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  1. I guess I finally have to find some way to get 1803 update for Windows 10 installed, since this seems to be in the minimum requirements... Damn
  2. Looks like many of the headed goals are counted as overhead kicks. Can't be certain, but it almost looks like every headed goal where the player has jumped in the air is seen as overhead kick, maybe because his feet are not on the ground? But this is just a suspicion.
  3. What is the version number of the public beta? My FM19 just updated itself to 19.1.2, and I've not chosen to participate in any public beta.
  4. Could someone make an update that activates Finnish 3rd level as a playable league? I hear it's supposed to be easy to do, but I haven't taught myself to use the editor yet.
  5. Finnish update made FM18 worth playing for me, because it activated the Finnish third level. Now I'm just waiting for @claassen to make FM19 worth playing, too. Last year it was 5 days from the release date to the Finnish update, hopefully won't take any longer this year so I can start my long-term save. Keep up the good work!
  6. Haven't tried that yet, and should not be required to. But someone commented on Steam that it can't be verified even in editor.
  7. Already added that to the game, but the data file is unavailable. Needs to be verified and tested in editor, apparently (or that's what it says, anyway). Hopefully this will be fixed soon.
  8. Well, at 2am it is definitely night in Finland. Guess we're lucky then, we get the game tonight and you must wait until tomorrow...
  9. Whatever. For me it comes 2:01AM during the following night, which according to this definition is TONIGHT: tonight(adverb) the present or immediately coming night Anyway, can't wait. This has been by far the most promising FM release ever.
  10. I won't start complaining about the difficulty (or lack of it in this case) until the game is actually released. There have always been major things to fix in beta versions.
  11. Ok, sorry, I had missed that it's already been confirmed. Anyway, I think I have seen more small injuries than in FM18, but almost all of those have been "can play through injury" type, so I haven't really seen that as a problem. But combining that to the much more demanding training on higher league levels, maybe there really is a problem there.
  12. And I'd disagree with you I'm now only 6 competitive games into my first season, but so far I've had only one red injury substitution. Maybe it's worse on higher levels, dunno?
  13. I loaded all the nations and leagues, and got a job from Denmark. Took the first one that was offered, so I don't know how many offers I would've had.
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