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  1. Update. i noticed - took me too long tbh - that I have zero upload speed on my internet connection. I'm presuming that this could well be the issue we were having with client not being able to connect to me? Thanks.
  2. Been playing fine for over a month on this particular save. Suddenly the client (i'm host) can't connect properly. He's stuck on a screen that simply says untitled game. Any ideas? We've both cleared cache and verified game files on steam. The save is loading fine my end ... he can see me as host but when connecting it stalls on this "untitled game" screen. Rebooted everthing multiple times ... neither of us has added anything to our systems since last played (2 days ago) Steam server issue? Thanks.
  3. FM 17 Beta Network Game Lag

    Sorry, to actually answer your question. We set up two games where in one I was host, the other client. I used an Ethernet cable for both but my brother was wireless for both. It made no difference to the lag. Client always had it while the host played Lag free.
  4. FM 17 Beta Network Game Lag

    Hi Red_devil. Yes I tried Ethernet cable (host). Didn't make a difference unfortunately. Maybe if both host and client used one it may help but unsure. Going to keep trying to get to the bottom of this as network play was a major reason for us buying this years instalment. Will let you know if we find any solutions.
  5. FM 17 Beta Network Game Lag

    FYI. We're both already on the same steam download region and have tried everything suggested in this thread.
  6. FM 17 Beta Network Game Lag

    Hi again. We're still having the same problems. In fact since the full release it has got worse ... although the lag seems sporadic. Sometimes it's just about bareable other times the game simply cannot be played. Is it a steam issue? We're pulling our hair out here! We have deleted cache/ preferences ... reverified countless times. Nothing is working.
  7. FM 17 Beta Network Game Lag

    No more suggestions then?
  8. FM 17 Beta Network Game Lag

    Any other suggestions of what might be happening here and possible solutions? Many thanks.
  9. FM 17 Beta Network Game Lag

    None whatsoever for either myself or my brother
  10. FM 17 Beta Network Game Lag

    Thank you for your response. After extensive testing last night including disabling both of our virus protections and firewalls, disabling conflicting programs - Skype and tweaking PC performance / game graphic performance .... the problem unfortunately remains. The only thing we didn't do was mess around with ports on our routers. But as our connection to each other was faultless we didn't think the problem could be that. Would that be correct? Any more help would be appreciated.
  11. Created two network games where in one I'm the host in the other my brother hosted. Both of us have more than capable pc's and solid internet speeds and connections. Whoever plays as the host has no issues. Playing as the non host however results in fairly game breaking lag. We are both playing through Steam. Is it an issue their end? From what I've read this seems a fairly common problem with past FM's but I'm yet to find a solution. Any help would be much appreciated.