with a completely different team. I'll be adapting the tactics to the squad at my disposal, all will be revealed in the third post. I'll be honest, the Champions League instructions were mainly based from the two Barcelona games I remember watching back then. I'd almost have to agree with you in a way with the fact they never played "deep" as such however I seem to remember it was more they sat "deeper" and then pressed after certain triggers. Also I think in terms of replicating this in FM in order to be able to counter-attack effectively opposition tea
  6. Bayern Munich's Treble Winning Team Roles GK Sweeper Keeper Attack | Manuel Neuer None No explanation needed. The role made famous by the German keeper. DR Wing-Back Support | Philipp Lahm Close Down More Wing-Back to take advantage of the space vacated by the inside forward ahead of him and whilst Lahm did get forward often I think the support duty balances well with Robben’s attack duty on the same flank. He is also encouraged to close down more to press heavily in the wide areas. DCR & DCL Central Defenders Stopper | Jerome Boateng & Dante None
  7. Quick disclaimer, I am still learning here. Even though I've been playing FM for a few years now I am by no means an expert so any advice is more than welcome! Also I am not saying this is exactly how the treble winning team played, I am simply putting together my version. Before reading this post I highly recommend watching this great Tifo Football video on Bayern Munich & Jupp Heynckes’ Treble winning season. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=uLjkWniuBII That season he built a team that dominated the Bundesliga breaking numerous records including the most points during a sea
  8. Thanks man. It's something I was a bit unsure on myself. Agree with you in that I don't think I've seen a "radical" press at all from England. One of the reasons I've kept the defensive line / line of engagement default is because as you say they usual fall back and press from there. I think at times you see notions of a counter press but it never seems to be a particularly well structured (or successful for that matter) press. I imagine this is mostly down to the fact that international managers just do not get the time with players to really drill home every tactical aspect coupled with
  9. Could well be the answer. For the time being I'll keep things as they are but if I concede chances from this scenario again I'll look at removing the counter-press TI and adding individual player pressing settings - if this is what you mean?
  10. Smashing thread. I particularly like the 'first 15 minutes' analysis, been using that a lot and it really is spot on. Cheers @Cleon.
  11. Cheers. That's the plan. I've been given a bit of cash by the board so I'll look to bring in 2 or 3 young English players for the season. Will do. There were definitely games this season where the system struggled so I'll make sure to analyse them next season. I'm sure I'll have more games like that in the prem... I'll be honest, I think you're right. It's a difficult one as when my team lose the ball higher up the pitch I want them to counter-press, however when my team is defending a bit deeper I don't want my anchor man venturing too far from his position. The times I conc
  12. Nope. I've thought about using them to try and force players into certain areas of the pitch but I'll leave that for another time / different system. Also I'm not sure how the OI's would effect my Anchor Man closing down less.
  13. During the World Cup Gareth Southgate's England side set up in a 3-5-2, making use of their ball-playing defenders and relying heavily on set pieces, defying all odds and managing to reach the semi-finals. However, what's impressed me most during Southgate's reign as England boss has been what he has done after the World Cup. Introduction Since the World Cup, Southgate has favoured a 4-3-3 formation with the following concepts that stick out to me: Positive football, keeping the ball and controlling the game Playing out from the back Counter-pressing in
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