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  1. yes maybe but we should have the choice of theme colors anyway ?? I have been playing for years with the dark theme
  2. and why that ? many people don't like getting purple
  3. hi all do you know why led billboards are not displayed ? and a second thing why SI still has not put the base dark fm ?? thanks
  4. hi all my problem is that the led video panels work well but the banners around and place in the stands do not work .... you have to install everything and restart 2 times the game for it to work ?? i'm on FM20
  5. ah yes it maybe that I hadn't thought of that at all .... but in FM19 my settings were on "medium and it worked very well the colors of the boots" like this year on the 20 still in medium too .... I will try other championships from other countries and see
  6. I play in Serie A (Italy) it can be because of that .... you are in which championship you?
  7. hi everyone i don't know if this comes from my game or if this year there are no colored shoes (yellow, red, white) all my players have identical shoes and the IA too .... did you notice it too or is it just my game ??
  8. hi I see on your screen the pitch textures, is that of the game or is it a graphics pack ? @a31632
  9. version 3 is available .... strange that there is no download link ?? @Krysler76
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