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  1. Seriously When you read the first page do you understand on which tactic FM20 do you start ?
  2. Hi @knap you have a lot of tactics on page 1, but could you please attach a picture for each tactic (maybe you do you have made it)
  3. Good evening, when you said "Use this tactic when you need to protect your lead and "kill" the game. Please notice that this tactic doesn't give you 100% guaranty that you don't concede it only greatly reduces the probability of it so if you start using this tactic too early, for example, when you've got a shaky lead by 1 goal then it might backfire and you might concede a fluke goal at the last minute and give away a win so you should use this tactic it wisely." is it for the V4 or V5 ?
  4. Hello, I have the same problème, it's very strange 3 * on FM19 now just 1, For your question Jack i didn't play again just start the first page.
  5. Hello Neil, I found the error thank, In fact i use the skin Neub Skin a the default coming of this skin when you have the economic rapport of the year. The creator have made an update & now all is under control. Thank
  6. Bonjour, Alors moi contrairement à d'autre, le jeu se lance. mais après une journée la le 6 juin 2021 pour moi crash dump Si quelqu'un pouvait aider. Merci DxDiag.txt FM 2019 v19.3.2.1201536 (2019.03.08 17.18.55).dmp
  7. Ö-zil to the Arsenal! just for my information how could you change or how could you manage the gap between the defence & the midflield ?
  8. Hello, Do you have a picture in game?
  9. The technology always technology but the notebook and the money don't follow OK Neil thank for your reply.
  10. Hello Neil, please finding bellow the link asked. https://www.zeta-uploader.com/2134961474 Thank B/R
  11. Hello, I have an old notebook Dell Inspiron 1501 (Win 7 32 bits, AMD Turion 64X2 mobile Technology TL-56 2GB RAM, ATI Radeon Xpress series), I know it's not a pc for game, but until this opus when I saw a game with the 3D, the video worked very well, now since FM15 the screen is orange as is: On this you can see the orange line under the stats Do you have an idea? B/R Ginola
  12. very good idea, we paid for the game we paid for the tools next year we'll paid for talk with Sigames it's the crisis
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