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  1. Some players just aren’t that interested in coming to you. I always find its these players that ask you to make an opening offer, then demand a one off, normally substantially more than I offered, take it or leave it. Makes sense to me.
  2. There is a mental shift between holding on to a lead and going for the win. Play it safe, take risks. Mentality is there just as much as technique. Unless we’re all robots.
  3. I spent most of my save playing at other people’s stadiums! Played at Millwalls Den for three seasons when got to Prem as my new new 35k stadium was being built. If you rise steadily the game HAS to comply with league rules on stadiums. Theoretically you could be stuck in a ground share forever. But a lot of clubs will be able to continue to build stadiums that comply. Or you could be a Bournemouth.
  4. Well in fm19 I got Hampton and Richmond to the prem in successive seasons. I may have got lucky, but each promotion had new league requirements for stadium size, so my newly built 4.5k (expandable to 12k) that was built when I got promoted to league 2 basically got demolished for a 35k (expandable to 55k) after promotion to prem. All happened in 7 years total. So it’s possible. Crazy save that. My tactic broke the game.
  5. OP. If you haven’t already, put your new photos for newgens in a folder that you know the game is reading. All of my faces are in one giant folder, df11 I think. Just add the id’s to the config, put the photo in the same folder and it should all work.
  6. Haven’t actually tried this yet, I also do this every year. Anyone able to confirm if this is still possible?
  7. Documents/sports interactive/fm20/saves? It’ll be somewhere in there.
  8. Immersion. Crowd sounds ala fifa would be a start.
  9. Yes. Very much noticed this... and it’s incredibly frustrating. It was a small consolation for me for a player, most often, causing the team to lose to feel my wrath after the match. Now I just have to list them
  10. Match sounds have been woefully forgotten about for years and years. Sort of ridiculous tbh.
  11. 3 years seems a bit excessive. I’ve had it for 2 seasons though before. Are you getting any updates from the board at all? Who are you managing?
  12. Have you got nothing better to do? Perhaps as many times as things happen because of other things?? Doesn’t everything happen because of something else? I’m fully aware this is confrontational, however I feel the need to fight fire with fire here ...
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