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  1. Sorry, can't help you with that....But now that's quite a "blast from the past"!
  2. To skin creators: I'm bumping this after a few months just to propose this suggestion again: like I wrote above, while there is still a consistent percentage of FM players that run the game on laptops and/or older computers, 1440p and 2160p resolution monitors are increasingly available and affordable. If you work on your skin on similar monitors, please consider creating a native or compatible 2k/4k skin for us older geezers without having to compromise for a 125%/150% + increase of text size that oftens hides, alter and break the visualization of the custom skin. Thanks
  3. Hey, mine is not really a "request", more of a suggestion for future skins (FM19 and onwards): while I understand that a lot of people play FM on laptops, perhaps while traveling or whatever, I imagine there is also a large part of the playerbase that also play other traditional videogames, and probably purchased a 2k (1440p) or 4k monitor, which are becoming more and more common. I often notice that a lot of custom skins (unlike the official ones) get messed up when zoomed at 125%-150% (almost a necessity at the mentioned resolutions, especially if you're like me, not 20 yrs old anymore :D) and that's a pity. So, if any of you who create skins (and I can't thank you enough) have a 2k or 4k monitor, please take into consideration adapting your work for higher resolutions as well. It will be surely appreciated
  4. Now that 19.3 is out (and, apparently, tweaks were made to the official skin as per official patch notes), will you release an updated version of the base ones (or it isn't needed?) Thanks
  5. Since no topic about the update was created by mods/developers (lack of time is a possibility), I think it's safe to assume that the notes are identical to the "full" version.
  6. Yeah, I imagine they might include a few "ad hoc" fixes for FM Touch only (for example, manager experience); that's maybe why we haven't seen the update, yet.
  7. Also, keep in mind that, for team talks, I'm actually suggesting only talking to the team *as a whole*: I can do without individual or squad role (talk to the defenders, midfielders etc.) ones. It's just a matter of giving the whole team some encouragement, pep talk, or even getting it wrong and messing all up , but again only directed to the whole team.
  8. Agreed; in fact I've already mentioned I really would like HT ones (sorry for being obnoxious about it), and just them: perhaps, probably, we are overestimating how much of an impact they have in the real world, but ideally we know that, potentially, a manager can turn around things in the locker room during HT, both from an emotional and tactical standpoint. Now, you could say: "ok, but then we should have this other feature because it mirrors that RL thing, and then this other feature because....". No, of course not: from a gaming point of view, in this case, it's a balancing act between keeping it simple while mantaining that "sense of connection" with your team that, IMO, it's a bit too lacking right now in FMT (and really, I'm more than fine with all the other missing stuff like player interviews, press conferences, team talks outside the matches, myriad of staff positions etc. ).
  9. ...On the other hand, we had Team Talks in much "simpler" and straightforward versions of FM, starting at least in FM 2007. Doesn't seem THAT time consuming as a feature.
  10. Hey folks, While the update (19.1.2) for the "full" version of FM was only 176MB or so, the Touch version basically downloaded the whole thing again. Same happened with the previous patch. I have both FM and FMT installed on a SD; the only thing I did, like I do every year, (for both games) is change the user data location as explained in the "skinning hideout" subforum. Is this normal or not?
  11. Sure, like I said, I would like it even if it was just for "show" in FMT, just for the reasons you mentioned. IMO, It wouldn't even require his own entry in the sidebar: just stick it in the squad screen (naming it "hierarchy" or "team hierarchy", for example) as another tab like the Medical Center one.
  12. Sure: I would simply like to have this screen in FMT too, without the need of the other ones (Social Groups, team meetings, happiness, overview. Also, no problem if we can't influence any of that because of the nature of FMT, that's fine). I like how it's presented and it gives a different point of view of your dressing room.
  13. No, don't worry, I don't mean all the screens we get in the full version of FM Still, I think the Devs did a really great job with that, especially when it comes to the Hierarchy screen. Now I would like to simply see that along with the Assistant Manager feedback. I think it's just fun to check out the dressing room changes as the season/s goes by and players come and go. What I'm trying to say, we wouldn't need anything else related to Dynamics: happiness, team meetings, nothing (since we couldn't influence anything because of the lack of personal interactions, and that's perfectly fine) . Just a look at your team from a different point of view in a cool looking screen
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