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  1. I'm likely going to be self-isolating for 3 months + FM is a very, very welcome distraction for me
  2. I recall a storm of criticism when I think it was FM14 was released, and IIRC it was the version where 'sliders" were removed. We just had to use PI's and Ti's for the first time. Whichever one it was, I remember Paul Collyer saying that the team felt this was the best ME they'd done. Whether that was FM13 or FM14, they were arguably right. I doubt many would argue FM19 or FM20 is the best. The post from SI staff didn't claim that either, I think they used the word "acceptable". But I agree with your tone. There's a lack of humilty, and its actually a very small number of people. Most of the other relevant people aren't saying much which is interesting. In very recent times gone by, very respected moderators in significant numbers have defended the ME and rightly so. This is absent now.
  3. I didn't buy FM20. My last purchase and play was FM19 and the ME issues have been obvious to us all. I decided to wait and see how FM20 would turn out, I'm glad I saved my pennies. It seems that for FM20 things haven't improved and may have got worse. I've been on these forums for a number of years. Sometimes as an active poster, other times just reading, now as a very occasional poster / lurker but I felt the need to comment here. Having been here for years I'm used to the overly negative comments each year from some posters and can filter those out. What I'm seeing recently is different, I've never seen such unhappiness re. the ME, and its from regular, respected posters. Criticisms from even occasional posters are expressed with detail and eloquence, from an informed viewpoint. So, something is badly wrong here. I follow some Youtube FM players. I'm not going to name names, some post on here, and the lack of enthusiasm shown for FM20 is apparent from some (not all) of that community. The ME issues are obvious in their vids and this is from the very skilled players. I've re-installed FM... FM14. I could easily tbh have done FM17 (last one I bought before FM19) but fancied being a bit more retro. Half a season into a save on FM14 and loving it, way better than FM19 and I'm sure FM20. Probably the most damning statement I can make. I do not write this out of vindictiveness. I've no doubt SI staff work damned hard and care about the game, but I fear something has gone badly wrong at the upper hierarchies re. the direction staff have been given.
  4. I did criticise moderation you're right. Your response implied I criticised members which is untrue, in fact I praised the discussion by members. As aforementioned, up to you if you want to delete it's your forum. Just wasn't happy about the implicaion re members. Happy to leave it at that.
  5. That's up to you. There were no complaints about members at all in my post and I'm very disappointed you misrepresent in this way.
  6. I dread to think, when I consider what I could have done with the time. 10 best selling novels perhaps?
  7. Its actually something I, likely among others, asked for a long while back. I presume it would purely be an option i.e. if you just want to be Alex Ferguson, with Mike Phelan doing all the touchline / managing the game stuff. But if you want to do things yourself, that would likely be the default.
  8. I would have thought Agility plays a big role i.e. can the player adjust their body quickly enough?
  9. Things I find, and do, when its raining / wet: Dribbling seems less effective so I set TI to "dribble less" I suspect Rashidi ticks the "shoot on sight" TI because with a wet slippy ball, keepers handling is adversely affected. More often the ball will squirm through their hands and either go loose or go in. Of course it also depends on if you have players good at long range shooting and you'd still run the risk of squandering possession, so its something to be considered on a case by case basis.
  10. I would love to see climate change / global heating, which is scientific fact, not open for debate, simulated in game. In context, this would mean that weather would change over time in long term saves, in accordance with climate change models, according to location. Additionally, this could be reported in the inbox as a news item, by groundstaff etc. I realise this would be a lot of work, but the payoff in terms of educating people, especially kids, would be massive. Also, its realism, which FM strives to achieve.
  11. I personally would say yes. Happens IRL all the time. New owners, swiftly get rid of incumbent manager and so on.
  12. Speaking as a Sunderland supporter IRL (hence my avatar, homage to the great Gary Rowell, or "Lord Rowell" as he is known...) Expectations from many of our fans are, quite frankly, nuts! I think the current board (Dell takeover not withstanding) are quite grounded and reasonable, to a point, but ultimately they're under huge pressure from the supporters. Far too many people calling for the manager Jack Ross's head, lack of appreciation of the turmoil the club has been through in recent years and that he pretty much has had to build a new squad from scratch. Too much expectation of "divine right" to be in the Premiership, top half and so on. Truth is we are where we are because we've been crap, badly run, and many other reasons. So, back to the OP, yeah, expectations will be high and if you don't meet them quickly, expect the chop!
  13. There's a lot of good stuff here. Tbh, I don't know if I'll buy or not. I'm very into a long-term save on FM19, and also the pennies are a bit tight at the moment. But once again, credit where credit is due to SI.
  14. Apologies if what I write has been posted before. The OP is, not meaning to be rude, nonsense. The current state of AI is simply not capable of "cracking" the multitude of combinations of player positions, roles, duties, PIs, TIs, mentalities, OIs, then factoring all the attributes for each player into this. The game of Chess, or Go, is simple compared to even the tactical battle on FM. I'd love to see Google Deep Mind given a go on FM - but I fear it would struggle.
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