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  1. In-match, a commentary line to say what the crowd / attendance was? This is something that has to be looked up - could also be in immediate post match page.
  2. When they make mistakes, you get direct written cues in the commentary, for example: "Was that a penalty?" followed by "It looked like one." (in event penalty not given) Or. "The red card did seem harsh" Those are from FM16 and earlier. Probably similar for FM17, I haven't played enough yet to notice.
  3. The reality is that players actually do find it difficult to play in new systems, with each other. It takes time to develop cohesion, especially attacking cohesion - which is why much international football is negative. It does also depend on the adaptability and intelligence of players, and how much of their football schooling has been spent learning to play in different positions and different systems - something that England has not been good at historically.
  4. Yes. If you buy full version FMT is a part of that - though it will show up as a separate game in your Steam library. I think editor is only for full version, but someone else should clarify that for you.
  5. So far I think this is a very strong release.
  6. I recommend watching a well-known Youtube / Twitch game player by the name of Quill. He's a Canadian and like you, didn't know much about football at all. He had a learning curve with the game and, fair play to him, he really gave it a go. After the initial Twitch stream & series, he went back and played about 60 hours of it (this being FM16). Here's the first vid - hope it inspires you.
  7. How quickly people forget, or perhaps too young? Fabrizio Ravanelli at Juventus. He'd have been somewhere between 24-28 yrs old when that was taken.
  8. ^^^ @Seb Wassell your post has severely leaked across the right hand margin of the page, might need a re-format.
  9. Well starting off, for me, its not about one being superior over the other, its just different experiences. I do tend to play FM full version the most. The reason for this is that I like to build a club, that I stay with throughout the save. In FM, there are more options for developing facilities, links, developing players in the way you want to, managing players and so on. That's just my general preference. On the occasions I do want something quicker I dabble in FMT. Similarly if I want to do something more fantasy-based (thinking of creating a club in the EPL with only South American players at some point) then FMT it is.
  10. It just happens. People expect injuries to even themselves out throughout the season but like anything else e.g. bus arrivals, they happen in clumps. Its part of the nature of random chance elements (where that is relevant). Sometimes you'll get periods where you're relatively injury-free (which we don't tend to notice), other times they'll happen all at once, and sometimes all in the same position. Its just the way it is and part of being a manager is managing your way through that kind of adversity.
  11. Some more thoughts on the match engine. As per previous post, I'm very positive about it on the whole so these are just very specific issues that I think could be looked at. Context, managing Sunderland in EPL. 1. I am seeing a lot of defender clearances hitting another player, often one of players on own side - seems like a little throw-back to FM13 IIRC 2. Too many crosses and goals from RHS of the pitch, seems unbalanced - that's observational rather than data based. Btw, its not because of Patrick Van Aanholt as I have a replacement 3. Too many free-kicks in dangerous areas. 4. Its too easy even with a poor team like Sunderland to keep the ball. 6 games in my passing accuracy is 83%, highest in the division. I got 52% of possession at Old Trafford (though I did lost 2-0). Home to Swansea, when I went 1-0, 2-0, 3-0 up, the AI opposition made no attempt to get the ball from me and continued to play in a deep 42(DM)1,2(W)1 formation, making it very easy for me to control & see out the game. But, minor tweaks. At this stage, this is the best ME I've played.
  12. Managing Sunderland, I did see this a lot during pre-season. However, into the season proper, not seeing it as an issue so far albeit only 4-5 games in. I wonder if during pre-season as players aren't fit, closing down is less effective and hence players have more opportunity to take pot shots? As they get fitter, these opportunities reduce, hence fewer long-shots? At least that's my experience.
  13. Just asking on behalf of a friend. Cheers LR
  14. The ability to create your own manager profile (FM15), an image (FM16) and now to use a photo to make a 3D version (FM17) is an excellent development in the game. On load up, could the create-a-manager function be a stand-alone option, so that people can if they wish to focus on this initially without having to go through the rigmarole of starting a new game? Thanks LR