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  1. It's a mistake on his current reputation (160 instead of 106), we have totally missed this error. This error will fixed in the unofficial update for France that we will release this weekend. Thanks.
  2. Gamekult (France) - (8/10) La Provence (France) - (9/10) JeuxActu (France) - (18/20) Jeuxpcmag (France) - (4/5)
  3. Some french reviews : Factornews (France) - (8/10) adobuzz (France) - (18/20) Micromania (France) - (4/5) (France) - (16/20)
  4. (France) - (18/20)
  5. French preview of Foot Mercato :
  6. It's not a bug, we do it to simulate the fact of french clubs if they want buy a player, the should sold a player to do it French professional clubs have lost 91 M€ in 2010/2011 (130 M€ in 2009/2010). But we will update transfer budgets of some clubs this month
  7. Please PM me the answer, thanks !
  8. In fact it's a bug, it shouldn't have no newgens at INF Clairefontaine as these youngs have 13 years when they enter in the academy and they will train during 2 years before to join a club.
  9. It's a bug, it will fixed in a future patch
  10. You are right, we have increased him for patch 11.3 according his performances with France and Rennes this season.
  11. 18/20 on (France)
  12. Robert Green : 15 in Handling in FM
  13. Please pick me! Please pick me! I miss the 1000th post of the topic
  14. The link to the manual doesn't work yet :
  15. Which languages will be available on this version ?