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  1. Some more thoughts on the match engine. As per previous post, I'm very positive about it on the whole so these are just very specific issues that I think could be looked at. Context, managing Sunderland in EPL. 1. I am seeing a lot of defender clearances hitting another player, often one of players on own side - seems like a little throw-back to FM13 IIRC 2. Too many crosses and goals from RHS of the pitch, seems unbalanced - that's observational rather than data based. Btw, its not because of Patrick Van Aanholt as I have a replacement 3. Too many free-kicks in dangerous areas. 4. Its too easy even with a poor team like Sunderland to keep the ball. 6 games in my passing accuracy is 83%, highest in the division. I got 52% of possession at Old Trafford (though I did lost 2-0). Home to Swansea, when I went 1-0, 2-0, 3-0 up, the AI opposition made no attempt to get the ball from me and continued to play in a deep 42(DM)1,2(W)1 formation, making it very easy for me to control & see out the game. But, minor tweaks. At this stage, this is the best ME I've played.
  2. More than happy to do this, but I have played a match and gone on a couple of weeks since that occurred - might have older file though. Is the save game file still of use for you? Let me know.
  3. Managing Sunderland, I did see this a lot during pre-season. However, into the season proper, not seeing it as an issue so far albeit only 4-5 games in. I wonder if during pre-season as players aren't fit, closing down is less effective and hence players have more opportunity to take pot shots? As they get fitter, these opportunities reduce, hence fewer long-shots? At least that's my experience.
  4. My DoF advised me of a future replacement for Jermaine Defoe, who is 33 yo. Only issue is that the replacement in question (you can see from screenshot, he's in the database), is 34 yo.
  5. Just asking on behalf of a friend. Cheers LR
  6. The ability to create your own manager profile (FM15), an image (FM16) and now to use a photo to make a 3D version (FM17) is an excellent development in the game. On load up, could the create-a-manager function be a stand-alone option, so that people can if they wish to focus on this initially without having to go through the rigmarole of starting a new game? Thanks LR
  7. To correct my own post (above), I was mistaken. If you start as a female manager you do still get asked about being a woman manager, and sexism in football.
  8. Presumably though in the event that the game you are playing simulates a hard Brexit scenario, that will occur further down the line e.g. 2-3 years, rather than right now.
  9. I'm not sure it will make a difference. Historically, some of the early questions in press conferences have been on trivia. I remember when they allowed managers to be female that an opening question was about how you feel being a woman manager (not sure if that's the case now). But after that, I don't think it came up again or had an influence on the game. My suspicion is that the question on age is in the same category i.e. once you've got past the trivia question, doesn't matter in terms of the game world.
  10. Really? Wow! I'll try that, thanks for the heads up. I tend to always use main stand, have done for years.
  11. Its worth noting btw that we only have to suffer Brexit when playing the full version of FM. For those who want alternative reality, FMT is Brexit-free.
  12. To some extent it is a political statement. Given the gravity of the decision we've made as a country, yet with all the uncertainty to come, and the lack of clarity as to what people actually voted for, I don't have a problem with a political statement in this fashion as these issues need to be aired in public. The alternative is to pretend the vote of 23/6 didn't happen, which is much less realistic. It's easy to criticise things but I think you have to compare against the alternative actions (or inactions = same thing). On that one. Article 50 is likely to be activated next year. Then, at least 2 years for the negotiating process as we withdraw from the EU and disentangle ourselves from the myriad webs of EU legislation. Many legal experts are saying we could be looking at 7-8 years. So to your point and the point of many as to waiting until we know for certain, that could take a long time. In the meantime, the FM game stagnates in an alternative reality bubble.
  13. He might get a game at Sunderland if Defoe gets injured
  14. In other words, so it displays your current XI on the pitch as the most visible? I'd like that as well.