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  1. I think we need SI staff to chip in on this one and let us know how the game is coded at present, and future plans. As we all know, SI recently introduced the feature of a player coming out as gay, recognising there is a current barrier in football, and this is really good that they've done this. Similarly, I think they need to get ahead of the game re. gender bias in football as well, and have it a bit more statistically likely to see female manager, coaches, DoFs etc. in the future e.g. via newgens. On the examples in Europe referred to, I think there are also some female managers elsewhere, one in Brazil IIRC?
  2. Tutoring was simpler, but very exploitable. Whole new system of squad dynamics, social groups and mentoring groups is much, much more interesting, gives you a feel of the culture of a club / workplace and the issues around creating change, or maintaining the positives you have. All far better IMO.
  3. Off-topic, but do you need much knowledge of F1 etc. to play MM? I'm asking because I bought it a few weeks back in a Steam sale, buttons cheap, thought it might be a nice sports sim alternative to FM. I've not had time to explore it and play it yet though and my knowledge of F1 etc. isn't great.
  4. Looks like you've used an editor-made file with new leagues - unfortunately there is always going to be a greater risk of things like this. That said, its 3 games in 5 days not four, and it does happen. Fairness doesn't come into it, its about fixture scheduling.
  5. My word I am getting them in this save! This guy below is a quite well known Youtuber - he looks very handy here
  6. Neil, the face of your Neil Brock, and mine look very similar - not identical as mine is a bit more baby-faced, being only 18 whereas yours is 21. Would I be right in thinking these faces have been hard-coded?
  7. Not quite related as I'm certainly not officially in the game, but way back in a very long FM11 save I did see a newgen that had the same full name as me - very scary!
  8. Depends how much you need him. I like to move these characters on, in FM and IRL.
  9. I have a newgen by the name of Neil Brock. Coincidence I first thought, then noticed the following. - From Oxford, and a Newcastle supporter, I'm pretty certain both of those are true IRL. He's fairly decent, not technically the best but he's ambitious and hard-working. We are going to have to teach the lad to concentrate a bit though, and its fair to say he won't be winning many aeriel duels. Still, we'll give him a go and I'm sure he'll be happy to be at Sunderland ... sorry Neil
  10. I think there would be safeguarding issues. Its fine for adults to consent to their photo being used in a game, not so for minors, and SI would have no way to reliably tell the difference.
  11. I don't think anyone on the planet really understands when upsets will happen or why. That's why they're called upsets, because they are unexpected.
  12. I think the seriousness of blisters for a footballer is not to be underestimated. It would stop you playing, and doing any kind of high intensity training. The reason for this is that when you sprint, the vertical forces generated by your body, against the ground, and then back up through you (Newtons 3rd law), are 5 times your body weight. This is significantly bigger than for distance running (though that is still high), and I would suspect far in excess of walking / hiking, where you have much more control of those forces i.e. you can walk more gently (but that'll be cumulative impact). In football, you have to do loads of high intensity sprints so the overall effect would be much greater than, say, an Olympic sprinter. I'll link a couple of videos below. The first is just 2 mins, you only need to see the first minute. The 2nd is a BBC documentary on sprinting prior to London 2012. In video below, the reference to forces on the foot is at 34:05, its less than the estimate above, but still large i.e. 2.5 times your body weight, 5 times per second. It'll more likely be less for football, but still large and regular. So, it'd be agony, and would completely compromise your ability to be effective on the pitch.
  13. Preventing the leap from Wrexham to Arsenal is going to be a tough call. Also, it does depend on the player. How good is he? If he's potentially world class, you likely can't hold him. If he isn't, then you may regret not cashing in on him. Obviously difficult to say from an outside perspective - but you might consider selling, perhaps with a sell-on % of fee clause, for example? Its hard I know. I hate letting good players go as youth development is very much how I play the game, but sometimes it just has to be done.
  14. That's not entirely true. The game is so big because FM is a global game, and little quirks in things like attribute differences in different leagues can make a heck of a difference and pull up issues that others might not spot or be able to nail. For example, I found a PSG centre back of mine (Kimpebe) was scoring a crazy amount of goals from Neymar set pieces. Probably a unique combination of his slight height advantage against mediocre (not bad) defenders, superb delivery and a few under-the-bonnet issues re. heading accuracy. SI have fixed the issue and while I'm not making grandiose claims, I'd like to think that what I posted re. PKMs and comments on the problems helped with this - I think it did.
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