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  1. hi I see on your screen the pitch textures, is that of the game or is it a graphics pack ? @a31632
  2. version 3 is available .... strange that there is no download link ?? @Krysler76
  3. for Asencio his best position is offensive midfielder attack for me he is better than Dybala has this post the .... even if Dybala is monstrous too ..... Asencio can also play attacker inside left attack it is natural also at this post
  4. hello everyone I use the basic dark skin FM and I would like to know or placed in the folders please? which path ?? @Jovovich
  5. my biggest win against a big league club
  6. me on my side the central defense Militao-Rice and Skriniar-Bailly at the top
  7. impressive what is your tactic ???
  8. hello to all Man Utd manager .... a short question from you with this team is better to play in 433 or 4231? I'm in 2nd season and my best player (Pogba) I feel constrained in a 4231 with DLP as a support ..... I think but I'm not sure he should be a 433 ..... that do you think? and could you guided me and let me see some screens ..... thanks to all
  9. hello to all this scoreboard works with FM base skin ???
  10. hello to all we must take what link the 1st version FM18.02? or the second link quick fix version for FM19 ??? I do not understand at all .... I'm on FM 2019
  11. sorry if I missed something here .... but adboards of FM18 are they compatible with the FM19 ?? thank you
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