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  1. hello just to point out that the club's profile page is missing "young management"
  2. Well you say "use the archive resource it's free" as if you knew how to do it....your answer is weird
  3. Yes it is ok but what is the process ?? The way ? where to go and what to do next ? @snowofman
  4. I have already done it and nothing has changed absolutely nothing....what should I do now please ?? ps: I just discovered that in "window" mode I no longer have jerky lag....but hey, I want to play and enjoy my game in "full screen"
  5. I hope to be in the right section .... everything is in the title my game in match is filthy jerky since the last winter update when everything worked perfectly before that in very high graphics .... Even in medium graphics today my jerk game I can no longer play what do you like ? My game displays 5 stars in the options .... I have a laptop with NVIDIA GTX 1650 and I had no problem even last year on FM 22 everything was fluid Solutions to help me quickly ? DxDiag.txt DxDiag.txt DxDiag.txt DxDiag.txt
  6. hi i have access and i can....
  7. Update launched....changes for you or always the same ?
  8. Salut j'ai eu la meme chose cela viens en match c'est ca ? genre le "coeur" reste vert alors que les joueurs sont crevé ?
  9. Nice little mod we can have the Bundesliga and the Serie A ? @the_hoyle
  10. thank you but the result is bad look
  11. Hello to all being not at all good at modifying this kind of thing in skins....i have a skin that i like but i would like to use/change the player attribute polygon and put the original but i don't know how to do and where to find the original of FM If any of you can help me and tell me the steps please thank you very much Here is the original from the game
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