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  1. This is one of the oddest threads I've ever come across. Have you got so bored that you are just looking for something to question and complain about? Dross.
  2. If you have "made the necessary tweaks", post a screenshot of your tactics on the tactics sub forum and let the FM community explain why the ME isn't at fault.
  3. Your player is clearing the ball long because of a combination of the following - 1. Tempo is too high so they look to get the ball forward as quickly as possible. 2. Passing is too direct, potentially combined with too higher tempo. 3. Poor passing options for the defender when he's on the ball. 4. Poor individual player attributes that aren't suited to playing out from the back. You are conceding chances from balls over the top because of a combination of the following - 1. Defensive line is too high, leaving too much space in behind. 2. Poor pressing structure whereby your team is pressing very high, very aggressively, teams play around you which leaves playmakers etc with time and space to make passes over the top. 3. Poor individual player attributes not suited to playing a high defensive line. I would suggest you take some time to analyse your tactical setup, ensure your mentality, creative freedom, defensive line height + width and pressing setup is all working in tandem, then come back delete your post and realise it was your own fault all along.
  4. To be blunt, because you aren't used to losing or even drawing, when it does happen you can't accept it. This leads you to make unfounded and ridiculous claims regarding scripting, the match engine and anything else that pops into your head to make you feel better about not winning. Stop acting like a petulant child, calm down, assess your tactics and move on.
  5. So let me get this straight - with these results above, you roll into the tactics forum and seek advice... weird flex but okay.
  6. I had a bit of a moan about this a few pages ago so I understand your frustration. However, whilst I think there is room for improvement, I've had some luck shifting to a standard defensive line, choosing a standard size pitch dimension at home and putting a full back on defend. It still isn't perfect, but seems to have helped a little.
  7. *ball lumped long by an opposition defender* "my centre back will deal with that all day long" *centre back stands still and then stutters when he starts chasing the attacker... goalllllll* "who cares at least I've got a social media feed"
  8. Playing in the Vanarama North... admittedly not a hotbed of intricate football, however... The amount of 1 on 1's I have seen missed is unbelievable - and almost every single one of them is created by a long ball over the top. I am yet to see a central midfielder slide a through ball to the striker. They seem to love looking directly at the wide open number 9, stopping, and then playing it square to the full back or winger. Wingers and full backs not playing the ball across the box, but instead shooting into the side netting is one of the most infuriating nuances of a match engine I have come across. "shoot less often", "take fewer risks" do not have any impact on the decisions your wide players make. The amount of chances for a tap-in I've seen get wasted... But hey, the social media screen seems to be working fine. Shame my wide players have the intelligence of a potato. Shout-out to my number 10 who I haven't even bothered playing as they have been redundant for about two years now with central link-up play being nothing short of abysmal. I'm 4th... 4 points off top expecting a top half finish... you would think I'd be jumping for joy. How disappointing.
  9. Just imagine if crosses made it into the box and not just to the nearest defender's shins. IMAGINE.
  10. I've been a long-term admirer of the Football Manager series since my friend introduced me to the 2005 version, however I had slowly lost interest over recent years. This was mainly because of my inability to take a tactical style that was in my head, and replicate it in game. Maybe I just couldn't get my ideas across using the previous tactical screens. I've always seen football as three phases - when you have possession, when possession has just been turned over and when you don't have possession. I think SI's overhaul of tactics into a three phase system is one of the finest improvements for many years. It gives you complete control of how you want your team to play, giving you the best possible chance of achieving a positive result (as long as you have a decent knowledge of tactics/roles etc). I'd never really seen the logic in having just one tactic that covered all three phases of the game; that doesn't make sense to me, as it doesn't replicate how football is played at a professional level. Kudos to the team or whoever decided upon the new tactical approach as it has improved my FM experience substantially. Personally, I don't use the pre-defined styles of play, but for less-seasoned players or people who just want to jump straight into their desired tactical style, I think this is also an excellent feature and provides a solid base to build an effective tactic on. ME feedback is highly dependent on whether you are having success or not, but for me it provides a fair challenge and any extremes tend to even themselves out over the course of a season. Combining this with the above, I'm thoroughly enjoying my career. May not get it from every single player, but it's a thumbs up from me SI
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