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  1. I'm having exactly the same problem with FA Trophy, and I have a theory. In your case, your first FA Trophy match was the 2nd round match, so you had fulfilled the expectation even before the match. In my case, I was also expected to reach the second round but I'm managing Wealdstone so my first match was a 3rd round match. After losing that 3rd round match, I noticed that I had apparently failed to reach the second round... I have a a feeling that the game doesn't realize you've already reached the round when you start the competition from that required round or later. I have uploaded my save, filename is Mika Hakala_20210711.fm. The save is from few days before the 3rd round match. P.S. I'm using a "real name fix" in my save, but no other non-SI database changes.
  2. No it is nothing like that. It's more like a car manufacturer spotting a fault in its engine management system, then trying to fix the fault and making a recall only after the fix has been carefully tested. And car manufacturers have certainly released models with much bigger problems - not that the car analogy would actually have anything to do with computer games.
  3. If the boiler is not heating because of the way it is designed, then yes I can easily imagine just that. The plumber will not start changing parts in an installed boiler without first making sure what other effects the parts might have. What I can't imagine though, is what the eff people are thinking when they're making these comparisons.. :facepalm:
  4. I had the same problem last week, but I haven't tried again. I got around that by uploading the video file that was created in ..\Documents\Sports Interactive\Football Manager 2020\uploads.
  5. I'm almost certain that SI would love to have a bigger testing team, if you pay their salaries. Regarding the ME version, if you'd ever played any previous version of FM, you would have known that the match engine usually changes with every patch, and the final ME version comes with the final patch. You are not buying any particular ME version, you buy the game and by doing so you accept that there will be updates.
  6. It's you're, not your. And yes, I tried FM19 and went back to FM20 since FM19 ME sucked even more. You may like it better, but that's your problem and not mine. "lol" @HUNT3RIt's feedback on FM20 to say that its match engine is better than the final FM19 ME, is it not? Although I agree that not very detailed feedback, sorry. I'll shut up now.
  7. Yes it actually is. I also thought that it wasn't, and tried to go back to FM19, only to come once again back to FM20 since I couldn't stand FM19 ME anymore. You're in denial mate.
  8. Looks like his defenders can't manage 1v1 situations as well as Welsh amateurs, anyway - at least in FM20. I've also never had any problems with 1v1 conversion rate, and I've played only with lower league teams in FM20 (except Singapore Premier League, but it's crap anyway). My own experience and comments in thread have made me suspect that higher level teams struggle with 1v1s MORE than lower level teams, but there isn't enough data from lower league managers for me to be able to make such assumptions. And if there is, I haven't noticed that.
  9. You need to get a better defender, because in my game even Welsh amateur defenders don't do that.
  10. I'd guess that it's almost impossible to give any timeframe, because even the minor changes to one aspect of ME can have unexpected effects elsewhere. And after fixing those, who knows what else they'll bring up elsewhere.
  11. If you mean 1v1s, then it is not a general problem. I'm certainly not the only one who doesn't have an issue of too many 1v1s, so for me and others the game is not exactly broken. Which also means that this is at least partly a tactics problem.
  12. The day when FM match engine does not have anything unrealistic that needs to be dealt with the means the game gives us, is also the day when the match engine is run by a true AI. Before that, someone will always be complaining. And probably even after that...
  13. I don't know if you're intentionally over-simplifying what you want, but it's impossible to let just attributes rule how players act. You need to be able to give instructions, and the roles are an easy way to give a certain set of instructions.
  14. Release date was November 19th, that was roughly 3½ weeks go. You can't just count 3 weeks and 2 weeks as 5 weeks, if those issues have existed at the same time. Although I never saw any lag issue, but that's another story.
  15. Not many players with Decisions over 10, and all except one player in midfield/attack way under that (5-6). Could be a factor, then. Didn't use more expressive/disciplined, never needed that in FM19 or any previous versions. Maybe it's time to try "more disciplined".
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