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  1. That's interesting, because the SPFL website lists Shielfield Park's capacity as 4,091 and most other sites as 4,131, so I assume that the grass bank isn't included in the official capacity. But this is going a bit offtopic, sorry.
  2. Yeah, but I'd guess that the capacity in FM is the capacity of the stands, and the capacity of the surrounding nature isn't included...
  3. I've always thought that the opposition has tried something different during that match, and then goes back to their usual tactical system.
  4. Ok, so after two reinstallations of Steam and FM the game is no longer crashing on June 5th. I just hope this will last...
  5. Got a crash dump, that can be repeated. Continue the game from the savegame, and it will crash when processing, at the point when the game date changes from June 4th to June 5th. Previously I was also able to repeat a crash by applying to a manager job, and then declining the job interview. Declining caused a crash every time, but I couldn't be bothered to send any dumps or save games that time, since fighting with this POS software has caused me enough hours by now. Anyway, save game uploaded to game-save folder, and is called mh.fm Crash dump in game-crash folder, Mikke_FM 2016 v16.2.0.750467 (2015.12.18 23.54.41).dmp I also uploaded my dxdiag result to game-crash, filename is Mikke_DxDiag.txt I have tried almost all of the usual tricks to fix this, nothing helped. I haven't yet reinstalled the game though, since this was the first installation anyway, and done today. Please don't ask me to do that either, or seriously I will bill you for the time it will take. I might do reinstallation some day, but right now I'm way too pissed off.
  6. From what I can see between all the crash dumps, looks good. Too bad it's unplayable, though.
  7. I have played over 2000 hours on FM15, and in a state that FM16 is I probably will get it only after the last patch, if ever. So far I've bought every version since 1994, but this time might be different.
  8. And I completely understand this. Everybody always wants the league where their local team plays in. Also, if lower league teams are anywhere near realistic - at least in comparison to other teams in the same league - there is a very good chance that my local team will get a simulated promotion to a playable league.But thanks anyway!
  9. Since the one I want is the 4th level for Finland, I'm not exactly holding my breath waiting
  10. Thanks! Unfortunately not enough for me then.
  11. Is there a list of playable leagues anywhere? Without knowing what's included in the game I have no way of knowing whether it's worth buying for me.
  12. I agree with this. When it gets even close to what FM15 match engine is, I might finally consider buying FM16. Interesting how they always manage to break a working match engine, every single year. There is a positive side to this, though: when FM16 ME is finally fixed sometime next year, I can get the game for half the price it is now
  13. For me the horrible defending has been a major issue even before reading about it, and also a problem whether I'm scoring or conceding. I went back to FM15 when after 15 minutes the score was 2-2 and all the goals were from crosses to a completely unmarked player.
  14. Other quick starts are available for download via Steam. I'm playing FM16 demo with Finnish league, for example.
  15. That's not the only difference. With demo you are limited to using quick starts, so you can't start a new game - which I hate.