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  1. It's the best I've experienced, England doing well impacts this of course. I voted best in recent history as I'm too young to remember that many others.
  2. ITV have Tyldesley so yeah, BBC easily. Although tbf Mowbray hasn't been great this tournament.
  3. Croatia got to the final without winning any knockout game in 90 minutes, bet their fans are well pissed off that they've not won their last 3 games. For Euro 2020 I think we can get far if these players continue to get better, so many are still so young. Might need a bit of luck again like this tournament but hasn't every team that's got far in a competition had some luck along the way?
  4. Jesus christ, we get to the semi final and everyone's loving it, we lose in ET to a very good Croatia team and then a meaningless friendly and suddenly we're the worst team in the world again
  5. Jones is pretty terrible, clinical from Hazard. Unlucky to be 2 down
  6. And we outplayed them apart from about 25 minutes out of 120. "But they missed their best player" gets shouted regularly as though James makes them from no hopers to gods. Not to say he wouldn't make a difference but yeah.
  7. Sweden who beat France in the qualifiers, knocked out Italy, finished top of the group including Germany are suddenly not worthy opponents? Like, I'm not saying they're an amazing side and I'm not claiming we had a hard draw (we didn't) but can we stop pretending Sweden weren't talked up as a solid side who could threaten us? You know what, I couldn't care less. Southgate and the team gave me the most fun I've ever had as an England fan, I couldn't give a flying **** who we beat to get there. I hope he can look into what went wrong so we can improve and build, but for now I'm just happy with how much fun it's been. For the first time in years I cared.
  8. Our record at youth level is outstanding. Pearcey has already touched on a few so I think we're sorted* for the next couple of years at least, and by then we'll see which of the U20s from last year makes the step up, then by 2022 we'll have even more while keeping some big players like Stones, Kane, Sterling, Alli, Pickford, even Maguire won't have reached 30 yet. I have huge hopes that Lewis Cook will progress further and become a hugely important player. Still only 21 and he's terrific, and still at a club where he'll play every week in the PL. You can't just pick old players and act like there's no one to replace them, there could even be the odd 22/23 year old in the championship that suddenly starts developing, Maguire went to the euros as a fan 2 years ago, nobody would have picked him out as a key player for two years' time. *By sorted I mean being able to keep at our current level, which is probably QFs of tournaments with the odd chance at further.
  9. I think Colombia took a lot out of Kane tbh. He ran himself into the ground in that game and I'm not convinced he fully recovered.
  10. I know but I don't think that's relevant to my main point about the future potentially being bright tbh, or that Ox and Lallana would have likely played a part here had they been fit.
  11. Think there's more to come from us over the next few years. The youth teams have done extremely well lately, there's still players like Ox and Lallana who definitely add something to us, Lewis Cook I'm excited about to see how he develops over the next two years (Leeds bias there though ) Hopefully this is the start of something great rather than the start of another miserable 28 years.
  12. We're really not not internationally anyway. But it is certainly an achievement for your country and I have zero animosity towards you. Overall the better team on the day.
  13. Haven't read the whole thread but I haven't seen anyone blame the ref, my post certainly didn't blame him. He was just a crap ref, properly inconsistent with fouls and yellow cards and let so many clear fouls go.
  14. Is westy seriously asking how a team that had one final and one semi final in world cups going into the tournament, no further than QF in any major competition for 22 years, and has generally embarrassed itself for the past couple of tournaments, has overachieved by getting to the semi finals for the first time in 28 years? "Oh but look who we beat!" is literally the most irrelevant argument going.
  15. Hated the ref as well. Can't argue he had any impact on the result or anything but absolutely hate refs like him, just complete inconsistency throughout the whole game and a smug face while making crap decisions.
  16. Would you like a medal, you absolute melt?
  17. Not read the thread, but a bit naive and Southgate probably should have made a change earlier. So annoying to lose to such a basic goal.
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