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  1. (yeah, the original picture is the way it is, and of course I haven't tried to adapt it to my resolution, 2560x1440). But talk about a throwback!
  2. So, as a total skinning newbie, I used the "club overview stadium panel" mentioned above (base skin) without modifying anything, but obviously something is wrong, with the stadium picture just timidly peeking at the bottom right of the screen Also, can you point me to a guide that tells me how I move around the various containers (putting kits on the bottom right and stadium on the top left for example). Thank you
  3. @a31632 Sorry if you already answered this question, but what is the font of your skin? Thanks
  4. My experience: I'm playing at 2560x1440 on a G-Sync monitor (native resolution); I don't have a perfect eyesight, but at that resolution is basically mandatory to play zoomed in, and I often do it at 150% or 170% (pics don't do it justice, there is too much compression involved, IMO) At those zoom values, font looks definitely crispier but then you get less space for everything as a trade-off. While I agree that, perhaps, the vast majority of FM players play it at Full HD or even less on a laptop, maybe one day we'll get a perfect looking, 4k interface at 100% zoom (custom s
  5. Personally, I would be fine if FM 2021 was just an old fashioned "data disk" (remember those in the 90s? :D), with transfer updates and maybe more polish to the current match engine, with a price tag of €25. No COVID-related stuff (like Miles often says, FM is about realism but also escapism), while you have to take into account the heavily modified calendars (and the UEFA Euro, of course, along with the Olympics football tournament, for example). But, of course, if I was SEGA, I wouldn't give the green light to something like that from a business stand point, pushing instead for a "norma
  6. Downloaded: dunno why, but I laughed at the "skull" icon representing the club vision
  7. No problem . For those interested, here is the old version of the city pics pack (from 2017), which works with the current version of Vitrex : https://www.fmscout.com/a-vitrex-city-pictures-adapted-from-flut.html While here's the current city pics pack intended mainly for FLUT skin: at least in my experience, if you use it with Vitrex the pic is cut off: https://www.fmscout.com/a-cities-megapack-fm20.html
  8. So, I solved the above problem by downloading the old city pics specifically adapted for Vitrex on FMScout. Still, since the new city pics (those used for FLUT) are numerous and updated, I still would like to know if I can adapt them to this skin and what I should change: the size of the pics themselves, or some parameters in the club overview panel.xml?
  9. Hey wkdsoul, Thanks for your great work in reproposing this skin :). Now, regarding city pics, in the opening post of his skin (SSD Gold; tutorial is at the bottom of the opening post, under spoiler), Sh@rk posted a tutorial on how to make the city pics appear correctly, at least in his skin: And, infact, here's how the city pic look in his skin: https://imgur.com/dhNiLB If I follow the same procedure for Vitrex, tho, the image appears cut off, as you can see here: https://imgur.com/1pxxhvJ Problem still persists no matter the zoom out or zoom in I u
  10. Hey folks, What I'm talking about is NOT something done by SI themselves, but by us, the community. Basically, create a 3D model viewer that allow you to modify existing stadiums but also import entirely new ones, so that you can re-create replicas of real life stadiums in the game (obviously with the current level of detail we see in the game, I'm not talking about RL counterparts like we see in PES or FIFA). Do you think it would be feasible? Would it go against some copyright rules by SI or anything?
  11. Whoa, I'm really looking forward to it if you'll decide to release it: love how those borders give a clean and ordered feeling to the overall info and layout (and font choice is perfect, IMO. Is that the Futura from CM 01/02?). Awesome WIP
  12. Sorry, can't help you with that....But now that's quite a "blast from the past"!
  13. To skin creators: I'm bumping this after a few months just to propose this suggestion again: like I wrote above, while there is still a consistent percentage of FM players that run the game on laptops and/or older computers, 1440p and 2160p resolution monitors are increasingly available and affordable. If you work on your skin on similar monitors, please consider creating a native or compatible 2k/4k skin for us older geezers without having to compromise for a 125%/150% + increase of text size that oftens hides, alter and break the visualization of the custom skin. Thanks
  14. Hey, mine is not really a "request", more of a suggestion for future skins (FM19 and onwards): while I understand that a lot of people play FM on laptops, perhaps while traveling or whatever, I imagine there is also a large part of the playerbase that also play other traditional videogames, and probably purchased a 2k (1440p) or 4k monitor, which are becoming more and more common. I often notice that a lot of custom skins (unlike the official ones) get messed up when zoomed at 125%-150% (almost a necessity at the mentioned resolutions, especially if you're like me, not 20 yrs old anymore
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