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  1. I think there would be safeguarding issues. Its fine for adults to consent to their photo being used in a game, not so for minors, and SI would have no way to reliably tell the difference.
  2. I don't think anyone on the planet really understands when upsets will happen or why. That's why they're called upsets, because they are unexpected.
  3. I think the seriousness of blisters for a footballer is not to be underestimated. It would stop you playing, and doing any kind of high intensity training. The reason for this is that when you sprint, the vertical forces generated by your body, against the ground, and then back up through you (Newtons 3rd law), are 5 times your body weight. This is significantly bigger than for distance running (though that is still high), and I would suspect far in excess of walking / hiking, where you have much more control of those forces i.e. you can walk more gently (but that'll be cumulative impact). In football, you have to do loads of high intensity sprints so the overall effect would be much greater than, say, an Olympic sprinter. I'll link a couple of videos below. The first is just 2 mins, you only need to see the first minute. The 2nd is a BBC documentary on sprinting prior to London 2012. In video below, the reference to forces on the foot is at 34:05, its less than the estimate above, but still large i.e. 2.5 times your body weight, 5 times per second. It'll more likely be less for football, but still large and regular. So, it'd be agony, and would completely compromise your ability to be effective on the pitch.
  4. Preventing the leap from Wrexham to Arsenal is going to be a tough call. Also, it does depend on the player. How good is he? If he's potentially world class, you likely can't hold him. If he isn't, then you may regret not cashing in on him. Obviously difficult to say from an outside perspective - but you might consider selling, perhaps with a sell-on % of fee clause, for example? Its hard I know. I hate letting good players go as youth development is very much how I play the game, but sometimes it just has to be done.
  5. That's not entirely true. The game is so big because FM is a global game, and little quirks in things like attribute differences in different leagues can make a heck of a difference and pull up issues that others might not spot or be able to nail. For example, I found a PSG centre back of mine (Kimpebe) was scoring a crazy amount of goals from Neymar set pieces. Probably a unique combination of his slight height advantage against mediocre (not bad) defenders, superb delivery and a few under-the-bonnet issues re. heading accuracy. SI have fixed the issue and while I'm not making grandiose claims, I'd like to think that what I posted re. PKMs and comments on the problems helped with this - I think it did.
  6. The one etched in my mind, or rather scarred, goes all the way back to 2D match view days, probably FM06 or 07. I was managing Sunderland and as is normal in early game days, we struggled due to a crap team! Still in this particular season we'd been ok, hovering around lower mid-table. Late in the season it was a case of just get one more win and we'll be fine. But we couldn't get it. We were nervy, conceding last minute goals, turning wins into draws, and draws into defeats. In our final game, we needed a win to guarantee staying up but were faced with a daunting trip to a very good Chelsea. My regular LB was injured and I had to play Andrew Griffin, who was woefully below the level needed. Needing a result, I tried to be positive, though cautious, play on the counter. But Chelsea tore down our left flank agains and again and the goals started flooding in. 1-0... 2-0... 3-0... and on it went. We lost 7-0 and that scoreline was kind to us. Despite that, we stayed up, other results went in our favour and in following seasons we improved, started winning things etc. But that was a horrible match and the wheels nearly came off then in that save.
  7. Thanks Ben. We've drawn Man City in the 3rd round. A vanishing ball might be a blessing in disguise!
  8. This is a weird one. My FA Cup ties thus far against Mansfield and Rochdale have both been televised. In both of these games, you'll see the ball is very dark and difficult to see. It looks like a shadow, but it is the ball I think. All camera views have the same problem. Only in 2D classic does the ball show. This hasn't happened for any other matches thus far, only these FA Cup televised fixtures. Version of FM is 2 x PKMs attached of the relevant games. I will also upload my save to the cloud, its LR 070119 Sunderland - confirmed as uploaded now. LR Mansfield v Sunderland.pkm LR Rochdale v Sunderland.pkm
  9. @rdbayly I think there are some issues with pressing. One is that the "standard" LOE by default doesn't engage quickly enough. I find that whatever mentality I play, going for a higher LOE works more effectively. Also, given your tactic mentality is balanced and you are using an offside trap, there might be a case for an even higher LOE, or very urgent pressing, a counter-press, or some combination of those. But you are right in what you say and I think we are having to work around this issue as FM players.
  10. In a very long term FM17 save that I only closed recently (with Nuneaton Town), I had to ground-share with Leicester City while a new stadium was built. I don't really recall any significant difference in form from what I would have expected during that season. If I remember correctly, we'd been promoted to the Championship, but with a feeble squad and were likely to struggle. We did, but stayed up. Anyway back to the point the season inc. home form played out as I anticipated. There may well be an effect but I wouldn't be overly worried.
  11. The clue is in the word Football "Manager". To be successful, you have to be a good people manager, just as in any other field. At the risk of sounding like an old fart I actually like the fact that in some ways its a bit of a teaching / learning tool in how to manage people. I've seen many a person on these forums fining and hairdrying their players and wondering why they get upset? Well seriously wouldn't you if someone managed you in that way? Its important to remember that footballers are people, just like you and I. This game, the full version, is a "simulation" of Football Management and day-to-day people management is very much a part of that, in fact I'm sure moreso than in the game. I do understand people sometimes want to switch off from that or have a lighter experience, that's fine. As has already been said, there is FMT, and there are other games out there as well.
  12. I've been playing / testing the Public Beta (and have submitted a number of reports with detailed comments, PKMs, screenshots etc), so I have been playing and reporting on this. I was doing this as a PSG save. I got bored and recently deleted it, then started a West Ham save as a. I wanted something different and b. I am still on Public Beta so thought I'd look from a different perspective. With PSG, the lack of central play was obvious as I had the best team in Lique 1, most teams defend against me. Nevertheless, I am concerned about lack of central play. They NEVER played central passes, even in obvious situations - I repeat NEVER. Now please stay with me, I ain't doing conspiracy theories I went to the West Ham save I started. I'm not far in, about 7-8 league games. I am seeing central play and through balls in some situations. These are the same situations in the PSG save i.e counter-attack or a bit of space in transition. The ME is the same so what has changed? 1. An unintended consequence is long shot success. I had an horrific pre-season defeat, 4-0 against a weaker Portugese side. I was playing 523, toying with some deeper lines of engagement, but this should not have been so extreme. - since then I am playing with higher lines and pressing (variants) as default. 2. I'm not playing with an AMC. This was a tactical decision with my squad but it is fact. 3. When I tried an AMC, the same problems happened i.e. dropping too deep, slow turning on the ball, this has been reported to extreme and rightly so. 4. Through balls tended to come from the half spaces, often through my use of IW or WP roles. That's fine. Howvever... 5. Through balls are NOT occuring under ANY situations from a DLF, even when obvious. I will try and report some specific incidents with PKMs as I go forward and am more confident on what I feel I'm consistently seeing. Nevertheless, I ask SI take note of the above and tbh its in line with prior reported issues. This ME is so so close to being fantastic but this is a nagging issue.
  13. I did 3 1/2 seasons with PSG. At pre-release version of FM it was overpowered. However, I played and helped with the Public Beta up to and including where everyone else is now i.e. 19.2.1 ME 1922, its certainly not overpowered. Gegenpress was useless with my PSG side because with Neymar & Mbappe, I didn't have the players for that style. I'm managing West Ham now and safe to say Arnautovic, Yarmalenko, Chicarito and Anderson are at no point being asked to Gegenpress
  14. Well actually we're having rainbow flags in English football, along with substitution boards, bootlaces and captains armbands https://www.theguardian.com/football/2018/nov/17/rainbow-corner-flags-armbands-welcome-lgbt-fans-stonewall-rainbow-laces This is about promoting inclusivity and helping everyone to feel welcome in this beautiful game of ours. Likewise, SI are doing the same in their game, and I support it 100%. I am absolutely baffled as to how anyone can think having these symbols shuts down free speech? It seems to me that opposing these symbols is what opposes freedom of expression, representation and therefore by extension, freedom of speech for people in those communities.
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