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  1. Some great points on here. For me what I normally do it’s have the right sided inside forward “sit narrower” and have an attacking left full on support. This allows the inside forward to almost play as a wide fw in between the oppositions right full and right center half. It’s causes loads of problems. also I would suggest having a separate formation for playing the weaker sides without that deep holding midfielder.
  2. I'm playing as united and training both martial and rashford as inside forwards. Both got 20 goals in the season but the haven't improved at all. I always play a ingame season just to get used to how the game works before starting my long term save. Both players CA has remained them same even after a great season and 4.5 star coaching across the board. Weird, angel Gomes after getting 5 starts during the season has a higher CA than rashford? any ideas as to what I am doing wrong?
  3. Should start with ajax. Good squad with money to get used to the game
  4. On mine spurs are unreal. More teams with natural pace and power are easier to win with than passing sides like city
  5. Issue for me is the lower rep teams in the prem never gamble on lower rep teams unused players at bargain prices. For me u should see panic buying in the jan window for teams struggling to survive and al should try and buy back up players from prem sides (for example ake from chelsea) to stay up rather than random punts on foreign players
  6. On my game I'm currently managing ajax. I had the first window transfers disabled and the al seems better prepared in the transfer market than previous games. danny van beer was playing great and the key player in my team that was winning Dutch league and qualified into champs league knock out stages. Jose and conte were spotted in the stands on a few of my games and when Herrera broke his leg united bid A total of 46m non neg for van been as they were short a midfielder. He was worth 11m but had a really high average rating. For me the AI is better at buying the top level p
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