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  1. Great article that
  2. I got the same. But when I hit the "view updates" button it just shows the 16.3 Jan transfer update. ???
  3. Just on the F9 issue. The original F9 was an Austrian player called Mattias Sindelar. We can then walk through history up to the present day Lionel Messi (reinvented as a F9 by Pep Guardiola). Both were prolific goalscorers. The role of the F9 is essentially one of deception, in the build-up phase they drop off the front-line (so not a no. 9) but enter the attacking zone at the final phase, unmarked (see, I am a number 9 sometimes...), and BANG its a goal! Hence, finishing is vital.
  4. Another thing worth trying - worked for me on another game that wasn't booting after Win10 installation. 1. Go to steam library 2. Right-click on FM16 3. Select Properties 4. Click the local files tab 5. Verify integrity of game cache Once you've done that try running again in the normal fashion. LR
  5. If you want to stick with Liverpool but have some different challenges, the editor might be your friend. - Bankrupt them - Move them to a different league e.g. LA Liga - Relegate them to a lower league as punishment a la Juventus a few years ago - Or other variations on these themes
  6. I've had a match abandoned due to poor weather. I think you have to be low league with a poor quality pitch for it to happen. A few years back, FM10 or 11, I had a save with Blyth Spartans. My pitch was in a dreadful state. The match started with a downpour which continued. The movement of the ball slowed and slowed until it was getting stuck in puddles and the ref called it off. One of those lovely memorable FM moments
  7. One change is simply to the way you give Team Instructions, which is now very visual. Ditto for player instructions. Once you get used to this change I suspect you'll find it easier. Actually thinking about it more, I bought/played FM13 & 14, but skipped 15. The other change is that all the menu selections are now icon-driven on the side bar. I don't know if this was introduced in 15 or 16 but for me it did take getting used to (even though I'm a veteran from the old days of CM that used this system!). It can seem a little daunting at first. As has been suggested, try FM touch to start, that way you can absorb the changes without the day-to-day demands of press conferences, whinging players etc. Rashidi is right, the base match engine hasn't changed radically. There are improvements e.g. GK distribution better now for example which I think is a big step up from FM14. Enjoy - I think FM16 is a really good release
  8. You mean you're not managing Sunderland? Actually, neither am I... I can confirm with my South Shields save that 16.3 works perfectly with prior saved games and community updates
  9. I do take your point and it is making me reflect. Nevertheless, the fact that that the Adam Johnson case is right now and in the mind of young people, now, distinguishes it from the Graham Rix scenario. That Johnson admitted to the charge of grooming (Rix was not convicted of this as far as I am aware) adds a much more sinister edge to the Adam Johnson case. In that context, I think the case for removal of Adam Johnson from SI's game is much stronger than that for Graham Rix. I don't know the Karl Rose case so can't comment on that. I have since read Lucas Weatherby's latest response that it is not possible to remove him from the demo - this should have been said earlier and opportunities to say this from Neil Brock, Barside and Lucas Weatherby were passed up. All that said, I do hope that SI will persevere to find a way to remove Adam Johnson from the demo.
  10. @Lucas Wetherby re. post 432 I've sent you a PM - which I'd like a response to in any case. If you'd said this originally - I think this would have been a better explanation rather the blank corporate statements issued by 3 people.
  11. Both of these in context of Adam Johnson. Posts 374 and 428. Why is the demo data remaining the same, given that it appears SI took the decision (correct in my view) to remove Adam Johnson from the game in update 16.3? @Barside, I hardly think it is picky of me to suggest that a sex offender should be removed from a game that is played by children.
  12. Still though, I trust SI will make the amendment re. the presumed removal of Adam Johnson from the database. If there were sound reasons for removing him from the full game, those reasons are equally valid in the context of the DEMO.
  13. Probably a simple oversight and good that you spotted it and flagged it up - hopefully SI can change this?
  14. I've just opened up the editor to look at the database. From what I can tell, Adam Johnson seems to have been entirely removed. Can SI clarify this? If so, I do very much think this is the correct decision.