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  1. Hey! I'm looking to make the section in red attached in the image smaller. I'd assume that the easiest way to do that would be to change the font size for that particular part of the skin. I've used the zoom function within FM. However, I prefer just about everything else at 200% zoom, but can't even fit 23 players onto the list without having to scroll down. It's a small issue, but one I've been looking around to find a solution for without noticing one. Would anyone be able to help me make the player rows smaller, so that I can fit more onto the list at once? Appreciate it's a small thing, but just something I've now become determined to conquer as much as anything else. Any help that would be available I'd really appreciate!
  2. Hope this is solved eventually, seems quite a frustrating if minor issue.
  3. Would it be possible for you to upload it/inbox me it, too, please? Thank you! More or less exactly what I am looking for :). Thanks mate.
  4. I see, thanks for the response Michael. Any chance this could be added to the in-game editor? Seems a bit of an oversight if we can't adjust it. I'll open a request on the right forum to make that case, but just seems frustrating not to be able to change it like beforehand. I get why after your explanation, but would be nice to be able to adjust with the in-game editor in club details or something. Thanks!
  5. Hi mate, outstanding skin - really impressed with it. Have tried out a few skins and find this one to be the best yet :). Just a quick question - do you know how to add in attribute boxes instead of just the flat text? I've had a look around myself and tried to import an attribute box player overview set from another skin, but it didn't work. I find it quite hard to read just the naked attribute text, so would appreciate it greatly if you could, if you know how, direct me how to add in the boxes? No problem if you can't, figure you probably get enough requests as is . Thanks!
  6. This feature seems to work just fine, still. At least something does. Paying an extra fiver a year for the IGE only to have its wings clipped year on year seems pointless.
  7. That is strange indeed! Hair color, too, used to be editable. Now just hair length, which appears to be pretty bugged (i.e long appears to make my player bald). Thanks for the feedback, though!
  8. Hi there! I'm looking for a bit of help in editing FM 19. I'm using the DF11 Base Skin mod, and it's really good. I'm just wondering if someone can help me change the header colors on this? For example, in the photo attached, I'd like to swap the green and white text to green background with white text. It changes from club to club/nation to nation etc (see other photo) so I presume it's not something that's hard coded to be white. In previous FMs, I would use the in-game editor and change the 'Text' section under Edit Kit Details, but it appears to have no effect this year. Just wondering if there's anything I can do to change this? I haven't edited anything with the skin files, and as far as I'm aware it did not work when I would change the color settings on the basic FM19 skin, either. Any help would be hugely appreciated. Also, and I'm aware this is asked on a regular basis but I can't find an answer I can take in, is there any way to add boxes around the attributes? I tried taking the 'player overview attributes' file from another skin and adding it in to DF11, before removing it as it did not work. I find just the numbers on the background hard to read, so would love to add them back in if possible. Again, any help that anyone can offer me would be hugely appreciated. Thanks for anyone who reads this!
  9. Hi Neil - just Windows Defender. Right, fair enough - I've literally never even come across a manual for the game considering I buy it on Steam. Hopefully we can find out if that was the issue.
  10. Have just done so Olly - look forward to a response. What a strange problem. Will just delete my save then - waste of about 40 hours lol. Strange how it only seemed to happen mid-season...and it only seemed to start on the day of an update. Adam
  11. Hi there At some point during my second season - perhaps with an update - I noticed that essentially all history has been wiped. This has happened mid-season, as I distinctly recall seeing after my first season who in my squad qualified for a winners medal. Now, players only show international debuts and first goals. This also applies not just for my players but every player - nobody, player, manager or otherwise is showing any kind of history. Is this just cloaked, hidden? Or is it going to be a bug that needs me to restart entirely? Just so I know whether or not to bin the save. I can't seem to check any other matches outside of my own, either, outside of just seeing the basic score. Again, only started happening mid-season as I recall watching highlights I can no longer access. I've not got any restrictions in Detail Level, with all the leagues I'm trying to access on full. Also, not using Windows XP. I don't use any kind of antivirus software, either, outside whatever Windows gives me. Really just want to know if my save is worth continuing. Can upload save if needed.
  12. Same here - not just a Windows XP issue. Can't look at other teams matches, and no history is being recorded. No player trophies won or achievements are listed. Does this mean that careers made during this bug are messed up?
  13. Excellent skin but in matches I appear to have no commentary bar? Nothing at all - not the text, the bar, anything.
  14. Hi guys! Great stuff on this - really helps a lot, as a lot of the mistakes I'm making are attributed in here. So, from what I've read in here and a few of the sticky guides, am I right in thinking the following? - Your fluid/rigid etc are all related to how close together the team is? So if I had a Fluid team with possession and pressing mentalities ticked (thinking like the stuff here ) it means we'll all be closer together, more compact, and more suite for quick and short passing? - Would playing with Player Wider or Play Narrower be more suited to a narrow formation like a diamond or a 4-3-1-2? I always presumed Play Wider to help me compensate down the wings but then Exploit Middle to make most of my superiority. I get it can be different from match to match but is that general idea correct? - Let's say I wanted to play whereby we played on the break mostly and played things very fast all the time - would it be about using a Structured formation to keep us far away from one another to ensure we can pass fast and direct? And would you want to accentuate this by using more direct passing, pass into space etc. and an Attacking or Control mentality? The idea is that outside of my usual possession and pressing strategy I may need to be more 'basic' in some games and a counter attacking, direct philosophy that dosen't press as high would be useful to learn. My thinking is that Structured keeps us separated whilst Attacking will make us go for it when we have the ball, but still sit in and don't break formation? Or would a Counter mentality be better for this? This one is probably the most annoying to discuss so if this would be best answered elsewhere just let me know! I just felt like this long-standing question would come under some of these new changes. I'm not really looking for specific help with a tactic, moreso I want to understand if my perception of these three things is right? These are kind of general points I've pondered and feel they may be best answered with these new interpretations? Thanks so much if anyone can help by the way! EDIT - I seen someone discussing Fluid etc. as deciding how many risks you take in possession - is that true? That would make sense I guess but just want to see if I have that right?
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