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  1. Since patch we cannot watch each others games at all. When we try to join - the game freezes for the user playing their game and the person joining just sees the stadium. As soon as the user trying to watch leaves the game the game resumes. Very frustrating as we want to be able to view each others games.
  2. Ive had similar with the board. I’m 6th in the prem league in December with Ipswich in my second season. (Finished 2nd in championship in 1st season). I was expected to finish 16th first season and 19th this season in prem league. I asked for an increase in transfer funds as I was very prudent in transfer window and we have a healthy bank balance. I was told under no circumstances would my request be granted as we’re on a run of poor form and performing well under what is expected. Um ... wtf?
  3. sidslayer

    2D Classic no stadium

    Yeah. Please put it back!
  4. When making a quick sub I don’t have any pep talk dialog options. is this intentional or a bug?
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    Anyone else have this issue?
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    In fm17 there was an option for dialog before making a sub. In fm18 there is no option for a pep talk. Is this intentional or a bug?