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  1. My game is running fine. I only have small lag in 3D review mode. I still haven't had any crashes. I am playing in 2D in high. Macbook Pro (15 inch, 2016) - Mojave 10.14.4. 2,6 GHz Intel Core i7 16 GB 2133 MHz Radeon Pro 450 2048 MB / Intel HD Graphics 530 1536MB
  2. Another day with no response from SI. Jimmy and Neil, please give us an update? All suggested changes in graphics settings has been tried out with no effect.
  3. I am sure SI do their best to solve the issue, but I don't like the lack of information and communication. They just ignore messages from us, that don't see any improvement with the beta patch.
  4. Good to see that you take your time to respond to other people, but don't want to give an update to users, where the beta version ain't making any different. Unbelievable!
  5. Jimmy, what is the progress for users, where this is not working? I have tested all the possible graphics settings, and none of them gave me an improvement that make the game playable.
  6. I used to play on high 3D, and I have now tried to play on low and very low 2D, but my game is not playable. I have constant lag, and after half an hour the computer get very warm. Macbook Pro (15 inch, 2016) 2,6 GHz Intel Core i7 16 GB 2133 MHz Radeon Pro 450 2048 MB / Intel HD Graphics 530 1536MB I play other games on my MacBook and none of them have any issues.
  7. Matt, it might be on your Mac, but it is not playable on my MacBook Pro.
  8. I understand that you are on Easter holiday, but a proper update before leaving would have been nice. It has been 4-5 weeks now, and no information about your dialogue with Apple or anything for days now. The beta updates are not working, and I cannot see any people on this forum has confirmed them to be useful? Correct me if I am wrong. Are they just released to buy more time? Amarente have tested and send you a lot of feedback, but no one has returned them him? This years game has not been playable for almost 2 out of 6 months for mac users. Please consider the option for a re-found.
  9. Niel Brock, are you guys in contact with Apple about this issue? I know that Apple suggest people to keep there computer turned on for a longer period to re-build cashes etc..
  10. No difference with the new beta patch, I still have lag in 2D match engine and in-game menu.
  11. I have also updated to the new beta, and have lag in menus and 2D match engine is not smooth.
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