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  1. Sry, but why are you playing Arp as a TM? Not that it should really matter but did you download this tactic?
  2. Personally I find mentoring really tricky to pull off. I would definately say that, if you don't have confidence in the personalities of your leaders, don't start mentoring.
  3. Personally I wasn't talking about reality. It's how the opposition are lining up. It's PI's. It's how the ME deals with it. There is no insulting going on. I find it amusing that what the eyes see and what the ME is actually doing are so difficult to comprehend. The ME is far from perfect. It's the 1v1 discussion all over again. Just becasue you're seeing all these 1v1's, ccc's being missed doesn't mean the ME thinks they're great chances. The ME is wonky, but tactics make a difference.
  4. People don't want help man. They want to point fingers ...
  5. Yeah, the higher up the pitch bit is odd but I think it’s linked to the formation your opponent is playing. If this happens against all opposition then yeah, odd. But if only against this formation i could understand it.
  6. They’re just assets. Frustrating no doubt. Personally I’d look to sell them on asap. Alverez is absolute quality mind.
  7. Does this happen regularly or only against teams that play 3 at the back and ridiculously wide wingbacks? Mez’s and Car’s will sit wider and AP and IF will sit narrower by default also.
  8. Clubs have all sorts of visions and those visions change. Perhaps they value squad harmony more than anything else for example. If all their stars are being courted (they are) it makes sense to let them go. I agree only having one CB doesn’t make much sense. Maybe they ran out of time in the last window. The game has a difficult job of balancing out squad building. There are plenty of clubs in reality that you can look at and think “what are you doing!?” Man U over the last few years for example. And they’re a giant! I will also add that on my save some clubs are absolutely bossing the transfer market. Man City have bought in Dias from Benfica, Felix, Sancho, Tonali, Fabio Silva etc. All done by the AI. Bayern on the other hand have made some awful decisions and are a shell of what they were or should be. As have Juve. Inter on the other hand are making some incredible squad building decisions. All giants, all with world class staff and facilities and yet some are flying, the others in decline. It may not make a lot of sense to us. But this does happen in reality too. Man U again...
  9. I’ve got Digne taking mine (17). Scored 4 dfk last season and I scored 6 ifk’s. Wish I knew how to get more ...
  10. When I look at my in game manager profile I’m known for playing defensive football. Apparently. I don’t play defensive football. I play cautious, counter football. Doesn’t the saying go ... “the best form of defence is to attack”?
  11. Following on from a previous thread ... and this has probably been done before, but for a bit of fun ... Who is your favourite “could be the next” that you’ve seen in a save? I’ve had Gazza, a few times and Lineker. I long for Maradona ...
  12. Santos, Ipswich , Rennes ... or take your pick from this lot compiled for FM19: https://www.google.co.uk/amp/s/www.passion4fm.com/football-manager-best-youth-academies/amp/
  13. Lol. This is brilliant. Um ... I mean ... hahaha. In all seriousness very occasionally I’ll get a player I haven’t heard of. I love it. Instantly google him to find out he was a Portuguese Boss from the 1930’s or something. Always a good read.
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