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  1. @pocketspace Re. Q1. Analysts often talk about formations having different bands, or horizontal lines. So, defence is 1st band, DM line is 2nd band, CM / WM line is 3rd band, and so on, in this instance. Re. the thrashing, I'll revive a painful memory for you, and this was at home! http://www.bbc.co.uk/sport/football/25287554
  2. I think what needs to happen here is that people need to really, really think about the views of others and respect them. If people have something constructive to say, i.e. something that adds to the discussion, please do that - but saying "i don't understand etc." isn't being constructive or adding anything. I think many people here need to get better at simply listening to others, without feeling the desire to continually rebut points that have come from the community. People need to feel they've had their say, and that they've been heard - the latter isn't happening here and that makes people very frustrated and angry. I think the role of staff in creating an environment where that happens is important and where SI can lead by example . At the end of the day, hopefully people in SI will read this thread, the issues raised, and act either now or in the future in an appropriate manner. One of the purposes of this forum is for the community to be able to communicate their views and for the benefit of SI, and SEGA, and eventually all of us, this needs to be able to happen in an unhindered manner. Re. the earlier suggestion to close the thread because the argument is going circular. If you do think its going circular, so what? As long as people want to contribute to it then as a thread started by the community, and clearly maintained by the community, it should continue. Whether that frustrates certain people is neither here nor there, it's not something you own or have the moral right to shut down - unless there are other relevant issues at hand.
  3. OK I'm going to try and hold a load of stuff in my tiny brain while I write this, bear with me. 1. Your basic shape. I think you need Dier in the 2nd band i.e. just in front of the back 4. FM doesn't quite do 2nd band players bombing forward as yet so in this game your formation needs to have Dembele in the 3rd band as a BBM. From that article, the roles tend to vary but the consistent theme is the deep lying midfielder. I don't see this as a HB. After that, you could put an AM in band 3 or band 4 - personally I'd go band 3 given you are likely to use a BBM. So 4-1-2-3 wide in the first instance. 2. Re. pressing. Control already gives you high closing down and a high line. That's enough. You don't need a TI of closing down. I'm also not sure why you've got prevent short GK there - I would only use that in specific situations or unless you want an extreme high block and that isn't what's described here. 3. A lot is said in the article about lateral movement. I'd use the TI Roam from positions to implement that. 4. Pochettino uses aggressive passing. So think about your passing settings. Tbh I think when on "control" the effect is TOO direct so shorter pass / lower tempo in that context is still fine, but I'd probably remove "play out of defence" - its one I'd only use in specific situations as if the AI presses you it can be a disaster. 5. You have Eriksen as a wide, AP. Now for me this is slightly a role issue / ME issue but what this means is as your only playmaker, your team will focus their passing on him. If for any reason they can't get the ball to him you're in trouble. I'd either have 2, 3, or 4 playmakers that give you multiple outlets, or give Eriksen a different role e.g. IF with tweaked PIs. For all that, if you play attacking / control against a top side, whoever you are you run risks and might need to be more cautious in your approach, be prepared to change mid-match - otherwise you risk more 6-0 mullerings. Hope that is of some help to you.
  4. @pocketspace I think you have 5 x TIs can you tell us them please?
  5. Or double-up with an international management job? Actually that has some appeal to me
  6. Keep going, you'll get there and all the fun is in the journey of getting there - speaking as someone who's played this game for, oh crumbs, 20 years I think, and have had plenty of my own disasters. You presumably played "control" against Chelsea? Control means you're trying to attack an inferior team, Chelsea aren't inferior to you. Add to that what's been said about your midfield and defence (I agree with @looping ) and the result is not a surprise to me. You mentioned the analysis on the internet. If you're trying to emulate Pochettino's tactics, can you post a link here? That way, together we all might be able to help put that together in FM16 terms in a way that will work.
  7. To add to what Herne79 said, I think the Attacking mentality, in combination with the Fluid philosophy (2nd highest in the rank order) might be compounding your problems as it means all your players have a high attacking mentality to some degree, whereas if you go down the spectrum to more structured roles, defenders are more likely to "defend" in a positional rather than attacking sense. In general, do give thought to the combination of mentality & philosophy when you set up a tactic. Also, which defenders are causing problems? If its those in the FB / WB areas, I find that doing something as simple as lowering their mentality e.g. from WB (S) to WB (D) works well - that can be done on a match-by-match basis or even within the match if you spot your WB lunging in and selling himself.
  8. That's really helpful thank you to all concerned. 1. You might want to look at your midfield. For starters, I'd shift the BBM player to the right in order to have potential cover for that gap. Then, I'd re-think that role - BBM's can get caught high up the pitch - you need someone who can give some cover to the FB (A). Perhaps a RPM? CM (S)? BWM? DLP (S)? In general, I think your midfield is very open. 2. A minor technical point. The CB on the right. I'd check he's right-footed because if he's turned when the FB is out of position, you need him to come across and be able to make the tackle. 3. Do make use of OIs. Its tricky to judge I know but give some thought and experiment with using OIs against attacking wide players on that side of the pitch. Against classic wingers, esp. if one-footed, you might want to get tight, show weaker foot, tackle hard. For those that cut inside, I tend to close down, weaker foot if possible, sometimes easy tackle if e.g. good dribbers but poor crossers. As for the attacking FBs you'll face against you, they might need to be closed down and this is where (1) might help. If you can tell us your TIs as well that would be really good. Btw I think FM16 is a really good game. I'm really scared to look at how many hours I've spent on it (and on FM in general...). I know the ME has its little issues but they all do - overall its a cracking representation of football and I really think there's a lot of knowledge under the bonnet of this game. Do stick with it it'll reward you in the end.
  9. The direct ball still needs to be accurate though and if you close down & get tight, there's a reasonable chance you can stop that. SI, you converted my link into a visible video - I'm impressed
  10. He's got the attributes to be an AP, either wide or central and I used him in a much earlier save in this way. If you want him as a striker, have you considered DLF either (S) or (A)? Even with (A) duty, that role relies more on movement, anticipation rather than pace, just so long of course as you have some pace elsewhere in the side.
  11. I think you need to give more detail if you want people to help you. Perhaps a screenshot of your tactic? Then tell us about specific problems you're having?
  12. I actually had a little hope for a while that this had slowed down. However based on today's evidence...
  13. I do find it varies between players. Like you, I send individual players on holiday (I do two weeks) if they need a rest. But if a lot of players in the squad likely to be at risk from fatigue e.g. young internationals, then I like the late start generic approach.
  14. There does seem to be a general consensus here that the pre-order deadline, and the announcement of new features, seem to be pretty tight together. Now, I completely understand from Miles' post that some features can't yet be announced e.g. may depend on late licensing agreements. But surely SI know, when its barely 2 months to the announced release date, so about a month and a half to beta, what a significant number of the new features will be? I find it difficult to believe that all the new features need to be held back until then. Unless this game is lacking in significant new features? Now that said, benefit of doubt here, we've heard that new features announced in the days before beta / pre-order, people do often use the term days loosely and it may be longer than days in the literal sense, so lets hope that SI do have significant new features that they can announce in plenty of notice - I think that is a reasonable expectation, and hope this thread prompts them to address the issues that are being raised here.
  15. General advice, without looking at that specific tactic. 1. Most obvious way to stop a direct tactic is stop the ball being played long. High closing down, sometimes also use tight marking. 2. But, if your players are tired, don't have high work rates, and / or you lack pace in behind, you need a different approach. Defensive, generally defending quite deep esp. if you have big strong defenders.