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  1. This is perfect summing up my frustration - the lack of communication with the community. The last update on the match engine fix is from before Christmas, where we told it should not be expect before New Year, and it is two weeks ago now.
  2. @KUBI I have not mentioned any date, but have you seen the thread? A user is asking if it will be before the March update, and @Jemal Wiseman from SI Testing Team reply "We are unsure at the moment but we will announce it when we know".
  3. @Jemal Wiseman Unsure about if it will be earlier than March? So we should not expect any patch anytime soon? I really miss some kind of update after the “before” Christmas update from @Neil Brock
  4. Where have you seen that? There has not been any update from @Neil Brock since his "Match Engine info and holiday plans" before Christmas, so maybe there will be an update soon.
  5. @FrazT so no patch should be expected before end of February the earliest?
  6. Let’s see - maybe we will have an update from @Neil Brock later this week.
  7. Profit and money to pay salaries is generated by releasing a product for your customers that is working and will make them comeback. I have bought the game every since CM, but I am not sure I will do it next year. Too many issues with FM20, and communication from SI is not good enough. I don't require them to enter this thread to "defend" their product, but they could issue a statement about the development of next patch. No wonder that people is getting frustrated and loss their patience, when SI don't give any information or time line.
  8. @KUBI The updates released is needed as the game has been unplayable. In my opinion SI should have kept the match engine from 2019 at least until a new version has been tested internally instead of by their customers.
  9. @herne79 It can happen sometimes, but we are talking about 5-10 times per match, it is not realistic.
  10. I am mad about it, it is embarrassing that it takes weeks for them to get the match engine fixed. The game has not been worth the time until now, first it was unplayable due to lag and now this match engine issue..
  11. @KUBI Have a look around on the forum as well as on Steam, and you will see this is a general problem. I am happy to hear that you enjoy the game, but for me and others it is broken, and it will for sure be my last year with Football Manager if the fix isn't released soon.
  12. @KUBI It is so tiresome with moderators and fanboys that try to deny the issues that is in the match engine, or ask people to accept the game as it is. The patience is long gone, when we have to wait weeks for a fix. I don’t mind small issues, and a few human errors by the players is a part of it, but the game is broken, when every game is a 1v1 game, where your tactic has no influence on the final score.
  13. I cannot enjoy the game, when the final score depends on the output of 1v1 number no. 10 in the same game.
  14. Are you kidding me? The game has been unplayable since release, so no wonder people lose their patience.
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