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  1. The problem is with Avast, not FM. I went back into Avast to make sure it was up to date. No reason it shouldn't have been as I had settings to automatically update. However while my virus definitions were bang up to date, the Avast application hadn't updated since December 2020 - even though the display confirmed I had automatic updates already selected (!?!!?!?!). I did a forced update. Then just out of curiousity, deleted the file exception I'd created. Ran FM and its fine. So in summary the problem as I see from my end is Avast not automatically updating even when its b
  2. Thanks folks. You're right it does work - I'd excepted the apps not the folders / files. Once I went down this route its fine. Just for anyone else trying in future, this is the pathway (obviously depending what drive FM is installed on) D:\SteamLibrary\steamapps\common\Football Manager 2021\fm.exe Must have happened to me before as I've also got a pathway for Snooker 19 - damned if I can remember when I did that though!
  3. Happening to me as well and yes, I have Avast. I added those exclusions and they had no effect. Only way I could run the game was to temporarily disable Avast. Btw other Steam games were running fine so I'd suggest the issue is specifically the interaction between FM and Avast.
  4. Pure coincidence but I also did a long-term Nuneaton save the same as Lollujo, in FM17. While our new stadium was being built / renovated we played at the King Power for a season obviously as tenants of Leicester City. IIRC something similar in a Blyth Spartans save around FM13 time, I think we played at Middlesborough for a season. Doing something like this is much more realistic than random short-term stadiums popping up. I'm wondering though with Covid etc. that its had knock-on effects with fixture generation, so that it has been difficult to calculate a ground-share arrangement?
  5. There is a workaround for this. 1. Demote the player concerned to your U19's first or whatever the closest equivalent is - then click continue so the game processes that 2. Then put them in your senior squad and once again click continue You'll hopefully find that solves the problem. I do think and suggest that SI could maybe make a stickied thread of known-issues with workarounds like this one.
  6. Hi is anyone looking at this - almost all the recent threads seem to have had an acknowledgement except this one and unlike some I have uploaded a pkm? Thanks LR
  7. I've uploaded a pkm - LR Barcelona vs Man City (see attached). I wasn't able to make my 3rd and final substitution in a Champions League QF - I tried and was told "you cannot make any more substitutions". I might have an explanation for the bug, as follows, and it might be due to a bug elsewhere in the Ass Man advice. Late in the game my centre-back Lenglet picked up an injury. Having only used one sub at this point I decided to make an immediate change to bring on Mika Marmol (sp?) - I clicked the option "Do it" as presented in The Dugout. The ball went out of play and not
  8. Further update if anyone encounters the same problem, I have found a workaround. 1. De-register the player from your squad... click continue... 2. Then go to squad numbers, voila, you'll be able to assign him a squad number 3. Go back and register him in your squad. Obviously temp. solution but hope this helps others.
  9. Just to update. On closing and then re-loading the game, I was then able to take the player out of the team and then continue - this hadn't been the case earlier as I was in the match-flow / build-up stage. However the issue still stands so even though he's in my squad, I'm not going to be able to use him in La Liga fixtures.
  10. First of all this may be related to the known issue re. B-team squad issues (thread link below - the workaround on that worked for me so thank you) - however I've encountered another problem that is serious. Re. the aforementioned player I moved from my B-team to first team squad (Iliax Moriba) on match day, I'm being asked to give him a squad number. However there are no options available. He is registered so that's not the issue at all, and there are free numbers even in a 25-number range (not that it should matter I should be able to give him no. 99 if I wish). I've tried clear, a
  11. I found this as well!!! I had to do it in stages. 1. Move him to the B-team (even if he's listed there - the drop-down option still exists) - click continue... 2. Then move him from B-team to U19s - click continue... 3. Then move him to your first team - this worked for me
  12. Happening to me with Barcelona as well - was wondering if I was misunderstanding the league rules lol I've seen the advice re. the workaround so I'll try that thank you.
  13. I'm doing this right now and facing this situation of impending doom with Alba, Pique, Busquets. I'm 2nd season in. Messi is in final year of contract anyway (my DoF got him to agree to a lower wage!). But tbh right now he's still doing the business for me so I may give him another year. My finances are fine, so my approach here will be not to seek confrontation, just bring in replacements and gradually reduce playing time. They've got good personalities so maybe they'll get the hint and retire?
  14. Hi Tony, I just looked for the first thread I could find on this matter post update 21.2. The update sadly has not fixed the problem for me. I've been in touch with support who have been lovely, doing their best and they emailed me again today - I've replied with the following and posting that here as well. Also, I tried clearing cache and reloading skin as you suggested (btw its bog standard FM skin), made no difference. "Hi (name of support person), I noticed the update last night. First of all it is installed and I can visually confirm I'm on 21.2 Sorry to say this has made no
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