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  1. Ö-zil to the Arsenal! just for my information how could you change or how could you manage the gap between the defence & the midflield ?
  2. Coach of the Year is it a bug? First season Second season
  3. Hello, Do you have a picture in game?
  4. The technology always technology but the notebook and the money don't follow OK Neil thank for your reply.
  5. Hello Neil, please finding bellow the link asked. https://www.zeta-uploader.com/2134961474 Thank B/R
  6. Hello, I have an old notebook Dell Inspiron 1501 (Win 7 32 bits, AMD Turion 64X2 mobile Technology TL-56 2GB RAM, ATI Radeon Xpress series), I know it's not a pc for game, but until this opus when I saw a game with the 3D, the video worked very well, now since FM15 the screen is orange as is: On this you can see the orange line under the stats Do you have an idea? B/R Ginola
  7. very good idea, we paid for the game we paid for the tools next year we'll paid for talk with Sigames it's the crisis
  8. Not again, tomorow i send you a print screen maybe it will be better Edit:
  9. Hello just for your information coupe charles simon = Coupe de France and on your file it's coupe charles simon
  10. Hi Octavianus C:\Documents and Settings\username\My Documents\Sports Interactive\Football Manager 2012\skins and i extracted: player instruction slider.xml, player instructions new.xml, player instructions.xml, team instructions new.xml
  11. yes c: document/sportinteractive/skin like on your text
  12. Hi Octavianus, I have tried to install the Numbered Tactical Sliders modification read your readme but don't work. I made too: unticking 'use skin cache', ticking 'reload skin on confirm' and then click in the left corner at 'Reload Skin' I not the the skin "Numbered Tactical Sliders" I use the default skin white. I don't understand, could you help me? B/R
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