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  1. Just be patient, calm, stand your ground. You actually need to be much more patient, unhappiness takes time to go away.
  2. 1. Splurge some money on new signings, giving in to the whims of your players to make them happy (and store up problems further down the line) 2. Ignore them. When they request a meeting, just be calm but on lines of you make the decisions etc. I tend to favour option 2.
  3. Go to Tactics screen. Drop-down menu, select "Player" Go to the player you want. On his screen, you can set him to mark a specific player.
  4. This can happen if the opposition are playing a high press and getting tight to your defenders. They will try to play the ball short but (and I think this is a little problem with the ME) rather than play long intelligently, they panic and just hoof it anywhere, often straight to an opposition player. If this happens in the situation I described above, the simple solution is to make tempo higher and passing more direct - then they'll be more proactive in playing the ball earlier, hopefully to players on your team. After that it does of course depend on your own tactical set up as well.
  5. Sunderland is a huge one. You only have to go back to the 1950s, we were the Man City / Chelsea etc. of our time. We were known as the "Bank of England club" and freely spent on players. An illegal payments scandal did for us, the club was relegated for the first time in its history and we've never really recovered from that. Going further back of course, 6 league titles says much, may have been more if WWII hadn't intervened when we had a fine side. Now we're wrecked with debt, huge wage bill, hopeless squad - if I buy FM17 I shudder to think of what I'll see. When managed by the AI in recent versions, we always seem to get relegated fairly swiftly. But still, you have a great stadium, good facilities, and a huge fan base there, so many of the ingredients for revival are in place.
  6. I think SI in this video of the ME are just promoting the improved visual aspects of the ME here, I wouldn't read too much into which view is being shown. I'm sure we'll have the same options before and who knows maybe some new ones? As for the rest of the video, it is just a teaser at the end of the days. Looks like SI have done a lot of work improving the way in which information is presented, which is a good thing, especially I think for those new to the FM series. It remains to be seen whether there will be any significant new features or whether changes are incremental. To be fair, I think its impossible for SI to do sea-change every year, step-change is more likely the norm and that's fine.
  7. What is best personality for the person who brings in youth players? My Ajax man has great stats for HOYD, also my preferred formation, though not playing style (he is Cautious), but only Determined personality. He wasn't great re. what he brought in. I switched to Overmars, Professional, again not impressed. Am I right in thinking "Ambitious" is a key trait?
  8. Currently near end of 2nd season with Ajax. I have spent a decent amount of hours on FM16 but never really got into a long-term save. 4-5 seasons in with Man Utd (scrapped that because I made a stupid mistake), and another 4-5 season one. Just haven't quite felt the love for a long-term save this time round, I think it is a bit down to annoying FB issues and a sense of repetition and Groundhog Day. Hence why I do different things (have done lots of editor related stuff this series), to try and get different experiences.
  9. The closest thing to what you want is this. It is very, very good
  10. Welcome to the forums My tendency is to use PIs on a match-by-match, or case-by-case basis. So for example. if I see one of my forward players shooting too much in a particular match, or perhaps just not even scoring, I might, counter-intuitively, tell him to shoot less and be more selective with his shots - often works. Re. a specific player, in my current save I have a decent DLP, but in some games because his dribbling stat isn't good, he loses the ball in this way, so I tell him to run less. Ditto for a FB or WM etc. if they're being outdone by their opponent.
  11. They are the same though. I agree with the earlier suggestions, I think FMT or "Classic" would be exactly what you are looking for
  12. I think its more to do with the fact that FM17 is near to release so fewer posts on FM16 as a result.
  13. That seems to me to be a very odd benchmark and leaves Miles open to a charge of inconsistency in approach. SI support leagues with far lower attendance levels than the English Championship.
  14. Stop playing FM - period. Instead, use the time to take her for some romantic days out... watching Sheffield United
  15. A discussion for another thread but I can't resist... Eriksson, Capello, when they both came they were considered top of the line managers. Keegan was considered a good manager, so was McClaren at the time, and Hodgson. We've had lots of good managers and the first two I mentioned we paid top penny for. Before success with France, Aime Jacquet's recent career was modest. Rehhagel didn't pull up trees. I think if we're looking for a common denominator, its not managers.